Chapter 28

A week later they were ready to go. Quinn and Tara had been briefed and although they were both dubious that Parkers plan for getting in and out would work they were willing to give it a go. Sophie and Eliot were ready for their part of making sure that the authorities got to where they needed to be and Hardison had put together evidence that was irrefutable and would clear Nate and put Harvey and Clifford in a position they would not be able to talk their way out of. They had not told Nate or Sterling what was happening, and Sterling was tense expecting to turn up at the hospital one day and find no Nate. Nate on the other hand had decided to just go with it, every time he tried to talk to Sophie or any of them about what was happening he was told to just relax and concentrate on getting better and eventually he had given up. The two Interpol Agents had also seemed to have finished their interviews with him although they made it clear that he was still under investigation until everything was settled.

They were all gathered in the apartment with Parker going over the final details with Quinn and Tara, it was imperative that they not only got the two men out but got them to go where they were supposed to for everything else to work. Finally Parker looked at all of them and smiled her mad, happy smile.

"Ok, let's go steal our Nate back…" She said and then bounced out the door with the others watching her and shaking their head.

"Well this one will go down in the books as the Parker job…" Eliot said smiling at Sophie as they followed the woman out.

"I just hope it works." Sophie said rolling her eyes at him.

They all split up with Sophie and Eliot going into the offices to be ready to direct traffic while Hardison and Parker made sure everything was in place for the two men when they got to where they were supposed to be as Quinn and Tara made their run to get the men out.

Six hours later they all walked into Nate's hospital room much to his surprise.

"Sophie you should not be here." He said as she walked up to his bed and smiled down at him.

"Shhh…" She said then leaned in and gave him a kiss. "It's taken care of."

Nate looked up at her and then at the others who all had smiles on their faces even Eliot and shook his head.

"What did you do?"

"Nothing. We just did what you would do…"

"Which is?"

"We gave Interpol what they wanted, proof positive that Harvey and Clifford were in this on their own and you and Archie were just caught up in it. We gave the two of them what they wanted, their freedom…or so they thought and now it is over." Sophie said not clearing anything up for him at all, but he could see that was all they were going to say.

Nate looked at her sceptically but said nothing as Parker moved to his side and he turned to look at her but before he could say anything Sterling made his appearance.

"Ah so you are all here…why am I not surprised." Sterling said as he walked into the room. "I presume that was all your doing?"

"What…did something happen?" Sophie asked him with wide eyes.

Sterling looked at her and then shook his head and turned to Nate.

"You are rubbing off on this lot." He said as he stepped up to the bed. "Whatever they did, it is over, the investigation is closed, and you are free and clear."

"Ah…" Nate said casting his eyes at Sophie and then looking back at Sterling with questioning eyes.

"Appears Harvey and Clifford escaped and went to some safehouse of theirs where they miraculously kept records detailing everything they had done from when Tompkins made his appearance again…enough to show that you and Archie were not involved except to be targeted first by Tompkins and then them…funny that such experienced operatives who had not kept any details before suddenly had a whole lot of paperwork isn't it?"

"Well you never can tell…" Hardison said softly.

"Anyway, it's done, all of this is over. I have been told to tell you that you are free to resume your duties and that there will be no further investigation." Sterling said. "Take care Nate, and as for the rest of you…"

"Thank you Sterling." Sophie said and he nodded.

"Forget it." He said then smiled at them. "We are even now."

"Thank you Jim, for everything."

"Like I said forget it. I got to go, see you around." He said then left them closing the door as he walked out.

"So…?" Nate asked looking at Sophie.

"Later. Now we are just going to get you well and back home." Sophie smiled and squeezed his hand which she had been holding.

Nate was kept in the hospital for another four days before finally being released. He was still not at a hundred percent, but the doctor had told him that his recovery would take a few months at least to get back to full fitness.

"Don't worry doctor we will make sure he gets all the rest and relaxation he needs to make a full recovery." Sophie assured the man.

"Good now I will need to see him again in two weeks for a check-up, my nurse will make the appointment." He said then left, his private nursing making a date for the appointment and handing Sophie all the medicines Nate would have to take. Sophie thanked her and then they all left the hospital.

Arriving at Nate's apartment they all took a seat in the living room.

"So you guys going to tell me what happened?"

"Well…this was Parker's job, so we'll let her tell you." Sophie said and Nate frowned slightly then turned to the young woman and smiled at her his eyebrows raised. Parker went through the whole plan and Nate listened. As he listened to her talk he could see it in his head, it was what he would have done, it was perfect and took care of every aspect. He had been watching her for a while now and although she was still erratic and did stupid things many times the woman had potential as a Mastermind and he could see her running her own team one day, maybe even this team.

"That was quite some plan." Nate said when she finished.

"It worked." Parker said happily.

"Yes it did. Thank you Parker." Nate said and her smile became broader at his words. "No I am tired, so I am going to head up to bed."

"I think I am going to stay." Sophie said softly then looked at the others who all saw the look and rose making their way to the door.

"Ok take care of him, see you in the morning." Eliot said smiling at her.

Parker helped Nate stand up and then gave him a hug making sure she did not squeeze too hard and then she and Hardison followed Eliot out.

"Alone at last." Nate said turning to Sophie.

"I could have lost you, I nearly did. Nate we have to talk about us." Sophie said as she helped him up the stairs to his bedroom. "I know you said you did not want to be in a relationship, and I know that we have this thing…whatever it is, and I know that I said you were still working off the slap and that said you are not ready and that…that…"

"Slow down Soph." He said as he sat down on his bed and pulled her down with him. "I love you Sophie, I really do." He said leaning in and giving her a kiss. "I…well I think it is time we talked about this, but not tonight, tonight I just want to be with you."

Sophie just stared at him. Had he just said he loved her did he really say that.

"I do you know." He said as he smiled at her seeing the look of confusion on her face.

"I love you Nate…have for a long time and I want more than…than what we have now."

"I know. I don't…I don't know if I can give you that…not…not yet…Sophie…"

"It's fine." She said kissing him gently and pushing him back onto the bed.

"You know they…"

"Oh Nate they already know…who do you think we work with?" She said almost laughing at him, if he had thought that their little tryst had been a secret he had a lot to learn, they had just not said anything.

"I…" Nate sighed and smiled into the kiss she laid on him effectively shutting him up.

"Stop talking Ford…" She said as she snuggled up to him and he smiled at her wrapping her in his arms and kissing her passionately.

Well that is the end, I know I always have happy endings, but I like happy endings…Hope you all enjoyed.