The Truth Serum Prank

"Who?" Fred said.

"Hum," replied George, "McGonagall?"

"Are you nuts? Do you want to spend the last two months of school in detention? If we are lucky that is, and we don't suffer from a transfiguration 'accident' that lands us in the long term care ward of St. Mungo's. Then, of course, mom at the end of it, 'cause that won't give her enough time to cool down before we are home for the summer."

"When was the last time we showed Ronnikins our brotherly affection?" George grinned evilly.

"I like where you are headed with this…" smirked Fred, "let's up the stakes a bit more. How about this…"

The twins had been working hard on a new invention. Now some people would say they were trying to reinvent the wheel cause 'Truth Serum' already existed, it was called Veritaserum, but they wanted something a bit different. Not to mention Veritaserum cost a lot of time and gallons to make, and was a crime to feed to someone without their knowledge. Another problem with Veritaserum was that while you could not lie, it also did not make you volunteer the truth. You had to be asked a direct question, and you would give the shortest possible truthful answer. No popping out juicy little secrets with unprompted, gleeful abandon. Where was the fun in that?


They were called the Golden Trio by most people in the school, but they didn't see themselves that way (for the most part). They were, however, three best friends who had been through much together from a huge, murderous troll to a huge, murderous dog to a huge, murderous hoard of Dementors to a huge, murderous nest of spiders.

Wow! They really needed to get the better of this trend!