"Well now…" A masculine voice spoke, surprise evident in his voice. "This is new. Branching out to different experiments?"

"Hmm, you could say." Another voice replied, this time feminine. "Got bored with the usual and wanted to try out something new."

"...I'm gonna be honest with you; this is definitely more interesting than what you usually come up with." The man commented. "A lot less dangerous too."

"Oh please, there's no such thing as 'dangerous' to us." The woman scoffed. "A simple thought and all of our problems are solved."

"You know that doesn't exactly fill me with confidence when it comes out of your mouth." The man sighed deeply. "At least she's sensible enough to stop whatever multiverse-level catastrophe you cause."

"Zenny doesn't stop by every Monday."

"That's- you know what, just ignore me." He groaned. "I'll do the chosen soul a favor and watch over him when you're not looking."

"I don't need your help." She said.

"I'm not helping you, I'm helping the poor shmuck that got dragged into your mess." The man growled. "Oh, and I'm sure this doesn't need to be said; but for the love of whatever you believe in, don't interfere or interact with him."

As soon as that was said, a loud snap echoed throughout the room they're in before the man's presence disappeared, leaving the pouting black-haired and crimson eyed woman on her own. She harrumphed, plopping back on a couch as she crossed her arms.

"Since when did he start sassing back…" She muttered to herself before scoffing. "Not like it matters though…"

She snapped her fingers, and in the next instant, a large holographic screen appeared before her. A smirk bloomed on the woman's face as she stared at the beginning of her new experiment.

"This should keep me entertained for a few decades..."

As he soared through the skies of Otherworld with a grin on his face, Son Goku looked down to see the yellow clouds and the large road under him. A goal was set on his mind, and it's to train under King Kai for the inevitable arrival of the Saiyans.

He didn't know how powerful they are, but Raditz said they were ten times stronger than him or something, which made him excited as well as anxious. He didn't think he'd get the chance to fight people so much more powerful than he ever was. On one hand, he gets a really good fight, one he's been longing for before he fought Raditz, but on the other hand, the risks are admittedly scary.

If he loses the battle, everything he ever protected will die. His friends, his family, and Earth as a whole will disappear. Goku fought hard for peace, and he will not let those cruel Saiyans take it away. He'll become strong, more powerful than he ever was to preserve what he fought for.

Goku crossed his arms and frowned in thought.

Still, though, the thought that fighters so incredibly powerful exist out there in space made the Saiyan a little excited. He never knew that life existed on other planets, and if Saiyans were aliens the whole time, then there gotta be other kinds of aliens, right?

Aliens a lot stronger than Saiyans or Humans perhaps? Master Martial Artists out there, sharpening their skills and training every day like him. It certainly made him intrigued; how strong are those aliens? What kind of techniques do they have? What form of martial arts do they practice? Are they good or evil?

Goku wondered if he'd ever meet them, either training under them or fight them as a test for himself. Maybe after he's done with the Saiyans, he could ask Chi-Chi for permission to travel around space for a little while? Heck, why not take his friends and family with him? Maybe they could travel space like they once explored Earth?

He grinned, gilding down slightly. It sure sounds like a lot of fun, but he thinks it'd be better if Gohan grew a little. He's still very young after all. Goku was sure Gohan would love exploring space with him. It'll be like the good old days.

"I should stop flying." Goku thought. "I don't want to waste too much energy and fall off."

Seconds before his feet touched the road, however, a voice stopped him.

"No, keep flying…" It muttered. "...Not like it matters..."

Goku froze, looking around him before frowning. What was that? He stretched his Ki sense around him, but he felt nothing. Is someone hiding themselves? But… there's nothing around him for miles and miles. Was he imagining things?

"Y-you can hear me?" The voice questioned in astonishment. "Truly? Please say something if you do."

"Um, yeah, I can hear you." Goku blinked.

"Oh… oh this is wonderful!" It celebrated. "Finally, someone to communicate with! Any more of this and I could've gone mad!"

"So I'm not imagining things?"

"No, no, you're not." The voice said with a chuckle. "I'm here. Well, inside your head to be more precise."

"Huh?" Goku uttered. "In my head? How did you get there?"

"I don't-"

"Wait, are you King Kai?!" The Saiyan from Earth grinned. "Does that mean I'm close?!"

"No, I'm not King Kai." The voice chuckled again. "King Kai is still further ahead."

"Oh…" Goku deflated, then his features sharpened. "If you're not King Kai, then who are you? How did you get in my head?"

"I'm… not really sure how I got here in all honesty." It answered. "I'm just a regular person from Earth. I tried to take a nap once upon a time, then I woke up inside your head, unable to speak. Only see and hear."

Goku's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "I don't believe you…"

"It does sound far-fetched, doesn't it?" The voice said, unsurprised. "I don't blame you for not trusting me. If I heard a voice in my head suddenly telling me what to do, I'd immediately make an appointment with a psychologist…or an exorcist."

The Saiyan's eyes softened. He doesn't sense any lies from this voice, and there is genuine concern and even fear in its tone. Goku doesn't know how this person got inside his head, nor does he know its- or his motives, but he doesn't feel or sound malicious.

Goku closed his eyes, trying to sense within himself instead of how he usually goes about it, his eyes widening as he felt another presence inside him. The presence had its own Ki even, but way, way lower than his. So he wasn't hallucinating then? There's another person, or soul to be accurate, inside him?

"Woah…" Goku breathed out, admittedly feeling amazed. "This is weird."

"Weird doesn't come close to describing how I feel." The voice said. "If it feels weird to you, imagine how it feels for me?"

Goku chuckled, feeling at ease as he felt the soul's Ki. It wasn't evil, in fact, it was pure good like his. While weak, it had a calm and gentle feeling to it, unlike his own's fiery spirit. A part of this Ki felt like it belonged to him, and feeling it for the first time was… well, calming.

Goku liked how this Ki felt. It reminded him of Kami's somewhat.

"Really strange?" The Saiyan questioned.

"The strangest." He replied.

Goku chuckled again, liking this mysterious individual. "Say, do you have a name? I don't know what you're called."

"Ah… well." The voice felt as if he was taken off guard. "I suppose you can call me… Remiel?"

"You don't sound so sure," Goku stated with a tilt of his head. "What's wrong?"

"I… don't remember my name, unfortunately." He answered truthfully. "I'm not completely amnesiac, however, as I remember most of my life. What I am, what I used to do, but my name isn't one of them."

"Huh…" Goku nodded. "So, Remiel, when did you get here?"

"...You'd be surprised, but I know almost everything about you," Remiel answered. "From the moment you left Planet Vegeta many years ago, I've seen you grow from the beginning. Gathering the Dragon Balls, Defeating the Red Ribbon Army, King Piccolo, Piccolo Junior, and all that."

"Wow… So you've been with me this whole time?" Goku was astonished. "But if that's the case, then why did you never talk until now?"

"I couldn't," Remiel revealed. "I was able to see and hear everything, but no matter how hard I tried, I was never able to speak to you like now."

"Huh, why do you think it works now?" Goku questioned.

"I'm not sure, but I believe it had to do with you dying." He said. "Don't take my words for it, however, I'm just as lost as you are."

"Hm, maybe King Kai might know about this?" The Saiyan tilted his head. "Or Kami, but I'm already too far. He probably went back to Earth."

"I think King Kai might know, yes." Remiel agreed. "But let's keep going. Oh, and don't stop flying. I overheard someone saying that people don't run out of Ki in Otherworld."

"Really?" Goku's eyes sparkled in amazement. "So I can fly endlessly?"

"Apparently." The voice in his head said. "It's better if you meet with King Kai as fast as you can. His training is gonna be harsh, but better to not waste any day."

Goku nodded, continuing his flight to King Kai's place. It didn't take long for him to realize that his Ki levels aren't going down, making the Saiyan grin as he flew at full-speed. Much faster than running for sure, maybe twice as fast? Probably even more.

It was said that Snake Way is one million kilometers long, so how long would it take him to reach there? Million is a big number after all.

"I'm guessing… maybe 60 days if you don't stop for rest." Remiel helpfully supplied, surprising the Saiyan. "Oh, don't be surprised. I can read your thoughts as well. You don't even need to speak out loud to communicate with me."

"Is that so…" Goku thought. "But 60 days? That seems like a lot."

"Way faster than running, that's for sure." Remiel laughed.

Goku laughed along with him, then paused before asking. "Say, have you met King Kai before?"

"Uh, why do you think that?"

"Well, you said his training was harsh." Goku crossed his arms. "How do you know that?"

"A-ah, well, you see…" Remiel cleared his throat(?) "I was actually a… seer in my past life, and used my skills to see your future after giving up on trying to communicate with you. Originally, you were gonna run the entire way, which takes almost half a year, but if you listen to my word and fly, you'll meet King Kai a lot earlier."

Goku paused, his brows furrowing. He wasn't lying, but that wasn't the whole truth either. He's hiding something, but the Saiyan won't press as he's been told many times to stay patient and to not be nosy. Remiel has a good soul, Goku could sense that, and he's been kinda truthful this whole time.

He probably has his own reason for not telling, and Goku is fine with that. He himself has nothing to hide, but a lot of people have their own secrets.

"...You know I can still read your thoughts, right?" Remiel chuckled, making Goku freeze. "But I… appreciate it. I would've understood if you didn't trust me, so this means a lot. Thank you, Goku, really."

Goku blinked a few times before grinning widely at the genuine emotions from his new friend. "Any time, Remiel!"

The Saiyan of Earth and his new friend spent the next few hours flying in silent, and Goku noticed that Remiel was telling the truth; his Ki isn't dwindling at all. In fact, Goku tried to fly at maximum speed, and yet again, zero Ki loss. He grinned widely, anticipation in his mind as he imagined what King Kai looks like.

If he was stronger than King Yemma, who apparently defeated Raditz so easily, then he must look strong, right? King Yemma was huge after all, so does that mean King Kai is bigger?

Suddenly, Goku saw a visage of some sort. A very short, strange-looking blue-skinned creature wearing sunglasses and antennas on his head. Goku blinked a few times in confusion, slowing down his high-speed flight.

"Ah, it works!" Remiel exclaimed. "Oh, apologies, you probably had no idea what that was."

"Yeah…" Goku nodded. "What was that? Who was that guy?"

"Well, since you wondered what King Kai looked like, I thought I could maybe show instead of telling," Remiel said, making Goku pause. "I couldn't do it before, but what I did was share a bit of my memory. I'm not sure how much I could've held onto that… vision, but it's certainly difficult."

"Woah…" The Saiyan was impressed. "I didn't expect King Kai to look like that though."

"Looks can be deceiving."

"That's true." Goku smiled. "Master Roshi taught me to never judge a person by their looks.

"Oh that reminds me." He crossed his arms. "If you saw my future, that means you know how the Saiyans look like, right? Can you do what you did just now?"

"Curious?" Remiel noted. "Alright. It's not something I'm used to, so forgive me if it isn't very clear."

Goku nodded, then another visage appeared in front of him. One was a large, bald man wearing similar armor to what Raditz wore. He had a mustache and a wicked grin on his face. Goku furrowed his brows at this individual, not really liking how realistic his evil grin is. He's seen it on his past foes that wanted nothing but carnage.

He shook it off as he gazed at the other visage. This one was much shorter and slimmer, wearing the Saiyan Armor on top of a blue bodysuit. Hair spikes upwards and a cruel smirk on his face. This one is… dangerous, even if he was looking at a visage instead of the real thing. He isn't sure if Remiel knows a lot about Martial Arts, but the way this guy stands speaks volumes of his experience and skill.

It honestly made him nervous. Who or what are these Saiyans? How powerful are they really?

"Nappa and Vegeta respectively." Remiel supplied. "And your gut feeling is correct; Vegeta is far more dangerous than Nappa. I'd say four times stronger than the larger Saiyan."

"Darn…" Goku felt himself sweating in anxiety. "And they're a lot more powerful than Raditz?"

"Much stronger," Remiel warned seriously. "Let's put it in numbers. Raditz is 1500, Nappa is a little over 4000, and Vegeta is 18,000."

"That's… a lot of numbers."

"And it'll only go up from there, believe me." His new friend said gravely. "It's why you need to reach King Kai's planet as fast as you can."

"I understand." Goku nodded seriously. "We have our work cut for us. We shouldn't waste a single minute."

"Agreed." Remiel acknowledged. "I'll tell you all about their techniques and what you should expect as we make our way. What do you say?"

The Saiyan of Earth narrowed his eyes and nodded, expelling his Ki to quicken his flight speed.

With a tired yawn, a green-eyed woman wearing a blue tracksuit with brown hair styled in a ponytail gazed at the scrolls in front of her. She's been doing this particular job, which basically amounted to staring at these scrolls for hours and hours waiting for anything to happen.

She's been at it for… thirty-two hours now? Without any rest or breaks as most of her colleagues are busy as well, dealing with their own problems. Unfortunately, their jobs are fun while hers is the complete opposite. Why can't they get an android to watch over this instead…

The woman yawned again, glancing at the clock before snorting at the irony of the situation. Checking what time it is in a place literally called the Time Nest seems strange, but she digressed.

The woman blinked as a steaming cup was put on the table beside her, and she looked upwards to see the red eyes of her smiling friend. A white Frost Demon with sky-blue gem plating no his forehead, his white hoodie and black pants covering the rest of his body.


"What does it look like to you, moron?" She scowled. "Am I bursting with energy?"

"Point taken." He chuckled. "Only three more hours, Chloe."

Chloe groaned, her palm meeting her face as she took the coffee cup in her hand. "Easier said than done, Hail. I would've taken any kind of time correction mission, but this? Looking at these goddamn scrolls for hours?"

"You know how important this job is." Hail said, heading for a nearby shelf to look at other scrolls. "Lady Chronoa made it clear that these scrolls-"

"-are the staple of the space-time continuum yadda yadda time is fucky and annoying and this job is stupid." She sighed deeply, prompting a laugh from her friend. "Why couldn't I go and kick some ass instead…"

"You did that last weak." The Frost Demon reminded her, shuffling between the shelves. "And you'll get to let loose after this job."

"I hope you're right," Chloe mumbled. "Body's getting stiff. It's annoying."

"You know, you could've at least, I don't know, did some exercising?" Hail pointed out. "Beats sitting around and doing nothing. You of all people should know that."

"Are you looking for a beating?" She scowled, making him flinch. "Because I'm in a reaaaally foul mood right now. I can do for some stress relief."

"W-woah, there. Chloe…" Hail gulped, taking a few steps back as she slowly approached him. "We're in the Time Nest. We don't want to damage the scrolls, do we? Lady Chronoa will get angry-"

"I couldn't care less." The brown-haired woman grinned wickedly. "I'll remind you once again why they call me The Super Human of the Time Patrol."

Just then, the corner of her eye caught a flash of some sort. Chloe froze and slowly turned to the table the scroll is on, then it flashed again. The human moved towards the scroll, hesitantly opening it to see a very strange thing.

This… wasn't supposed to happen. Granted, it's a small change, but why? What caused it? A Time Breaker? But… they were already destroyed, weren't they? Towa, Mira, Fu – all of them are defeated. What caused this change?

"Hey, Hail," Chloe called out. "Didn't Goku run across the entirety of Snake Way the first time?"

"Yes, why are you asking?"

She took the scroll and showed it to him, his eyes widening in terror. Goku was flying, not running. In fact, he wasn't taking any breaks or rests, even when they looked at the past twenty days of this scroll. He was flying at full-speed the whole time.

He's already at King Kai's planet, in 63 days.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

Hail looked at Chloe, a grim look on his face.

"Lady Chronoa needs to know about this."

"Here we are…" Remiel said as the Saiyan gazed at the small green planet. "Brace yourself; you're not used to the gravity of the planet."

"Alright…" Goku nodded.

He slowly flew over to the planet, his black eyes spotting a nice looking red car next to a small house. Seconds later, Goku found himself forcefully pulled towards the planet, yelping in surprise before smashing into the ground.

"Ow!" The Saiyan from Earth yowled, struggling to get on his feet. "Y-you weren't kidding…"

Slowly but eventually, Goku managed to get on his feet, legs and arms shaking as he struggled to remain standing. He grinned after a minute, his limbs getting used to the strain as he craned his head to both sides. Where was King Kai? He was supposed to be here, right?

"I'm not quite sure," Remiel said. "Most likely on the other side of the planet. Do you think you can walk there?"

"I'll try…"

And so, with immense strain and struggle, Goku began walking towards the other side, grunting his way there. Through the grass and the pavement of the planet all the way to the house, his body feeling weaker with every second, his legs especially getting tired.

With a few words of encouragement from his new friend, Goku pushed himself forward, gritting his teeth as he took a step, then another, and another. It felt like hours, but it only took a few minutes as he reached the small house.

He exhaled, his knees shaking uncontrollably as sweat trailed down from his brow. After a few minutes, his muscles felt like they're on fire. Training is gonna be difficult here, but that didn't mean Goku wasn't looking forward to it. Even in these minutes, he already felt improvements.

As hard as this is, he can utilize it. He never heard of Gravity Training until Remiel told him days ago, and with the incredible gains this form of training gives, he's confident he'll be able to defeat the Saiyans, adding the fact that he arrived here early through flight.

Goku took a deep breath then continued to march forward, his burning muscles slowly but surely getting used to the strain of the intense gravity.

"Hmm…" Remiel hummed. "I may have an idea."

"W-what is it?" Goku panted, stopping in place.

"Try floating." He said. "It will most likely be much harder at the start, but with your limitless Ki reserves, it should be possible."

"Y-yeah, you're right." He nodded, closing his eyes in concentration.

He gently expelled his Ki from the soles of his feet, the force of the energy blowing away the dust and dirt under him. Knowing his Ki can never run out in this realm, Goku forced more and more Ki, floating upwards a few feet from the ground. Grinning, he fought off the harsh gravity with his energy, carrying on his way to the other side.

"Not bad, Saiyan."

Goku blinked and turned to the voice, his eyes widening to see King Kai smiling at him from right outside his home. How did he get there? Goku didn't notice him coming out of the place, so how-

With this loss of concentration, the gravity pulled Goku downwards and he slammed into the ground again, making him groan in pain. Goku grunted and gritted his teeth, eventually getting back up on his feet with far less struggle than the first time.

"You're King Kai, right?!" The Saiyan questioned in excitement, then slowly lowered his head in a bow. "I've come here to train under you. Please take me as your student!"

"Whew, even bowing is hard." Goku thought.

"It'll get easier with time."

"Sure, I'll take you under me." King Kai smirked. "Only if you make me laugh. A Martial Artist is as good as his sense of humor after all."

"Oh…" He blinked. "Well…"

Goku remembered the joke Remiel told him to say around a day ago, then smiled nervously. He's heard his fair share of good jokes with Krillin and Yamcha, but the one Remiel told him was of a… different kind.

"Why can't orphans play Baseball?"

King Kai raised a brow.

"Because they don't know what home is."

The North Kai froze, snorting after a few seconds before delving into full-blown laughter. He doubled over the ground, holding his stomach as he laughed hysterically. Goku blinked in surprise, not expecting this turn of events. He had some doubt that King Kai would love a joke like this.

"Ah, Dark Humor." Remiel sighed. "My favorite."

Goku chuckled nervously as he waited for his new mentor to calm down. Eventually, he did, sighing and wiping a tear from his eye. He turned over to Goku, nodding in approval.

"I'll say, I haven't laughed that hard in years." He said. "You pass."

"Alright!" Goku celebrated, only verbally however as he still struggled to move. "You hear that Remiel? We did it!"


The Saiyan from Earth stiffened as the friend in his head sighed deeply, then chuckled nervously.

"Goku…" Remiel said in exasperation.


"No, it's alright." He sighed again. "You were going to ask this sooner or later. I merely didn't expect it to go like this."

"Who's Remiel?" King Kai asked. "A friend of yours?"

"...Should I-"

"Yes, tell him the truth," Remiel spoke. "He might know how this happened, or maybe find a way to separate us."

Goku nodded slowly, turning to King Kai with a serious frown before speaking…


Only for his stomach to growl loudly.

Remiel laughed in good spirits as Goku rubbed the back of his head.

"Can I eat something first?" He chuckled.

Hello, and welcome to my new fic. An idea that's been brewing for months now, and with the encouragement of some friends, I thought "Eh, why not?"

I love DBZ to death, even with all its flaws, and it's kinda sad there's a lack of good SI or OC fics out there, especially ones not a Saiyan or Frost Demon, so I think I'll enjoy writing this a lot. An OC stuck in the head of Goku, telling him what to do instead of helping in battles outright.

Though, there's a possibility that Remiel gets his own form of offensive techniques. He's not gonna be fully useless in battles, don't worry.

Anyway, to those who read my other stories; Optimistic's chapter is almost done. Maybe tomorrow or the day after hopefully.

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