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"We've landed on planet Earth." The soldier informed his master. "What's our next move, my lord?"

Slug glanced at the ship's window, directly at the sunny blue skies of the planet. It wasn't every day he'd find a planet so free of pollution and in such a beautiful condition. Perhaps it was its lack of technological advancements, or the people cared for their planet. Regardless, he must admit that he'd love to rule over this planet instead of planting the tree like he had promised his business partner he would.

But Lord Slug will never go back on his words, even if it would benefit him greatly. Earth is indeed a planet filled to the brim with life, with over seven billion Earthlings excluding fauna and flora. This is the perfect planet for him to rule as his main vessel, but also the perfect planet to plant the Tree of Might on.

The choices he must make…

"Find the Dragon Balls." Slug ordered.

"Yes, sir."

With that, the main spaceship opened and hundreds of soldiers exited, obeying their lord's words as they began their search for the Dragon Balls. Slug glanced to see the other ships getting the memo as they too opened for the soldiers to leave, then looked down at his strongest warriors.

"Wings." The old Namekian called out to one of his elites. "Go around the planet and look for anyone who could pose a threat. Offer a place in my forces, and if they refuse, kill them."

The orange-skinned brute gave a bloodthirsty grin. "As you wish, Lord Slug."

"Should we do anything, my lord?" His second-in-command, Angela, asked.

"Either assist Wings or stay by me." Slug said. "The choice is yours."

Just then, dozens of Ki signatures vanished, prompting Slug to narrow his eyes. Around fifty of his soldiers just died, and there was a sudden spike of power that even his elites sensed. The Ki of a decently powerful Namekian.

So they were expected, then? Of course, they were. They hadn't exactly been subtle with their landing, nor did Slug bother to hide his ki. Anyone who could sense him would probably cower in fear anyway, but to think the response would be this immediate was fairly surprising to the ancient Namekian.

He also never thought that someone this strong could be found on a backwater planet such as Earth, and one of his kind as well. Could he be the creator of this planet's dragon balls? Should be. He must say, though, he never thought someone of the Dragon Clan was capable of getting close to that power.


"Wings, Medamatcha."

"As you command, Lord Slug." The brute understood the unsaid order and the two elites bowed before quickly leaving the ship.

"Angela, take the radar and start scouting for the Dragon Balls." Slug ordered his second-in-command.

"Of course."

Perhaps a little resistance isn't so bad. As old as he was, he still found these futile attempts amusing. Someone with a power level that barely even matched his elites wouldn't stand a chance against him even in his old age.

Once he regained his youth, even Freeza wouldn't be an issue, even if those rumors of him being able to transform are true.

A big screen showing the surroundings of the ship opened up in front of the ancient Namekian. It showed a couple of Earthlings standing tall in front of his many vessels, seemingly the defenders of this planet. The Namekian with an outstretched arm, two bald ones, one with a scar over his face, a short one with snow-white skin, and a…

His eyes widened as he saw a man with a striking resemblance to his business partner, Turles, before he quickly calmed down. The hairstyle is identical, but the skin tone and features are different. This Saiyan looked softer, more focused and disciplined, and he didn't wear Saiyan Armor either.

What was a Saiyan doing here, though? He didn't know there were even Saiyans in this part of the galaxy. He knew those barbarians would send their children to conquer random planets but in this far corner of the universe?

And seeing how good a shape this planet was in, it seemed that this one decided to ally himself with it instead. Not to mention, Planet Vegeta was destroyed around two decades ago. Finding a Saiyan, in general, was incredibly rare. The survivors were likely less than a dozen at most and scattered across the vastness of the universe.

His power level was quite impressive for a Saiyan as well, around equal to that pompous monkey prince, Vegeta. Perhaps a bit weaker. Intriguing.

Well, then, this should be an entertaining battle to witness. The past few years had been quite boring - almost no one to challenge his tyranny, all hiding in fear of him or Freeza. And those who tried to rebel had all been easily squashed by his elites.

Who knows, perhaps he'd be able to recruit some of them.

"That is… a lot of soldiers…" Krillin noted, clenching his fists. "Wow."

"They have the quantity advantage, that is true," Tien added, looking a bit confident. "But they're not really powerful."

"Yeah, the obvious small fry aren't." Yamcha chuckled nervously, looking a little defeated already. "But don't tell me you don't sense that?"

Indeed, while the hundreds and possibly thousands of these soldiers weren't anything to write home about - even one of the fighters could take on half of them - there were four other ki signatures that completely surpassed the foot soldiers by miles.

Two were around Vegeta's strength, one was quite above him, and one was so far beyond them it wasn't even funny. He was like, ten Vegetas combined and then some. The defenders of earth didn't quite know how they were possibly going to drive off this insane threat, but they didn't really have a choice in the matter anyway.

Goku and Piccolo stood at the front, leading the rest as they stared down at the approaching warriors. One was a tough-looking alien with orange skin and wings protruding from his back, looking at them with a cocky grin, and the other was much smaller, with green skin and big wide eyes, a bloodthirsty smile splitting his face.

"The big, strong tough one-" Remiel referred to the orange alien first. "And the one with the strange powers."

"Strange powers?" Goku frowned a bit.

"Yes. I believe he can create small versions of himself that can absorb energy." He clarified.

"That's weird." Goku thought.

"Indeed." His friend agreed. "In my opinion, he should be taken out first. His energy absorption could prove to be troublesome."

"The smaller one is the bigger threat." Goku suddenly said, informing his allies. "He can make clones that drain your ki. That's what Remiel said. Take him out first."

Piccolo narrowed his eyes at that but didn't protest. Both Goku and Remiel knew that the Namekian didn't quite trust the latter yet, and that was alright with them. While Goku tried to prove that his new friend was trustworthy, and was quite unhappy with himself when his rival didn't believe him, Remiel fully understood why.

It was alright, he thought. He could slowly gain the Namekian's trust in due time. For the former professor, it wasn't hard to notice the shift in his ki the more he spends with Gohan and the rest. The process was slow, but his ki felt less dark every passing hour. Good progress, and he was so glad that his interference did not mess with Piccolo's path to eventual righteousness.

For now anyway. He was old enough to know that life would often decide to throw him a curveball at the worst moment possible, and he was not sure he'd be ready for it.

The two strong foes stood a distance in front of the warriors led by Goku and Piccolo. The latter pair remained sharp and unfazed, as the former looked arrogant and full of themselves. The tension got heavier by the second until it was finally broken by the brute-looking alien.

"Ya got guts to be glarin' at us like this, Saiyan." The warrior known as Wings started. "But I've broken my own fair share of your kind before. Ya ain't special."

Goku remained silent.

"Tell ya what: How bout ya join our side? Yer strong, stronger than any Saiyan I've met, that much even I can tell." He continued. "So why not ditch this puny plane-"

"I refuse." Goku cut him off, flexing his ki to intimidate his enemies. "You'll get this one and only warning: Get the hell off our planet!"

To his credit, his intimidation attempt worked slightly as Wings flinched a little, likely not expecting this sudden burst of power. So they could sense energy as well? Already better than Vegeta in that case, then, and if these guys know, then the big bad knows it as well. Too bad, perhaps he could've exploited that weakness. All he could rely on right now was his Kaioken.

"W-who the hell you think you are, threatenin' us like that?! Don't you know? I'm the most powerful warrior here, second only to Lord Slug!" Wings growled as he flared his own aura. "Screw it, we're burying you six feet under!"

The big lug charged at Goku, throwing a punch that the Saiyan easily avoided. Goku activated a low level of his Limit Force technique, increasing his power by a mere 50%, and it was all he needed as he pummeled the orange-colored alien, a rush of fists and feet flying faster than the eye could see.

This kickstarted the battle as the thousands of soldiers rushed towards them, while some began spreading out across the planet. The humans easily dispatched most of the soldiers, trying to avoid killing them as much as they could. Of course, there was the occasional accident here and there, but they were mostly successful in merely knocking them out.

With how much weaker these soldiers were, it wasn't even a risk at all. They were barely as strong as old demons born from King Piccolo after all.

Medamatcha launched towards the son of the demon king, laughing maniacally as their battle began. Piccolo, with the knowledge of his opponent in mind, was on guard. The smaller enemy was perhaps a tiny bit stronger than him, but his moves seemed unrefined. Animalistic almost. Yes, his small size was somewhat of an advantage, but even a beginner like Gohan had better technique and footing, so for someone like Piccolo, dancing around an enemy like this was child's play.

And Piccolo sure as hell exploited that.

The Namekian sidestepped from a lunge and kicked his enemy right in the stomach, sending him flying upwards. Piccolo flew up and smashed him back to the ground, throwing multiple ki blasts from above. He knew to keep his guard up, however, as the enemy's ki signature didn't lower all that much.

Suddenly, smaller copies of Medamatcha soared towards him at high speed, but he anticipated something like this, and released a powerful Demon Wave at point blank, wiping them out instantly. Admittedly, he wasn't able to evade the blow that landed straight on his face, making it flare up in pain as he quickly regained his footing. Piccolo blocked a few punches and delivered some of his own, but those were evaded with ease.

His size was proving to be a bigger problem than he expected. Training with Gohan didn't quite help- the runt never used his size to his advantage like this.

Unfortunately, Piccolo failed to notice the sneaky little clone that managed to stick itself on his back, immediately draining his ki from his body. The sensation was incredibly painful and uncomfortable, prompting the Namekian to scream in agony.

Piccolo was about to act, using his ki to create an Omni-directional ki blast to evaporate the little bastard, but was helped by none other than Krillin, who managed to aim his Destructo-disk perfectly, cutting the thing without harming his ally.

Krillin grinned at the Namekian and threw a thumbs-up, but Piccolo only scoffed as he kept his attention on Medamatcha. The short bald human flew to his side, getting in his turtle school stance as he prepared himself for battle.

He might not be as strong as Piccolo, but he could support him. Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and Tien could easily handle the soldiers, and with an opponent as tricky as this one, perhaps the Namekian might need some help, even if he didn't like to admit it.

"Make yourself useful," Piccolo growled.

"That's the idea." Krillin smirked.

Medamatcha grinned maniacally as their battle resumed.

On the other side of the battle, Goku pushed back against his opponent, absolutely dominating the battleground as Wings struggled to even keep up. The red flare from the Saiyan's ki felt like it was burning the brute's skin from how hot it was. He virtually had no answer to this, and he was beginning to feel worn out.

Wings threw a punch, but it missed by an inch as Goku counterattacked with a powerful blow to the gut that knocked the wind out of him. Wings wasn't given a moment to recover as Goku unleashed a full Meteor Crash combo, every hit feeling a lot heavier than the last.

Who was this?! Since when were Saiyans able to become this strong?! His ki would continuously spike up to ridiculous heights! And that red aura- what the living hell was that?! What kind of technique did this monkey have?!

A hook delivered by Goku sent the orange-skinned alien crashing into one of the ships, and by the time Wings managed to stand on his feet, coughing and hacking blood in the process, the Saiyan was a few feet away from him, glaring at him fiercely. Wings flinched, his heart beating fast as he realized that this wasn't a fight he could win.

"W-wait, wait wait wait wait." Wings put his hands up as he fell on his butt. "I give up! I give up, you win!"

Goku narrowed his eyes.

"P-please, you made your point. I can't beat you." He said, begging to save his own hide. "I-I don't want to die. I-I'll leave the planet and never come back. I promise."

"...Will you really?"

"Y-yes. Yes!" Wings nodded frantically, inwardly not believing that this Saiyan is actually listening. "I-I have a family at home, y'know? I-I need to go back to them. Y-you're not gonna kill me, right?"

A few moments passed, feeling like an eternity for the alien, but eventually, Goku responded.

"Stay here. I'll deal with you later."

With that, Goku turned his back, making Wings grin viciously. This moron…

He silently charged a ki blast behind his back. "Thank you, thank you…"

Goku leaped and flared his aura as he began to fly to the main vessel, only for Wings to unleash his full-power blast at the Saiyan's back. "YOU STUPID MONKEY!"

The wave approached Goku very quickly, and at the height of his feeling of achievement at fooling the dumb Saiyan, Goku suddenly vanished out of sight in a brilliant crimson glow, making his heart drop. Wings' face turned white as the Saiyan reappeared in front of him, looking unamused and incredibly displeased.

"I gave you a chance," Goku growled.


Without wasting time, Goku unleashed a blast that utterly vaporized the orange alien, leaving only bits of his armor. He sighed, looking at the remains with an upset look, before quickly shaking his head as he approached the strongest power of the invaders.

"Goku, there's a power approaching West City," Remiel warned. "One of the bigger ones."

"What? But that's where Capsule Corp is." Goku said in concern before focusing on his senses. "...I can't feel their energy."

"They're hiding it," Remiel said. "And they're quite skilled at that."

Clicking his tongue, Goku turned around, about to return to Capsule Corp, but was hit in the back by a powerful energy blast, burning a part of his gi and making him cry out in pain. The Saiyan whipped his head back at the main vessel, meeting the eyes of a much older Namekian sitting on his throne above the spaceship.

Goku grimaced. "He's not gonna let me go, is he?"

"I assume not."

The Namekian stared at Goku with a smirk, becking him to get closer. Goku interpreted that as being personally challenged by him, knowing that if he tried to go back to Capsule Corp, the next ki blast would go through his back instead.

He was worried about his friends back there, but there wasn't much he could do right now, as they were fighting at the other side of the clearing, likely miles away. Remiel was the only one capable of sensing that other elite due to his extreme sensory skill, so the others wouldn't know a thing.

But he also felt confident. Gohan was there. The young boy was immensely powerful for his age- he could defend the rest, or at least hold them off until the others are done with their battles.

After a deep breath, Goku slowly approached the master of the invasion, heart pounding in his chest as the pressure only got heavier the closer he got.

Even with this vast difference in power, Goku could not help but feel a little excited.

Finally, the time to test his limits is here!

Angela scoured the planet, and while the piece of tech with him wasn't quite the best, it should've at least picked up on one of the Dragon Balls. Was the scouter faulty? No, it couldn't be. Lord Slug himself made this device, and his subordinates always kept it in top condition.

Were they hiding the Dragon Balls? Must be. Warriors of that strength must've heard of these things, right? Assuming they lived here and weren't just visitors or guests. The Saiyans and Namekians looked as such, but not the Earthlings.

Unless the rumors were false of course, mere superstitions, but the sight of that Namekian supports said rumor a little. Namekians are quite rare outside of Planet Namek- after the catastrophe that befell it, they were set back thousands of years technologically.

A shame, but Angela couldn't quite care less. Sure, his master was from Namek, but he didn't care either, so why should he?

After going over the planet a few more times, Angela simply gave up and instead focused on the other high ki signatures in a nearby city. One was being hidden by what seemed to be an amateur, and the other felt weakened. So there were more warriors, then?

They could know about the Dragon Balls and their whereabouts, so perhaps he should give them a visit.

Angela, alongside his small squad of soldiers, headed towards the earthling settlement, scoffing at their primitive use of 'technology' from above. Only Hovercars? What a backwater planet.

Angela turned his gaze at the biggest building in the settlement, where the two warriors resided. As a warning, he shot a weak blast at the building, strong enough to annihilate the entirety of it in an instant, but then, another blast hit him and send it flying to a mountain far away, destroying a chunk of that.

He looked down and spotted the one who did it, and couldn't help but raise a brow in confusion. A small boy in the garden of the estate glared at him with his arm extended. Him? This brat was one of the warriors?

Angela glared back in disdain as the boy flew up to his level, quickly getting in a fighting stance. Slug's Second-in-Command waved his hand and silently ordered his soldiers to attack, who all charged at the boy at once.

Gohan's gaze sharpened as he dodged and weaved easily, noting how slow these guys were before starting his counterattack. He punched and kicked, his blows instantly knocking them out due to the great difference in power. He knew how to hold back and not accidentally kill them- he was taught that by Krillin and the others.

In seconds, all the soldiers fell to the ground, fully unconscious, which impressed Angela quite a bit. He knew this kid was far stronger than he should be at this age, but this strong? He thought they'd at least do some damage to him, but clearly not.

"Not bad, brat, but it's not wise to stand up to me and Lord Slug," Angela said, crossing his arm. "For that impressive show, I'll give you one chance to leave."

Gohan stayed in his place, not moving a muscle. Inwardly, the boy was absolutely nervous and afraid, but this was what he had to do to protect Bulma, her parents, and his mom. This guy was even stronger than Vegeta, and while his ki made him very concerned, he still stood his ground

"Or you'd like to join us?" The older fighter smirked. "Someone of your power could climb the ranks easily. Lord Slug would be pleased."

"I-I'm never joining bad guys like you!" Gohan stated, the offer annoying him a little.

"So be it." Angela shrugged, and he vanished.

Gohan gasped as a fist was buried in his stomach, knocking the wind out of him before he was sent down with an elbow to the head. A giant crater formed where Gohan landed, who had his eyes open wide as he coughed and hacked for air. His vision even darkened for a moment, feeling his consciousness slipping, but he managed to get back on his feet, holding his stomach in pain.

That was probably the most painful experience he'd been through so far- not even his dad or Piccolo ever hit him this hard.

Gohan felt an incoming blast soaring directly at him, prompting him to quickly stick his hands up to catch it. His hands burned- the searing heat of the ki attack making him grunt and grimace in pain. It felt so heavy, so much worse than anything he had to deflect.

But it wasn't something he couldn't handle. He knew he could do this.

"MASENKO!" He roared, unleashing his own attack that pushed the blast back at his enemy.

Angela's eyes widened as he felt the sudden power spike from the boy, crossing his arms in front of his face to block the attack. Gohan's Masenko connected, making a giant explosion in the air that created a mini hurricane.

The Saiyan hybrid panted as he glared at the cloud of smoke above him. Sensing the enemy's ki, Gohan quickly charged at him with a yell, throwing his small fist for a punch. Surprisingly, it landed as Angela was too busy dealing with the pain of the blast, still disoriented.

Angela growled and evaded the next hit, grabbing the boy by the head before throwing him through a few buildings, shooting a few ki blasts soon after. Gohan recovered quickly, flying away from the blasts but failing to notice his enemy rushing for close-quarters combat, thus receiving a knee to his face.

Gohan was on the defensive, doing his best to block and evade his opponent's attacks, but he was so much slower. Angela could've instantly killed the boy if he wanted to, but he decided that he wanted to punish this insolent brat and teach him a lesson.

Unbeknownst to him, this was a bad mistake.

Slowly but surely, Gohan's blood boiled. He didn't know why, but he started to feel angrier and angrier as the battle continued. His power level steadily increased- he started to consistently evade his opponent's attacks, and at some point, he was fighting back.

Sure, his punches didn't do a lot of damage, but it was something Angela noticed. This boy was becoming stronger as they fought, and for a split second, he spotted the golden glint in his eyes.

He needed to end this fight before the boy overtook him in power.

Angela vanished from sight in a burst of speed and reappeared behind the boy, charging up the strongest ki wave he could. Gohan whipped his head back and gasped as the giant yellow beam filled his view, his bubbling anger replaced with fear and despair.

Gohan closed his eyes and put his arms in front of him, bracing himself for impact. Thankfully, he was at least strong enough to not get vaporized on the spot, as he was able to stop the blast in its place using all his might, but he was getting pushed back considerably.

He needed to act quickly, but what can he do? What would his dad or Mr. Piccolo do?

A thought crosses the boy's mind, remembering his father's battle with Vegeta and his sparring match with Piccolo. Could he do it? His dad explained the basic concept to him and the rest, but he's never tried to do it before.

Regardless, it was his only choice. If he could tap into it, then he'd be able to at least deflect the blast.

With a roar, Gohan's aura flared, gaining a reddish tint.


Immediately, the Saiyan Hybrid felt the worst pain in his life. Every single muscle in his body screamed in agony. It was so painful, tears began to gather at the corner of his eyes as his pupils turned into pinpricks.

However, his power did increase significantly, and at that moment, he unleashed another Masenko back at the enemy, easily consuming Angela's blast as he screamed in fear. A giant explosion blinded the boy, but at this point, he couldn't care.

He fell to the ground, his body spasming as he gasped for air. It hurt, it hurt so much more than anything he had ever experienced, even that earlier punch did not compare to this. It felt like being burned alive as his body refused to respond. He underestimated the strain of this technique, and with this being his first time even using it, he wasn't sure if he did it correctly.

Slowly, Gohan forced himself to at least sit on his knees as he breathed heavily, trying his hardest to ignore the pain. He flinched violently as he sensed the ki of his opponent still, glancing up to the sky to see Angela with a scowl that terrified the boy.

Sure, he was weakened significantly, but Gohan had it a lot worse. He couldn't even bring his ki up for defense.

He failed.

"You pathetic, worthless monkey!" Angela screamed, creating another ki wave. "You think you can just harm ME and get away with it?!"

Gohan tried to stand up, but his legs only flared in pain, refusing to move.

"I'll turn you and this entire city into dust!" He promised, extending his arm out. "DIE!"

Angela let another full-power energy wave loose, planning to end the boy's miserable life and make sure nothing remained.

All Gohan could do was close his eyes in despair, feeling the burning sensation of the incoming ki attack.

Despair replaced with confusion, the boy slowly opened his eyes to see that he was still where he had been, kneeling on the grass of Capsule Corp's garden, and his enemy looking even more annoyed than before, looking directly behind him.

Gohan turned his head, eyes widening as he saw the bald Saiyan, still wrapped with bandages and wearing a medical gown. Nappa had his arm extended, ki flowing from the palm of his hand as he grinned at Angela.

"Another one?!" Angela growled before scoffing. "It appears that Freeza isn't as competent as I expected."

"Eh? Freeza?" Nappa blinked. "The hell does he have to do with this?"

"Of course, he didn't tell you, you braindead monkey." He smirked viciously. "He destroyed your planet, moron."

Nappa's eyebrows shot up as he heard that before he frowned deeply. "Did he now…"

Then his grin returned. "Ah well, was plannin' on taking Kakarot's offer anyway, but this sealed the deal."

"Hm?" His enemy raised a brow but was promptly ignored.

"Hey, Brat." Nappa glanced at Gohan. "Can ya still fight?"

This jolted the Saiyan hybrid out of his shock, still not quite processing that his former enemy saved his life, and struggled to get back up on his feet. Eventually, Gohan took a deep breath, feeling a little rejuvenated, and got into his stance, ignoring the shaking in his legs.

That was a one-time thing, and Gohan learned his lesson. He would not use that technique until he was ready for it.

"Y-yes, I'm fine." Gohan nodded.

"Heh, maybe ya ain't so bad after all." Nappa's grin widened in approval. "You might be soft, but you're not lacking in Saiyan spirit."

"T-thank you…?" Gohan accepted the 'compliment'.

"Ignore me, will you…?" Angela scowled as he flared his aura. "For your insolence, I will show you the might of the Slug Empire!"

As an answer to this, white ki exploded and enveloped Gohan and Nappa, preparing for a battle. All three warriors were tired and injured, but with at least one ally, the Saiyan hybrid felt a lot more confident than before. Overall, he might be stronger than his fellow Saiyan, but Nappa was far more experienced and skilled compared to him.

Even if the enemy was more powerful than them, if they fought together, they could win this. It's not impossible. Gohan had grown stronger in the past couple of days, and he would not fail his father or any of his friends.

The boy frowned as he glanced at the older Saiyan by his side.

He didn't know why the older Saiyan decided to save his life when he was so ready to kill them all not so long ago, but Gohan knew that this wasn't the time or place to question Nappa's actions. If he wanted Gohan dead, he wouldn't have interfered.

So his gratitude would have to wait until after they'd won.

Landing on top of the ship, Goku glared at the leader of the invaders with a serious frown, inwardly feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement as the old Namekian merely looked back at him with a smile.

Admittedly, Goku was more nervous than he was excited, and it wasn't his power that he felt concerned about. More the presence the Namekian exuded- this sense of darkness and wisdom. It put him on edge.

"He feels…" Remiel started. "...Different."

"What do you mean?"

"Something about his ki feels strange." He clarified. "A part of it feels dense and heavy, yet so calm."

Goku's eyes narrowed, his fists clenching.

"I do not know what he might have in store for us other than what I already told you about," Remiel said. "Be careful, Goku."

"Saiyan." Slug suddenly said, still comfortable in his seat. "Tell me your name."

After a moment, Goku answered.

"Son Goku."

"I assume that is a name the earthlings gave you?" The old Namekian said, making him nod. "Well, no matter. Tell me, Son Goku, do you know why I'm here?"

Goku paused for a moment. According to Remiel, Slug arrived on Earth to gather the Dragon Balls and wish for his youth, and he succeeded originally but was promptly defeated by the Spirit Bomb later.

Was he here for the same reason? He didn't know, so he took his friend's advice and acted ignorantly.


"Then why the hostility?" Slug raised a brow. "Have you considered that I might've come here in peace?"

"Don't ever bother with that." Goku scoffed. "I know full well that whatever you plan on isn't good for me or my planet. Your ki feels horrible."

"Ah, so you can sense energy? You know that is quite a rare ability, surprisingly enough." Slug responded, quickly dropping the innocent act. "With how common those scouters have become, far fewer people bothered learning how to sense."

"Your point being?"

"Simple. If you know how to sense, then you should know that stand no chance against me." The Namekian smirked viciously. "But I'm willing to give you one last chance. Join me, and together we will conquer the stars themselves."

Goku's frown deepened and answered by exploding his ki. "You'll see just how wrong you are about me."

"So you refuse?" Slug's smile fell. "Shame, but I won't say I didn't expect this. Your energy is so pure, it makes me sick."

The Namekian got off his throne and cracked his knuckles as a pinkish aura surrounded him, shaking the very continent they were on by merely powering up. Goku flinched, but a smirk took over his face as he immediately started off with a 'times five Kaioken', surprising the older warrior.

"Oh? You were hiding this much power?" Slug chuckled darkly. "Then this might not be so boring after all. Come, Saiyan, and show me what you can do!"

Goku charged, and as the pink and red auras clashed, the very planet shook under their might.

And so their battle begins.

Power levels

Goku: 17,000

Limit Force Goku: 42,500

Piccolo: 14,500

Gohan: 9000 and steadily increasing

Imperfect Kaioken Gohan: 18,000

Tired Gohan: 4000

Almost recovered Nappa: 3500

Wings: 31,600

Medamatcha: 16,000

Angela: 19,000

Heavily Injured Angela: 7000

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