Well, long story short I died. I know right, long story, really short summary. But yeah I'll spare you my tragic backstory (mostly because I don't have one), anyway I met a R.O.B., surprise, surprise, and he told my I would be reborn in the universe of my choice in the body of my choice so long as that body was human, essentially I couldn't choose anyone who had any powers that were decidedly not human, trust me this made me understandably unhappy but with this I got the concession that I would get the memories of the body. Naturally I had to pick a super badass character, and one that wasn't too old so that's how I woke up in the body of Yujiro Hanma in the MCU.

Well this is the Idea I suppose.

What I'm looking for is a decidedly human character with well above human abilities so he would have the full abilities of Yujiro in the MCU

I would prefer if he was inserted in the early 2000's and I would prefer it to be a Yujiro x Black widow/Natasha Romanov romance if you decide to do a romance

Obviously Yujiro is a non enhanced character with some abnormal biology

The reason for the self insert is so that he's not completely lost but I don't care to much about that part

I'm not super sure about where the plot would go so there's plenty of freedom there if you want you could do the idea with totally different characters and I really don't care which direction it goes o whatever I just think the idea would be interesting.

I honestly was really bored and this just kind of came out of nowhere so whatever.