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The class believed they knew exactly who Nino Lahiffe was, but it still did not change the fact that he was the Heir to Malibu before the Classes final form.

He never told anybody about dressing like the richest person in the world or the glamorous lifestyle.

To be fair being normal Nino Lahiffe was much better because he didn't have to watch what he ate, he made friends because people liked him and not because of his money, he could walk around and not have a squad of security guys glaring everybody down.

Nobody ever asked him about Malibu so he never brought it up.

To the class, he was the party guy who had a heart of gold.

Nothing special about his family at all.

But the world seemed to shift when he asked Marinette Dupain-Cheng if he can talk to her alone one break time.

Now, the two of them hadn't truly been alone since that 'kind of date' at the Zoo.

Marinette surprise was everybody surprise.

And that's when their homeroom teacher came in.

People glance at Nino for the two class's wondering what was going on since this was out of character for him and even Marinette was staring.

The moment the bell rang, he got up and motioned for Marinette to come with him.

The look on the Teachers face was priceless when she saw the two, leave together.

He didn't stop walking until they were at the usual private spot.


He then turned around and said. "I'm sorry"

The look on Marinette face was of shock, as she didn't expect an apology to come from his mouth.

He said. "I know about Lila" he saw her look of surprise. "I caught her in a lie. A lot of lies actually. She started lying about things I know a lot about. And I've been googling everything she had said ever since. That girl has a huge problem with lying and I realised, I owned your a serious apology"

Marinette mouth was open.

He said. "I was a huge dick to you. Alya kept telling me, you would never do something like that and I kept silent. I should have stood up for you. I knew you longer before Lilia, I should have been suspicious. I was a massive Moron-saruse. Can you ever forgive me?"


Suddenly Marinette hugged him, you could just feel her relief as somebody else saw it too.

She had dreamed of somebody else seeing it too.

She didn't expect it to be Nino, but she was not complaining.

She said. "Apology accepted"

Nino was awkward in her arms.

She released him.

He said. "I'm going to stand up for you from now. But please don't go after her, we got to clear your name with as little people knowing as possible, I'm pretty sure Lila isn't going to like it if she knows what we're doing"

Marinette agreed, and then she gave him another hug.

They went back to class and Marinette had the biggest smile on her face.

Like seriously, a one-hundred watt smile. They didn't think she had ever been so happy to walk into class before.

'What the hell happened!?' Thought the class, fully interested in what was going on and wanting answers.

And Nino kept his promise to be her Ally, to think it would be him who gave Marinette the 'shut up' sign when Lila was bullshitting again.

This sudden Dynamic between the two of them did not go unnoticed by the class and it certainly did not go unnoticed by Lila Rossi.

Marinette left and Nino went snooping in the locker room, surely there was a camera in here, this school taught celebrity's kids after all.

He had seen cameras all over Malibu High.

Suddenly he heard.

"What, are you doing?"

He turned to see Lila Rossi and almost dropped his phone.

The girl had snuck upon him like a horror movie villain.

He said. "Ur, I-I'm taking a camera shot for a movie I'm making"

Miraculously, his mind found something but his face had an 'I'm so lying' expression on it.

Lila narrowed her eyes.

He said, trying to change the subject. "Ur, so what are you doing here, after school?"

However, unlike him, Lila was an expert at lying smoothly.

She said. "Well, my mother wanted me to rate the school. Since I told her, it was so amazing and it was full of so many amazing kind people. She might invest into it"

Her words had a whole different meaning when you can't trust a word coming out of her mouth.

And his lack of being impressed was all she needed to know to realize that her puppet had cut his strings.

He said. "Er, that's nice. I think I have enough video now." He put his phone away. "See you tomorrow"

And then he walked out, his heart thumping and he knew he screwed that up.

And he indeed had.

However, he did something smart, he sent the footage to his Dad who immediately pointed out there was nothing that looked remotely like a camera in the locker room.

There was privacy and then there was a thieves Paradise.

Didn't he say his supermodels best friend Adrien Agreste phone went missing in his locker?

It showed back up but nobody caught who did it.

The school had a theft problem and no cameras to deal with it.

Parents would be horrified if they knew this.

From that day on, his dad replaced his bag with a much more secure one that would sound the alarm and even call the police, if it was taken by somebody else.

But theft was the least of his worries, apparently Lila didn't like how supported Marinette was now because that meant she could no longer manipulate somebody she believed was easy.

She used his avoiding of her to plant seeds into her classmate's heads that Nino did not like her.

Every time he avoided her or made some distance, she saw those seeds grew in the other minds.

From there, all she had to do was sulk at the right moments.

And a rumour that he hated her, spread wonderfully.

Alya confronted him on a date and said. "Do you know there's a strange rumour going around that says, you don't like Lila?"

And Nino was suddenly silent.

She saw his face.

He finally admitted by saying. "I kind of don't like her"

Every time he was near her, his hair stood on end.

Alya mouth opened before she said. "How? When? Why!? How can you dislike Lila!? She's super nice! You loved her"

Super nice?

He said. "Well, times change. And besides, it's only a dislike, I'm not hurting anybody. We all dislike Chloe and she could care less. "

Alya said. "Yeah, but we all have good reason to hate her. Chloe is an evil, self-absorbed rich girl. Lili is a kind-hearted person who goes out of her way to help others"

He said. "Alya, I love you but you of all people have no excuse to be that blind." He saw her face. "There is no point in telling you the truth because I know you're going to defend her with every point I make and downplay it." He saw her open her mouth. "And don't tell, me you won't. I know you. Or should I remind you about what lead you to become Lady Wifi, for the first time? Didn't I tell you were wrong over and over again and begged you to stop? Ladybug and Chloe had to be in the same room for you to admit you were wrong after you assaulted her." he saw her mouth close. "Alya, let me dislike somebody in peace. I still talk to her. I am not hurting anybody. Now let's just enjoy some ice cream and finish our date"

He knew she wanted to talk more but he was final with this.

One of the rare times, he won an argument.

However, Lila wasn't don't with him.

Not by a long shot.

She went crying to Miss Bustier the next morning and the next thing he knew, she was asking him to stay behind.

With Lila.

Every instinct told him to press play on his phone and when the bell rang for the end of class, he did.

He said. "Miss, I have a DJ gig in 40 minutes. I have to set up"

Miss Bustier said. "It would only take 5 minutes."

And then she had an intervention for both of them and it took 20 minutes.

He did whatever he could to get out of there.

By the time, he made it, he was late and given a low rating, even when he explained, his client wasn't having it.

A low rating impacts his future hiring.

He did breathing exercises to get himself to calm down and that is why he didn't get Akumatised.

He realised he was still recording and played it.

On his phone, you can clearly hear what happened from beginning to end.

He sent it to his furious dad.

But he begged his dad to drop it.

Miss Bustier was the best teacher ever, she was just making sure, the class doesn't become a war zone, she didn't deserve to have his dad yelling at her.

His dad dropped it.

But it wasn't the first or last time, he was kept behind or his free time was used up.

His rating got lower and less and fewer people were willing to hire him.

He even got detention, but he recorded it all.

It finally came to a head, when he was called into the Principal office one day and Lila who was red-eyed, walked out of it.

Oh, boy.

He walked in and sat down and before him were just sheets of text.

Awful texts with his name plastered below it, calling Lilia all sorts of names.

He got a sinking feeling in his stomach.

"Mr Lahiffe," said Mr Damocles. "Bullying of any level is beyond unacceptable. I can not believe the viciousness of these texts. Poor Miss Rossi is in tears. A week suspension and when you come back, you are going to issue a public apology to Miss Rossi"

And something in him just snapped right there.

Maybe it was his dad's words.

He then said in a surprisingly calm voice. "I've got a better idea. How about I leave for a week and by the end of it, Lila Rossi gives me a public apology, the school gives me a public apology, all the teachers who effected me are suspended and the school compensates me for the nonsense you put me through"

The man opened his mouth and began to speak.

However, he cut the man off and said. "If you don't, I will unleash the gates of hell onto your head. How dare you try to ruin my future without even checking it even came from my phone. You already came for Marinette-Dupang without evidence. Did you think I will roll down and take this?"

He then got up and ignored the man yelling for him to come back, he walked to class, he took his bag and then he looked up with an innocent smile.

It was the scariest innocent smile the class had ever seen.

Everybody was silent even the science teacher.

He said. "Everybody have a nice day."

He then turned to Lila and said. "Lila Rossi have a nice day. You have a week to apologise to me"

The girl look shook.

He then turned to Marinette and said. "Marinette, please talk to your parents about what the school did to you. Something tells me, they have no idea there was no investigation or cameras in that room. Your parents have money and you have rights"

Marinette eyes opened and so did everybody else.

The Principal came and said. "How dare you threaten me! Get back here!"

He turned around with still that smile on and said. "Actually no. I am beyond furious right now. If you don't move, I will be calling the News about my Principal who has gone nuts, the same principle of the school the Mayor of Paris daughter attends and is now refusing to let a suspended student leave. I'm sure they will be VERY interested to hear about that"


Dead Silence.

Everybody mouth was open as he straight up threatened the Principal before the whole class and the teacher.

He was not putting up with bullshit today.

Who the hell is this and when did Nino's spine get so shiny?

"Are you threa-" began the man but Nino called right before them.

He said. "Hello, ITV News." He leaned closer and everybody mouth opened. "Boy, do I have a story to tell-"

The man moved away and he ended the call so calmly.

Indeed Nino gave no shits today.

He walked down the steps and walked past.

The Principal said. "I hope you come back with a better attitude. I will be calling your parents"

Nino yelled back, not caring if the whole school heard him. "Go ahead, my Dad would LOVE to talk to you"

And then he was gone.

He was gone and he had shaken the whole school.

What happened quickly got out.

This was the most development, the students had ever heard of.

They wanted part two.

His classmates left him alone online and through the phone.

Nino sent the last of the evidence in and it was the piece needed for the Lahiffe and Malibu Lawyers to finalise the Lawsuit.

And even though Nino said he wanted to enter Malibu after graduation, things had changed and he was now homeschooled in Malibu until his public school graduation.

For his old school, he didn't come back after a week and news got out he was being homeschooled now.

The student body was in an uproar.

There was indeed a Part 2.

Was there a Part 3?

There was.

It was the day anybody important with children came to the school to view it, so of course, the News was here too, because of some many famous people.

Limousines arrived and everybody was on their best behaviour.

Some of them had clearly gone to Malibu to look glamorous for the cameras.

And then HE arrived.

This man looked like he had spent time in Malibu too, but he was clearly different from everybody else.

And then they noticed the posh-looking people in suits.


Before anybody could say anything, these people went to specific people with envelopes including Lila Rossi and said. "You have been served. Miss Rossi. Your mother is being served as we speak. Please prepare a Lawyer. We will be seeing you in Court"

Lila's mouth was open, her mind stopped working, she could only take the envelope.

The principal was given an envelope as well and told he was going to have to get himself a Lawyer.

Once people realised what was happening, the news Camera's turned around and so did the phones in people hands.

The whole place was silent, even the students.

The man said. "As we speak, the entire Board of Education will be getting my Lawsuit letter for what they failed to do"


Oh my god.

Everybody mouth was open, this was going Viral and the viewers increased.

The Principal said. "There must be some mistake. My school is a great place for children"

The man stopped being so calm and raised his voice a bit by saying. "Don't give me that rubbish! Do you know who I am!? Look into my eyes, you idiot!"

The man took off his glasses and he looked just like...

No, way.

Nino Lahiffe but older and slightly different.

The Principal mouth was open, the man turned around and said. "All of you have a good look. I am Nino Lahiffe father!"

Part 3 had come!

Everybody faces who know that name changed.

The whole class was here including the Mayor of Paris.

The man said. "Let me tell you and the whole of Paris who exactly I am? I am the Land Owner of the City of Malibu!"



He said. "Yes. In my house is the deed to the same Malibu where Royalty goes to shop. Where Jaggered Stone has a house. Google the name Arnold Malibu Lahiffe. I rightfully own the city, I have nothing to hide. I encourage anybody to google me right now. It still won't change the fact, that I make more money in an hour then this sorry excuse for a Principal makes in a lifetime. I am Nino Lahiffe father and I am proud!"

He then heard. "Oh, my God. He's right. He makes millions per hour"

The voice apparently was picked up by everyone.

Everybody mouth was open.

It was true?

Then Nino was a diamond spoon!

The principal and those who wronged him by thinking he was a normal child, face changed in horror.

However, the man then asked. "What have you been doing? For WEEKS my son has been telling me and showing me, what he has to deal with. Where are your cameras!? Your school has a theft problem and the only school camera is in your office. This place is a thieves paradise. Are you mad? My son told me Adrien Agreste phone went missing here!"

And with that many faces here and Paris changed, including Gabriel Agreste who was back at home and did not know.

His son phone had gone missing and nobody had informed him of this data breach?

Arnold said. "The boy got his back but that's not the point. I trust you with my eldest son, I let him continue going here because he wanted to be with his friends. I did not expect to hear the level of BS he was going through almost every day. The only reason why I am not yelling down your throat right now is because I have promised my son I will destroy you in court."


Arnold looked at this sorry excuse for a Principal up and down and said. "How dare you try to destroy my son's life. Get ready because I will not only bring the full might of the Lahiffe family down on your head but Malibu will be coming for you as well"

He then turned to the girl and said, seeing her flinch. "And YOU. How is your secretary of your mother doing?" The look on the girl's face was priceless and everybody face changed.

He said. "Don't lie to me! Do you think I haven't met the real Mayor of Italy? We had lunch yesterday and he was very interested in hearing about you and the clear data breach you love to frequently post online and oh. I called Prince Ali and he was very interested to know that he took orders from a girl he had never met before and that your pack of lies was being published on Paris most trusted site the Lady blog."

Lila just stood there.

He said. "The only reason why they're not suing Alya Cesaire right now is because I told them, she was my son's girlfriend who made an incredibly stupid mistake"

The girl's eyes widened.

He then turned to the girl and said. "You better take that interview down and anything related to this girl. You better issue a formal apology to your viewers and readers. If you don't and chose to stick by her, Prince Ali estate and Jaggered Stone will see you and your whole family in court"

And Alya looked shaken to the core.

He turned to the teachers and said. "And for the teachers who thought they can take away my sons free time, damage his record and affect his career to the point. He is now known as the worst DJ in all of Paris without any consequences, I will be seeing you in court. Get yourself Lawyers"

The Principal said. "M-Mr Lahiffe. Please. We can come to a compromise"

The man said. "My son gave you a compromise. He told you his terms. You ignored it. My son gave this school chance after chance and each time, this school failed him. If I wasn't so important, my son would have been the Next Marinette Dupain-cheng. I hope to God, the best Bakers in Paris are gearing up to sue every teacher along with you, for what they did to their daughter, earlier this year"


What? Marinette? The Bakers daughter?

The news or Paris had clearly not heard this story.

He said. "You and the entire school decided to believe a girl who has never spoken an ounce of truth since she showed up. Everything regarding a celebrity is a lie that can easily be disproven. You were so quick to be her lapdogs, well now you can be her lap dog in the most published court case of the past century. Have a good day"

And then he walked out, taking his Lawyers with him.

And it had all been broadcasted around the world.

However, nobody could fully believe it until Nino's face hit the worldwide news with his full name on display and they discovered what Nino life was like when he didn't see them.

The whole of Paris was just silent as they googled Nino full name and discovered the magazine covers, the pictures with him next to famous celebrities and world leaders, how spoiled rotten he was for his last birthday, that house he lived In.

Yes, the guy who was photographed with an expensive fully gemmed out golden crown on his head for his birthday was indeed the same guy who came to school dressed like he had no money.

No wonder his spine was so shiny that day, with his background, the principal was nothing.

And forget about being lucky enough to spend a day in Malibu, his family-owned it and could have easily taken them all on a school trip there, where he paid for everything.

That is why those who treated him badly every time they saw him, suddenly felt ash in their mouths.

And it was confirmed when Malubi sent out a Public statement that Chloe Bourgeois was banned from the city and any products she had ordered was cancelled and she had been refunded because of her appalling attitude towards their Heir.

Yes, the whole of Paris was indeed silent.