I do not on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.


You would think, Nino identity was only a dream the next morning but it was not.

Everybody received a text or a phone call informing them that the school had to close so that the school board can investigate what was going on.

Yes, Nino was indeed suing them.

However, there was one place that was fearful of this morning, it was Mr Damociles house.

The man had been informed the night previously that he had to gather evidence of why he should keep his job after the World found out that the Heir to Malibu was not only studying here, they had foolishly kicked him out.

Malibu could have completely upgraded all of them but instead, the family that owns the city was suing them.

What is this?

So the man arrived at the Board of Education building and was not shocked to see his staff members outside the room.

They looked nervous as they should be.

He entered the room and all 14 people, who rarely met up was now before his very eyes.

The heavy wooden door closed.

In the heavy silence, they then asked him to explain his version of events.

So he did, half confident and even exposed the fake text sheet and how Nino threatened him.

There was a long silence after he had explained.

Suddenly there was a lot of heads in hands.

"Oh, my God! No wonder he is suing us!" Said, one woman. "We put this mourn in charge!"

The man was stunned.

A black man said. "Let me ask you this, Mr Damociles. Why were you okay with having your staff use their authority to imprison the Heir of Malibu, simply because he didn't like somebody? It's now public knowledge that the Heir's rating plummeted while this was going on. He lost money because your teachers went on a power trip. Why didn't you put your foot down? What they were doing was illegal"

The man was silent.

She continued by saying. "Now let's talk about the funding we pour into your school to make sure the teaching is high quality and the environment is nice. Why is the documentation saying there is only one camera at school and it's in your office? We pour several million into your school every year and yet we are hearing there is no security guard and you don't even lock the door? Where is the money going? Have you brought the document outlining your spending?"

The Man did and brought copies forward, they all picked them up and compared them with their own records.

A Jewish woman said. "I see there is lots of room in the budget but nowhere do I see anything beyond a single camera for security. This is the school your running? Where is the security budget? You pay for one camera, you can't be serious! We leave you alone and you have the nerve to create a place where somebody can just come in and take a child, who has wealthy parents and then lie to parents about how good your school is. So what do you do when something happens? Bury your head in the sand and hope it goes away?"

The man was silent because that's exactly what he does.

The black man come back and said. "Not only did you fail to properly investigate if these texts did indeed come from the Heir. You only listened to one side of the story and decided to destroy the Heirs future. He gave you a chance but instead of apologising, we hear that you were being Night Owl and it was just a regular day in class. Do you know how big, you screwed us over? How did you think, you would keep your job after today?"

And the man just opened his mouth, all he could think to defend himself was that he didn't know that Nino was Malibu Royalty.

But that won't work here.

The Asian person said. "Not only are you fired. Lilia Rossi is also suspended as we will be looking at her claims very closely from now on. The Heir suspension will be removed from his file."

The black man said. "Please, get out. You have made the situation hell for us right now. A lot of Parents are furious including Gabriel Agreste who was never informed that his son's phone had gone missing. It's going to take a lot for anybody to trust our top former school again, we can only hope that we can use the fact we were too busy managing 14 schools to focus on your school, as a means to settle out of court with this family. We hired you so that this sort of thing doesn't happen and now your stupidity has rewarded us with a lawsuit from the most luxurious city in the world. With Malibu backing, all our lives would have been luxurious"

The black woman said. "Your final paycheck will arrive in two days. With all that money you pour into being the Night Owl and having a cave, i'_m sure you can cover the Lawyer fee no problem. We will not reward you for your stupidity by paying your legal fees, now get out"

The man did but he was all legs and no brain.

He had yet to process, that he was fired because he could not prove Nino Lahiffe suspension was justified.

The man's shocked expression did not bode well for the other staff members.

#A certain Chat Room#

Shit was going down as the school had closed and the only one who wasn't in this chat room was Chloe Bourgeois, Lili Rossi and Nino Lahiffe, the guy everybody wanted to talk to.

They were all currently freaking out online, especially his girlfriend, Alya who had just issued a formal apology on her blog and taken everything related to Lili down.

Everybody was asking her about if she knew.

Alya said. "I had no idea that Nino was world royalty, I thought he was just another lovable geek! My mind is blown like all of you that he was on Rich kids of the world Magazine, and his little brother was on the front page!"

It was truly blowing her mind that the person she learned to love for his personality was actually rich enough to buy her mother work place no problem.

Max Kente said. "So he said nothing to you while he was relaxing in a 300 Million dollar mansion ever since Malibu graced the world. Do you know how far Malibu is? 2 hours and 35 minutes back and forth, every single day. Nino spent 5 hours just to come to school with us"

And hearing this news, they were all stunned into silence.

Not a single one of them questioned why Nino always looked tired in the morning, they just thought he was just a normal teenager who didn't like mornings, when in reality he was waking up around 3 daily, just to see them all.

Nino could have gone to Malibu Junior High which was insanely more privileged than this school and be the king.

Instead, he chose to hide and be a normal student for them

It was very sweet when you thought about it.

Rose said. "Nino disregarded who he was to be with us because he liked us. It makes me feel really bad that I didn't say something when the war between Nino and Lilia was going on"

Several agreed.

Ivan said. "What War? That was Lilia going after Nino. Not a single one of us heard Nino say one bad thing about Nino and yet, we shunned him."

Marinette turned, she couldn't believe the Hypocrisy going on.

She said, clearly angry. "Well, now you know how I feel every day" they looked at her with surprise. "Did you all forget about my suspension and the way you treated me? It turns out Nino and his dad were right, My parents do have grounds to sue. They looking for Lawyers right now and have been told by multiple Lawyers, I was suspended unfairly. I hope you all sleep well, knowing that you not only helped drive away Nino away but I'm seriously reconsidering being friends with any one of you. All I'm hearing is Nino, where is my apology air? Only Nino grew some sense, apologised to me and actually tried to clear my name without making me feel like an idiot for accusing Lilia. If Lilia wasn't getting sued, Nino would have been me. You are all a bunch of hypocrites"

And then she logged off.

The whole chat was just silent as nobody knew what to say as Marinette called them out on their behaviour.

Indeed, had they all forgotten, that this has happened before?

However, Marinette was about to have her worst nightmare come true.

One by one, the class logged off.

To think, the bonds that held their class together was this weak?

#Bourgeois hotel#

The class wasn't the only one unravelling, the Le Grande hotel was too.

The guests at the hotel wanted to know why the owner of the hotel's daughter was banned from the City of luxury and its resources?

The Lahiffe grip was unfortunately tight as the city was now refusing to ship to Chloe home address.

Which, unfortunately, was the Le Grande Hotel and its high-class residence.

Those Malibu chocolates they liked?


That amazing Malibu cleaning service that made their room look more gorgeous?


That shipment of stuff they brought from Malibu?

Well, now they had to collect it from another address.

How can the best hotel in Paris claim to be the best when what was actually the best, was closed off from it!?

Nobody likes to be limited especially the rich who had money to pay for everything.

Why on Earth would they stay at the only hotel on the planet that was banned from the service's they had come to love?

So they were leaving.

What was worse was that the guests were using their platform to talk about the ridiculousness, they were expected to put up with because the Mayor daughter screwed up.

Why should they be punished with her?

So they were leaving and nothing the Hotel Manager said could convince them to stay.

Reservations at the hotel and restaurant were being cancelled globally.

The rich people were moving to a hotel room in Malibu.

Sure it was more expensive, but their needs would be met and they wouldn't have to deal with Hawk Moth.

And where was Chloe while her father business burned?

She was in her room, being alone as her and red-eyed.

If somebody had told her, the way she treated Nino Lahiffe in class will one day destroy her father business and everybody she knew, will one day knew her as the girl that was not allowed the top grade goods the world had to produce because of him, she would have laughed and made sure their life was un-pleasant.

Nino, who she thought had no power to affect her life, was now making sure everybody in the world knew he didn't like her.

And the world wanted to know why.

Everybody, including her own mother who was barely in her life, was now questioning why Nino banned her specifically from Malibu.

This ban extended to her mother as well, since Malibu couldn't risk the woman smuggling their goods to her Daughter.

The woman used Malibu tools in her design work so she was indeed asking questions.

However, how was she supposed to explain to her parents that instead of trying to, at least ignore the Heir of Malibu, she had made fun of him for the past few years and made sure to degrade him, every chance she got?

Nino was the worst dressed person in the class and she always saw him walking, how could she have known he could just call up Prince Ali?

How can she tell her parents the real reason why their lives were burning was because of the one thing, they had both hammered into her.

Never be rude to an influential person.

And it was too late to regret now, she had happily burned that bridge with Nino a long time ago, she knew if she called, he wouldn't pick up the phone.

She knew because she wouldn't have picked up the phone if Nino had called her and then she would have given him hell about it the very next day.

If she apologised, it would never sound sincere to him because he would always see her mock laughing at him.

Now what?

She didn't know how to confront her dad who had built the hotel and restaurant from the ground up, way before she was even born.

She didn't know how her dad would react to her causing his two business to go under.

However, it was about to get worse.

She was about to become the most hated person in Paris.


Because the ban extended to unfortunately her dad as well and her dad was the Mayor of Paris.

#Rossi residence#

Lila Rossi had never seen her Ma so mad.

She had come home to find out, her mother had been fired because that meeting Nino father told her about with the real Mayor of Italy was real.

Yes, Nino father was who he said he was.

And her mother had calmly asked to see her laptop and phone.

And she did not fight it, she was too scared too.

Her mother had ordered her to unlock her phone and her laptop in front of her, then her mother took them both and went into her room to go through.

Everybody deserves privacy, but when you told that your sweet daughter is actually a security leak with proof, had angered Prince Ali estate and Malibu hands you lawsuit papers because of your daughter.

You got to laugh at the word Privacy.

Lila's heart sank because her phone and laptop had more than enough evidence on their to change her mother opinion of her.

Her mother was in there for a long time, meaning she had found that tunnel of lies and manipulation she had spun over the years.

The woman had spent all night in that room and Lila could only be anxious around the house.

She could lie her way out of this and everybody now know her as the girl, the Heir of Malibu was suing.

Somehow Lila fell asleep.

Which brings her to now.

Her mother has given her the silent treatment all morning.


Because yelling at her, wouldn't save them from the consequences of her game of chess.

What hurt, was that her own mother wouldn't even look at her now.

Her mother finally spoke after breakfast and said. "I'm disowning you."

Lila did not know what that meant and clearly showed it on her face.

And Lila was shaken when she heard that.

Lila said. "Mama, don't joke around"

However, her mother said. "I'm not joking." And Lila was stunned.

She said. "I refuse to be a Mother to you. Lila, I read the most horrific things last night from your phone journal. Do you even have conscious? It's one thing to write something messed up but these things are true. You've done it. I emailed your old 'Bullies' and they had horror stories about you. I was crying for these poor children. Everything you've told me about your life is a lie. No amount of apology would take away the mental hurt you've inflicted. What killed me the most was how you manipulated your own mother as a puppet. Here, I was working hard just to send you to a nice school that would open opportunity's for you, completely unaware that my own daughter thought of me as her slave who was only there to provide money and believe whatever she says. I had no idea that me trying to provide for you, would make me such a useful puppet to you. No wonder, you didn't let me meet your classmates, your web of lies would have come crashing down"

Lila mouth was open but nothing came out.

The women said. "Lila, I refuse to see you as my Daughter. I am not sending you to my parent's house because I don't want you playing chess with their old minds. I will not send you to therapy, because I can never know for sure if you're even getting better. You have given me no reason to believe you will change or even come clean about what you've been doing so I'm leaving you to face the world alone. You've lied so much that surely it has to come true. The moment that judge approves, you will be living in an apartment, that I paid for and I will give you money for groceries and a cheap phone for emergencies but that's it. Let your lies pay for anything else. I will stop caring about you and save my own skin by talking to the Lahiffe family and tell them they are free to just go after only you. The best-case scenario for me is convincing them to talk to my old boss about getting me, my old job back."


Dead silence.

And then her mother said. "And after the judge's approval, if your still here, I will call the police and have you removed from my house." She saw her daughter tear up but she kept going by saying. "I do not care if I birthed you, the moment you decided everybody around you was a puppet, was the moment you lost the right to call me your mother. I will be civil, I will cook, I will make sure you have food and can shower, I will even give you your devices back but I will be waiting for the day, I can call a moving truck to take your stuff. I will not be punished because of your decisions. You made your bed, and I will make sure you sleep in it without me."

And then her mother took her purse and just left the house.

Lila just sat there.


Instead of fame and fortune, she was going to be without a mother, in a cold empty apartment complex until she was 18, everybody will soon know her as the liar girl and she will be paying Nino for the rest of her life.

Forget any dreams, any future co-workers, she had, were going to bully her.

If money went missing, she would be the first person, everybody will turn to.

The mark of a Liar will soon be on her head.

She had finally cried Wolf too many times.

Life couldn't go back to the way it was before, but she can stablise it.

She had to talk to Nino and get him to drop this Lawsuit.

However, Nino wasn't picking up the phone because he couldn't stand her.