My issue with defending Arrow and Canary's ship was any pointed spells would only hit the Bat themed ship's hull and I didn't have any contact nor was I close enough to affect them by tracing runes in empty air.

So, I had to get inventive. Binding the rudimentary traced rune wards to my own magic I started a new magic rune circle all set inside a tiny runic portal. They were only good for moving inorganic matter and energy, a rudimentary Vanishing Cupboard whereas the full version needed special wood and to be soaked in magical beast blood before humans and animals could go through.

This however would suffice to buff their ships defences. The runic portal drained quite a bit of magic from me but hopefully the speed we were going at would mean I wouldn't have to hold it for long. They were decently energy intensive and when Freeze had learned I could create stable portals he had two set up to have a constant stream of materials to his lab.

He was slightly lazy; he could have someone bring them but instead asks me to set up a portal tied to a ley line for someone to push materials for his experiments and inventions through. Irritating, but he was intelligent enough for me to put up with a couple of quirks.

And anything I couldn't convince him of his wife sure could. She didn't want her husband in prison now she was awake.

But a Ley line could easily handle the magical draw from a rune portal whereas I could only hold it for an hour or so with my monstrous magical reserves by Wizarding World standards. An energy intensive spell. However, the benefits of it in this situation were obvious. Linked to the strengthening, deflecting, protection rune circle it allowed the effect of this rune circle to affect the other ship instead of the area around it.

The Batplane's runes were temporarily inscribed on the hull and would affect the area around its inscription whereas the energy from the teleporting circle would go straight to Arrow's ship. And as Batman swung the ship around in swooping arcs to dodge bolts of armaments I started on the next part of defence.

Offense. And as I wouldn't be working with direct spells a large sum of duelling and personal combat spells wet out of the window. Leaving Transfiguration and the few spells that generated a bit further out. A spell that my memories showed to be capable of devastation on a grand scale and something I had specifically warded both ships against.

Protego Horribilis.

A 'family' spell to Fiendfyre yet twisted to the complete opposite purpose. Whereas Fiendfyre would spread and destroy everything sometimes including an incompetent caster Horribilis was defence in an offensive style. Destroy everything around the caster. Not as good in small scale destruction but easily capable of obliterating medium sized cities.

So, as the enemy ships drew closer and closer, I cast. And blue fire bloomed. Dragons, Basilisks, Phoenix's, and all other manner of magical beast tore into the enemy craft surrounding the two ships.

"Pilgrim." Batman's voice broke the silence "I presume this is your doing." The Dark Knight gestured to the blue fire raging around them. "Green Arrow was… panicked when it suddenly appeared around them."

"Yeah, that was me, Magic of this sort was slightly more effective on the enemy craft, but I couldn't use any big yield stuff without damaging the cities." I replied to as I realised, I did, in my earnestness to use larger scale magic I had revealed some of my own capabilities.

"And… that is appreciated. But… I would like you to inform teammates before you… use such destructive magic." He said slowly, no longer jerking the Batplane about like a child with a new toy. All of the enemies firing upon us were… gone.

"Yeah, well I just want to get there before they start levelling major population centres. Last I got was that parts of Australia were burning, and people were fleeing the cities. Spain was also in trouble, a lot of tourists under threat."

He let out a small noise of assent before pushing the speed up and pointing directly at the mothership. Looking at our fellow ship doing the same I kept alert for more approaching enemies.


Nearer the giant water drop like ship. I started to see hexagonal openings near the bottom, the spike of the ship where a couple of fast-moving dots could be seen on the starry backdrop. Several more dropships that moved in several directions, to and away from Earth.

Noting that none of the ships were moving towards us we continued, Batman piloting the Batplane into the hanger and landing next to a line of inactive ships. The silver javelin like ship landing less smoothly next to us, strange talon like landing gear lurching out of previously smooth hull to latch onto the floor.

As the hatch above me popped open I leapt out, my helmet sealed to my neck and with its own magical supply of air. A variant of the bubblehead charm in a way that fit to an item's shape. And as it was connected to me it took only from my own magic, which regenerated quickly enough that there wasn't really a drain.

Following as Batman strode towards the other Justice League members, I look around at the completely foreign design surrounding us. Whilst it was simplistic and very obviously militaristic there was a large number of concentric shapes. Triangles and circles the fit it together.

Seeing both the mask-less blond woman and green cowled man wearing a dark green domino mask. Both of their appearances prompted an exasperated sigh that caused Batman to twitch towards me. Both of the other Justice League members became less serious and frownier at my sigh.

"And, Pilgrim, what's your problem?" Green Arrow said belligerently, his hand twitching towards his bow.

"The fact that neither of you are taking care to protect your own identities when you decide to take it upon yourselves take responsibility for several secrets and the protection of Earth from other threats." I reply, irritation creeping across my face as his attitude wrote his expression.

"What do you mean I don't protect my identity?" Arrow half-shouted. "I wear a mask or are you blind seeing through your helmet?"

"My helmet is an actual defence against people trying to headshot me and completely protects my identity. Whereas I know your civilian identity because I looked at a picture of your face and used facial recognition to discover who you are." Arrow's agog expression was immensely satisfying and as I turned to Black Canary gave the largest hint to me telling the truth. "Whereas you Canary are known for not wearing a mask but people using facial recognition have only found a supposed dead woman an…"

"Pilgrim, you said the world is in trouble, please refrain from verbally attacking your allies in defending it." Batman requested as he stood to the side, looking at him I nodded and acquiesced.

"You are right, and I propose we try find, then head directly for their command centre, take out all of their officers or leaders."

"Why head there, wouldn't I be better to head for the reactor or engine and blow this place to hell and back?" Arrow cut in.

"The fact that we have no idea if any of my abilities or your explosives will be able to destroy the ship, or if destroying the ship will shut down the individual craft or that the ship is simply a forward operating base for them." I return, staring into the sharp, angry eyes behind the cowl.

"He right." Canary interjected. "The objective is to save Earth and whilst I don't approve of his introductory methods, I agree that our objective is to stop the attack on Earth, destroying their tech is only secondary.

Furrowing my brow slightly at the desire to destroy the ship I let it pass before waving my wand and trying my own language translation charms on the markings around us.

The markings by the hallways wiggled and shifted, to my eyes, worming their way into recognisable English.

Looking at one of them I smirked and turned to walk towards it.

"Hey, where are you going?" Arrow called.

"To the Bridge, didn't we just agree?" I called back.


Author's Note: Are people seeing the flaws I am painting in both the Main Character and the Justice League. A link to the Reed Richards Problem, that for all the power and intelligence in the Protagonists and Antagonists that Earth's technology is not in fact ahead of its time. Weather controlling heroes don't help drought-stricken areas and people with control over nature don't help make more arable farmland.

I thought I'd try and bring it to life as it links into the fact that the Main Character has a company and that tech confiscated from villains doesn't seem to improve the militaries abilities nor the average civilian's daily life. I'd incorporate it in the story as something the main character has to fight against in his own desires to have somewhere safe to live.

Let me know what you think.