1 Piece AU Luffy Charlotte

By: FunahoMisaki

(AN: I own nothing and what if shortly after Sabo's supposed death Luffy was caught by slave traders who saw his devil fruit in action? So now not only does he have the brand on his back like the others do, but when he's rescued and offered a home and training to be a pirate he gets much more prepared? I own nothing some OOC some bashing, a lot of AU)

Charlotte Katakuri was expecting a lot of things when he went to rescue one of his baby sisters who had been taken by surprise near the harbor and caught by slave traders. He was expecting to find his sister Pudding unharmed most likely but perhaps with the slave mark on her back. He was expecting her to have managed to be sneaky enough to get free on her own possibly. He was expecting to have a damn good reason to slaughter everyone on the ship and burn it to the ground.

What he was not expecting was to hear laughter coming from the room he sensed his sister was in. Peering into the future a little bit he saw that there was someone else in the room as well, a boy, and he frowned. Something about the boys hat was familiar.

Opening the door, his siblings behind him tense as they expected something horrible to have befallen their little sister, Katakuri was met with five eyes looking at him. Three familiar dark brown ones, although his sister quickly closed her third eye as if to stop him from being able to see it, and two unfamiliar brown eyes that were as wide and round as tea saucers.

"Oi who are you? I'm not letting you hurt the cool girl!" The boy said scowling at them as he stood up, although his wrists and legs were shackled with what looked to be sea stone shackles, and he tensed. Katakuri swore up and down the boy looked like a kitten that he had once seen trying to act fierce. The boy didn't even come up to Katakuri's ankle and looked about the same age as Pudding. What was he? Five? Six?

"Katakuri-nii-san!" Pudding however was thrilled to see her older brother while the boy blinked once and then twice.

"Nii-san? So he's your big brother?" The boy asked tilting his head just enough to not lose his hat while looking at Pudding who nodded her head happily.

"Like Ace-nii?" The boy asked and Katakuri had no clue what an Ace-nii was but guessed it was the boy's older brother.

"Mhm!" Pudding agreed and the boy grinned at that.

"Pudding. Explain." Katakuri asked peeking into the future a bit but there was something on the very last second of the memory that had him blinking a bit. Surely not…

"Ah this is Luffy-kun! They threw me in here when I was still unconscious and he protected me from them! They were really scared of him!" Pudding said and the boy, Luffy, was grinning as he was pulling his arms and legs as if to break his shackles. The wall they were attached too was starting to warp and bend outwards.

"She's nice! And really cool! They were saying mean things like what that stupid bandit was saying to Makino! Benn said it wasn't nice and was really bad and no one should talk to a lady like that so I beat them up!" Luffy said grinning as if that explained everything, the boy giggling as if it were something funny.

"They weren't even strong! The tigers and bears back home were harder to beat, even without my gum gum fruit!" The boy said pulling a face at how weak he deemed the slave traders to be as he yanked at his cuffs again, one foot managed to pull the chain from the wall.

"Smoothie. See if you can find the keys to the cuffs." Katakuri called to his younger sister who nodded and went to look for the keys.

"Katakuri-onii-chan how is Pudding-chan?" Brulee asked poking her head around her big brothers arm to get a look at her little sister and then looking shocked and a bit horrified to see a child in there.

"I'm fine Brulee-nee-chan!" Pudding said smiling at the woman while the boy's eyes went wider as Katakuri moved to let Brulee enter the room with her medical kit.

"A branch!" The boy said making Brulee twitch slightly while Pudding giggled and Katakuri huffed a bit but was amused.

"My name is Brulee and I'm not a branch!" Brulee said as she set down the medical kit beside her sister and gave her a quick look over before turning her attention to the boy who yanked his arm shackles free from the wall of the ship.

"Okay." The boy said and then yanked his last shackle free and began to walk towards the door.

"Where are you going Luffy-kun?" Pudding asked moving to stand but she was still chained to the wall as well.

"To find Ace-nii and food!" The boy said walking past Katakuri and not caring that he was dragging his chains, and small parts of the ship wall, with him as Brulee and Katakuri's eyes landed on the boys back. There burned into his back in a fresh red burn was the symbol of a slave.

"Oi who are you?" Luffy asked looking at some of the other soldiers that had come with the Charlotte siblings to retrieve their sister. The chess peacekeepers immediately pointed their weapons at the unknown boy who gave a savage grin as he cracked his knuckles.

"More bad guys huh? I'm getting in a lot of training today!" Luffy said as he then lunged forward and proceeded to beat the crap out of the peacekeepers.

"The hell?" Smoothie asked looking shocked and a bit wide eyed when she exited from what used to be the captains cabin with a key ring in hand and came across a bunch of beaten chess peacekeepers and a little boy who was the same age as some of her baby siblings.

"He's strong for a small thing." Katakuri said raising an eyebrow at the boys strength. He was stronger than most of Katakuri's siblings at that age are.

"Believe it or not but he's only eight. The same age as Yuen-nii!" Pudding said and she looked amazed when she was freed from her shackles and Brulee carried her out onto the deck where some tarte ships were anchored nearby.

"He's small." Katakuri said and it was true, the boy was the same size as Pudding herself was.

"Come here little one and I'll get those shackles off of you." Smoothie called the boy over to her and he looked up at her wide eyed. The twenty two year old gave him a soft smile as she kneeled all the way down to put the key into the locks.

"How'd you get so tall?" The boy asked making Smoothie chuckle.

"Almost all of my siblings are tall, but I'm from the long leg tribe so I have extra long legs." Smoothie said and Luffy's eyes nearly became stars at that.

"So cool! I've never heard of a long leg before! I want long legs!" Luffy said making Smoothie chuckle a bit at the boy as his shackles came off, only for the boy to grab his legs and stretch them inhumanely.

"There! Now I got long legs too! Shishishishi!" Luffy laughed as he tried to stand on his newly extended legs, all the Charlottes eyes narrowing slightly at that. A devil fruit. Well that explained why the slave traders grabbed him then.

The boy's legs snapped back after a few seconds though and he went rolling across the deck and nearly over the railing if Katakuri hadn't set up a mochi wall. Luffy's eyes went wide as he immediately began trying to eat the wall.

"Luffy right?" Katakuri asked just to be sure and the boy's head popped up from where he had been chewing on the wall, much to the others amusement and disbelief, as he made a chirping like noise in the back of his throat.

"You protected my little sister. We'll take you back to Totto Land with us and decide what to do from there. If nothing else my siblings would probably want to thank you for helping Pudding." Katakuri said making Luffy blink slightly before he swallowed a large mouthful of mochi and tilted his head at them.

"Will there be food?" Luffy asked and the others didn't bother to ask why that was his question. After all they didn't know how long the boy had been in that room starving until they came to save Pudding. It would explain why he was happily devouring mochi right now.

"As much as you can eat." Brulee said giving the boy a smile as she adjusted her grip on the six year old in her arms.

"Okay! Let's go! I gotta hurry or Ace-nii will worry about me!" Luffy said grinning at them and making them wonder about his big brother. He wasn't on the ship so perhaps he had managed to get away from the traders? Or…or he could have sold Luffy to the traders to start with. It wasn't that uncommon after all.

"Come along." Katakrui beckoned the boy to follow them and Luffy happily bounced over, having tried to stretch his arms to grab hold of Katakuri but his aim was a little off so he ended up literally bouncing off of the man.

"Rubber must be hard to control just like mochi. I'll teach you some tricks later." Katakuri said with a wince of sympathy, remembering how hard his ability was to control after he got it.

Luffy's eyes were wide and starry, but his grin was wider and Katakuri felt as if he were looking at the sun itself.

"So cool! I'll show Ace-nii how useful rubber can be!" Luffy cheered making Katakuri smirk a little behind his scarf as he patted the boy on the head, recalling how he and his siblings all felt the need to prove how useful their devil fruits could be to the rest of the family.

"Let's get you fed little one." Smoothie said smiling softly when they all heard the boys stomach rumble.