Hello everyone, how are you? This story is inspired by the arc of a villainous character in another series I enjoyed watching, one which showed that he was not born evil but that life, circumstances, and the wrong mentor made him what he was. And that made me think of Lex Luthor in "Supergirl". What if he had also been reared by someone other than his parents, his mom in particular, and with the upbringing of another person who was a tremendously positive influence in his life, he grew up to be good?

And I also thought of his story in regards to how Lena's mother was so kind to him and it caused me to wonder, but what if her mother had somehow ended up raising and guiding him towards the right path, starting when he's a child? And so this story is for the purpose of exploring that.

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Ever since the four year old Lena, who he had had deduced was his half sibling due to his intellectual mind and even at a young age, had arrived into the home, he'd been delighted to have a sibling and was quick to welcome her in his life. And when he'd figured out that she was also the daughter of his father's companion, a woman named Kieran, who'd been compassionate and comforting to him when he'd lost his dog Ignatius a few years ago, he'd been even more welcoming and especially since his new sister reminded him of her mother.

He'd later learn though, from young Lena sharing this with him as best as her four year old self could muster, that she'd gone swimming with her mother and after some time, she'd gone back to shore while her mom continued swimming. But then her mom seemed to disappear in the water and later, a grownup jumped into the water and got her out but her mommy was asleep, not waking up, and was taken away in flashing vehicle.

Sometime afterwards, upon secretly listening in on one of his father's conversations, he further learned that Kieran had nearly drowned while out on the beach with her daughter and had remained underwater for a time until some bystanders realized what had happened and, diving into the water, extracted her from it while dialing 911. She was unconscious however and had been taken to the hospital where she was currently in a coma.

Lex had then gone into his room and wept bitterly, devastated that a woman who'd been so sweet to him when he'd first met her, and as far as he was concerned, a much better woman than his cold mother would ever be, had nearly drowned and could possibly die. And his heart went out further towards his beloved baby sister for facing such a terrible tragedy.

Due to the circumstances, Lionel had taken his daughter into his home temporarily, with permission from the appropriate authorities due to her being his daughter and in light of what had happened, but after they'd inspected his home and environment for young Lena's safety. However, and as for his wife Lillian, she was not welcoming towards the little girl like her husband and son were, instead behaving in a manner alternating between cold and outright hostile due to Lena being a constant reminder of her husband's infidelity. But after a firm conversation from her husband, she refrained from being directly hostile towards her but still treated her with coldness and went out of the way to ignore her presence.

Lex on his part found himself angry over his mother's behavior towards his sister. He did understand why she was doing so and despite his young age did understand that infidelity was a terrible thing and had even been very disappointed in, and upset with, his father for betraying his mother. However he did not appreciate her treating Lena as though she was responsible for the actions of their father and her mother and it was another reason as to why he was so kind and loving to her.

Days passed, and then months, and during this time Lionel was in a continued state of anguish over Kieran's continued coma, becoming emotionally distant towards his family. He eventually, and regretfully, ended up turning to the bottle and after making a habit of heavy drinking, eventually became an alcoholic and began being emotionally abusive towards his wife and children during his drunken moments, which were quite often, though he thankfully never laid hands on any of them.

His emotional abuse in turn caused Lillian, who was already harsh, and sometimes emotionally abusive, towards Lex as part of his upbringing because she felt it would make him stronger, became even harsher towards her son which in turn caused him and Lena to become even closer, little Lena doing all she could to comfort her big brother as best she could and which he was incredibly grateful for.

One time, Lex had gone to his room crying since his latest tutor had spanked him over not understanding a lesson the latter was trying to teach the boy. It was not Lex's fault though. He really had studied hard and was a prodigy, but was just having a little difficulty with the math equation given to him. Sadly though, and even before Lena had come to live with the family, it was Lillian's policy to grant permission for his tutors to use corporal punishment on him whenever he failed his lessons and even when it wasn't his fault.

In his room he had continued to cry but was trying to make efforts to hold back his tears in between since his mother had taught him not to show sympathy and that no one would show him sympathy, a lesson she'd strongly attempted to drive home to him when she had his dog put down and refused to let him be there. As he wept Lena entered his room, saw her big brother cry, and not wanting to see him sad, wrapped her small arms around him in a hug, which he welcomed due to it reminding him of when her mother had engulfed him in her arms when Ignatius had died.

And so as the months continued to pass the siblings continued to become closer, their bond strengthening, as their father's alcoholism and emotional abuse, and in turn Lillian's harshness towards Lex, worsened. She even began to return towards her more hostile attitude towards Lena while her father was unable to shield her since the bottle robbed him of his awareness of everything around them. She and Lex sometimes even ran away to the latter's teahouse, which was becoming more and more frequent, whenever their father and Lillian had heated and loud arguments, which were in turn happening far more often.

As all of this continued to transpire the young Luthor siblings began to feel more and more despondent while the person who Lena truly wanted, and who seemed to be the only person who showed real love to her brother, was currently in the hospital, still in a coma but nevertheless clinging to life. They could only hope that someone would come and whisk them away from this increasing nightmare. Little did they know though that their wish was about to come true.

To Be Continued

A/N What does everyone think so far? Also, the parts about Lillian being overly harsh with young Lex at times, allowing his tutors to use corporal discipline on him, and Lionel becoming an alcoholic are canon. It's written in Wiki. But I had him become an alcoholic sooner for this story's purposes and it's because of how attached he is to Lena's mother and therefore it's his way of escape as she clings to life.

But it's having a detrimental issue towards his family here as you can see.

I'm also making Lionel and Lillian unlikeable as a comparison and contrast vs how his next guardian will raise him, which you'll see as this story progresses.

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