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In the days and weeks following the elder Luthors deaths, a flurry of activity had transpired. Arrangements were being made for their funeral and the handling of the will, Lena's mother had been kept under observation for a few weeks before being discharged, and discussions were being made with CPS as to what should happen with Lex and Lena.

As part of those discussions, it had been decided that Lena would be returned to her mother depending upon whether the latter made a full recovery and based upon her miraculously rapid progress at the hospital, considering that was in a coma for 11 months, her prognosis was very hopeful. She still needed a comfortable environment to recover further and so, and in addition to young Lex successfully insisting upon this course of action and his nanny backing him up, assuring the doctors that she was capable of caring for the recovering patient, Kieran was brought to the Luthor mansion for her recuperation.

As soon as she came through the door, supported by her nurses who were there to make sure that her transportation from the hospital to mansion went smoothly, her little girl came running down the stairs and leapt into the welcoming arms of her mother.

"Mommy, you're awake again. I was so afraid you'd never wake up and that I'd never see you again, but you're awake. I'm so happy mommy", Lena gushed as she held onto her mother tightly, both females crying happy tears of joy.

"Of course my child. You know that I would never leave you and will always come back to you. Oh I missed you so much my baby girl", Kieran gushed in return and embraced her daughter tightly, peppering kisses all over her face. Eventually the mother and daughter extracted themselves from their embrace and the woman looked up to see Lex standing nearby, and her eyes lit upon recognizing the boy she'd met and comforted a few years back.

"Lex? Is that you? I must say that you've managed to sprout up quite a bit since we last met", she said to him with a huge, dazzling smile and in her thick Irish accent. Lex blushed in response.

"Um, thanks, Miss Kieran, and it's really good to see you again", he replied, inwardly doing happy jumping jacks that she still remembered him, while extending his hand to shake.

The woman let out a melodious chuckle in response and opening her own arms wide, pulled the boy into a warm embrace.

"Please call me Kieran, and thank you so much for helping to take care of my precious daughter, who I assume you've guessed is your little sister", she said to him warmly as she hugged him, also delighted to see him once more.

"It was no problem, and it's been fantastic having a sister to play with. Not to mention that she's great with chess although she'd been beating me a lot at it lately", he responded with a smile, and then complained but good naturedly, to which Kieran laughed gently.

"Sounds like my little girl is shaping up to be a potential prodigy, and I'm delighted that the two of you are getting on so well and I'm sure she's glad to have a new sibling in her life", she replied with a smile as she finally let go of him and with a quick kiss to his cheek. She also gave him her condolences over his parents deaths to which he nodded in appreciation.

Meanwhile the nurses who had accompanied her had exited the property after ensuring that the nanny would contact them if there were any problems, and following her brief conversation with Lex, she made her way to the guest room while the male servants helped carry her bags. After arriving, she collapsed onto the bed to rest while the servants put down her bags and then left the room. After a while, Lena came into the room and climbed onto the bed next to her mother, curling up against her side.

Holding her daughter close to her and never wanting to let her go after being away from her for what felt like forever, Kieran listened as she told her what life had been like living with the Luthors over the last 11 months. Lena happily shared with her about how awesome a big brother Lex was to her and the fun times they'd had together, and especially in regards to playing chess, to which her mother teased her about beating her big brother so many times at it, both females giggling.

The mood then turned serious as the girl the told her mother about how Lillian had been very mean to her until her dad stopped her, and then how he also started being very mean towards both her and her brother and that he and her brother's mom were always yelling and screaming at each other. Kieran could not believe this and found herself very angry at all of this though she managed to hold it in for her daughter's sake.

She also questioned her, needing to know this, if the Luthors had ever spanked or physically hurt her, to which Lena shook her head and added that they did not hurt her brother either, but that Mrs. Luthor did allow his teachers to spank him if he failed in his lessons and that she'd once overheard the former telling someone that it made him stronger, though she did not understand why hurting someone would make them stronger.

All of this left Kieran very upset, not believing that the man she fell in love with had turned unlikable. In regards to Lillian though, the other woman of course knew and recognized that messing with a married man was immoral, out of order, and figured that Lillian was lashing out at her daughter since the latter was the result of it. And she was sorry for any pain it had caused to the other woman. But she had zero tolerance over anyone treating her daughter terribly and that Lillian should've known better than to treat Lena the way she did and should've recognized that the fault was Kieran's and Lionel's.

Later that day, while conversing with the nanny, she learned even more about what her daughter had shared with her, including how Lionel had fallen into alcoholism due to her coma and it causing him to lash out at the family, the regular heated arguments between him and his wife and how it affected the children, and Lillian's harsh upbringing of her son and how it had grown even worse as a direct consequence of her husband's drinking habits.

Poor Kieran couldn't believe what she was hearing, even starting to feel a small shred of sympathy towards Lillian over what her husband had put her through. Though she still could tolerate how the other woman had treated Lena or even her own son, and her heart just broke for both of them. And while Lionel might've felt incredibly broken over her coma, she knew that it nonetheless did not give him the right to turn to the bottle to try and solve it and especially considering the detrimental issues it caused his family and especially their daughter.

She honestly wished that the Luthors were still alive so that she could give them a severe piece of her mind, but more so towards her former lover. A part of her even felt glad that they were no longer around so that both her daughter and Lex would no longer have to go through any of that, though she would always cling to the memory of the man she'd originally fallen in love with.

Sometime afterwards was the funeral, which was attended by her, her daughter, Lex, their nanny, and close friends and business associates of their family. During the services, people gave her a string of judgmental stares due to her status as Lionel's former mistress, which she did her best to ignore, though she glared right back at them when they gave the stink eye to her daughter. They could judge her as much as she wanted, but Lena was off limits for them.

She also held both children close to her, her and the nanny shielding them as best they could in case there were ever moments in which the siblings were feeling overwhelmed, though it also caused her some further, and almost ugly, looks towards her for seemingly acting as though she was claiming Lex was her own child, which she was not doing.

Following the services was the burial, during which everyone observed silently and somberly as the caskets containing the Luthors was lowered into the ground. As it happened, Lex suddenly began to cry hard. He of curse knew that they hadn't been parents of the year during his 11 years of life and was still feeling resentful towards them and especially over what they'd put him and his sister through over the last 11 months, but they were still his parents, he had enjoyed a few good moments with them, and now they would never returned to him ever again.

As he continued to cry, he felt someone wrapping their arms around his shoulders and looking up, saw that it was Kieran, and he leaned into her embrace, her rocking him a bit as she gently wiped the tears from his eyes and sang to him an Irish lullaby, which he recognized as the same one she'd sang to him when his dog had died. And at that moment, and somehow, somewhere in his heart, he knew that everything would be just fine, both for him and for his sister.

To Be Continued

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