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Chapter 5 – Letter Deliveries to go


Ron looked down at Harry's unconscious body on the ground and at the space where the device had been and smirked.

Hermione summoned a house-elf and instructed to take Harry's body to Madam Pomphrey in the Hospital wing. This she did.

"Has the golden one got his own personalised name plaque, yet?" Ron asked, mockingly.

Hermione left the common room. Ron ran after her.

1975 – late evening 2nd September 1975

Gryffindor Common room

James Potter was surrounded by the other 69 members of Gryffindor. Never before had the Marauders been summoned by the Headmaster before a single prank had been played. This would have been bad enough for James, but for Harry James Potter, in temporary ownership of James' body, who hardly knew any of them, panic set in. Sirius could see that "James" was about to lose it.

"All the Headmaster said was to keep the pranks 'fun' and not harmful. As it's OWLs this year, I'll not be playing quidditch."

"James, you have to play," Wormtail whined.

"I'd like to cut down the injuries this year," Harry averred. "I have to go see McGonagall. Coming Sirius?"

"Sure, James," Sirius said.

They left and made their way to McGonagall's office. Harry knocked on the door.

"Come in," McGonagall said.

Sirius and Harry made their way inside. McGonagall was not surprised to see them.

"The Headmaster just wanted to make sure we didn't cause mass riots or fatalities. I've decided to stop playing Quidditch as I can't risk injury. My wand has stopped working for me." Harry cast a very weak lumos.

"I am pleased you're taking your studies seriously. I am disappointed that we'll lose the cup without you. I'll write you a pass to be out past curfew and to go to Ollivanders early tomorrow to get a new wand. I'll write a pass for Sirius as well because the corridors aren't safe. Take quill, parchment and envelopes that you'll need. You can use the classroom next door. Here's your class schedule," McGonagall said, handing it over. Harry took the schedule from McGonagall and grabbed half a dozen sheets and a similar number of assorted envelopes. McGonagall laughed. The boys ran off.

Sirius used his wand to lock them in. Harry said, "Sirius, you'll have write the letters to my 'dad', as I can't write like James yet."

"Should work, we've done that before." Sirius wrote the letter and addressed the envelope, after he'd put the letter in it."

"Merlin, I've got Runes and Arithmancy. I do Divination and Care."

"I need to see you write. I've my work to get you up to speed. Anything else you'd like to share?"

"Peter is a traitor. He either has or soon will take the Dark Mark. He needs to be confounded."

Sirius whistled. Harry continued, "How did Dumbledore know when I'd gone to?"

"He's got something he's not supposed to have. You can't tell him."

"Dumbledore gave me my own Invisibility Cloak back to me my first Christmas."

"It's Yule, James." Sirius pointedly did not talk about the Cloak.

Harry wrote to Percy Weasley

Dear Percy Weasley,

Harry Potter here. Somehow, I'm starting fifth year in 1975. Please inform Unspeakable Croaker about this and, I guess, Dumbledore, too.

Harry Potter

Harry folded it up and slid it into an envelope.

"Your writing is deplorable and nothing like James'."

Harry addressed the envelope:

Percy Weasley

Ministry for Magic

To be delivered 1st September 1995

Harry wrote to Unspeakable Croaker

Dear Unspeakable Croaker,

I went to sleep 1 Sep 1995 as Harry James Potter. I awoke still HJP, but in the body of James Potter. I can be found at Hogwarts. I feel sure you will want to talk to me. Dumbledore already knows about this.

Harry Potter

The letter was slid inside and the envelope was addressed to

Unspeakable Croaker

Ministry for Magic

Harry had to write to Hermione and explain things. He used his best writing that he had done during second year whilst she had been petrified.

Dear Hermione,

Harry here, back in September 1975, night of 2nd, to be exact. 'He stepped into the quantum accelerator, placed his bare hand on the quantum thingy and went back in time to fix what once went wrong'. In 2045, you'll have me do that and say 1976, in Gryffindor Common room with Ron the only other person present. I don't know how I know that, only that I do. You know the rules, Ron doesn't. Keep it that way. Dumbledore has already summoned the Marauders to tell us he knows. I've sent Croaker a letter. Ron probably told me/him about the rat, my home life – all the things he shouldn't.

You know me better than anyone. If anyone can teach him to be me, it's you. He does Runes and Arithmancy. Please say you tutored me. Say his handwriting is me evoking my dad. This Sirius has already called me out about my writing. You'll have to tell him that my scar hurts around Voldie and lets me see things he's doing. I don't know, if he's aware or not. Voldie's got a ruddy big snake. I don't know, if parseltongue is connected with the scar. Get Ron to show you both the entrance to the Chamber. "I" need thank Myrtle, anyway, for her help in the lake during the Tournament. Get him to give up Quidditch.

Ask Hedwig to accept him as me. Please ask your parents to let him stay with you at Christmas and Easter. Ask him about house-elves and tell him I think Dobby is bound to me. Don't look at me like!

Harry Potter

Harry folded up the letter and slid it into the envelope and addressed it.

Hermione Granger

Great Hall


For delivery Breakfast 3rd September 1995

The final letter was for James Potter.

Dear James,

Does that sound strange to you? It sure does to me. Now I'm learning to be you and you're learning to be me. That is where Hermione comes in. Whatever you've already been told is only scratching the surface. She knows me better than anyone else.

Ron was my first friend. I didn't become friends with Hermione until after Ron had insulted her and she had spent Halloween 91 in a girl's loo. Ron's first act was to lock her in with the 12 foot mountain troll after we'd heard the troll and her scream. I'd leapt onto its back and nearly ready with some accidental magic, when Ron got the troll to use its own club to knock itself out. Quite an achievement considering Ron couldn't even pronounce the spell that morning.

We got an award for School Services in second year. Ron's only help was for our DADA prof to grab Ron's half wand and obliviate himself and get trapped leaving me to face the basilisk with the Sword and get venom and phoenix tears in my blood. Stabbed a diary with fang and black stuff escaped, like it had after Quirrell and Voldieface dissolved first year.

My scar is a connection to Voldie. His real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle, son of a muggle.

You'll need to get some money from Vault 687 to buy a holster and Runes and Arithmancy textbooks. Molly Weasley has my Key. I've never received any fan mail or bank statements. The Cloak and map should be in my trunk. I swiped one of my invitation letters. That's in the trunk, too. Sirius gave me a mirror that you can use to contact him. It's in the trunk as well. Ron's known for going through our trunks looking for sweets.

Hedwig's my owl. Dobby is a house-elf who comes when I say his name. If sneak out, you could go to St Mungo's and ask for Andi. I never had the courage to go there for a full check-up.

Harry Potter

Harry folded that letter and slid it into the envelope. He added the wand. He addressed the envelope.

Harry Potter

Great Hall


For delivery Breakfast 3rd September 1995

"You done, yet?" Sirius asked, irritated.

Harry grabbed an envelope and wrote Percy on it. He grabbed some parchment and wrote


Harry in 1975. Voldie has got a ruddy big snake that may be more than a snake.

Harry Potter

Harry collected everything together. The pair rushed to the owlery where a magnificent sable owl waited for Harry to attach the letters using clips and bands.

"First four to Gringotts, but only, if less than 100 galleons only." Harry fished out the Vault Key and clipped that to the four letters. "Next to Croaker and finally to Potter Manor. I want my Key back." Sirius approved. The owl took off.

What Harry had not seen was the envelope for his extra letter to Percy had a destination already present.

Camp Half-Blood, USA

18th August


They got back to their dorm and drew the curtains around their beds, changed into pjs, each got into their own bed and soon fell asleep.

Harry soon began to dream.

Hello, Harry. Shall we be seated?"

Harry thought he was in the Room of Requirement talking with an older version of himself. He saw a couple of comfy chairs.

"Yes, lets," he said, sitting down. The other Harry sat down, with an ease belying his years.

"You're me from 2045?"


"Could you be more informative in your responses?"



"Very good. You're used to sharing your mind with another."


"Nicknames! It's a phase you'll grow out of. Mercifully!"

"Was there something you wanted to tell me?"

"Like that fictional guy from that TV show, Quantum Leap, you used to sneak watch, you're here to fix something that went wrong."

"What am I here to fix? Get my mum and dad together?"

"You're here to fix your life."

"I've not been born, yet. Haven't you overshot quite a lot?"

"You remember Riddle?"


"This is the quiet before the storm. You've looked at Slytherin. Most of the 70 around the table are amongst the worst of Riddle's supporters and his inner circle. A nice fiendfyre would solve that problem. You do know the spell?"

"Oh yes, I know it. I'm waiting to speak with Croaker before I do anything irreversible."

"Okay. I'll give you a brief overview of your future. In 1998 you'll vanquish Riddle, but there's a price. Shacklebolt, who is part of Dumbledore's order will become Minister until 2020. Hermione Granger will be Minister from then until 2040. She will take over as Headmistress from McGonagall in 2040. You become an Auror. In 2008 you will become head of the DMLE with Hermione under you. You remain in that position until 2040, when you become Head Auror. That's cover for taking over from Croaker, who is the Head Unspeakable and expert, a real one, on time travel."

"So, if I destroy Riddle and his Death Eaters now, I'll grow up with a different future, destroying the one you have come back from."

"Yes. I've researched the arithmancy and the future you could create is far better. Dumbledore told me once that if I knew what he'd really done to me, I'd be a lot angrier with him. I did eventually discover all that he'd done and I was very angry with him. He was long dead by the time I did. I did take it out on his portrait. All heads get a portrait that activates after death. One thing you're going to do is claim all your House rings, Head of and Heir of. Tonight. In this dream. You don't know what you should know about your place in the wizarding world and Wizengamot in particular. Your arithmancy will help you identity the changes you should be making. One reason Dumbledore doesn't want you to learn arithmancy. What he doesn't know is that I am here, to help."

"The Unspeakables are supposed to reset time back to its original."

"That is true. You can ask Croaker about that. I am surprised you came up with the idea of writing to Croaker. You've done well so far. Keep up with Care of Magical Creatures, though. I'd suggest you audit Muggle Studies, as our American cousins say. Despite your upbringing, you can still get an Outstanding on your OWLs. Your solution to have Peter confounded is a good one. I still do not know when he became Riddle's servant and spy."

"Sounds like you're judging me, your younger self."

"Evaluating. It's what I've done for 47 years. You don't have to try to change a thing. You know what will happen then."

"Sending my father forward in time has already changed things. Formulas are one thing, people are another."

"He will be changed and make changes in the future and back here after he returns."

"You've a way of making that return happen?"

"Theoretically. It was not possible to have a 'test run'."

"The experiment has gone a little gaga."

"Gaga? Close enough."

"You have a plan?"

"I do have a contingency plan, if it's needed."

"If the future from this point on is changed, what happens to us?"

"We cease to exist."


"Yes, theoretically."

"If the future goes off the blink, that leaves me here and my father in a non-existent future. He has to be brought back to this time, before changes occur, back here. That's just reckless. I'm beginning to appreciate Hermione's position."

"I think you would become your father. You would cease to exist."

"You're risking the existence of the spacetime continuum because you're angry with Dumbledore."

Older Harry had long since passed beyond angry with Dumbledore, but he wasn't going to tell his younger self that. Older Harry had been incandescent; fury personified for many years. All this was his attempt at settling the score.

"You could say that. What day of the week is it on the morrow?"

"Wednesday. I have Etiquette, Arithmancy, Runes and Duelling. All four are new to me."

"You've got to claim your rings before you leave this dream. Tomorrow, you have to go to Diagon Alley to get some money to buy our wand, textbooks and cleaning kits. Maybe, a wand holster, too."

"It will not be good to start term by missing classes."

"For your new classes, you get a week to study, improve your writing and at least make it look like you're only goofing off in lessons. You'll have examples of your father's writing and will need to give essays for those subjects to Remus to hand in. He's the keeper of the map. You need to remember that. He's also a Prefect."

"Why wasn't dad a prefect? Why wasn't I? Why was Ron chosen? Or Remus? Seems dumb to make someone who spends 3 days a month as a werewolf a prefect."

"You could ask McGonagall. Dad's an extrovert and you're an introvert. Course that could just be the Dursley effect. You'll have to behave like dad. You'll have to confound Ollivander or he'll tell Dumbledore that you've picked up that wand. Try and pick up a copy of Hogwarts' rules, as well."

"Dumbledore will work it out soon enough. He ought to sense a feather from Fawkes."

"On to claiming the rings. Say: I Harry James Potter claim all House rings by right of inheritance and by right of conquest."

"I Harry James Potter claim all House rings by right of inheritance and by right of conquest."

House rings appeared on Harry's fingers of this left hand. Those of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw. A stone dropped to the floor. On his left hand the Heir ring to Black and the House ring for Peverell appeared on fingers either side of his middle finger."

"You are the Founders' Heir, Harry. The Stone is the Resurrection Stone. No, it doesn't actually resurrect anyone. Read the Tales of Beedle the Bard! Obviously, there are current owners of the Potter House rings and of the Black head of House ring. You've got the Black Heir ring because Sirius was never officially awarded it. Now, he can't be."

"That was anti-climactic."

"What did you expect, a fanfare? You'll find the Peverell Book of Family magic on your bedside table tomorrow, when you wake."

"A fanfare would have been nice. Is there any other piece of a cryptic clue you can give me?" Harry asked, sarcastically.

"That's a good start made tonight."

Harry slept without any more dreams until Sirius shrugged him awake. 6 AM. Still, Harry was used to early mornings.

Whilst Harry had been sleeping, the great sable owl of House Potter was delivering its letters. It's first delivery was Gringotts. Harry, both of them, might have been amused that it was Griphook who was on duty that night. He took in the Potter crest and Vault Key. The owl was waiting for something. Griphook took the 4 letters and noticed the delay of delivery.

"80 galleons."

The owl nodded. Griphook deducted 80 galleons for the letters and 2 galleons for the arrangement fee. He put three of the letters in the waiting delivery pile and the one for Camp Half-Blood on the despatch immediately.

When Chiron received the letter addressed to Percy, it was simply placed in the mailroom and waited for a Percy to show up. The first Percy to show up was Percy Jackson. Before Chiron could give Percy the letter, Luke Castellan had stolen it along with other missives that Luke had taken for contact from their divine parent. As Cronus was taking him over, he read the letter addressed to Percy and Cronus decided to have some fun. Someone named Harry Potter wanted Percy to visit him in 1975. An excellent opportunity to get Percy Jackson out of the way. The letter was to be delivered 18 August on Percy's 15th birthday. No date saying when Harry wanted to meet up. Pick a number between 1 and 12. 8. Percy would arrive 1st August 1975 in London, England. If Cronus had any luck, the snake would swallow Percy Jackson.

The owl flew on to the Ministry and deposited the letter to Croaker, into his hands. Then flew off again. Croaker read the letter and then three more times. This was disastrous. He'd have to meet with this Harry/James Potter as soon as possible. Croaker might have known Dumbledore was involved in some way. He would have to wait to see, if Dumbledore contacted him about this time traveller.

The Owl delivered the final letter to a rather surprised Fleamont Potter. He read the letter Sirius had written on behalf of James. Sirius had told Harry that he was just saying that James needed to pick up a new wand. Sirius had been rather more forthcoming than he ought to have been. Sirius explained why James needed to go get a new wand on the 3rd and would cut classes to do so. James now had the mind of his son, Harry, in his stead. Fleamont would have to contact Lord Charlus. His brother and wife Dorea nee Black seldom left the manor they used. Charlus was reclusive. He seldom even acknowledged Fleamont. Fleamont's good news about James had been met with a stoical 'Now you can learn what it's like to lose a son' and Euphemia had cried for a week. Fleamont decided to send this letter onto Charlus. He used a different owl, of course. If this letter didn't get a response out of Charlus, nothing would. Charlus' elf took the letter. Charlus gave strict instructions about not being interrupted during the night.

The great owl returned to Hogwarts owlery a little after 3 AM. Sirius was waiting to take the Vault Key. He fed the owl. Sirius had borrowed James' Invisibility Cloak. He returned both it and the Vault Key to James' trunk. Three hours later he awakened James or rather Harry. Sirius noticed the Grimoire on the bedside table. He said nothing. When Peter came over and tried to take it, Sirius confounded him. Peter no longer knew about the James/Harry merger. Sirius took Peter off to talk about pranks. Remus came over to Harry who had finished in the showers and was dressed in civvies. He carried the Cloak, Stone and Grimoire. The Grimoire was in a bottomless bag. Harry put his Vault key in his back pocket. Not the safest place to put it, by any means.

"Remus, I need to go get a new wand and attend to other things. Can you make sure my exit is clear?" Harry handed Remus four essays that James had done over the summer. Harry decided to speak with McGonagall before he left. Harry finished breakfast by 8 AM. He did what he needed to in his dorm and went to see the Deputy Headmistress.

"Good morning Professor McGonagall."

"Mr Potter, you are not in uniform. What is the meaning of this?"

"My wand has stopped working, so I need to get a new wand. As soon as."

"Yes, of course you may take all the time you need." McGonagall didn't really mean that. She'd felt that James Potter ought to have been Prefect and decided to give him time to do what he needed to, by way of apology.

"Professor, why weren't either Sirius or myself made Prefect?"

McGonagall was silent.

"We are the top two students in our year. I'm not saying that Remus isn't a splendid fellow. He is and a dear friend. By making Remus Prefect, isn't Dumbledore risking the school seeing him as giving tacit support to the Marauders? A more school inclusive appointment would have been Longbottom. He's good at his work and not a Marauder."

"I must say that I am impressed with your maturity. Unfortunately, Headmaster Dumbledore was most insistent that Remus be made Prefect."

"Perhaps you can wrangle some things for me, bearing that in mind? I'd like to add Care of Magical Creatures as an OWL this year and audit Muggle Studies with the possibility of taking it as an OWL this year. This will add quite a bit to my workload, which forces me to inform you that I 'll not be playing quidditch this year."

"I'll give you my answer later today. Come see me on your return. I am disappointed that you're giving up quidditch, but you are correct to prioritise your studies, Mr Potter."

Harry had gone to get whatever money he had in Knuts for Madam Rosmerta's floo to Gringotts. Remus was with him until Harry left the grounds of Hogwarts. If Madam Rosmerta was saddened by James not greeting her the way he usually did, she did not comment.

In Gringotts, a helpful man said to pay over 2 knuts on first meeting with his account manager. Harry did as soon as he met Brokenaxe, the Potter Account manager.

"What services does Gringotts provide?" Harry asked.

"We deliver letters," Brokenaxe said. Harry gulped; he had assumed Gringotts did that. "Beyond that, we hold money for wizards. We don't send out bank statements, we don't do inheritance tests, we don't do healings for wizards, we don't help wizards and we are not your friends. There's a 50 galleon meeting fee for 10 minutes. You've paid the 2 knuts to ensure I don't go over. We do inform wizards when a vault is open to them or when one is closed to them. We don't hold Will readings, though Wills often are left with us, if there are instructions concerning heirs and when they can access their accounts.

Here is a summary of your Vault 687. It was filled with 50000 galleons, when you turned 11. It shows the 500 galleons you pay to Hogwarts every year as a pureblood. You'd pay 1500 galleons a year as a half-blood and 5000 a year, if you were a Muggleborn. Muggleborns seldom open Gringotts accounts. It's too expensive." Brokenaxe handed Harry a sheet of parchment showing him his transactions or rather James' transactions.

"You've paid out 2500 galleons in tuition, 2000 in withdrawals and 82 galleons for letters. Your balance is 45418 galleons."

"What if I wanted to invest some money in a Muggle Corporation?"

"We would handle that for you. How much would you like to invest?"

"10,000 galleons equivalent in the Microsoft Corporation." Vernon Dursley had always gone on at great length about missing the boat on that company. Harry thought putting that money in would be a good way to get back at his Uncle. Getting in at the start maximised value according to Uncle Vernon.

Harry went to his Vault after the meeting had ended. He took out 418 galleons. He went out of the private area into the public area of the bank and saw the man who had given him good advice.

"Thanks for your advice, Sir," Harry said.

"Think nothing of it, Mr Potter. After you've completed your shopping, perhaps you could visit me at the Ministry. I'm Croaker."

"I can do that," Harry said with rather more confidence than he felt.

Harry spent 8 galleons in the Potions shop. He got a proper cleaning kit and basic instructions on preparing potions. He wished he'd known that back when he'd started Hogwarts. He picked up a broom cleaning kit at the broom shop. He'd never really thanked Hermione for her gift of a broom cleaning kit. It was becoming a kick in the gut how much Harry was missing Hermione. The cleaning kit was as good as the one she had bought him and cost 15 galleons.

Books next. Hermione would be in seventh heaven and she'd cheerfully spend the rest of the day just "browsing". 5 books on muggle studies, 3 on Care, Tales of Beedle the Bard and the Muggleborn pack for Hogwarts. Harry hadn't even known this pack existed. Hogwarts: A history had to be bought. There was a Slinkard 5th year textbook on special offer. Harry knew he needed it, but James hadn't bought it. Harry picked up a tome called Magical Theory for Owls. Carrying all the books made Harry feel like Hermione. He smiled at the thought. That was another 70 galleons spent. The bottomless bag was handling that just fine.

Harry went to the entrance of the Ministry. No annoying phone call or name tags. He made his way down to the Department of Mysteries. He told an Unspeakable that he was there to speak with Croaker. He was shown into Croaker's office. Croaker waited until Harry and he were alone in the office, before removing his mask.

"You have already seen my face. You are Harry Potter, aren't you?"

"I am. Has Professor Dumbledore informed you that he knows? His future self told him."

"Dumbledore remains Headmaster, Chief Warlock and Supreme Mugwump. He also believes he is the only one who should know anything. He hasn't told me about you. However he has done it, he has something he should not have. I'm the Ministry's leading expert on Time Travel. It is a Potter family secret, don't you know?"

No, Harry didn't know. He didn't like the similarities between full Death Eater regalia and the uniform of the Unspeakables. He also remembered Augustus Rookwood.

"Rookwood is a death eater."

"That is unfortunate," Croaker replied. "Let me tell you the cautionary tale of Eloise Mintumble. She visited 1402 from 1899. She stayed 4 days and came back. She aged all those years and died, naturally. Since then, time-turners can take people back only 5 hours and you have to live the hours back. The Ministry believes we have retrieved all the older models. So far 15 people who existed before she went back are not alive today. From the time you came back from, we've extrapolated 25 people not existing."

"You know who is missing. The only way that could happen is if someone came back and told you and expected you to fix the mistakes. I know my dad was born very late to Euphemia. Did your department have something to do with that?"

"In trying to fix the Mintumble mistake, we made another error. Yes, James Potter was a response to the original mistake Mintumble made. You're the response to the second error."

"What happens, if I start changing things back here?"

"The results could be disastrous."

"Thanks for your vote of confidence."

"You are welcome, Harry. Your mistake would be the third mistake. The second mistake was Voldemort. Dumbledore should never have gone to introduce him to the wizarding world. He wasn't the Deputy headteacher nor one of the heads of House. A mistake with you would be if someone other than one of those 5 people met you or you weren't told about the wizarding world."

"That's two for two mistakes."

Croaker paled. "No doubt made by a wizard with a long white beard and dresses like he's the second coming of Merlin?"

"No doubt about it," Harry agreed.

"You know he dressed like a muggle before he beat Grindelward."

"Grindel who?"

"Rumour was that Grindelward had the Elder Wand, one of the three Deathly Hallows given by Death to the Peverell brothers. Rumour has it that the wielder of the Elder Wand couldn't be beaten in a fair fight. Dumbledore got the Order of Merlin First Class for that."

"What's wrong with that?"

"A British wizard can only win the Order of Merlin for actions taken on magical British territory. He got all the posts he holds today from that one action. He's still a fraud, even if a very powerful fraud."

"I've already got one Dark wizard after me. I don't need another."

"There's an additional complication. Hogwarts is a separate territory. When it was originally founded the whole region was part of magical England. Then Scotland got the surrounding territory. The region preferred Scottish rule to Danish and proclaimed Hogwarts an independent state. Magical England has always contested this. Magical England became Magical Britain in 1402."

"Eloise Mintumble?"

"Good connection. She went to Paris, first. There is a magical Welsh government-in-exile."

"Nicholas Flamel."

"Yes. Paris hadn't fallen into English hands then and forces of magical France caught her and persuaded her to leave, after 4 days, days in which she managed to prevent people being born."

"You'd have to have had someone come back from a timeline where all those people were born. An older version of yourself, for example."

"I can't go into details, Harry. You do understand."

"I'm more concerned about getting me back to my own time and body and returning my father to his."

"How was this accomplished?"

"I have no idea. I was asleep in 1995 and woke up in 1975."

"Transfer of consciousness and time travel of the consciousness. A Mystery. There's a ritual for transfer of consciousness."

"So, if I got my father and my body back here, I could do that ritual?"

"That's one solution. There are tests I'd like to run on you."

"You'll have ask permission from my head of House and I don't mean Hogwarts."

"I do need your Hogwarts Head of House's permission in addition to Lord Charlus'."

"Good luck with that," Harry said, mockingly.

"I see you're aware of Lord Charlus' reputation," laughed Croaker.

"I am, yes." Harry laughed, as well. "I was thinking that McGonagall will be no push over."

"She was one of ours. She won't prevent your testing. I'll be in touch, later in the month, Harry."

"Before I go, how many Slytherins have passed graduation from Hogwarts in the past 7 years?"

"100. 4 years ago, because of the war, the intake was halved. The number of students at Hogwarts shrank from 560 to 280."

"I know he was using the name Lord Voldemort before he left Hogwarts. Dumbledore knows who he is. So does Hagrid, but why would he co-operate with a Ministry that threw him into Azkaban without trial and snapped his wand for suspicion of opening the Chamber of Secrets and killing a girl. He didn't. He was innocent. Of course, Dumbledore knows he didn't do it."

"I'll look into that Harry."

Harry was shown out of the Ministry. He did quickly stop off, before exiting, to ask Wizarding Child Services about their policy on orphans and how often they'd visit said orphans in their placements. He asked about financial sums made available to foster parents. Harry left fuming. The Unspeakable, with him, merely took notes.

Since it was lunch time, Harry made his way to the Leaky Cauldron for a bite to eat. He thought other Harry might comment about his trip to the Ministry, but that voice in his head was mercifully silent.

The Leaky Cauldron was very busy. Harry sat down and skimmed through the History of Magic. His heart leapt a beat on reading about Linfred the Potterer, his aid to the King, resulting in the award to the family of the title 'Noble and Most Ancient' by the monarch, Edward III and that the title could only be revoked by the reigning sovereign.

The Potter family had founded the Council of Magic, the `13', gone on to found the Sacred 28 and then centuries later the Wizengamot. The Ministry had grown out of the Council of Magic and been subsumed under the Wizengamot. House Potter had opposed the Statute of Secrecy, in its final form.

Harry Potter read about the 1919 Act and the 1946 removal of Charlus Potter from the Wizengamot. Dumbledore was behind the motion, supported by House Weasley. Harry could not believe that. Dumbledore had become the proxy for House Weasley. Charlus had bankrupted them. Did Ron know? How could he not know? Harry became troubled and very, very angry. No wonder Dumbledore wanted Harry to be ignorant of his family's history and not to read the History of Magic book for fun. Dumbledore would have had Hermione do the spells, to give Ron something to hold over her. Harry hadn't noticed the waitress arrive.

"Are you ready to order?" The very pretty girl with blue eyes asked. She offered Harry the menu. Harry had not looked up. He just reached out to where he thought the menu was. Hand and menu passed each other, both continuing to their intended destination. The menu was placed in front of Harry. Harry's hand reached the girl's left breast. The girl had only one bra and that was in the wash. Harry felt an electric shock pass through his body. He was now looking at the girl. She had suffered an electric shock and a multiple orgasm. Harry moved his hand away, embarrassed. The fingernail on his middle finger brushed against the girl's nipple and gave the girl another electric shock and multiple orgasm.

Harry mumbled, "Sorry."

The girl's two companions looked at her. One, a very tall girl with brown hair and eyes, looked amused. Clarisse De la Rue was indeed amused. She had never seen Annabeth Chase at a loss for words. She'd read a fair few 'bodice rippers' and this was the moment where the proto-antagonist would ravish the poor unfortunate on the dining table. She was slightly disappointed the seated diner stayed seated.

The male companion had similar messy raven coloured hair as Harry and sea-green eyes, again similar to Harry – though not to Harry's current appearance , of course. His thoughts were by no means as friendly. He thought of Annabeth Chase as his girlfriend and didn't like this boy's moves one little bit. He was still serving customers. So was the other girl.

Harry picked up the menu and chose the full meal for 7 galleons. That was twice the peacetime rate. The girl did not mumble anything, just turned, red-faced, and went to hand in the order. She served Harry his meal. Harry read as he ate. The rules of Hogwarts were very interesting. Legacy students paid a donation according to their House's designation. Harry thought that an enforced donation was a fee no matter how it was dressed up. He'd ordered lamb and got mutton. A legacy student could also choose their own House. Harry, left to his own devices, would have chosen Ravenclaw, because all he'd wanted to do was prove himself academically. He thought he was now going to get his wish. Sirius and James were the top students in their year. Harry lifted his head only to find that he was the last diner still in the section. It was late afternoon. He packed his bag. He couldn't leave without giving the waitress an apology. He walked over to where the three were talking.

"We've been here over a month and there's no sign of Harry Potter, a ruddy big snake or any reason for us not to go back to Camp Half Blood. Percy, admit it, this quest is a bust," Clarisse said.

Harry remembered the last letter he'd written. This Percy was not the one who was supposed to get the addendum. Now, Harry felt doubly bad.

"Hello," he said, rather loudly.

"What do you want?" Annabeth asked, rudely.

"A big snake that might be more than a snake." Percy's eyes widened. "Is there somewhere we could carry on this conversation that is more private?"

"Yes, we've a place in Knockturn Alley."

The four walked until they came to some run-down apartment blocks. There was a bookshop next door.

"Annabeth, why don't you show our new friend the bookshop, whilst we get things ready?"

Annabeth smiled. Harry felt like a rabbit caught in the gaze of a snake. He went into the bookstore. He found it surprisingly useful and good value for a book on House Potter and another on the Sacred 28. Harry thought it 10 galleons well spent.

Harry expected to be shown into a trap and he wasn't disappointed. He felt a knife to the back of his neck, a sword aimed at his gut and a spearpoint en route to his throat.

"This accommodation won't do at all." Moments later the landlord showed up. The weapons disappeared, very fast.

"The early checkout fee is 5 galleons," the landlord cackled, knowing there was no way they could pay it. They barely made the rent as it was. Harry paid over the 5 galleons. The four left, taking what possessions they had. Harry guided them back to the Leaky Cauldron. He paid 20 knuts to use the floo to Hogsmeade. He made his way, with increasingly surly guests, to the Shrieking Shack.

"Here, we can talk privately." Harry was proved incorrect as Sirius and Remus came in.

"Trust you to find 2 girls, Harry," Sirius said.

"You're Harry Potter," Percy got out.

"My mind is, the rest of me is James Potter, my father."

"Where's your father's mind?" Clarisse asked, belligerently.

"With my body in 1995," Harry said, irked.

"I was having my 15th birthday party in my mother's apartment in New York in 2008, when your letter appeared. We all grabbed hold and got transported to 1975. August the first. We had no clothes or weapons other than what we had on us at the time. The envelope said Camp Half Blood. That's not where I was," Percy said, angrily.

"How did a letter Percy was supposed to receive in a Camp get sent to his home. It is not a nice present?" Sirius declared.

"And sent through time," Remus declared. "That might be important."

"Cronus," the three said in unison.

"I guess you're not friends," Harry joked.

"No," Annabeth said.

"Where did I put my manners?" Harry reflected. "Sorry, Annabeth, for what I did in the Leaky Cauldron. I was reaching for the menu. I was really. I'm James Potter. Please don't forget. Only Dumbledore knows who I am, inside. This is Sirius Black and that's Remus Lupin." Harry pointed out the individuals as he called out their names. "We've a fourth friend, called Peter Pettigrew. He no longer knows that I am anyone another than James Potter. Please keep it that way. We're the Marauders. Pranksters extraordinaire. I know your names; Percy, Clarisse and Annabeth."

"Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon."

"Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena."

"Clarisse De La Rue, Daughter of Aries."

"That's not a good mix," Remus said. "All your parents have a history of not getting along."

"Greek Gods," Harry exploded. "They aren't real."

"Oh, they're real. We're Demigods. Remus you are correct, our parents don't like each other. My dad, especially doesn't like Percy, because Percy has defeated him."

"Who runs this Camp Half-Blood?" Harry asked, trying to regain control over his sanity.

"Chiron, the centaur who trained Achilles," Annabeth stated.

"Don't you believe in centaurs either?" Percy scoffed.

"Centaurs, we believe in," Sirius said.

"We can ask the centaurs in the Forbidden Forest, if they know what is going on," Harry said.

"Speaking of things going on, Dumbledore is looking for you," Remus said, in his best prefect's voice.

"I'll go see him and try and secure accommodation for our guests. Don't look him in the eye. We've found that whilst he knows we're up to something, he doesn't know what, unless we look him in the eye. Then it's some detention, never too severe. I had approval from McGonagall to go. I have to go see her first. Don't say anything in front of the portraits or ghosts."

Harry took the three to with him to see McGonagall. He knocked, and was asked to enter. The four did.

"Mr Potter, I see you have found strays."

"Yes, Professor. Thanks to you for giving me permission to be out of school. I understand the Headmaster is looking for me. I would like you to be with us, when we see the Headmaster."

"Perhaps the explanations can wait until we have seen the Headmaster. Follow me."

If Harry didn't know better, McGonagall actually sounded angry with Dumbledore. She set a fast pace. Even the Camp Three seemed surprised, but kept up easily. Entering the Headmaster's study, Harry took a moment to take in the contents of the room. They were no silver objects that seemed to react to his presence. Soon the four were standing with heads bowed before Dumbledore on his throne. To Harry, it seemed like one. He'd used an ordinary comfy chair in Harry's time.

McGonagall was waiting to be invited to sit. Dumbledore was keeping her waiting.

"Why were you out of school, James?"

"That's Mr Potter, Headmaster. Professor McGonagall, my Head of House, permitted me to be out of school today, because my wand had ceased to work properly for me. She told me to report to her, when I got back."

"Professor McGonnagal may leave now," Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling.

"Since the Professor knew you were looking for me, she decided to come here, so she could hear the tale, once, and we wouldn't miss the feast."

"Very well, please take a seat, Minerva."

"Who are your companions, Mr Potter?"

"The tall girl is Clarisse de La Rue, the blonde is Annabeth Chase and the boy is Percy Jackson. I found them working in the Leaky Cauldron and staying in Knockturn Alley. They said they were from Camp Half- Blood and muttered something about a Quest. They haven't said anything about it to me."

He turned to the three and said, "May I introduce you to Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizardry, Order of Merlin, First Class and Grand Sorcerer."

The three bowed.

"Why did you bring three muggles to Hogwarts?"

"They can see Hogwarts. I believed that their previous living conditions were unsuitable for children and brought them here. I hope they will be able to stay in Gryffindor tower until a determination about their future location can be determined. I am prepared to invoke the protection of House Potter, if necessary, Headmaster. I will of course need to owl my father about them.

In addition to a new wand, I required text books to add Care to my OWL subjects along with auditing Muggle Studies. I have given up Quidditch for my studies."

"I have given Mr Potter my permission," McGonagall said.

"Very well, the three can audit Mr Potter's classes and stay in Gryffindor tower until your father has responded."

McGonagall escorted the 4 back to her office.

"Thank you, Mr Potter, for extending the hand of friendship and support. I will provide you with another permission to be out after curfew. I've heard enough explanations from you Marauders in the last four years to know that you stuck mostly to the truth.

You are different Mr Potter. You're taking your studies seriously for the first time. I do hope you aren't taking too much on."

"I expect a drop in achievement, Professor. A review at the end of September would be acceptable."

"I think so, too, Mr Potter."

"I have plenty of parchment. I did take rather a lot of yours last night."

"An admission from a Marauder. You have started this term very differently to last year. Well, go show them the dorms and get ready for tonight's feast."

"There was more, Professor. I met a man named Croaker in Gringotts and he invited me to go see him at the Ministry. He said he'll be contacting you, shortly." McGonagall went very still.

The other three were looking to ask Harry questions, but kept silent as there were portraits going up to the entrance to Gryffindor. Harry gave the password. The three were then introducing themselves to their housemates. Harry went upstairs; added his new books to his trunk and swished his wand. He had half an hour to practice his father's handwriting. Sirius came up later to given him the notes from the classes he'd missed and the homework.

"Remus got dragged off to see McGonagall. Frank went with him." Harry carried on writing.

"That's quite close."

"It had better be. I have to write telling my father that I extended the protection of House Potter to the three. I've got to go see the centaurs. They may know what's going on."

"You said that in the shack. Peter is very curious. Too curious… I thought you were having me on. Now, I know you aren't."

Harry put everything away and locked his trunk, magically. He did it silently, unless there was a rat listening in the wings. Harry went down in to the common room and everybody made their way to the Great Hall. Harry walked with Peter giving him a very abbreviated version of his day.

The feast was excellent. The three ate better than they had in a month. They sat near Harry and Sirius. Remus had shown up with Frank; Frank had smiled, but Remus had glared. Remus still wore the prefect's badge.

Harry hurried dinner. He needed an extra half hour. That half hour he spent reading his new books. The next hour he spent a quarter of an hour on the subjects he'd missed. He copied Remus' notes. Remus couldn't be that mad with him. He started on the new essays. He did the reading required for the two subjects tomorrow: History of Magic and Astronomy. 10:30 PM and Harry still had his letter to write.

Dear Dad,

I got a new wand today. I ran into three children working in the Leaky Cauldron and living in Knockturn Alley. I paid the 5 galleons needed to get them out. I took them back with me to Hogwarts. They're currently staying in Gryffindor Tower and auditing my classes until their future can be determined. I extended the protection of House Potter to them or rather would have, had Dumbledore refused to let them stay. They're from Camp Half-Blood.

I had a chat with a Mr Croaker in the Ministry, today. He said he'd be contacting Uncle Charlus, in the near future.



Harry rolled the letter up and went to the owlery. He remembered to lock up his trunk, before going. He got under his cloak and vanished. Along with his broom. He gave the letter to the potter owl, which flew off. Harry took flight on his broom. He didn't know, but Annabeth, invisible under her cap, saw him go and ran after him.

By the time Annabeth got close enough, Harry had almost finished explaining things to the Centaurs. They'd agreed to inform Chiron that three temporally displaced heroes had turned up. The Centaurs explained how there was a prophecy about the three from the West. The Centaurs were arguing about what it meant. They'd summon them, when they had it figured out.

Harry walked to a clearing to mount his broom. Annabeth made herself visible and asked for a ride back. Harry smiled. Annabeth mounted the broom and held him tightly with her head on his right shoulder. Harry pushed off and moved at full speed. As a seeker he had mastered control of his broom and he moved at a speed the makers of the broom hadn't considered possible.

Back in the owlery, Harry's owl had returned. Annabeth could sense the owl was confused.

"I thought your description of us as temporally displaced was vey good. Descriptive without being informative." The owl looked relieved. The owl pecked at Harry, until some treats were found.

"You did well to get back so quickly. Well done," Harry praised his owl – his family's owl.

Harry laughed. He and Annabeth made their way back to the common room and then to their respective dorms. Before Harry fell asleep, he realised that James' father had now not replied to two letters. Just what sort of relationship had James had with his father? How would he cope with lessons with Slytherin and those who formed Voldie's inner circle? Tomorrow both question could be answered.