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Chapter 18 –Yule 1975 & January 1976

Sirius Black returned home but it was not a joyous reunion with his family. He was chained in the dungeons and tortured, yes really tortured with sharp instruments. His father really was a sadistic bastard. Sirius got it together enough to transform into his animagus form and apparated to Potter Manor on Christmas Eve. He had run away to his blood brothers.

Harry and James found Sirius on the back porch an brought him in. Healing potions cured him. He was drinking a steaming mug of tea when he came to, properly. The resemblance between Harry and James was uncanny.

"What happened, James?"

"After you returned home, we took the time machine in several pieces to my vault. We assembled it and waited in the foyer. I was under my cloak on the way down. Harry and Hermione showed up shortly after 7pm and we came here. The following day we went back, took the time machine apart and brought it back here. We made some potions. Harry, here is only adequate. Said he had Snivellus teaching him. Should have seen dad's face. He said potion making was a Potter legacy all the way back to dear old Linfred. Uncle Charlus was all for ending Snape for line theft. Shame he's already dead. School hero and all that. The girl's Hermione. She's expert at potion making. Outstanding at everything except DADA. Under my expert tuition, she's the high end of Exceeds Expectations, now."

"Hello, Sirius. This is what I look like. I said you'd need healing potions when you turned up. I left my version of the cloak, map and mirror back in 1995. I introduced everyone to Hermione and showed her her room. She said it was suitably pink. My mistake, I'd made an assumption. James and the others started making the communication mirrors.

James told me that I should have kept up Quidditch. He didn't understand why I'd ever been friends with Ron. I said he had some good points. James challenged me to name some. Longest half an hour of silence I've ever had. I've been helping with the cooking. That is something I'm expert in. I've been swapping recipes with the house-elves. The only good thing for being brought up in hate by Petunia Evans and her vile husband. Nearly killed me on several occasions. Dumbledore insisted on me being brought up by them, even though I was not related. Lily Evans wasn't my mother. Try telling that to Dumbledore."

"What's the real reason you brought those demigods back?" Sirius asked.

"Demigods, Harry?" Hermione questioned.

"Three demigods, yes. I didn't bring them back. They sort of got sent back knowing they were supposed to help me. I got rather close to Annabeth."

"Close," James mocked. "You shagged her."

"Anyway," Harry continued as though James hadn't said anything though the red his face had turned showed his embarrassment. "They are really here to kill Fawkes. Celestial bronze weapons will kill it. We'll bring the three out of their sleep and tell them the plan after Yule. I'm all for reviving them now and let them get well fed."

"I brought the Potter self-updating Hogwarts : A History back with me," Hermione said. "Brilliant idea, Harry, to send things forward in time." Harry blushed.

"Pettigrew is Remus' responsibility," Harry said, grimly.

"That's right," Remus said.

"If you five would like to join us in the main sitting room," Euphemia invited. The five went into the sitting room and sat in the seats provided.

"We've considered Harry's proposal that we bring the three demigods back here for Yule," Charlus said. "We think it an excellent idea. We shall be 12. The four adults and Harry will go and bring them back after tonight's meal."

Dorea held Sirius back as the other went into the dining room.

"Orion did this?"

"Yes, Aunt Dorea," Sirius mumbled.

"Cygnus, Orion and Pollux are a disgrace to the Black name. No true Black would take the cattle brand of that degenerate Riddle."

Somebody else was expressing similar sentiments. Lord Abraxas Malfoy was lambasting his son Lucius for taking the Dark Mark.

"Malfoys bow to no man, son, yet you have taken Riddle's slave mark on your own flesh. I should denounce you and drive you from this Manor?"

"Have a care, father, before I invite Lord Voldemort to come and stay with us."

Lord Malfoy gave way. His son gloated and laughed. "Oh so weak. What would all those who fawn for your gold do now, if they could see you?" Lucius strode off, Lord Malfoy in all but title. Abraxas Malfoy would meet with Lord Black after Yule and talk, ostensibly, about elevating House Malfoy to the Wizengamot. It really was time to put Tom Riddle, Lord Gaunt and Slytherin down, for good.

Harry woke the three sleeping demigods. They were apparated back to Potter Manor for a soothing mug of tea. They were far enough out of it to forget they were American and didn't drink tea. Clarisse, Annabeth and Percy soon came to.

"I suppose it's too much to ask, if you've a cola?" Percy asked, barely beating the other two to the question. Hermione laughed. Percy saw James and looked at him daggers drawn.

"I'm James, that's Harry," James said pointing in Harry direction. Harry waved.

"Hi Percy, Clarisse and Annabeth, I'm Harry. Sorry, this is the result of a misdirection. You're still in 1975. Short version of my plan. Shortly after 9pm on 4 January 1976, you'll enter the Great Hall via the secret entrance behind Dumbledore's throne. Hogwarts was once a separate state. You three will engage Fawkes, the phoenix and kill it. There will be a number of Governors present. They will kill the Slytherins using fiendfyre. One will engage Dumbledore. There will be one who will prevent other staff members from interfering. I will engage Voldie. Another governor will kill him whilst I am doing that. Remus will kill Pettigrew."

The three demigods looked askance. Sirius pitched in, "Harry I'm getting Regulus and Andromeda out of there. Maybe Narcissa, too."

"Fine ,Sirius, you'll have to leave early. James will be guiding the demigods into the Great Hall. He'll leave with Sirius."

"We think Riddle will be making his play to take over Hogwarts around the same time," Charlus said.

"What will Hermione be doing?" Clarisse asked.

"I'll be watching the rest of the Houses in case others think of joining in."

"I'll be checking in with the local police to see how many murders there are over Christmas and New Year. Every dark mark requires a murder," Charlus said. "I'll be representing us, with Harry at the New Year's Eve Ball at Malfoy Manor."

"Won't that be dangerous, if Riddle is there and can pluck the information from your head?" Annabeth pointed out.

"We'll he worried he plans to take over," Harry said.

"If Snape is dead and you're from the future, how is it you were taught potions by Snape?" Annabeth asked.

"I'm still remembering things from the first run through. I also had Slugthorn teaching me this term. The new timeline may not have overwritten the old, yet," Harry said.

"Harry," Hermione said. "Knows nothing about the Potter family. He was deliberately kept in the Dark."

"We're sure there were Potters at Hogwarts from its Founding. The first Potter of any standing is Linfred the Potterer in the 14th century. He saved the life of King Edward III and became the first of the Sacred 28, the Noble and Most Ancient Houses. He married a female descendant of Godric and Rowena. They had 7 children. Fast forward two and a half centuries to Ralston Potter. He was the Albus Dumbledore of his day. He was very long-lived. In 1592, he formed the Wizengamot of the Sacred 28, 22 Noble families, 5 holders of the Order of Merlin, First Class and a representative of Hogwarts. He was Chief Warlock for 60 years. On his death in 1652, his eldest son Henry declined to succeed as Chief Warlock. For 40 years he worked on the Statute of Secrecy. The form eventually passed was not to his liking and he voted against it. For many years after that the Potter seat was voted by Proxy. Henry's son William took up the seat again and pushed for a Minister for Magic and a Ministry to be created out of the bureaucracy that was threatening to overwhelm the Wizengamot.

Over the years we Potters acquired things, like the Daily Prophet and all its sister papers. We own a 20% stake in the Quibbler. When I married Dorea, half our stake in the papers and WWW went to the Blacks. The Potters acquired a couple of properties in France, some industries in the USA and their stake of Fleamont Industries. When Fleamont was born, he owned all of Fleamont Industries. He disputes this."

"What about the Peverell link?" Hermione asked.

"A grand daughter of Ioanthe Peverell married a Potter. A daughter of Antiochus married a Gaunt. There was a later marriage between the families Gaunt and Potter. The Gaunts stole the Peverell House ring at the reception celebrating the marriage. We've been passing the Gryffindor ring off as that ring, ever since. We've got it back now though."

"What about other branches?" Hermione persisted.

"You've heard of the greatest Highland Clan of the Potters, haven't you?"

"No," Hermione answered.

"The other clans objected to the brothers' plans and killed them. We still have the house in Hogsmeade that we rent out. The Irish branch of the family did well for itself until the great Irish potato famine. They weren't absentee landlords. They all got killed. We've still got the farm which we rent out. There was the great pirate Potter who is as fabled as his great treasure. All we do now is that a Potter turned pirate with a member of the Black family. He was never heard of again."

"Barnabus Potter?" Sirius asked.

"That was his name," Charlus answered.

"We Blacks have a treasure island, whose capital is name Barnabus. It's Black Island, okay we're not very original when it comes to naming stuff," Sirius conceded. "It's somewhere in the Caribbean or Pacific."

"Then there's the American branch. Henry had two sons. One Abraham was one of the first 12 Aurors. His son founded Potter Incorporated. Another son, but we aren't too sure about that, founded Salem's Witches Institute. We know the money had a bad provenance. Yes, that Salem. There were a lot of teenage pregnancies. There was the Witch Hunt and then things went back to the way they were. There were still lots of pregnancies. The man was Isaac Potter. We are sure he got kicked out of Salem. We still own the Institute, though. There are no records that indicate he fathered any bastards. Family records say he resurfaced in 1707, married a female of the Sayre line and bought Ilvermorny. Their crest and our real crest are identical. Both lines of the American Potters died out in the 1920s. Our American branches died out at the hands of Grindelwald. That's the belief of the executors who told me the story."

"Wait, you own 2 American Wizard schools," Hermione was incredulous. "Why is James over there?"

"James isn't a witch," Euphemia joked. "We were old even for wizards when I conceived him. We had to send him to Hogwarts. The reasons don't really matter. We know the education at Ilvermorny is far superior. Until James has sat his OWLs, Ilvermorny is out of the question. There is no way we'll see any of James' children attend Hogwarts. At birth, they will have their names put down for Ilvermorny."

"That didn't work out so well for me," Harry said. "I was told my name was put down for Hogwarts before I was born. I was never told about Ilvermorny and the wizarding world. I didn't even know I was a wizard until the day after my birthday. I was muggle raised. Hagrid took me shopping. He had my Key from Dumbledore."

"As you were muggle raised, McGonagall should have visited you," Charlus said. "from what you have told me, it raises serious questions about her succeeding Dumbledore as Head of Hogwarts."

"Indeed, it does. We have no candidate who is the obvious candidate to replace Dumbeldore. Slugthorn is out of the question. Flitwick is half-goblin. The purebloods would never accept him. Sprout would be an interesting choice, but she has only been there a couple of years."

Harry and Hermione went up the stairs to their rooms.

"Harry, I don't think I can kill anyone," Hermione said.

"Once the timelines were kept from merging, it is not possible for us to kill anyone. We're here to change the timeline. The one you and I were born into and lived will vanish and be written anew," Harry said, solemnly. "James, Sirius and Remus will remember. That's important. James has seen the future, our present. He knows it stinks. Older me has a memory on my walk into the forest. Snape says that I am a pig born to slaughter and Dumbledore asks if he's growing feelings for me."

"A pig born to slaughter?" Hermione asked, disbelieving.

"Why didn't Dumbledore train me or ask Flitwick to? Because I was never intended to survive. You trained me the Triwizard, because an agent of Voldie entered me. I remember the look of triumph on Dumbledore's face when I told him my blood had been used in the ritual."

"Why hasn't the Department of Mysteries tried to shut us down in both timelines?" Hermione asked.

"Once the first changes had been made, it was too late. We both sort of promised we wouldn't change anything and things just sort of happened. Then as the timelines converged, we were the only ones capable of stopping that catastrophe. We succeeded. Croaker trusted me to do what was necessary. The timeline we lived in existed only because Voldie survived and because a certain someone believed he was the only one who knew how to interpret a prophecy correctly. Both he and Riddle only got Acceptables in Divination."

"Well Divination is crap."

"Trelawney never got anything wrong. Scale yes but not that something was going to happen. I heard her give one about the rat rejoining his master who would come back even stronger – because of my blood. I never did understand quite why that was a matter for celebration. You did say that being expelled was worse than death. I aim to put that to the test."

"Why am I here, Harry?"

"Without you, Voldie wins." Harry went into his room. Hermione went into hers, very confused.

Yule was a great success. Potter Manor resounded to laughter and children's voices. The food and drink were excellent. The presents added to the general warmth and good feeling. Fleamont and Euphemia didn't feel it for they were not warriors. Everyone else was. They knew this was their last Supper together. Even if they survived the upcoming battle, they would be going their separate ways. This was camaraderie amongst a group who would die for one another, if necessary.

Boxing Day was much the same. The 27th and it was back to training. Charlus copied down the names of those they needed to save. Sirius, Remus, James and Hermione practiced their duelling. The demigods their fighting skills. The 28th, 29th and 30th were spent in much the same activity.

The 31st or New Year's Eve was slightly different. Charlus went through with Harry all the people they would meet at the Malfoy Ball. They would have a meeting on the 3rd of January to finalise plans. Harry glamoured his eyes to look like his father's. He asked about The Counter-Circular Curses. He was told it was a Dark Arts book and he couldn't have it. Harry carried a pair of socks that he'd had for Christmas. Just in case, he needed them, of course.

Charlus apparated the pair of them to Malfoy Manor. Older Harry had bad memories of this place. Lord Abraxas Malfoy greeted his guests one by one. Harry was not surprised to see Lord Gaunt, Tom Riddle or plain Voldie. His older presence said it was quite a shock to see him with a nose. Harry almost laughed. He and Charlus went round the guests. Charlus introduced him to Malfoy's guests. Harry felt quite nauseous being so close to so many Death Eaters. He held himself in check. He let his mind be filled with terrible thoughts about being overrun by Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Voldie seemed to lap it up. Abraxas Malfoy went off with Lords Potter and Black.

Lucius Malfoy came up to Harry and with Tom by his side asked if James knew what they'd be discussing.

"Heir Malfoy, I suspect that your father is asking for support in his bid to elevate House Malfoy tomorrow in the Wizengamot. That or my Uncle is asking if he can buy several crates of your most excellent wine."

Harry was greeted with a polite laugh from Voldie and Lucius. "Heir Malfoy, you happen to have Counter-Circular Curses, would you? I was thinking of referencing it in regards to our DADA essay."

"Wait here, James. I'll be back in a moment." Lucius took off. Harry could see him berating Dobby. Yes, this was going swimmingly.

"Do you believe Lord Malfoy will be successful?"

"Is he not assured of the backing of your faction, Lord Gaunt?"

"You know how negotiations can go?"

"I have many years of those to look forward to."

"Here you are, Potter," Lucius Malfoy said. Harry took the book and turned away so his body obscured their view. He opened it and made mmha noises a few times. He placed his socks in between the pages, about a third of the way in. He turned back to Malfoy and said," Yes, most interesting. Just what I need." He thrust the book at Malfoy who took it. Harry picked up his plate of cheese in one hand and glass of wine in the other. Malfoy looked to do the same and tossed the book to Dobby. Dobby caught it. Harry looked at the house-elf. Dobby caught on and opened it to the pair of socks and picked them up and pulled each out of their bag.

"Master has given Dobby clothes. Dobby is free."

"Damn you Potter, you have cost me my House-Elf, Ava," said Malfoy.

"Bad former master," Dobby said, clicked his fingers and Lucius sped across the fireplace banging his head. Tom wasn't staying around to be on the wrong end of a house-elf and left. Harry knelt to be on the same level as Dobby.

"The great Harry Potter freed Dobby a second time. Dobby is most grateful."

"Look after me, when I'm born, this time."

"It will be Dobby's great honour, Harry Potter." Dobby vanished. Harry decided not to think to hard about the ramifications of what Dobby had said.

Abraxas Malfoy heard the commotion and came in to see what all the fuss was about. He smiled, briefly, when he saw his son had been knocked out. It soon became clear that James had asked for a book, received it, looked at it, given it back to Lucius who had thrown it at Dobby only for it to have some unopened socks in it. Dobby had sent Lucius into the fireplace and Lord Gaunt had left, no doubt pressing matters on his mind.

Lord Charlus Potter looked at Harry as though he'd just hazarded their entire enterprise. He had Harry take him thought the entire incident. Several times.

The family celebrated the New Year in style. Charlus felt far too full to take part in the Wizengamot that afternoon. He had too. He met up with Lord Black and their faction and went through the Agenda.

Regent Longbottom welcomed everyone and saying that they all looked like they had enjoyed the seasonal festivities far too much. The 8 noble houses were voted off the Wizengamot. Malfoy was supported by both the Riddle faction and the Potter-Black alliance. The other 7 noble houses were all affiliated to the Greengrass family. The Greengrass faction, now stronger announced they were forming a voting alliance with the Potter-Black alliance. Much to nearly everyone's surprise, Lord Malfoy announced he was joining the Potter-Black alliance.

The three-child rule was tabled for another meeting. The ICW report was interesting if you liked learning about some insect devouring forests. Charlus made a point of asking if faction heads could have a transcript. That was readily agreed. There was little of the usual pushing for policy point scoring. The meeting ended early. Charlus made his way back to Potter Manor. More good food was had.

The second had the Hogwarts meeting. Dumbledore felt himself lucky that no mention of auditing accounts or holding him to account was happening. He took it in his stride that Lords Potter, Black and Malfoy would be attending the welcome back feast on Sunday. Charlus would be bringing his wife. Regent Longbottom announced she too would be joining them.

Dumbledore really had not had a good festival time. Aberforth had shut the pub and gone off to Wales. Albus thought he was there for sheep and goat worrying. Strangely, he didn't feel the urge to tip off the Aurors. If he had, it wouldn't have gone well for him. A lady had an interesting proposition for Abeforth regarding a marina. She owned one and it was all getting a bit too much for her.

Albus thought he really must be going senile. He couldn't remember his lovers name nor where he lived. He couldn't remember where he was supposed to be going. It didn't get much better for him on Saturday. The Headmaster of Ilvermorny had written to tell him that two Wampus House students Adrian and Jean were exchanging for OWLs. Gryffindor had been put in brackets. Had Ilvermorny really dispensed with surnames. He counted himself lucky they still wore school uniforms and didn't dress like some hooligans.

A Council of War was held at Potter Manor. Abraxas Malfoy waxed on at great length about Lucius taking the Dark Mark. He was in. Most definitely in. He volunteered to fiendfyre Slytherin. The adults would floo to Hogsmeade with the demigods. Harry made sure he had the three potions of Living Death.

Harry and Hermione liked the Ilvermorny angle and American accents that would last until 9pm. Sirius had an alert for 8:50pm and James for 8:55pm. The demigods liked the idea of wearing their armour to the welcoming feast. Sirius had the notes written for Regulus, Andromeda and Narcissa. House elves would deliver those at 8:55pm.

Charlus had checked with the police. There had been 65 murders that appeared to be connected to some ritual. Arcturus knew three of them, he thought. Sirius thought Reggie and Cissy had also taken the mark. Sirius would save them, if he could. Harry handed over the Black Heir ring. The remaining 60 had been other members of House Slytherin. Harry and Hermione got drilled in Ilvermorny customs people and subjects.

"Sirius, wear this with pride. If I do sort of make an entrance I'd be honoured to be blood adopted." Sirius put on the heir ring. He applied its sigil to the notes he'd written. Dorea would ensure the members of staff did not interfere. It was not possible to warn The Regent Longbottom. It would be somehow appropriate, if she were to be wearing her vulture hat. She would be. Poor Frank Longbottom didn't know what to do with himself. The embarrassment.

Harry and Hermione in their Ilvermorny uniforms and American accents joined James, Remus and Sirius in one compartment. All had their trunks. Peter joined later, just before the train was due to leave. This Sunday was the day of decision. The Hogwarts Express set off. Harry and Hermione chatted about things Ilvermorny. Peter was jealous that the three marauders had spent the holidays together. Mid afternoon Lords Malfoy, Potter and Black were resplendent in their dragonskin armour.

"When was the last time we three went to war?" Abraxas asked.

"The day we put an end to Grindelwald and His Knights of Walpurgis," Charlus replied.

"The day Dumbledore stole your triumph," Arcturus said, bitterly.

Dorea wasn't in armour, but she did have a hamper with her. They apparated the demigods to Hogsmeade and spent the afternoon snacking and discussing the Greek Gods of Olympus. The demigods in full armour garnered a lot of attention. They had fun. By 7:30 the welcoming feast was underway. Peter was seated on Remus' right. This was a position of honour. The food was good. Time ticked by. 8:50 and Sirius left the Great Hall. At 8:55 house-elves delivered notes to the Black kids. Looking annoyed Regulus, Andromeda and Narcissa Black left the great Hall and went to the unused classroom Sirius had summoned them to. James and the three demigods left and ran to the secret entrance behind Dumbledore's throne.

At 9pm, the doors to the Great Hall were flung open and Voldemort strode in. Charlus leapt from the staff table to face Voldemort. Arcturus faced Voldemort from in front of Dumbledore. As Dumbledore said, "You should not have come, Tom." Three things happened. Abraxas Malfoy cast fiendfye on the Slytherin table killing all pupils instantly. Remus placed his wand on Peter's neck and said, "Reducto."

Harry jumped up, the four rings of the founders blazing forth on his hand. Wand in hand, Harry cast sonorous on himself.

"I, Harry James Potter, heir to the founders four seal Hogwarts. I name Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore the worst headmaster in Hogwarts' history and dismiss him from his post."

Then he turned to face Voldemort.

"Well half-blood let's see what you've got."

Up in the classroom the four could hear commotion coming from the Great Hall.

"We must go," Narcissa said.

"This is Black family business, remain in your seats," Sirius said, heir ring burning bright. The three subsided in their seats. The three Blacks who should have been standing next to Voldemort, Cygnus, Orion and Pollux had been executed earlier that day by Arcturus Black using the Head of House ring.

James brought the three demigods through the secret entrance. He, Dorea and Augusta Longbottom prevent members of staff from intervening. Augusta had never liked Dumbledore or how he ran Hogwarts.

Percy brought up water to curl around the phoenix' tail feathers. It wasn't getting away. The spear stabbed its heart. Percy's sword ripped open its guts and Annabeth's cursed knife poisoned the phoenix. Arcturus Black attacked Dumbledore. Dumbledore defended himself. He never felt the blades of the three demigods end his life as they had his phoenix.

Voldemort sent an avada kedarva at Harry. Harry cast Expelliarmus. As in the battle in the courtyard, the two spells collided. Voldemort's wand gave up its dead. Charlus Potter, Battle mage, fired lethal; spell after lethal spell into Voldemort.

Harry could sense the battle was near the end. He called out, "Hermione." Hermione ran to Harry and hugged him. Harry kissed her full on the lips in a deep passionate kiss. His scar gave up its black material and rejoined its master. The wand in Voldemort's hand flew to Harry's outstretched one. Voldemort's clothing collapsed in on itself and Voldemort was dispersed by Harry's spell.

"You see, your kiss was what destroyed him," an exhilarated Harry told Hermione. Hermione vanished. Older Harry vanished.

"Quickly," Harry said to the demigods. He apparated them to their resting places. He put them in their casks and fed them the Draught of the Living Death. Once more he saw them freeze. He felt himself going. Yes, he was satisfied. If things went really well, he'd get to do that all over again and have schooling where he wasn't threatened with death every year. He faded from this timeline.

Epilogue (of sorts)

Athena wasn't letting Harry get away with knocking up her favourite daughter. She transferred the baby from Annabeth to herself. She gave birth in her unique style. Hadrianus Lupus was given to the she-wolf of Rome to bring up. The she-wolf did get helped, if that was quite the right word, by a midnight phoenix, name of Hedwig.

Athena ensured that the three got back to celebrating Percy's 15th birthday and the cola they were drinking had just the right amount of water from the Lethe to make them forget their little adventure. Hades couldn't resist telling Athena that she owed him big time. Hades was seen around Mount Olympus quite a lot more. He even encouraged Persephone to spend time out of Hades. Demeter ensured bountiful crops out of sheer happiness. Poseidon and Ares couldn't work out what had come over Hades. Zeus even turned to Hera for advice.

Croaker had many reasons to be glad how things had worked out. The numbers of people missing after Mintumble started decreasing and would eventually hit zero. It had been their efforts to fix things that had made them worse. That was what studying the Mysteries was all about.

Harry and Hermione were born when they were supposed to be. Hermione's brother Luke was saved. That brought her and her parents into the magical orb. Dobby did help to take care of Harry. Sirius did blood adopt Harry.

Abraxas Malfoy was with them, when they saved Pandora Lovegood.

"Hello, daddy," Pandora said to Abraxas. Luna just smiled and said, "Thank you for trusting Harry." Of course, she'd not met Harry. That equalled the shock value of the Regent LeStrange leaving that seat to Rolf Scamander.

Narcissa Black married Abraxas Malfoy. Who said everyone was getting a happy ending? Harry is not getting away from Draco that easily.

The three children rule became a thing. Harry had a brother and sister. James did marry Lily and Harry finally got his emerald eyes back. Did they all live happily ever after? They lived.