The Proposal


He collided onto the ground, his ears ringing as his teeth came together in a loud clack. He groaned in pain as he felt the gravity shift and the wind howled in his ears. He knew at that time that he was bleeding in his mouth, the metallic taste going to the back of his throat. The wind slowly died down, to which he opened his eyes to get an eye-full of black hair that stung his eyes. He quickly closed them again, wanting to just lie there until he starved.

"I apologize! I didn't realize that you would land like that. Where does it hurt? I can go get the medic!" his sister, Seshi, panicked. The determined glare in her eyes, while they were practicing, was gone, replaced with anxiety and fear. He normally lost to his sister during their training practices, he was never so lucky to win. How ironic, his whole power was controlling luck, yet he wasn't able to win. That was probably due to the fact he could only control other's luck, not his. He could have someone fall down the steps, but he couldn't make sure he wouldn't fall as well.

"Kenji! Speak to me, where does it hurt?" Seshi asked, taking her fingers and pulling his eyes open with her thumb and pointer finger. He winced, trying to force his eyes shut, but his sister held them open with her fingers.

"Everywhere," he murmured, sitting up and gesturing for Seshi to back away. She did, her knees sliding against the floor, causing her pants to get scuff marks. Kenji knew Seshi would get hell from their mother later for that, but at the moment he just wanted to forget.

"I'll go get a servant." Seshi started, getting up and patting her pants. Kenji grabbed her wrist, stopping her from continuing. After a few seconds, he grunted but stood up alongside his sister.

"There is no way. If mother learns about this she's going to murder you." Kenji argued, holding his head, "besides I'm fine. My head just hurts but I'm going to survive. If our mother gets to you-"

"If our mother gets to her then what?" Kenji flinched as the door opened, revealing an older woman with very short black hair and a fiery gaze in her narrow eyes, "now don't tell me you are keeping secrets from your mother."

Kenji kept his mouth shut, shaking his head. Their mother - Sakaye - had eyes on only Seshi as she circled the children.

"Speak to me, children. I want to know what happened. I know you won't tell me the truth so I'll have to get to the bottom of this myself." Sakaye spoke, standing then directly in front of Seshi, who was looking right back at her mother, not a hint of fear in her eyes, unlike her brother who gulped down a lump in his throat.

"Mother-" Seshi started, but Kenji frowned as he watched his mother's eyes go black, and then her sister's eyes follow suit. Sakaye was reading her mind, searching through and looking through her memories. Kenji rubbed his jaw as the mother and daughter stood for a whole minute before Sakaye scoffed, her eyes returning to normal once again.

"Typical, you two adore training," Sakaye muttered to herself, walking over to Kenji and snatching his jaw into her hands. He winced as she examined him, her gaze full of anger.

"It'll bruise, but nothing a little makeup can't cover." Sakaye let go of his jaw, then turned back to her daughter, "Meanwhile, you have a meeting with Prince Augustus of France." Sakaye stated, turning around, picking up the back of her dress which was dragging against the floor.

Seshi grumbled incoherently to Kenji, but his mother stopped, turning back towards Seshi, "A lady doesn't grumble. That posture is atrocious, fix it now. Get changed, you don't want to look like a fool in front of the guest."

Seshi curtsied, which was normally a sign of respect, but to Seshi it wasn't. She was showing how much she hated her mother.

"Of course, Mother." Seshi smiled, looking back up at her mother with determination in her eyes, "Whatever you seem fit."

Sakaye looked like she wanted to say more, but she only nodded and then left the two children in the room together. Kenji rubbed his jaw again. Meanwhile, Seshi flipped her middle finger towards the door, a gesture that made Kenji chuckle.

"So, a Prince is here just to see you." Kenji jokes, to which Seshi made a fist with her hands and held it up. Kenji flinched, preparing for a punch, but it didn't come.

"Another suitor. You're lucky, you are having a Selection." Seshi argued, walking over to the wall where she had left her book and sewing project, which was not coming along. She hated sewing, but yet again it was another thing that was expected of her.

"Lucky? You're the one getting help from me so the suitors' runoff." Kenji snapped back. He had indeed used his powers to put luck in Seshi's favor, and so far none of the suitors lasted. It wasn't long before Sakaye would expect Seshi to be married off to a foreign country. It was tradition. Who could go against tradition?

"I never asked you to!" Seshi yelled, "I am just fine on my own. I'll convince Sakaye my way! I don't need your help." she stormed off, leaving Kenji alone to think. He sighed, opening and closing his mouth slowly to help get rid of some of the pain.

Even though Seshi was older, she was not going to rule. Kenji was, he was the male. Kenji always took pity on his sister, he always tried to help her however he could. She was stubborn, though, she always wanted to do things on her own. She was strong too, the power she had, the ability to control air and wind. Most people overlooked her power, but Kenji knew just how dangerous it could be. Hell, he had the injury on his jaw to prove it. She didn't want to be married off to a royal family somewhere across the sea. She wanted to find love. Kenji could almost laugh at the sentiment, but he understood.

She wanted a happy life, one that didn't revolve around powers. If only she had been born at an earlier time, she could have had the life she wanted. Kenji wasn't going to dwell on the past, especially not when he could help her get what she wanted in the future.


Outside of the castle was about an acre of garden that Seshi normally liked to hide in when she was a kid and when she and Kenji would play hide and seek. It was an escape for her, so when Augustus, the Prince of France, offered to take a walk with her in that garden, she did not want to go. Unfortunately, her mother cut in, telling her to go with the Prince. Do whatever the Prince wants. She couldn't help but be slightly disgusted at the Prince and her mother, but she shrugged it off.

Now, the two of them walked along the path in the garden in silence, Seshi not wanting to speak up. She was adamant to herself that she would not give this man the light of day. She could get him to be uninterested.

Augustus cleared his throat, breaking the silence that Seshi had been longing for, "Princess… I'm beginning to think that you don't like me." Augustus had a French accent, which was expected. He was from France, but Seshi didn't expect to also notice that he didn't know English well. He knew it, but he struggled over words.

Seshi had to fight the urge to laugh and yell at him at the same time. She ran her fingers through her long brown hair, sighing slightly, "I don't know what you mean. I enjoy the company plenty." She lied through her teeth, putting on an innocent smile as she made sure her posture was up to her mother's standards.

Augustus laughed sheepishly, almost as if he didn't believe her. If he didn't believe her, then maybe he would go away sooner, "I meant that you seem annoyed at me, even though I don't think I have done anything wrong. Have I?"

You have come into my home and you are trying to marry me!

That's what Seshi wanted to say, but she didn't unfortunately. Instead, she shook her head, "No, Augustus, you haven't."

"Good. Good." Augustus nodded, glancing at a Lily that was in the garden, "Uh... Call me August." He looked back at Seshi, which she nodded in understanding. She wouldn't talk much anyway, so she didn't expect to even say his name again.

They continued down the path until Seshi's ankles started to hurt from her heels she was wearing. She sat on a bench that was surrounded by pink roses, flattening her dress. August, without even asking, sat next to her. She glanced at him then shuffled away from him. August noticed this, frowning slightly.

"I… know you don't want to marry me. I'm not particularly interested in you either." August admitted. For the first time, Seshi laughed out loud. She quickly put her hand to her mouth the stifle the giggles.

"Brutally honest," she said between her giggles. August laughed with her, and for once Seshi didn't feel uncomfortable around him.

"Listen, I have someone back at home I like, but my dad is very persistent… I'm hoping to stall for as long as I can so my father will change his mind." August sighed, leaning against the bench, he wasn't focused on his posture anymore. Seshi relaxed, feeling understood. She knew how it felt.

"My apologies if that seems rude.." August whispered, sitting back up. He rolled his head in a circular motion to crack a bone. Seshi winced, then laughed as August continued to crack his knuckles instead.

"You're going to end up with serious health problems if you continue to do that." she pointed out, to which August shook his head.

"That's just a myth." August protested, and Seshi chuckled.

"Agree to disagree," Seshi stated, and August nodded at the prospect. They sat in silence, yet it wasn't uncomfortable. They just seemed relaxed, August watching the clouds in the sky and Seshi picking at a loose sparkle on her dress.

A small bright idea flickered into Seshi's mind, only a small one. Yet that flicker of an idea soon turned into a raging bonfire as the idea manifested in her mind.

"If you don't mind, August, I'm going back up to my room. I had a good day, Thank you." Seshi curtsied, this time a genuine courtesy of respect. August stood up, giving Seshi a bow, confused as to why she was leaving so early but understanding her decision.

She quickly walked off, leaving no time to waste. She had to get to her brother, Kenji. She had to tell him about the idea she had.


"You want to have a Selection?" Kenji asked, staring at Seshi in surprise. She looked as if she had just walked miles just to get to his bedroom, and she was pacing around in his room in excitement. Adrenaline was running through her body.

"Yes! Think about it, since we are the same age, we could have it at the same time, you'll get fewer women to decide about, and I'll be able to pick my suitor as I've wanted since the beginning! Plus, our mother could see it as a good opportunity, and our father will still have his son to rule with a queen by his side." Seshi giggled, bouncing on the heels on her feet. Somewhere along the way, she had taken off her shoes to hold them, annoyed with the constant pain of her feet.

Kenji rubbed his temples, exhausted by how excited Seshi seemed to be. It would never work. His mother would never agree. She wanted Seshi to get married to a prince, that was the most 'lady-like'. Seshi watched her brother, her shoulders slumping slightly. She knew he didn't agree.

"Kenji… I can't be married off to someone I don't want to marry. I want to at least get a choice. I can't always be controlled by Sakaye." Seshi explained, "Please, just help me…"

Kenji laughed slightly, "I thought you didn't want my help." he said, sitting on his bed and running his fingers through his hair. Seshi rolled her eyes, crossing her arms.

"You know what I mean…" Seshi murmured, walking over to the bed and sitting next to her brother.

Kenji patted her sister's head, Seshi sighed, allowing her brother to comfort her, "Seshi, you know mother, even if she agrees with your idea there will be exceptions. Maybe… she'll choose every guy that comes… or that she'll force you to spend time with the suitor she likes. She's not going to let you get away that easily." Kenji explained, "It's the same with me, Father is already going to control the girls coming in."

Seshi frowned, nodding but standing back up, "I'll convince her. I just need some luck… may I have some please?" Seshi asked, turning back to her brother. Kenji sighed, shaking his head but closing his eyes and allowing himself to take a deep breath. He could feel his hands grow warm as he sent a current of luck towards his sister. To Seshi, it did not feel like anything, but to Kenji, it felt warm and calm. He always enjoyed it when he gave luck to others, it always made him smile.

"Thank you," Seshi stated as Kenji opened his eyes again. Kenji nodded towards his sister, who was walking towards the door to open it.

"Seshi." Kenji added, standing up, "Be careful."

Seshi looked back at her brother, her gaze softening slightly as she smiled, "Of course." she replied before she opened the door and exited the room, leaving Kenji to nervously wait for Seshi to return.


She sat in silence with her husband, taking the needle through the cross-stitch she was working on that was a dark green viper. Her husband's pen stretching on the paper annoyed her, the scratching repeatedly making her jaw clench. She had to hold the urge to snip at her husband, so she continued to focus on the cross-stitch, the one thing that could calm her. She sat on her metal throne in the gigantic throne room, and of course, her husband Benjamin was working on some foreign policy she had no interest in. She took the needle to stitch it through, yet the needle slipped, stabbing her in her pointer finger.

"What a nuisance," she murmured, taking her finger that was now forming a small droplet of blood and she watched it grow in size until it started dripping down her finger.

"Sakaye, clean that up. Don't let it drip." Benjamin said, and she looked at her husband, who was now staring at her. She scoffed slightly but took out a handkerchief and wiped the blood onto the white, silky cloth. Benjamin nodded, his head turning back to the paper he was writing on. She looked back at her cross-stitch, which she didn't realize had a drop of blood on the viper's teeth. She smeared it down, the illusion of blood on the viper now showing. She quite enjoyed the look of the viper, and now she started to continue her cross stitch with a smile on her face.

"Mother… Father… may I have a moment of your time?" a voice asked. Sakaye looked up to see her daughter standing, her head peeking out of the doorway. Sakaye sighed, laying the cross stitch onto her lap, and Benjamin took his paper and handed it to Sakaye. She didn't know what to do with it, so she laid it alongside her cross-stitch.

"Yes, you may Seshi," Benjamin answered, sitting up slightly, adjusting his posture. Sakaye watched her daughter with narrow eyes, questioning why she wanted to speak to them. She normally wouldn't go to Sakaye unless it was something important.

Seshi curtsied when she reached the front of the two thrones, "Thank you, Father. I have a proposal for you two if you would like to hear it."

Sakaye raised her eyebrows, examining her daughter's posture and body language. She was nervous, even though her eyes showed she was determined. Sakaye stood up, "A proposal? What sort of proposal are you talking about?" she asked, walking down to her daughter's side. Seshi looked at her mother, putting on a fake smile that Sakaye could see through.

"I want to have a Selection along with Kenji," Seshi stated. Sakaye laughed coldly, her gaze never leaving her daughters'. Seshi swallowed a lump in her throat as she patted her dress slightly.

"No." Sakaye said, walking back up to her throne, "Are you done?"

"Mother, Just hear me out, please?" Seshi asked. Sakaye tightened her fist, glaring at her daughter when she felt a hand cover hers. She looked over to her husband Benjamin, whose face was neutral. Sakaye could not detect any sort of emotion from him, as always.

"Go ahead, Seshi." Benjamin nodded, still holding his wife's hand. Sakaye took a deep breath in, annoyed and frustrated. What could she do anyway? He had the final say in any decision they were to make.

Seshi took a deep breath, straightening her back before she started, "As you already planned, Kenji's Selection is going to be announced at our birthday party. Kenji has many girls to choose from, so my thought was to have some girls and some guys come to the castle. You'll be able to choose them, or whatever you planned for Kenji's selection. This way, I could have some say in my decision for my suitor and Kenji could have more chances to bond with the girls…" Seshi finished, her gaze going back to her parents.

Sakaye was only glaring, while her father seemed to be thinking.

"Sakaye, you know she won't want a prince," Benjamin said, looking at his wife.

Sakaye rolled her eyes, picking up her cross-stitch, "If she wants to have frivolous adventures with guys she could have just asked. I want to decide the boys coming in. Benjamin, I don't care who comes in for Kenji, but I'll be deciding who is fit enough for Seshi."

Seshi seemed to bounce slightly as her mother looked back up at Seshi, "and Seshi… You will be reporting to me how your…" she hesitated " life is going. I will be expecting to hear everything."

Seshi sighed but nodded, "Yes mother."

Benjamin stood up, "I'm assuming only the girls will train with other girls and vice versa."

"No." Sakaye hissed, standing up alongside her husband, "Let the boys and girls train together. We don't have to discriminate against gender." Sakaye finished, Benjamin nodding in agreement.

"Thank you mother, thank you, father." Seshi bowed, turning and walking towards the door.

Sakaye walked towards her daughter, "Seshi." she said, and watched as her daughter turned around towards her. Sakaye went to her side, brushing her fingers through her daughter's hair. Seshi flinched but did not move or say anything.

Sakaye leaned down to her daughter, a smile on her face as she whispered into her daughter's ear, "You might think that you are getting away from me, but you are not. I will make sure you have a powerful husband, you do not have a choice in this as you may think. I am only allowing this because you're running out of Princes to marry. Consider yourself lucky, Seshi." Sakaye didn't realize she was gripping her daughter's arm so tight that it left marks. Seshi pulled away from her mother, nodding slightly, the same determination in her eyes that Sakaye often saw.

"Of course, Mother," Seshi replied, curtsying once again to Sakaye. She looked back up at her mother, a smile on her face as she turned and exited the giant throne room.


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