The Rival


"-and the river connecting the two oceans is called a canal. Between Panama and South America is the Panama Canal, which we use to connect the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. In the past, we used it for travel to easily get to the Eastern Hemisphere. Nowadays, it's served for luxury cruises and to transport military troops into Asia." the teacher, Mr. Hemmingway spoke in a monotone voice.

Kenji already knew about the history of the Panama Canal. He liked history, much more than any other subject. Unfortunately, Mr. Hemmingway's methods of teaching were dull and lifeless. Everyone else in the classroom didn't even seem to care. Seshi was doodling on her paper as Liliac, the eldest daughter of the Star's house, was whispering with her younger sibling, Dahlia, who kept chuckling ever so often. Toronto, the boy from Emerald's house was sitting in the back, the only one who was also into history just like Kenji.

Everyone in the classroom was a part of the older kids group, they still had to go to classes and learn, but Kenji and Seshi were 'graduating' soon. Since they were now considered adults.

There were younger kids, but Kenji didn't have any classes with them. Thank god for that, since Kenji knew he couldn't learn with little children that never seemed to stop talking.

"Mrs. Moriginta, since you seem to want to whisper and talk, why don't you tell me about the history of Panama? You seem interested, don't you?" Mr. Hemmingway glared. Kenji had to fight the urge to chuckle as Liliac bit her lip in concentration.

"Right... Um.. it wasn't a state? Like- America never wanted it like they wanted Hawaii or...Nebraska?" Lilac stuttered, clearly annoyed that the teacher called on her.

"Close. Alaska." Mr. Hemmingway signed, looking back at the board, "for your homework due next week I want everyone to create a map of the United States of America as close as they can without looking at any pictures. Everyone is dismissed."

Seshi was the first to stand out of her chair. She seemed excited, and Kenji knew why. They were going to train now. Seshi's favorite part of the day was when she was able to use her powers. Kenji followed his sister, watching her skip down the hallway as the other kids yawned.

Kenji had to admit, he loved their training instructor. She was tough but kind, hard-working but relaxed. Much more dynamic than Mr. Hemmingway could ever be.

"I wonder what Mrs. Angelica is going to teach today? I hope that it's fun." Seshi spoke, clearly speaking to her brother but not looking at him. Kenji shrugged, wishing he had Seshi's energy when it came down to training.

"I just hope she doesn't have us do laps again," Dahlia spoke up, she was listening to the conversation. Of course, she was, since she was standing next to Seshi. Dahlia seemed to admire Seshi more than her sister, and Liliac never seemed to get along with Seshi.

"I hate laps," Toronto admitted and Liliac rolled her eyes.

"Why do you even train with us since you don't have any powers?" Lilac asked, bitterness in her voice. Toronto shrugged, unfazed by Liliac's remarks. He was used to being ridiculed by Liliac, who always acted like she was better than everyone else.

"He trains because he's forced to," Seshi murmured slightly. Kenji noticed that she seemed rather off. She was uncomfortable around Toronto. Did he do something to make her feel anxious? Kenji had to know, but they reached the training arena before he could ask.

"Good morning students!" Angelica called. She was wearing her normal outfit, a dark blue jacket that zipped up to her neck and some black leggings. Her blonde curly hair was in a tight ponytail, and her eyes were focused on a clipboard.

"Good Morning Mrs. A!" Seshi smiled, walking into the arena further, "What are we doing today, huh?" She asked. Angelica chuckled, glancing back up at Seshi.

"Today we are going to start with an obstacle course, then followed by a tournament." Angelica said, "Everyone should go into the locker rooms and change into your training gear. Today is going to be a fun one."

Seshi jumped, she loved tournaments. Kenji was not looking forward to the tournament, but he did like the obstacle course. He looked over to it, seeing a range of pillars and ropes and even a wall with rocks on it.

Other than Seshi, the other students slowly walked to the locker room, not as excited as Seshi was to be training. Kenji opened his locker with his code, looking at his black tracksuit. Taking off his shirt, he wondered what it would be like for the selected. Surely, it was going to be like this, but with many more people involved than just the five students. Kenji wondered what was going to happen with his lessons as well, since the Selected was going to be in the castle, learning with him.

He was the first one out of the locker room, followed by Toronto. The girls took ten more minutes to come out, Liliac being the last one, her hair now in a ponytail. Why did it take ten minutes for her to put on her tracksuit?

"Alright, everyone is here. Good. Now, for the obstacle course. The winner will be able to go first in the tournament, and they also get to decide who they want to practice with first. You may use your powers in the obstacle course, but you cannot sabotage the chances of anyone else. Everyone got it?" Angelica asked, to which everyone nodded their head. They were instructed to go to the start of the course, and Kenji analyzed what was in front of him.

Bars were right in front of him, crossing together and leading them down to some wooden pillars. If they fell from any of the obstacles, there was a net that caught them. Kenji glanced at his sister, who was ready to run, her face filled with excitement and determination.

"On my marks." Angelica started, everyone took a deep breath in, "Begin!" She called.

Immediately Kenji felt the rush of wind as Seshi boosted herself up to the first bar. Kenji climbed the latter, watching his sister hang onto the bars and maneuver her way across. Kenji held onto the bars with as much strength as he could, crossing his arms to get to the next bar. It took him a solid ten seconds to reach the final bar. He swung slightly to propel himself to the wooden pillar, which shook once he landed on it. He held his balance for a few seconds, then he jumped to the next wooden pillar. He was about to go to the next when he heard a metal clang and then a small yelp. He saw Dahlia hanging onto the wooden pillar with her hands, she didn't manage to land onto the small opening. Kenji hesitated before he turned around, going to the pillar and helping Dahlia up.

"You didn't have to do that…'' Dahlia whispered. Kenji smiled and shrugged, then kept going. Seshi was in the lead, of course, she was. She could get past the obstacles with her powers. Lilac was following close behind, her power of body manipulation coming in handy. Basically, she could stretch out her limbs to reach where she wanted to go. Luck didn't help Kenji, and he couldn't sabotage anyone else with bad luck. He had to rely on his strength.

Toronto also had a hard time, since he didn't have any powers himself. Still, he was in third place, his strength proving more valuable than any power he could have had.

Dahlia jumped on the wooden pillars next to Kenji as they landed together on the soft cushion. Kenji grabbed the rope, starting to pull himself up. Dahlia's power would come in handy now as she made herself larger to get up the rope faster.

Kenji reached the top, pulling himself up to the set of targets. They had to make a bullseye to continue. Seshi released her fifth arrow, finally getting that bullseye. She jumped as she ran towards the wall, Liliac shooting her fourth arrow and making a bullseye as well. It was head to head as they both tried to make it up the wall.

Kenji stopped stalling, grabbing the bow and arrows as he took an arrow to shoot. He pulled back the bowstring, taking a deep breath before he let it go, getting a bullseye on his first try. He dropped the bow, sprinting to the wall. He could make it in third place, which wasn't so bad. He held onto the rocks, climbing up the wall. Once he reached the top, he jumped down, landing on his feet. They buckled beneath him and he fell to the ground, but thankfully he stood up, running to the finish line.

Seshi was beaming, she had won. Lilac did not seem content with second place. Kenji watched as Toronto made it up the wall, in fourth place. Dahlia's head soon poked out as she stepped over the wall then shrunk herself.

"Well done everyone!" Angelica smiled. Dahlia was frowning though. Kenji walked up to her.

"You good?" He whispered. She nodded.

"I'm not good at archery." She admitted, shrugging it off. Kenji nodded, remembering the time he had to learn archery as well, and it was not fun.

"Alright Seshi, you have the choice of who you want to train with first," Angelica said. Kenji secretly prayed that Seshi would not choose him.

Thankfully, she chose Lilac instead. They seemed to have a rivalry, but Kenji didn't understand why. They were both incredibly strong, maybe it was a power thing.

The group was ushered back as Liliac and Seshi stood in front of each other. Seshi held out her hand, a smile on her face.

"May the best woman win," Seshi stated. Lilac scoffed but grabbed her hand and shook it. Seshi then stepped back, cracking her knuckles. Lilac shook her head and crossed her arms. Kenji watched his Sister, she seemed confident. No matter who she fought she always seemed confident.

"You may begin when you two feel ready," Angelica called, and immediately Liliac stretched her hand to grab Seshi. Seshi sprung into action, using her wind to boost herself into the air to dodge the incoming arm. She flipped in the air, grabbing the arm mid-air.

Lilac retracted her arm, bringing Seshi closer to herself. Seshi let go of the arm, finally landing into a roll. Lilac went to punch her but Seshi used her own arms to push herself away. She landed on her feet, bent down and alert.

Lilac continuously tried to grab or bunch Seshi, but no matter what Liliac did, it always seemed like Seshi predicted her movements. Kenji was in awe of his sister, the sheer amount of power but control she had.

Eventually, Liliac gave up, groaning.

"No fair! You won't even come at me." Lilac protested. Seshi huffed out a breath, sighed, and used her wind to knock Liliac down, who wasn't paying attention to her balance.

"There, happy now?" Seshi asked. Lilac growled slightly, standing up.

"Wow, Princess Seshi wins again, just like she always does. She's so perfect and special." Lilac said in a mocking tone. Seshi clenched her fists tightly.

"If you were better you could have won," Seshi argued.

"Please, you wouldn't let me. You're just like your mother, you never want to lose and you'll do anything to win." Lilac scoffed. Seshi's determination and confidence turned completely into anger and rage.

Seshi walked up to her, grabbing her tracksuit's collar and punching her directly in her nose.

"That's enough!" Angelica runs over, "The fight is over, Seshi!" Angelica yelled. Seshi huffed out a breath of air, letting of Liliac's tracksuit and storming away. Lilac held her nose, but Kenji could tell that she was bleeding.

Seshi walked out of the training room, storming off before Kenji could even react. Dahlia ran over to her sister, trying to comfort her but Liliac pushed her away, storming off as well. Thankfully, they both went separate ways. Toronto and Kenji stood still, shocked.

"Well… That was eventful." Toronto whispered to himself.

Kenji chuckled, "Yeah, it was…"

"Is it true what she said? Your mother doesn't like to lose?" Toronto asked.

Kenji sighed, rubbing his temples, "Yeah. My father told me that one time she poisoned a selected drink to get them away. Thankfully, she didn't drink it… but my mother really wanted to win I guess."

"Jesus." Toronto murmured, "I hope no one does for your Selection."

Kenji didn't think of that. Would that happen? Would the girls fight over him? God, he hoped not. Why would they fight over him though? He wasn't that amazing. Well, other than the fact that he was a prince…

What did he get himself into?


"A fight, huh?" Sakaye asked. The guard in front of her nodded simply. He was informing her about the training her daughter did today. She had punched a girl directly in her face. Sakaye didn't know whether or not she wanted to laugh or scream.

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention." She stated simply, waving her hand to let the guard know that she did not want him in her room anymore. The guard bowed respectfully then left, leaving Sakaye alone in her room.

She looked at her mirror, seeing her reflection. She calmly grabbed her lipstick, sliding the matte color of blood-red across her lips. Seshi was powerful, yes. Yet she was also an idiot.

She didn't know how to control her emotions in front of others, something Sakaye spent years perfecting. Surely this incident would be public knowledge within the hour. They would call her names, The crazy princess or The blood-thirsty princess!

It was absolutely ridiculous how the media portrayed the family, yet Sakaye couldn't do much about it. She could only sit and look pretty. Look like a queen next to her husband, who she was loyal to and supported no matter what.

The truth was she didn't. Of course, she married him, but not because he was 'handsome' or that he was 'kind'. She had a plan that has been passed down through the generations of her family. It was finally coming true.

Soon a terrible, tragic accident will happen, leaving only Sakaye and her daughter to inherit the throne. Soon, the power would belong to her. She had waited long enough, it was almost time.

Seshi was showing her strength. People could fear her just like they feared Sakaye. There wouldn't be any argument of if they were suited to take the throne since anyone who spoke out would be silenced.

Seshi would be punished for her outburst, of course. Yet in the end, Sakaye didn't see Seshi's outburst as bad. In fact, she couldn't help but chuckle at how good this would be for her.


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