Chapter 1: Dark, Darker Yet Darker

My name is Lumen. I'm a slime. A little blob of goo, the weakest of the weak monsters. The only thing noteworthy about me is the fact my green body glows yellow with static, making me look like a lightbulb. Basically, conception magic wasn't kind to me.

I'm slithering along at my fastest pace; walking speed, on my way to school. I live in Hometown (yes, very on the nose) an almost too peaceful place, but at least it helped me keep up a schedule which I am adhering to.

In order to get to school on time I'm eating breakfast on the way, today it was toast. It is currently stuck in the left side of my body being slowly digested like acid with electrical sparks. Very tasty. Once its done I toss my cup of coffee directly into my face to 'drink' it. Plus the hot beverage doubles as a shower. I use my little orbs of hands to put the cup back in my backpack literally stuck to my back, and check my white beanie that is my only source of modesty to make sure it didn't get soaked.

I can see the school coming up, but it'll still take a minute or two for me to reach it, so I take my phone and headphones out of my back and-oh, needs charging. So I stick my hand in the cable port and begin zapping it whilst using my other nub to select one of 'Shyren's Songs' and begin playing it. Still feels a little awkward, but I can't let go of childhood comforts.

Eventually the door is in sight, and I begin the process of squishing my slimy self against the door until I muster enough force to squeeze through, then begin slithering to class...on the other side of the school. Well, at least coming in so early I don't get trampled again.

Once again making it to the next door, I breath deep. Focusing, I, painfully, stretch my body up to the doorknob and manage to get it open, before slipping in. The classroom is empty as usual, the teacher still in the lounge.

I make my way over to my desk, once again stretching up to grab onto it and hoist myself up, before dumping my bag on my desk and getting out my books and pencilcase. Then the waiting as I cycle through more songs.

'Today is Maths.' I remember as I flip through my book, eventually landing on the stuff we covered last time, the pages completely scribbled with notes, methods and my own little ramblings written down. I look over it again...and again...and again...then moan in frustration. Why couldn't I get it?

Soon, the door opens. "Morning, Lumen."

"Good morning Mr. Whim." I greet the almost pixie-like teacher dressed in a fancy coat, carrying his cane with him. He never has to use it though.

"Looking over notes from last lesson?" He questions as he writes on the board. "The extra lessons are still open for you-"

"I'm fine, thank you, sir." I pick up a pencil in a nub and pretend to know what I'm doing. He doesn't say anything more, as we have both come to expect.

Soon the classroom is filled up, and I begin concentrating on our lesson as hard as I can, jotting down all the notes I could. And trying, TRYING, to make sense of it all. I'm sure I can get it, but why does it feel like such a huge jump between what we learned last time and now!? And on top of that there was this horrible feeling in my body.

"Mr. Whim, sir?" I speak up, raising a nub. "May I please be excused so I can go to the bathroom?"

"Very well." He nods as I jump off the desk and splat to the ground. "Could somebody open the door for-?"

"I've got it, thank you." I interrupt as I stretch myself up and open the door, before going out.

Eventually making my way to the bathroom and taking care of business, I pull myself up onto the sink and splash myself with water. Just staring at it reminds me of a bad memory where I was sucked down the plughole and mom had to call the plumber to get me out...and another time when I accidentally electrocuted my sister in the public pool...and that other time-

'Get it together.' I tell myself, flattening my green gooey gob against the mirror. 'You can do this. It's just a little math difficulty! On top of science...and history...geography, drama, I.T.-'

I groan so much my entire body jiggles as I peel myself off of the mirror. 'Maybe I should, no, I can't think like that. I'll definitely get it! I will! Who will!? You will! Yeah!'

I jump down and make my way out of the door, and began heading back to class.


I stop.

Standing in the middle of the hallway was a female purple humanoid dinosaur monster with long black hair covering her eyes standing next to a human with a goldenrod complexion and a striped shirt.

I bolt back towards the toilet.

"Hold it, bulb brain!" I am too late as she sprints after me and grabs me with one hand before hoisting me up. "That any way to treat an old friend?"

"Susie, what do you need?" I mumble.

This monster was named Susie. She was the typical bully type. Me and her go back a bit since elementary. She picked on me a couple of times, I told on her a couple of times, very back and forth relationship we had. Mostly in her favour. The human was obviously Kris, Miss Toriel's adopted child. They had a habit of being a bit of a troublemaker from what I heard, but right now they were just standing there with a blank expression.

"I'm so glad you asked." She bares her teeth in typical intimidation. "I was just thinking we could use a torch and you came to mind. And as if by pure coincidence, here you are."

"A torch, why do you need a-" I am cut off as the violently swings me around on her way back in front of the janitors closet of all things.

And as I peer's dark. The darkest I'd ever seen, almost like a wall. Being a living light-night I'd never had trouble with the dark, but this was something...unnatural.

"That's why." She snarled. "So get with the glowing."

"Um..." Usually I'd just go along with her ideas for the sake of having a relatively normal day, but this was...almost disturbing. I looked to Kris as a fellow captive most likely, but they just stared straight on. "Susie, I really don't like the looks of this..."

"Yeah, well, we need chalk, so tough luck. Or what? Are you shake powered?" She threatened.

"I-I've got it." I faltered as I gave off sparks within me, lighting up my entire body.

"That's better. And don't you dare zap me."

"We both know you've built up a tolerance to it."

"See, Lumen? Smart sludge, ain't ya? Come on, Kris."

I roll my dot eyes as the two of them walk in, Susie holding me up like a torch. We can see nothing but some papers on the ground in front of us. Susie swings me roughly around for a minute. Despite giving off a definitive glow, I don't reveal anything, not even a wall!

"What the hell, Lumen? You ain't lighting up jack!" She hissed as we walked further and further in. And it was true, my light didn't reveal anything, not even the floor.

"This...feels wrong." I admitted, peering into the darkness the three of us were moving further, and further into. "C-Can't you feel it, Kris?" The human just shrugged in response.

"You mean the fact this closet is, what, a million miles long?" Susie growled. "Forget this. If Alphys wants her chalk so bad, she can just get it herself. Come on, Kris." The two of them began a too long walk back to the door, Susie still clutching me tightly.

When the door slammed shut.

"What the-?" She finally dropped me to the ground so she can pound on the door. "Hey! Let us out!" As she hit it, to my horror, I felt the papers underneath us rustling.

"Susie? Kris?" I point out nervously.

"The floor!" She yells, as the papers begin falling down! We all back up as much as we can, but soon there's nowhere left to go!

And the three of us fall into total darkness.

I'm gonna be honest, this is a little side-project I'm doing to try and get me out of a lack of motivation writing. Sorry if it shows in this first chapter, but this will only last for around 5 chapters, the same as Deltarune Chapter 1. In any case, I hope this will be at least somewhat enjoyable for everyone.

Lumen's Hometown Stats:

HP: 10

ATK: 2 (+1)

DEF: 1 (+1)


ARMOR: Headphones