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Chapter 1

Mornings always made Bulma jittery.

Even though her son, Trunks, was indeed a Super Saiyan, the possibility of complete instant annihilation never faded away. The origins of the current state of affairs could be traced to several events. Probably the most well-known of which would be the arrival of the androids, a pair of teenagers that were cybernetic in body and destructive in nature. Seventeen years prior, the Earth's best hope of combating threats to the peaceful blue planet died of a heart virus in his bed not too long after returning home from a successful journey to defeat the universe's most notorious tyrant, Frieza. Without him, it would've seemed that any hope of restoring order out of chaos and destruction died as well. However, his allies rallied themselves in an all-out struggle against the androids. Sadly, it ultimately ended in the deaths of most of the Earth's special forces. Only Gohan, son of the mighty protector himself, and Trunks, son of the Prince of all Saiyans, lived to tell the tale. The war continued against the monsters that ran amok, atomizing anything or anyone crossing their paths and playing games where the only goal was to see who could rack up the most kills.

The never-stilling air of the completely ruined city seemed to break as whooshing could be heard. Bulma pushed a graying clump of light blue hair out of her face and headed towards the door in desperate hopes that her son managed to elude the machines another day to provide food for himself and her...well mostly himself. Pushing the door open, her mouth fell to the lowest position her jaw would allow.

The very devils she hoped her son had avoided were standing right in front of her.

"AAAAH!" She screamed falling backward on her butt.

Using her hands to support herself into a sitting position, she looked at the murderers with absolute fear.

The male cyborg smirked down at the woman with his arms crossed.

"Yeah, I can see the resemblance." Spoke the black-haired man. "Judging by your blue hair I'd say that you're Bulma Briefs, correct?"

The woman's face became evident with more shock and terror as she shook.

How did they know her name? Why did they have to come here of all places? And…

She froze as worry washed over her.

Where is her son?

Trunks went out to get groceries and should've been back by now, so where is he!?

Not even daring to think twice about the worst possible scenario happening to her only son, she refocused back on her current situation...though it wasn't as ideal either.

Trying her absolute best to maintain herself, which she's doing poorly at, Bulma managed to speak, hoping she'll get out of this alive.

"W-What do you want? What are you doing here?"

The blonde female chuckled in amusement as she brushed some of her hair behind her left ear. Finding the woman's behavior ludicrous.

"Funny," she said. "Who would have thought the swordsman's mother would act so ridiculous?"

"Hehe," chuckled her brother. "Yeah, I see what you mean sis."

When Bulma heard the blonde say "swordsman" she snapped with anger and fear after furiously getting back on her feet.


Doing this directed the duo's attention back to the woman. Making her shrink back a bit while remaining stern.

"Well she's got quite a temper, doesn't she?" Scoffed 18.

"She sure does."

Right before Bulma could explode, Android 17 spoke up.

"Now now," he teasingly chided. "There's no need for cursing."

She kept her glare as 17 spoke.

"But yes, we do know. You see, about your sword-swinging son," he formed a menacing grin for what he said next. "We finally put that brat of yours down for good."

Bulma's glare immediately shifted into a look of shock and horror.

"Hey," the female android cut in. "It's what he deserved for cutting my hair." she scoffed in annoyance.

Then a wicked smirk crossed her beautiful face while giving a light chuckle. "Though I am surprised that he lasted longer than before."

The heartbroken scientist's horrified expression returned to a hateful glare as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Taking delight in her reaction, the raven-haired android resumed his talking.

"There's no need to worry. After what he put us through today, we're taking a break from killing at the moment," he said nonchalantly with his hands up.

Though she was relieved, it was still not enough. In all honesty, it was hard to tell if they were really telling the truth or not.

Then her eyes widened as she realized something…how did they know the location of their home?

"W-Wait," she found enough courage to speak again, still retaining her glare. "How did you even find out where we live?"

She saw the duo smirk amusingly at her question. Only adding more irritation to the blue-haired woman.

"I know for a fact that my son would never tell you two of all people in a million years! So how did you know!? And more importantly why are you here if it's not to kill me!?"

The androids looked at each other and chuckled before 17 answered Bulma.

"Well to answer your questions in order," he said. "For how we found out: let's just say that we have good eyes and are experts on interrogation."

Hearing this made Bulma gasped. She knew that they did more than just interrogate those poor people.

"It wasn't that hard," 18 said. "We followed your son as soon as we saw him sneak past us. Once we found him entering a tattered market we waited for him to leave."

"You're right, no matter what we would've done to the kid he still wouldn't talk." 17 added. "So after he left, we got answers out of the humans working there." An evil grin formed across his face. "We found out that 'Trunks and his mother Bulma Briefs lived in a torn down company known as Capsule Corporation up in the ruined West City'. That was all we needed to hear before ending their fear and pain."

Bulma was greatly scared but had more tears leaking from her eyes. She knew that none of them deserved what the mechanical maniacs have done.

"As for why we're here…" 17 paused.

The scientist had her eyes closed as nothing but silence was heard for a brief moment. Opening her eyes she looked up at the androids…who each bore shadowed glaring smiles directly at the woman.

Her eyes widened greatly while shaking with fear. All feelings of rage were nearly all gone.

"No…d-don't tell me…t-they couldn't have!"

"We also heard something about a "time machine" being made to stop us from having our fun," the man revealed. His sister let out a dark chuckle in response.


Bulma felt nothing but absolute horror. The very tool that was everybody's last chance to survive, as well as a big secret that the very machines standing before her were to never know about, was revealed to them.

"Hehe, like we said before we won't kill you. That said, we did think that it would be fair to pay a visit to what's left of the world's greatest company," joked 17. His malicious grin caused the middle-aged woman to take a few steps back.

Her full rage returned to the surface and, in doing so, ran forward in an attempt to plunge her fist directly at his face. But the moment her hand flew she instantly regretted it, for he snatched her fist before it could even touch him.

She yelled in pain due to his intense grip. Faster than the eye can see, he gave her a brutal knee to her stomach knocking the wind out of her.

He let go of her fist as she fell to her hands and knees. She was lucky he didn't break her arm.

The dark-haired male android looked at Bulma, then at his sister. "And here I thought women were saner than men."

"I guess there's always an exception," roused 18. "C'mon, let's take care of her little toy."

Bulma shrieked.

She couldn't let them get to her project! It was the only hope for the world!

"NO!" She screeched while getting out a gun in her pocket. Knowing it wouldn't do a thing on the psychos before her, it was the only way left she had to attack them.

Before Bulma could pull the trigger, the male android's sister instantly appeared behind the bluenette and hoisted her off her feet with one hand around her neck. A swift motion of her arm launched the female scientist across the room, shattering a wooden table and leaving a large impression in the wall as she slumped down to the floor, unconscious.

In her state, she was unable to hear the sounds of shattering equipment and breaking glass echoing throughout her laboratory.

"I've gotta get there before they do!"

Trunks flew as fast as he could in his tattered state back to his home.

He was unconscious for a short period of time, but he still remembered the last words the androids have said before abandoning him.


Trunks is seen blasted towards the rocky ground.

He was returning home with groceries for him and his mom, but then the androids found and thrashed him.

They landed in front of the barely conscious Half-Saiyan's tattered body.

The blonde walked closer to him and kneeled at face level.

"You know. We owe you, big time kid," 18 thanked, rubbing his bloody lavender hair.

"Now that we know what you've been doing all this time…we can make sure that you'll never ruin freedom." She deviously smirked down at him.

His barely opened eyes widened a bit yet still showed evidence of fear. He wasn't dense to her words…

They knew.

"Though before we leave," 17 interjected, "I can see how close you are to losing consciousness."

The black-haired android displayed a dark grin.

"It's only fair that we put you to sleep permanently, right sis?"

18 smirked back to her brother, "Completely."

The duo then flew up into the air and stopped 200 feet above the tattered Half-Saiyan. They both glanced at one another and nodded in understanding. 17 rose his right hand while 18 rose her left. They yelled as they powered up, forming two balls of energy above their hands. Each orb grew as they kept increasing their power. It was a matter of time when the orbs merged, creating a massive sphere of energy.

Done charging up, the orb was 25 out of 100 percent the size of the moon.

The Saiyan found enough strength to look up in horror.

Trunks had to get out of there and fast!

Back in the sky, 17 and 18 looked back down at their little problem with sick smiles of joy.

"You've been a pain in the ass long enough." 18 snarked.

"You're never going to change history and we'll both see to that!" 17 swore.

Then they both shouted in unison, "NOW DIE!"

They threw the colossal orb down at the young Saiyan, sealing his fate.

As it hit the ground, the impact resulted in a huge explosion around the target.

(End of Flashback)

Trunks was truly lucky to make it out of there. Had he not gotten himself out of the way, he would've been a goner for sure this time.

As the orb was approaching the ground, he was able to find enough strength to get up and run.

It was painful but still better than death.

He survived, but the force of the explosion blew him a good distance away. Due to the blinding light of the attack and landing in a pile of building debris, the androids didn't see him escape.

Once he regained consciousness, he wasted no time returning home. As he neared his destination, he kept on thinking "please make it first" over and over again.

He refused to let them get his mother too!

A few miles away from him, he saw Capsule Corp dead ahead and pleaded that he made it first.

But what he noticed made his heart drop.

Stopping 5 feet above the building, he saw his house with a hole blasted through the building's roof and shattered window glass outside on the ground.


He started to shake in fear.

"MOM!" He immediately came in for a landing and charged straight into his home.

It had been about an hour since the androids' little visit and Bulma was still lying unconscious on the floor.

It was dead quiet until her sleeping ears picked up a faint murmur.


The faint murmur slowly turned into a voice. One she knew all too well.

"Mom! It's me, wake up!"

The voice of her only child brought her back to the world of awake.

"W-Wha?" She asked.

Trunks formed a small smile of relief.

Still unaware of her son's presence, Bulma tried getting back to her feet as he supported her from her arms. He let her stand on her own and gave her a bit of space. He remained next to her as she took a step forward.

"What's go-ugh!"

But her strength to talk gave out on her while losing her balance in the process.


Thankfully, Trunks caught her in time.

"It's alright, I've got you," he reassured.

As the Saiyan helped support her again, she got back up with her right hand rubbing her sore head.

Fully recovered from dizziness, the scientist finally noticed that she wasn't alone.

She looked left and shock appeared on her face.

"Hey, mom." Trunks greeted with a small smile.

Tears of joy immediately leaked from her eyes as she lunged at her child, sobbing on his shoulder.

"Trunks. Thank god you're alive!"

Surprised at her instant reaction at first, he smiled and returned the heartwarming embrace to his poor mother.

But his smile turned into a serious expression as he looked around his trashed house. He refocused back to his mother.

"It was them, wasn't it?"

Bulma shakily nodded. "N-Not only did they trash the place, but they…" Bulma's eyes grew as she remembered something.

"OH NO!" She shouted before running to the basement.

"Huh? Mom wait, hold on!" surprised, Trunks ran after his mother to the basement.

As Bulma reached the basement entrance, her eyes grew in fear and immediately stopped five feet away from what's left of a metal door.

It was dented, scarred, and partially melted. In its state, the door couldn't even close.

Trunks was on his way down, calling his mother.

"Mom! Wait u-" what he saw down the hall stopped him from finishing his sentence. Right behind Bulma, his face went from concern to shock as he noticed the damaged metal door.

"No…" was all Bulma could say as she slowly walked forward.

As she was within reach, she slowly grabbed the door only to wince back from the burning heat still emitting from it.

She did give a pull on it, but she didn't notice the bottom sealed to the floor.

Trunks, on the other hand, did notice this and went over with his sword.

Looking at his mother, who faintly nodded, he severed the door with great force as it came banging to the ground.

Looking back up, Trunks's eyes were completely appalled. But Bulma's eyes grew in horror once again.

The room was beyond the definition of 'trashed'...

It was obliterated.

Walking inside, they saw everything in shambles. Walls were torn and blasted, furniture burned, crates in ashes, blueprints singed, wires dangling from various areas while emitting sparks of electricity, broken glass scattered on the floor, along with leftover steam trapped in the room.

"Mom…your lab…"

Bulma had tears of sorrow come down her cheeks.

She slowly continued forward and looked around the wrecked facility. And what caught her attention filled her grief even more.

It was the time machine…or what's left of it.

The pod was all in pieces.

She dropped to her knees and burst into tears.


Trunks gritted in anger at all that has transpired. The androids murdered countless people, shattered their peace, killed his father, his master Gohan, assaulted his mother, trashed his home, and now they ruined their last chance to change the fate of everyone!

He's finally had enough of their shitty way of fun. He had to go find them again! But…

He looked back at his devastated mother.

His expression turned into one of heartache. He couldn't leave after what happened here.

Mom. I should've been here a lot sooner. No, I shouldn't have even left.

Walking over to her, Trunks sat on his knees next to her, putting a heartfelt hand on her left shoulder.

"Mom," he said in a hurt tone, "I'm so, so sorry this happened."

Bulma heard his words and slowly stopped crying. Looking at her son with watery eyes, she could see guilt all over his face.

He closed his eyes. "This is all my fault," he pointed out. "If I had gotten here sooner or just stayed, then we wouldn't be in this situation! The androids wouldn't have found our home, you wouldn't have gotten hurt, those people would still be alive, and the time machine would still be in one piece!"

She was taken aback at this. Trunks felt responsible for all of this.

Tears were now present in his eyes. "I'm so sorry mom!"

Bulma stared at her son for a moment. But then a small touching yet hurt smile graced her face. Her boy is such a selfless young man.

Scooting over, she gave Trunks a sad yet heartwarming embrace.

Opening his eyes, he looked at his mother as she soothingly rubbed his back.

"Honey, none of this is your fault," she gently reassured. "Remember, neither you nor them could sense each other. They just snuck up on you and there's nothing wrong with that. None of this is your fault."


"Besides, I had no idea that this would happen. Trunks, they will get what's coming, I guarantee it."

He returned the comforting embrace.

"Mom…I promise I'll stop them."

She smiled at that, "I know you will."

They will find another way.

She closes her eyes to think as they calmed each other down.

There has to be another way. But what other way is there? Every time Trunks flies off to fight them he comes back in terrible shape! He may be a Saiyan, but he nearly dies every time, and I can't bear the thought of that happening! Grrrr, why did two machines have to be this much of a pain!? Why couldn't Gero have found a better hobby that didn't involve creating monsters that were too strong even for my husband to handle!? I can't lose my only son, too!

Her eyes then shot open as something came to mind.

Wait a minute…'another way'…'creating'…'stronger'…'machine'...

Bulma's eyes grew wider.

That's it!

Her eyes were still teary, but her expression slowly turned serious. All signs of hurt were now gone.

"Honey," she said to her son. "I believe there is another way to stop them."

Now it was his turn for his eyes to shoot open. He pulled back to look at his mother.

"W-Wait mom are you serious," he blurted out.

Remaining stern, she gave him a nod.

Noticing her expression, he was taken aback a bit.

Whatever her new plan was, it must be big.

"What is it?" He asked.

Eyes narrowing down further, she told him the idea that will not only change the fate of their world…but hers as well.

A change that she fully accepted.

"I believe it's time we fight fire with fire."

Bulma's new plan has been set in motion! But will it be enough?