Gosh my first published story...and it's not even fully mine *smiling thru the pain* well original story by Erica Sky and already published on wattpad.

Here goes...

Chapter 1

She looked from the corner of her eye, trying not to make obvious that she's been looking at him for a long time. He was in his usual school shirt with the buttons open revealing his red t-shirt. He was laughing for a few seconds before he stopped and went back to his usual poker face.

He barely cared about anything or so he made it seem, maybe that was one of those million reasons that she loved him so much. His sparkly eyes, a sharp yet slightly curved jawline his pink and purple soft lips with his dark complexion made him the most charming person she could look at in the entire class.

Erica apart from constantly noticing Leo's every little detail, also cared to study once in a while. She scored pretty good compared to most of her classmates. She was a decently tall girl with very average features and the deep dark circles under her eyes she constantly complained about, she didn't bother to do anything about them; sleeping was something she really enjoyed, she found that as a way of avoiding all her stresses, and what better way of seeing her favorite person with her, in their own little world? The dark circles would not leave her even after the 8 hours of sleep she got herself.

Leo was her best friend, but her little shy self wouldn't allow her to openly talk to him or call him over to her place without feeling embarrassed. She felt embarrassed over anything and everything, so there isn't much to care about. She told him everything and anything without any break on text, but she wouldn't speak a word in real life.

With a class of only twelve students the atmosphere between the students was mostly friendly. As everyone knew each other Erica didn't feel that bad about being the new though she still missed her old school.

She could safely say that Paulina was her girl best friend and Leo didn't agree, he was a firm believer of having only one best buddy. She giggled at the thought.

Then there was the jerk, that was also coincidentally Leo's childhood friend, gosh he was annoying always picking on her and Paulina though he was careful about it to not go overboard but it was still annoying. Paulina had hard to trying to defend herself but the jerk was so good at it he just makes a fool out of her more often than not. Speak of the devil and he shall appear, Erica squared up her shoulders as Jo turned around for some reason or the other. She looked at him straight in eye trying to convey that she wasn't in the mood for his bullshit. Apparently it worked because he stopped looking at her turned back towards board or may be because the maths teacher professor Mo entered the class.

"Gosh this will be a long day" she gighled quietly as she heard Paulina mutter to herself.


Yeh ik short one and that's how it's gonna be till the end, technically the whole story could come under a one shot but I'm not done editing the rest so here goes before I lose my nerve and abandon this for good. First time publishing on fanfiction, the original story is from Erica Sky that's her wattpad name, thee can go and check it out there. Of course this has been republished and edited with her express permission. ;)