Chapter 3

It was the next day, she was more than happy all the time. She got up early, but didn't feel tired one bit. She hummed along with everything and sang in the shower.

She was constantly being hit with a wave of intuition that something was going to go wrong anytime soon. She ignored it and carried on with her routine. She went to school and had a pretty normal day. She wasn't really able to pull Leo next to her, so she spoke to him across the class.

The bell rang, she waved him and her other classmates a goodbye as she went downstairs. She almost ripped the last three steps. She felt like her intuition had come true because of how embarrassed she felt.

She just hurried outside to see her driver wasn't there yet. It had happened a few times previously, that she had to wait for an hour or two because of certain circumstances. She sat on a handle that surrounded a pole as she rested her back towards it. She saw Leo coming over from the other side, so she waved at him. He came towards her and asked "why are you still here? Has your driver not come yet?". She nodded her head with a yes and she rested it on the pole again. Leo opened his mouth to say something but he stopped. He said "okay then, goodbye" as he moved away. Erica said "goodbye, see you tomorrow. Be careful on the way." He said thank you and moved only a couple steps, when he almost immediately rushed back to her. He said with a smile, "I'm not going, I can wait until your driver is here. We can play until then." Erica felt the heat rushing to her cheeks. She quickly nodded and said "thank you so much."

They played the game of chopsticks and Leo constantly won. Erica couldn't but giggled through her defeat. She had been a master at this game once upon a time and that got a smile on her face. They were almost done with 27th game when they noticed that the parking had almost emptied. The driver wasn't there yet and Erica was scared. She hid her fright as she said "Leo, you can leave and get home now. I don't want you in trouble because of me. I can stay here for quite sometime and if he still doesn't come, I'll take a taxi home." Leo replied saying, "Do you think I've waited all this while to leave you hanging in the middle of nowhere?" with his slightly upset face. "We can wait here for another 10 minutes, and if the driver isn't here yet, you're coming to my place and my dad can get you home." Erica felt the heat rushing to her face. She felt really happy. A part of her was afraid but it wasn't enough to dump her happiness. She nodded, though she wasn't very sure, her parents would kill her for she doing anything like this. She ignored the thoughts and continued with "oh thank you. I'm glad you stayed Leo."

Ten minutes passed. The principal of the school was about to leave too. She asked with an upset face "what are you both doing here alone?" Leo quickly lied saying "She's actually supposed to go home with me today, she was waiting for her driver to get her some clothes. He hasn't come yet. So I guess we can just leave."

The principal asked through a slightly skeptical face, "Are you sure?" Leo and Erica nodded. She had no clue what was going on. Leo said "You can try calling her dad if you want to." Erica almost facepalmed. She already knew she was going to die. The principal took out her phone and called the saved number of Erica's dad. He didn't pick up. Erica then realised that his simcard was no longer used for calls. It was used for the WiFi at home. She sighed in relief as she remembered telling Leo about it. The principal didn't worry much anymore. She just said, " okay leave now, it's too late. The school has to close." They nodded their heads and proceeded to walk out of school.

They were walking quietly. They had taken the long route because of the heavy traffic in the short route. It would've taken them longer if they had chosen the short one. They stopped by a store to get some ice cream and walked as they slowly started a conversation and they were soon giggling.

Someone tapped on Leo's shoulder as he waited for Erica to tie her shoe lace and he turned around to a man dressed up, all in a jet black outfit. He wore a neon mask that only revealed the part of his eyes and eyebrows.

"Yes?..." was the only thing he could mutter before his world went dark.

They opened their eyes in a basement illuminated with the sunlight that peeked in through the holes in the door with their hands tied. Their eyes were heavy and they barely remembered anything. Erica opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out of her dry mouth. Leo struggled as he spoke up "Where are we? What's happening?"

He focused his eyes on Erica's stomach to see if she was still breathing. After quite sometime he heard her let out a heavy breath. "Leo? I wanna go home. I'm suffocating here." Leo shut his eyes as he took a deep breath and said "I don't know where we are, but I'll take you back home, I promise."

Erica's dry cheeks were soon covered in her warm tears. She tried not to make them very audible. She was in severe pain. Her wrists burnt and shoulders ached with every breath. Leo tried to stay calm but he soon was in tears too. Erica couldn't see them with her blurry and dizzy eyes.

Leo was struggling with pain too. His head felt like it had been hit with a hammer several times. "Erica, did you see him?" He asked. Erica nodded. "He covered your nose with a cloth right before he did the same with me. It's all I remember." Leo felt helpless. He wanted to slap himself for lying to the principal. Not only was he in trouble now, Erica was too. He wanted to die.

They tried talking to distract each other when their conversation was abruptly stopped when they heard the door creak open. It was the same tall body shadowed in front of the light. His cheekbones appeared to be high, which clearly showed the smile behind his mask. "Why are we here and who the fuck are you?" Leo shouted. The masked man came close to him as he moved his hands over Leo's cheek. He rubbed his rough palm on his soft cheeks, Leo tried to move as he struggled his shoulders. The masked man moved his hands away for a second before he came back with a tight slap on Leo's cheek. Leo couldn't help but cry. He could easily break the Lean guy's bones but his hands were tied. He couldn't also possibly put Erica's life in danger just to prove his strength. He stayed calm as tears rolled down his eyes. Erica moved her head towards her shoulder to avoid seeing everything. She also tried hard not to show her tears. Looking at all this made the Masked Man happy. He laughed with one of the most familiar laughs they have probably heard.

What they saw next was probably enough to give them nightmares for the entire life. The man pulled his mask off revealing his smirk. The eyes, the lips, the face, it was very familiar.

They watched in horror as their eyes widened. It was him. JO!.

And cut *smirk* I won't believe anyone who tells me they saw this coming.