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Alvarez - Centuries later

Among the ruins of the ancient city of Alvarez, a tremendous battle was about to happen between the people of Magnolia and the local bandits of Alvarez. All you could hear were the sounds of men in uniform shouting orders and running all over the place with guns in their hands. Every man was preparing for an upcoming assault.

Coming from the desert were thousands of locals riding their horses. The horses were kicking the sand and making it fly in the air, forming a cloud of sand. The faster they rode, the bigger the cloud got. Shouting cries of war in the local language, they marched towards the Magnolian Army, waving their guns in the air.

At the front of the temple lay the Magnolian army. Every man was behind a barrier, in position and ready to fire on the locals. They held their position as the enemy got closer, waiting for the order from their leader.

The leader of the Magnolian army was a man named Kain Hikaru. He was an overweight man with shaggy black hair. His ghost white complexion illustrated his inexperience in the battlefield. He didn't have any. This was his first time in battle and couldn't wait to lead his army to victory. This was the day he was looking forward to. If they won, they would name Kain a war hero and his luck with women would improve. Women will throw themselves at him, asking him to marry him and who was he to deny them.

He couldn't help but let out a woo-wee at that, but then straightened himself. He was a leader; he had to act like one. He got up on his horse and went to his men ready in position. He drew his weapon and was ready to give the order to charge into the battle when he suddenly froze in fear. He saw the enemy army rushing towards them with these big scary guns. There were a lot of them. A whole freaking lot of them!

Screw this. Screw the future wives. There's no way we can win a battle against those numbers. I'm out of here. Every man for themselves, he thought. He turned himself away from the battle and rode away screaming.

The soldiers looked at the scene in confusion. The hell is their leader doing. The battle was in the other direction. When they realized he wasn't coming back, they turned to their second-in-command, Laxus Dreyar.

The man in question was currently at the front lines with the soldiers, and his partner Jose Porla. His gun was in position and waiting for the order to fire on the enemy. He swore loudly when he saw his commanding officer run away from the battle. Fucking coward, he thought.

"Congratulations. You've been promoted," said the man beside him nervously. Jose Porla was a tall skinny man with dark red hair and a thin mustache. He was also tempted to run away from the battle. He started to sweat profusely, and it wasn't because of the hot temperatures of the desert.

Laxus realized he had to step up to the plate. He wasn't a coward, and he certainly wasn't going down without a fight. He barked commands to his comrades. "Everyone in position and fire at my mark!" Everyone cocked their guns at the bandits.

He turned to Jose beside him. "You're with me right." They've been in the army for a while. He was pretty sure Jose had his back.

Jose nervously replied. "Sure I'm with you?" He sounded unsure. He really didn't want to be here. There were too many people, and they had a low chance of surviving this. But he didn't want to tell Laxus this. He didn't want to piss off the man with the gun.

The enemy army was coming into shooting range. Just when Laxus was going to give the order to fire, Jose jumped up from his spot. He threw his gun away and ran away in the same direction the former leader went, yelling to wait for me.

Laxus groaned loudly. I'm surrounded by fucking morons. Jose, you fucking traitor. If I make it out alive, I'm going to hunt you down and kill you myself. Laxus chuckled darkly. Oh, he was going to skin him alive.

The targets came into range and Laxus shouted, "FIRE!". Everyone pulled the trigger of their gun and they fired shots. Many of them could hit their target. Men fell off their horses and the people behind them tripped over their fallen companion. The soldiers quickly reloaded their ammos and fired more shots into the enemy.

When the opposing army came too close and they started picking the Magnolian soldiers, Laxus yelled, "FALL BACK." He started running backwards while still shooting people left and right. He ran towards the temple, jumping over fallen people and pillars.

He saw Jose ahead of him near the entrance of the tomb. He can find safety there until everything passes over. "Run Jose and get inside," he yelled.

When Laxus got close to the tomb, Jose started to close the door on him. "Oh, don't you fucking dare." He really was going to make him suffer. He ran even faster, hoping he could make it before Jose shut the door on him. Just when he made it to the door, Jose slammed it shut. He crashed into the door and steadied himself. Hearing gunshots fired at him, he started running into another direction hoping to find another means of escape. But every direction he went there lied the enemy waiting for him.

Finding himself at a dead end near a statue, he turned around to see multiple guns pointed at him. He resigned to his fate. This is going to fucking hurt as hell, he thought as he raised his arms in the air and closed his eyes. I didn't even get to beat the shit out of Jose. Guess I'll haunt him if I become a ghost. Make his life miserable. When he didn't hear the sounds of bullets going through his body, he opened his eyes and saw them retreating. He didn't show it, but it relieved him that he wasn't killed. It was a horrible way for someone to die.

Laxus suddenly got an ominous feeling and turned around. Behind him sat the giant statue of Ankhseram, the God of life and death.

Locals are highly superstitious, he thought nervously as he stared at the menacing statue. Probably didn't want to kill me with him there. He started to slowly back away from it, feeling a sense of unease.

Suddenly the sounds of whispers chanting, "you will die," startled him even more. He looked all around to see where the sounds were coming from, but saw nothing. Maybe the heat is getting to me. I'm hearing things, he thought as he tried to relax his frantic breathing. He was hit with blasts of sand, startling him. When his vision cleared, the sand in front of him morphed itself into a face. The face let out a huge roar, causing Laxus to fall backwards in shock at what he just saw.

Shit. I gotta get out of here. This place is cursed, he thought as he left the temple. Seeing only sand in every direction, he chose a random direction and started his trek through the desert. He felt someone's eyes on him but ignored it, wanting to get out of the desert as soon as could.

High above a canyon were several men, saddled on horses, dressed in black robes and masks that covered their face who oversaw the entire ordeal. They were watching Laxus wander aimlessly in the desert.

Their leader, whose face was uncovered, was a blue-haired man with a red tattoo on his face. He was feeling happy. They did their duty of protecting the temple, and no one found out about Cobra. One man beside him asked, "What should we do with that one," pointing to Laxus. "Do we kill him?"

Jellal held his hand up. "Leave him be. The desert will kill him. There's no way a Fiorian could survive the scorching temperatures of the desert. Let's go". He took his reins in his hands and cued his horse forward with his legs. He left the canyon with his men following him.