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"TodoMomo"- Speech.

'TodoMomo"- Thoughts.

TodoMomo - Flashbacks.

He kept staring pensively into the lake located on outskirts of the Musutafu city, the sunset painting the sky and the waterbody a mix of dull orange and pink as random thoughts kept revolving in his head. The evening breezes stroking his hair and caressing his face felt tolerable today, marking the end of winter as he knew it and the beginning of Spring. He loved Spring. Never understood why he did. But he knew for a fact that he did. He hated summer. The scorching heat waves reminded him of his late father, God rest his soul. Even though it's almost a decade since he and his father started trying to repair their relationship, they couldn't make enough progress for him to forgive the Todoroki patriarch before his passing came. He eventually put the past behind him to mourn the #2 hero's death, breaking down utterly for the 1st time.

He still doesn't understand how he was able to do that. Grow emotionally enough to forgive that man. He never hid the fact that he had a complicated relationship with his family and his upbringing left several psychological scars on him. But he never felt comfortable talking about it either. He never held a grudge against his mother for giving him his burn scar. But he never imagined he'd completely get over the trauma either. He never expected he'd ever see eye to eye with his father but the reality still surprises him to this day.

Autumn and Winters were fine by him. The harsh and cold weathers never bothered him. He felt at ease during those months. But whenever Spring came by, he felt weirdly contended. A mysterious exhilaration filled his heart even at the thought of Spring days. Even now, he felt as if there was no weight on his shoulders, devoid of any and all encumbrances. At the age of 25, Shoto Todoroki was in the prime of his life, drowning in equal parts fame and responsibilities as the #2 hero. Although he didn't bother with those stupid rankings anymore, they bothered him. He barely gets any time to himself these days. Something he never thought he'd wish for so bad a few years ago. The only reason he even managed to balance his life was because of his girlfriend.

He checked his watch as the sky started darkening now. He got up and ruffled his pants to get rid of the grass stuck to it. He started to make his way back to his apartment where the said girlfriend would be fretting over what to cook for dinner. A small smile spread across his lips at the thought of Momo Yaoyorozu with concern spread all over her face. For a naturally talented and gifted woman such as her, it is hilarious to see her be clueless carrying herself around in a kitchen. He would never say it out loud even with a gun pointed at his head but she looks cute when she's being fidgety. Not that anyone would be stupid enough to point a gun at the 'Shoto' or it would matter even if someone managed to do it.

Them being in a relationship was another enigma to him. Agreed that she was one of the very few people he felt comfortable around since his U.A high days, he never imagined them being involved in any romantic manner. Not to say that he was never attracted to her either. He was good at hiding his emotions, not at not having them altogether. He was attracted to her alright. Just never thought it would be anything more than that. So when Momo herself confessed to him...

A 22-year-old Shoto stood frozen in his place, quite an irony considering his quirk, stunned to the core as a fidgety Yayourozu looked at him expectantly, squirming a little in excitement and fear. Shoto's mind was in a contradictory state, his senses went into overdrive while his response system plunged into a cold abyss. He could see every single minute detail about Momo with astonishing precision but failed to elicit any sort of response from within him. He saw how her eyes had a strange sparkle that was reaching uncharted depths inside his heart. He noticed how her nose wrinkled a little which he, for some mysterious reason, found it incredibly sexy. He noticed how she struggled to keep her glossy pink lips from twitching. He saw how her face was glowing all of a sudden and how he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. He was feeling all of these things but still, despite his inhuman efforts, failed to bring out a response from inside. Momo's words kept replaying in his mind in a loop all the while he stoically kept staring at her with a blank face.

'Ummm...Todoroki-san, I don't know how to say it in the best way and I struggled to find the right words to express myself today. After staying up all night and unable to come up with anything, I decided to just speak my mind. I...Ummm, I like you Todoroki-san-'

That's all he remembered hearing from her before his mind did whatever it did to turn him into more of a stone sculpture and less of a man. It wasn't the first time he was confessed to. Similar incidents happened all the time as far as he remembered. But this was the 1st time he failed to respond with a considerately structured response- 'I'm thankful for your love and appreciation but I'm not the person who wants to be involved in such things. I'm sorry.'

He realised he had to come up with a good response to spare the feelings of all the girls and occasionally some guys as well who came up to confess to him. He became so good at responding back that he even started to convey empathy and compassion through his eyes while carefully letting them down. But all those years of experience failed him when it was Momo Yayourozu that stood in front of him. He tried to understand what was different this time around that led to the predicament he was in right now. Why did his mental system fail him this time? Was it because he knew Momo for almost 7 years now? Was it because he considered her a friend? Was it because he felt she was an incredibly kind, sweet, compassionate and attractive person with a body of a goddess? Wait...what the fuck? Where did that come from? Did his mind just seriously think of that? No way... He wasn't such a guy! He would agree he was attracted to her but he never would imagine her in such a perverse manner. His attraction was pure and unadulterated, right? Although, attraction does include both physical traits and personality traits. He would be lying if he said he never thought Momo was physically attractive too. But his attraction wasn't based on that. He was attracted to her personality. That was what that made him gravitate towards her.

That retrospective dilemma continued for a while before he realised that he kept thinking of all the positive personal qualities of his Momo without questioning how he knew so much about her. Also, his mind just said 'his Momo', didn't it? That's when the reality slowly started to sink into the prodigious hero. He still doesn't know how it happened or when it happened but it definitely happened. He fell for her and he fell hard. Why else would his own mind call her 'his'? Was he an emotional individual? Hardly. He felt emotionally connected to 3 people at most. His mother, his brother Natsuo and his sister Fuyumi. These were the only ones he considered 'his' people. Now Momo's one of them? Sure she was. His mind accepted it without a speck of doubt and it didn't feel weird at all. It felt normal, like she was a part of 'his' people for a while. He definitely fell for her.

And that acceptance really excited him. A tingling sensation ran all over his body and the cold frozen state he was stuck in for the last few minutes seemed to thaw away in an instant. From the moment he heard Momo's confession to right now, which seemed like an eternity of emotions and thoughts bursting inside his mind, was only a couple of minutes in the real world. When that realisation struck him, he felt a rush like never before. The feeling of spiralling into a mental overdrive strangely seemed appealing and he was craving it more. It was addictive. The moment he surrendered to the thought of him falling for Momo without even realising felt like freedom itself, an ethereal force breaking those imaginary shackles which constrained his feelings with reason and excuses about his unexplained attraction towards her.

And before he even realised it, he was embracing the spiky ponytailed brunette to his heart's content, making her go beet red in a mix of elation and embarrassment. He didn't talk. He didn't move an inch from that position. He just hugged her like his life depended on it and conveyed his response to her confession. He didn't care if everyone around them was gawking at the new couple with bewilderment written all over their faces. He didn't care if their friends, family and mentors were watching. He didn't care if it was the annual Hero Billboard charts JP gala they were in and the whole country was watching it live. It felt right and he did it. That's all that mattered. Nothing else.

That memory which is 3 years old now brought an embarrassed smile on his face as he kept walking towards his home, the bustling city activity now within his earshot. He remembered how his friends started to tease them both after he finally released an embarrassed yet proud Momo from his embrace. Mina Ashido, Kyoka Jiro, Hanta Sero and Denki Kaminari were the worst, making him and Momo regret the day they both were born. But he didn't regret hugging her back then even to this day. As far as he is concerned, it was one of the most important days in his entire life. Tsuyu Asui, Ochaka Uraraka, Tenya Ida, Fumikage Tokoyami, Mezo Shoji and Mashirou Ojiro formally congratulated them showing genuine happiness. Yuga Aoyama, Eijiro Kirishima and Toru Hagakure did both. Katsuki Bakugo wasn't shouting 'DIE, you half-and-half bastard'. Shoto took it as a win. He remembered Midoriya and Mineta not being there at the event. Midoriya was in Europe, busy saving someone, he was sure of it and Mineta was detained by the security for inappropriate behaviour with the female wait staff if his memory serves right.

He pulled the hood of his jacket over his head as he entered the city. Didn't want people to recognize him and surround him for selfies and stuff. God forbid if it's paparazzi instead. He can't tolerate them at all. He could never understand how these movie stars managed to do it. Some even entertain and encourage them. One of the reasons why he never liked the movies. Thinking of movies, one particular movie stood out from the rest as far as he is concerned.

Shoto and Momo were walking back to their apartment. It was only the last week they finally decided to move in together. A welcome move appreciated by their friends and family alike. Although Shoto's mother was visibly disappointed when 1st hearing about his decision, she didn't raise any objections and felt genuinely happy to see her son grow up. Her only regret was he won't be around much anymore, especially considering how she had to spend so many years at the hospital and being separated from him for such a long time. She was hoping to make up for time lost only to realize time never turns back, only moves forward.

Shoto was nervous beyond description, internally, of course, worrying about every minute detail. The penthouse is located atop a 65-story, 330-meter-tall skyscraper, over 10,760 square feet, which is possibly the largest single apartment to have been built in the country. It boasts an impressive 5 bedrooms, 6 full baths and 2 half baths sprawling between the two floors. It had an infinity pool and a garden space overlooking the entire Musutafu city. Said to have cost a staggering yet undisclosed amount, Shoto didn't shy away from buying the most luxurious apartment in the city, situated in one of the poshest neighbourhoods in the entire nation. Momo was visibly shocked by this purchase and reprimanded him for splurging money like this. The lesson Shoto learned after an hour-long tirade from his girlfriend is that just because she grew up like a princess doesn't necessarily make a more regular lifestyle inadequate for her. Although she did appreciate the thought he put into it while making the purchase keeping her needs(which he assumed) in mind. Relationships can be tough sometimes.

Both entered the private elevator which directly connected to their penthouse and reflected upon their double date with Kirishima and Ashido which really drained them. Neither of them understood how the stone boy and acid girl could maintain such high spirits throughout the day. Maybe some people were born different. Shoto would've rather prefer Midoriya and Ochaka over the boisterous couple. Not that he didn't like them or anything but he would feel more comfortable around grounded personalities over the riotous ones. But it was hard for both the #1 and #2 hero to be off duty on the same day. Momo looked at her watch and noticed it was 8 pm as the elevator doors opened to their apartment, still early to head to bed. That's when she remembered something Ashido had suggested.

"Todoroki-kun, want to watch a movie together? It's still early right?"

Shoto contemplated her request. 'A movie huh? I don't like them. We've never done it before either. But she doesn't know that. What if I said No and she asks why and learns about my aversion towards them and decides I'm a misfit? I don't want a stupid movie to break us apart. Not that I want anything to break us apart. But I can't force her to stay if she doesn't want to either. Wait...what did she ask me again...A movie! Right. I don't want to watch any movies but I do want to spend some time with her. If only Kirishima didn't suggest the idea of a double date to Momo, I could've had her to myself tonight. But I do regret unable to spend time with her nowadays. With her new job as U.A teacher, we can't work together anymore. If watching those movies is what it takes to make up for it...'

"Sure. I don't mind." 'Shit. I was supposed to say "'I'd Love to'". Kirishima warned me about my boyfriend vocabulary. Need to practice more.' Shoto groaned internally while his face remained impassive ever. 'I need to smile too. Damn.'

"Great!" Momo exclaimed as she hopped into the living room visibly excited. "I'll go change into something more comfortable while you pick one."

Momo didn't know about her boyfriend's aversion towards the movies. But she did notice that he was unusually distant from anything related to that. Never heard him say he enjoys a particular genre or a particular movie ever in the entirety of their 2-year journey as a couple. Ashido's words kept ringing through her mind as she got out of her satin evening dress and slipped into a pale pink figure-hugging t-shirt and a pair of dark lounge shorts, trying her hair up into the usual spiky ponytail. 'A person's choices reflect their personality. You want to explore Todoroki deeper, make him choose something from a variety of options, like...movies!'

Shoto, on the other hand, had no clue as to what to choose or how to choose even. They had an unusually large TV but he never bothered with it except for the news sometimes. 'How does this damn thing work? I remember Kirishima say something about...Net chicks, was it?' he mused, as he wondered why a movie about capturing chicks would be any good. He never understood the appeal of the movies. 'It's better to just call him and ask him.' He followed through with his thought and called Kirishima.

"Hello, Kirishima?"

"Yo! Todoroki! Wassup my man?"

"I need your help in picking out a movie. Yayourozu suggested I choose one. But...I have no clue as to what to do now."

"Movie huh? I can suggest some high octane action movies that are very manly. But I doubt either of you will enjoy them."

"Anything is fine, really."

That's when the prankster side of Kirishima awakened within him, and one of Midoriya's quotes rung in his mind. '"Meddling when you don't need to is the essence of being a hero.'" A wicked grin spread across his face, unknown to Shoto on the other side of the line. 'Todoroki is hopeless when it comes to romance. Without proper guidance, he will be doomed. Now, I know interfering like this is wrong and I will probably go to hell but at this point, I might as well try breaking the record. I am a Hero after all.'

"I have the perfect movie for guys then. I'm sure you both will really enjoy it and become closer in the process of watching it."

"Really? There's a movie that'll bring us closer just by watching? What is it?"

"Well...not just watching though..."

When Momo returned, she saw Shoto in his comfort clothes, a black t-shirt and pyjama pants. He was looking in her general direction and immediately turned his head away when she entered his view. She stifled a laugh as she made her way towards the sofa. 'He's too chivalrous for his own good sometimes.' she thought as she slumped beside him.

He looked at her face brimming with excitement and brought up his left hand to brush aside the ebony locks of her hair and them behind her ear. "Shall we? I hope you like it." With that, he followed Kirishima's instructions and started the movie.

Momo was excited to see what kind of movie Shoto picked. Her face drained when the title card came up. 'Fifty shades of grey?!' A wave of crimson washed over her face, and she closed her eyes in a bashful shame.

"T-t-todoroki-kun? You like these kinds of movies?" Momo managed to speak but still closing her eyes shut and trying to regain a little composure. 'Deep breaths Momo. Deep breaths.'

Shoto, unaware of the proceedings, was genuinely confused at her question and behaviour. He noticed she was trying to hide face and she was glowing scarlet now. 'Kirishima said this movie will bring us closer. But why does that make her feel uncomfortable? Does she not want to be closer? Wait...I don't think that's the case.' He remembered Kaminari mention how women tend to be a little timid when things get serious in a relationship. 'But what's the solution to that?... I remember now. Man up and say it to her with unshakable confidence proving to her you're a worthy man.' That was Kirishima's solution.

"Yes. I believe this movie will bring us closer together. Not just watching. We have to feel it. We need to experience it to become closer."

Momo's eyes flew wide open in aghast. 'E-e-e-e-experience it? EEEEHHHHHH!' Her mind screamed as she recollected the events that happen in the movie. She never dared to watch it but she remembers the graphic description Jirou and Ashido provided.

'T-todoroki-kun is into th-that kind of s-s-stuff? Impossible! This must be a joke. Maybe it's a prank. Yes. That must be it.' A half-hearted smile crept up her face as she wanted to rid herself of these doubts.

"T-todoroki-kun...Is this some kind of a prank?"

'Ah yes...Kaminari did say it wouldn't be easy to convince them of your feelings.' So he took a deep breath and responded. "Absolutely not. I would never joke about such important things. I value our relationship too much."

Momo's internal crying intensified. 'His eyes scream conviction and determination! He really is a degenerate!' That's when Momo remembered Hagakure's words. "'Men have weird tastes. Some even have freaky sexual fetishes. Especially those silent types.'" 'Oh no. Todoroki-kun is a silent type guy. Ashido's words crossed her mind for some reason immediately. '" Sometimes, it's really important to maintain a healthy sexual relationship with your partner to keep things smooth."'

Momo kept staring at the stern face of Shoto who didn't flinch as they exchanged looks. 'If that's what it takes...' Momo took a deep breath and tried to bring herself back to normal before responding.

"I'm sorry for doubting you Todoroki-kun. I too value our relationship very much. And if you feel we need to experience s-such things to grow closer, then...I-I guess I'm okay with it too." She said the last part while turning her face away from him, trying to hide her blush.

"Great. Now, let's watch it." Shoto replied with a satisfied smile on his face, proud of being able to convince Momo about how serious he is about his efforts to get close to her, going as far as watching a movie just to spend some time with her.

But that smile, which didn't go unnoticed by Momo was perceived in a completely different way. 'He seems very happy... I want him to be happy. I want to keep him happy. Keep him smiling like that. No matter what it takes.' Her determination erased any feeling of uneasiness and nervousness from her. 'It's not too bad either, right? Many people enjoy such fetishes. Todoroki-kun happens to be one of them. That's all. It's not too weird. Besides, it doesn't mean Todoroki-kun is a bad person. Most definitely not. This side of him doesn't reflect who he really is.' Momo kept reasoning with within herself, coming to terms with Shoto's fetish reveal while staring at the TV without actually paying attention to it. 'Besides, if he opened up to me to such an extent, it means, he trusts me with his deepest darkest secrets. It's only fair I trust him back too. Yes. That's how a healthy relationship is maintained. By trusting each other. I will trust him with my body. For him. For our relationship. I must'

Momo was so lost in thought that she failed to notice Shoto's expression change from stoic to dismay. Panic crept up his whole body as he watched the movie progress into what it was infamous for. 'What the fuck! What the fuck is this! That guy is a villain. He's not the protagonist. And what the fuck is wrong with that woman? Why did she agree to this? This is torture. Illegal. Devious. Heretical. Deviant. ARRRGHHHHHH!' During his inner turmoil, he realized he forgot the most important thing he should be worrying about.

'MOMO!' He snapped his head to look at her, half expecting her to slap him across his face and the other half expecting a disgusted momo traumatized from the what she saw. I mean, who wouldn't be after seeing such abomination. Evidently, it was Momo. She was just staring at the TV like something very normal was happening. As if the man wasn't hurting the handcuffed woman using a whip. Failing to realise Momo wasn't exactly paying attention to what's happening on the TV, Shoto's mind started to make sense of what he was seeing.

'She seems indifferent to what's happening. This isn't her. Momo is a kind soul. An empathic, strong and pure-hearted woman. Why isn't she enraged by what she is seeing? Wait...maybe I'm overthinking. Kirishima did say that we would become closer after watching and doing this. Does that mean, doing this stuff is what it takes to become closer?!'

His eyes still trained on her, he couldn't catch her even blinking, let alone flinch when the despicable man continued to do depraved acts to the poor woman. 'Her lack of any outrageous response means she obviously knows about this. Is she okay doing this? Wait...am I okay with doing this? Nope. I can't. I can't for any reason. But she doesn't seem bothered in the slightest.' That's when something struck within Shoto's mind. His realisation turned his expression dark and sombre.

'I see. So this is like some sort of right of passage. To become closer, a couple must endure this punishment. Sacrifice. That's what it takes. Momo is ready to keep her body on the line, just so that we can grow as a couple. But I...I don't want to hurt her. Despite understanding that I need to do it, to respect her decision and strength to commit to such a thing, I can't bring myself to inflict pain upon her. Why does growth have to be so difficult.' He glanced at Momo again, staring intently as the movie continued to play. He gulped and closed his eyes. 'But I will do it. I must do it. Momo is prepared to give up so much, to become closer. I must respect her decision. I must support her in this. I must overcome my selfish desires and hurt her. For the sake of our relationship. For her. I must.'

Both of them, silently endured till the end of the movie, each of them struggling in their own way. Momo, who didn't pay attention to the movie, struggled to maintain her wavering resolve of going through with it. Shoto, who kept watching the movie, struggled not to throw up and burn the TV. When the movie finished, they refused to meet their eyes and stood up from the sofa. Uncomfortable tension reigned in the living room. Both trying to steel themselves and bring themselves to proceed with it. Momo was the 1st one to break the silence.

"Todoroki-kun, I'll be waiting inside, okay?"

Shoto's eyes shot up to hers as soon as he heard her call him. He saw how she smiled at him lovingly, despite looking on the verge of tears. He sensed her resolve despite her obvious reluctance. He left like he swallowed a lump of clay down his throat, as he saw Momo slowing walk towards their bedroom.

"Yayourozu, wait!" He held his head down and refused to look at her but knew she turned back to face him. "I...I can't. I can't do it. I can't do that to you. I'm sorry." He suddenly slumped onto the couch, his face buried in his hands. Momo panicked for a second and rushed to his side.

"Todoroki-kun? Are you okay? What happened?" She was concerned. Her heart was racing, unable to see her boyfriend collapse right in front of her in the middle of their living room. Her mind was reeling, dread flowing through her veins.

He dragged his hands down his face and huffed in lassitude. Shoto's eyes weren't glossy, indicating a lack of tears but the agitated look on his face told a different story. "I can't do that to you."

Momo was genuinely confused at his words. She assumed he wanted to do this. Wasn't this his idea? Instead of struggling within herself, she decided to voice her doubts. "Shoto, Shoto! Look at me." She said as she tapped her boyfriend's cheeks, trying to get his full attention. She knew something was wrong. But she needed to know what was.

"What's wrong Shoto? What changed? I thought you wanted to do this?" She masked her troubles and looked at him longingly, trying to soothe him a little. "You like that stuff, right? It's okay... I don't judge you. It's alright to have fetishes. What's important is you felt like sharing them with me. It shows that you trust me."

It was Shoto's turn to be surprised. He didn't notice how Momo used his 1st name while referring him but his mind subconsciously registered the change. "Eh? What do you mean I wanted to do it? I don't like doing those things. I felt sick just by looking at it. And what's a fetish?"

"What? You don't have a BDSM fetish?"

"Again...what's a fetish?" Shoto wanted to scream but seeing Momo's face had this effect where he spoke at the just the right volume.

"Wait...if you don't like such stuff? Then why'd you suggest we watch it and do it?"

"Because that's what required to grow closer right? I saw how you watched the movie like it was normal and realised that's what it takes to be closer to each other. I saw how you were ready to do those things for the sake of our relationship's progress, putting your body on the line like that. I tried Momo. I tried to bring myself to hurt you like that. But I couldn't. I can't even imagine you being hurt like that let alone I myself inflict pain upon you. I know I'm being selfish here but I'm sorry. I'm not as strong as you."

By the end of Shoto's speech, Momo knew exactly what was wrong. She didn't like it one bit. Her face was rather stoic for someone who was boiling with indignation and ire.

"Shoto, who said it was required for us to grow closer?" She asked sweetly but there was an under venomous tone which was struggling to break out.

"Kirishima... Why?" Shoto replied, oblivious to the wrath that was about to ensue.

That was definitely a night to remember. He was equally enraged with Eijiro duping him into doing some depraved stuff which was narrowly avoided but he was genuinely scared for the loss of Red Riot's life after seeing how Momo unleashed her fury on him. That was the day he realized that there was a violent side to his girlfriend as well. Thank god for his hardening quirk or else the next day newspaper would've read 'Red Riot lynched to death'. Glad it didn't come to that. Kirishima became one of his closest friends along with Deku, Iida and Inasa. But he never asked for the redhead's advice ever again. If only Deku wasn't busy being the symbol of peace, such a catastrophe would've been completely avoided. Although, Kirishima's advice did eventually work out in the end, just not in the way it was intended.

After Momo's rampage, when things eventually cooled down and the traumatized couple made their way back home, Momo said something to Shoto that to this day, causes him to shudder at the memory of her words. It wasn't exactly the words but the irresistible way she seductively whispered in his ear that did the trick.

'Shoto, do you want to experience the right way to get closer?'

A proud smirk etched onto his face while recalling that night. It took a while for him to come to his senses and the realization that he was thinking about his first time in a crowded public walkway. He mentally slapped himself and tried to redirect his focus and blood flow somewhere else. He kept observing the surroundings as he continued his stroll. He observed a navy blue convertible grand tourer sped past him. It was the same model Momo owned. That flooded his mind with another one of the fond memories he shared with her.

The wind was howling and he planted his feet firmly to the car's base as Momo was racing her blue convertible on the expressway. The trees flew by in a blur and he tried to stay composed on outside and keep an impassive face despite his heart racing dangerously. Momo was bolting her sports car over 300kmph now, screaming in an adrenaline frenzy as she displayed no intention of slowing down anytime sooner. Shoto wasn't much of an adrenaline junkie, especially those involving high speeds. But he wasn't going to devoid Momo of such small happiness by speaking his mind. He would sit tight and hope it will be over soon.

After 2 more hours of rocketing halfway through the country on road and then speedboating for another 30 mins over the sea of japan, they finally reached their destination: a 20-acre estate with a mansion on a private island.

Shoto was clearly impressed by the grandeur of the mansion in front of him as he walked towards it. But he kept his awe hidden so that he doesn't seem like someone materialistic. He didn't even know Momo and her family were filthy rich until they started dating officially. For someone who knew a lot about her that many failed to see, he lacked quite a few basic facts that made him want to facepalm hard for not knowing them.

"I knew your family was rich but never expected to be this rich (~private island rich~). This is quite grand. Seems like you went through a lot of trouble arranging for this trip." Shoto said, breaking the peaceful silence. Usually, he wasn't one to break tranquillity but his guilt made him. Why the guilt you ask? Because today was their 2nd anniversary being in a relationship. When Kaminari asked what they were doing for this occasion, both Shoto and Momo stared back blankly at him. Then they looked at each other in embarrassment. After the group split up, both decided to celebrate their anniversary by surprising each other. When Shoto thought of a surprise, he thought of a surprise gift, which is exactly what he got for her. Not a surprise extravagant getaway, which Momo planned. Hence, the guilt.

"Don't make fun of me Shoto. I didn't have enough time to prepare our summer resort in Hokkaido as I initially planned. It's such a beautiful house with lawns, gardens and cute pods. Unfortunately, my father is hosting our company's annual corporate retreat there this time." Momo replied with a mock hurt and genuine disappointment. But that didn't last long as her face brightened up immediately with a fierce determination. "But don't worry Sho-kun. I promise I will make it up to you for your birthday by celebrating there."

Shoto almost sweatdropped at that. 'I'm more worried about you being disappointed after looking at my present' he thought. 'Wait a minute, she said Hokkaido summer resort right? I remember her showing me the pictures when she visited it with her family a few years ago.' Suddenly those said images filled his mind and alarms started ringing in his head. He was shell shocked at the stark contrast between her description of it and what it looked like in the photos. ' A HOUSE?! That thing's a PALACE! Lawns and gardens?! It's called DAISETSUZAN NATIONAL PARK! Cute ponds my ass! You were swimming in lake SHIKARIBETSU!'

They entered the mansion and Shoto was immediately greeted by an army of butlers and stewardesses, 2 rows of men and women in uniforms on either side of the entrance, bowing and greeting them.

"Greetings, Yayourozu-sama, Todoroki-sama. We are here to serve you to the best of our abilities." A man in his late 50's came forward and said. He was rather eloquently dressed to be a butler. Momo handed over her bags to one of the butlers and greeted everyone with a bow.

"We'll be in your care, mina-san." She announced and started walking. Shoto followed her in a daze, his vision temporarily narrowed down to his girlfriend who was walking in front, overwhelmed by such display of opulence. Another one of the butlers came up to him and offered to carry his bag with a bow. Never even realising what he was doing, he handed over his bag, his eyes still trained on the exquisite form of Momo, looking like a queen parading and blessing the very land she was walking on. They decided to retreat to their rooms and freshen up before meeting again in 1 hour.

All the while Shoto was showering, the only thing that kept running in his mind was the Yayourozu family's eminence. That's when his only bad quality resurfaced within him. Overthinking things and coming to absurd conclusions.

'This woman is too rich. Her parents would never approve of our relationship. The disparity in our financial standings is too big. I'm bound to be heartbroken when the time comes. Momo will be affected even more. I know she likes me just as much as I do her. But when her parents won't agree to our marriage, she'll be stuck between choosing me or them. I don't want her to choose me over her parents. I don't want to choose her parents over me either. I don't want to put her in such a predicament. I don't want her to suffer because of me, because of my inability to earn money. I should've focused more on that from the moment we started dating. Not that I could've earned enough to buy her a freaking island. Damn it! This was destined to end only one way from the beginning? There's nothing I can do to change it?... Except for one thing.'

He came out of the shower determined to do whatever it takes to keep his girlfriend from being hurt. He put on his usual pair of a loose white button-down shirt with rolled-up sleeves and navy blue pants and walked downstairs to the drawing-room as decided. He noticed Momo was already there, waiting for him with a pair of empty wine glasses and a bottle. She was wearing a blue floral patterned white strapless sundress which stopped a couple of inches above her knees. She had her hair tied up in her usual spiky ponytail. Shoto's breath hitched inside his throat when he looked at her. She was standing by the window and smiling at him, gesturing him to come to her with her hand as the evening sunrays bounced off of her porcelain skin. She was radiating love itself as if the elusive concept suddenly became tangible.

He took a deep breath and walked towards her with a strained smile of his own. She kissed him on his cheek when he was close enough to do so, beaming with excitement all along.

"Finally!" She said, giggling a little. "I know how busy you get with the hero work, so I appreciate you making time for us. Especially on such an occasion. We have the whole weekend to ourselves now. So thank you, Sho-kun, for making this extra special for us." She leaned back and twirled around with her arms spread.

Shoto's inner turmoil deepened, as the self-loathing settled on top of the already present guilt and panic within his mind. Here she was, the most perfect and precious woman a man could ever dream of, thanking him for just showing up and making the occasion special despite her being the one who did all the work. He hated himself for what he was about to do. The timing couldn't get any worse no matter how hard the universe tried any further. This was rock bottom for him, as a man. But this was the best thing to do. He cannot live his life with the regret of being selfish despite knowing how things will turn out if he doesn't do this.

He glanced at Momo, who was happily humming a tune to herself as she opened the wine bottle and started filling up the glasses.

'I'm a bastard for doing this. I know I am. But Momo...I'm unable to bring myself to say it to her. She's just so...happy. I don't want to see her stop smiling. I don't want to be the one who erases her smile. But...' He clenched his fists hard. ' I cannot be selfish here. She deserves to be happy. I have to prioritize her lifelong happiness over momentary despair.' With those thoughts, Shoto Todoroki steeled himself, letting determination flow through every fibre in his body.

"Momo. I...I have something to say to you." Shoto spoke, stealing Momo's attention. He took a deep breath consolidating his resolve once again. He knew that what he was about to say is going to completely destroy what he has with her now. Momo just nodded signalling she was listening as she handed over one glass to Shoto. She started sipping on her wine, unaware of the storm that was about to wreck something precious to her.

"Let's have a child together."

That embarrassing memory was almost 3 years old now. His overthinking clearly got the better of him that day and led to one of the most comically embarrassing yet eye-opening days in his entire life. That was the day he understood Momo was someone who possessed an unrivalled composure and empathy. Despite her initial perplexion, she recovered quickly and inquired about what led Shoto to suggest that. Shoto brought up the difference in their financial standings which he presumed would be a hindrance to their relationship progressing further and justified his proposition of having a baby would make her parents accept their relationship despite their reluctance to save face in the society since they wouldn't want the Yayourozu name to be besmirched by a bastard child. Momo's thoughts were torn asunder after hearing his explanation. On one hand, she wanted to bellow as hard as she could. On the other, she was concerned about Shoto's overthinking nature. She settled for a comforting smile and reassured that nothing of such sorts would happen and her parents already approve of their relationship.

When Momo blurted this incident out in an inebriated stage during Kaminari and Jirou's engagement party, he wanted to jump off of the building out of embarrassment. Everyone, irrespective of their usual nature took turns to make fun of him. Even the ever brooding Tokoyami and short-fused Bakugo let go of their usual personalities to make jokes at his expense. He wished Midoriya was there back then. He could always count on the freckled guy's support, especially when it comes to romance and relationships. After all, the #1 hero was 2nd most clueless person in such matters right after him. But too bad for him, Deku was busy being a hero somewhere else, he was sure of that. The only silver lining in that event was the absence of Mineta. He swore, if the pervert tried making passes at his Momo ever again, he'd burn that little fucker to cinders. Thankfully, he had a hearing he needed to attend in front of the Hero public safety commission for sexual misconduct. Thank god his family wasn't made aware of this. His siblings would just tease him but his mother was bound to berate him on that.

Speaking of parents, Shoto remembered that his mother had asked him to drop by their family house when he's free a few days back. He mouthed a silent sorry to the image of a jumpy Momo trying to cook with a coy smile as he decided to pay a visit to his mother before going back to their apartment.

Momo slouched in their living room sofa, checking the wall clock wearily. It was half-past 9 and still no show-up from Shoto despite his text saying he was returning almost 3 hours ago. She tried calling him a few times but the calls went straight to his voicemail. She was starting to get worried although she knew better than anyone there was no reason for it. Her mind was screaming all the rational reasons why she need not worry but her heart wouldn't listen. The exhaustion from cooking an elaborate dinner, which actually turned out well for starters, didn't help her at all.

She was used to being exhausted daily these days. With her being a teacher at U.A high, from nurturing the next generation of heroes to helping Shota Aizawa, the principal of U.A high with administrative duties as a stand-in vice-principal due to Ryuku's maternity leave, she had almost no free time. Shoto just returned from a month-long overseas assignment and she wanted to celebrate his return by cooking him a delicious hotpot despite her weariness. But her adorably and unintentionally apathetic boyfriend just had to ignore her and wander off to somewhere.

She couldn't even bring herself to be mad at him for this. She knew how Shoto can be socially dense sometimes despite his best efforts. She just wished it wasn't the case sometimes. Times like tonight, where all she wanted to do was have an intimate dinner and spend some quality time with him. Just as she was about to pick her phone and try calling him again, the doorbell rang. She was on her feet in a blink and rushed to the door, leaving all her exhaustion behind. She opened the door hoping to see Shoto but her excitement vanished when she found no one there. She looked around only to find a well lit desolated hallway.

'Are some kids trying to prank me or something?' She thought. She started to close the door when something on the welcome mat caught her attention. 'A note?' She quickly picked it up and opened it to find a short yet precise instruction.

'Meet me on the roof.


'What's up with him all of a sudden?' She thought as she closed the door behind and headed to the roof. When she reached there, a cool breeze blew across her face, making a mess of her hair. She tucked her locks behind her ears as her eyes searched for Shoto. Out of the corner of her eyes, she spotted him, standing in one of the corners of the building, leaning on the metal guard railings and looking at the busy city in front. She smiled a little and walked towards him. Her footsteps alerted Shoto and he turned around to see just who he wanted to. His face was somehow still bright despite the bustling city lights behind him. She walked straight into his arms and kissed him on the cheek. He returned with a kiss of his own, his gaze never leaving her onyx orbs except for that moment.

"What brought on this?" Momo asked him teasingly, knowing full well Shoto wasn't a person who cared much for scenic settings. He prefered to be straight with his words or actions.

Shoto took a small step back while holdings her arms and took a deep breath, before speaking. "First of all, I want to apologize for not responding to your calls. I did it on purpose and I promise I won't do that again."

"No need to, silly." Momo giggled, finding his apology cute. She didn't doubt his sincerity even a bit but seeing him feeling bad for such small things just made her realize how much Shoto loved her.

"I'm sorry again, for leaving you all alone this evening. I know you were looking forward to spending time with me after a long time and I completely disregarded your efforts and showed up this late. And don't even get me started on how guilty I feel about leaving you all alone in the kitchen. Must've been a dreading nightmare." He chuckled.

Momo pouted with mock hurt and playfully slapped his arm. " I didn't need your help and made a perfectly delicious hotpot all by myself."

"Really? I'm looking forward to that then." Both of them just laughed it off before returning back to full attention.

"But more importantly, I want you to agree to what I'm about to suggest now," Shoto said, never losing the grip on her arm. He slowly knelt down on one knee and retrieved a small velvet box from within his jacket. "Momo Yayourozu, please marry me," he said as he presented her a diamond ring, which sparkled under the ambient city lights.

Momo's breath hitched inside her throat, tears welling within her eyes. She felt her stomach drop for a second looking Shoto bend in front of her, holding an ornate ring to her face. She clasped her mouth with her hands as to muffle her sobs, as her tears started to streak down her cheeks freely. Her vision blurred and the background noises vanished. Her mind was fuzzy but her heart was overwhelmed. There were a plethora of emotions swirling within her. Excitement with a hint of anxiety. Joy mixed with jitters. Relief garnished with shock. A dichotomy of staggering emotions was raging within her.

Was she surprised? A little. She has a feeling this was going to happen sooner or later. But when she heard Shoto say 'I want you to agree to what I'm about to suggest', she knew what was about to happen. And as expected, he knelt before and she had to force herself from grinning ear to ear. But when Shoto showed her the ring and asked nay, told her to marry him, the world around her burst like a bubble. She knew she was going to say yes. There was never a doubt about it. She dreamed of this day several times in the past, imagining different kinds of proposals. And never in those wild fantasies did she imagine herself breaking down like this, succumbing to her emotions. She always thought it would be like butterflies in her stomach, like when she kissed him for the 1st time. But that doesn't hold a candle to the deluge of vehemence brimming within her.

She just nodded in acceptance, eyes shut to try and stop the free-flowing tears, unable to speak, the lump in her throat refusing to leave. Shoto just smiled and put the ring onto her finger as Momo continued her struggle to retain composure. He then hugged her tightly while rubbing her back to soothe her a little. He pulled back from the embrace and cupped her face in his palms and peered into her eyes, still watery but a lot better.

"Guys 'ask' the girl to marry him, bakaroki. They don't tell them to." Momo spoke as she swept away some remnants for her mascara destroyers from the corners of her eyes.

"Is that so? Excuse my manners then... Want me to kiss you?" He asked, a little hesitant. Momo just leaned into him and captured his lower lip between her teeth and tugged on it a little, as if taunting him to man up. Her left hand which was now adorned with the new ring rested in his left pec, feeling his heart thump. Her right hand slid past his shoulder and gripped the back of his hair, pushing his head deeper into the stolen kiss.

Shoto replied to her taunt by pulling her closer to him by her hips. He rested his hands on her back and pushed into the kiss after he felt her grip his hair. He stood over her and refused to back down, capturing her tender lips in a deep demanding manner.

The world might as well have stopped for the couple immersed in ardour. The bright lights faded, the traffic noises vanished and the air ceased to exist between them. The time itself came to a standstill as their fervent exchange continued. Momo melted into her fiance, every point of contact between them pulling them further into each other. After both of them went past the normal limits of holding breath, they reluctantly broke their kiss, eyes still closed, basking in the blinding aftermath of their fierce passion accompanied by their haggard breathing reaching to the point of hyperventilation.

Momo was the first to open her eyes and spoke while trying to catch her breath. "You don't... ask... such things,... silly. You...just...do it. Got ...that?"

Shoto was faring worse than her. His senses still exploding from the mind-blowing kiss and sucking deep breaths of air through his nose and mouth. "Yess...Ma'am."

Just as both started to retain some normalcy, fireworks started exploding in the background, lighting up the sky different hues ranging from your basic blues and greens to more nuanced shades of colours like scarlet and gold. They just titled their heads to the side, still clutching each other as they looked at the robust explosion of colours in the sky.

"Why do I feel this is not a mere coincidence?"

"Because it isn't. Fuyumi somehow managed to do this."

"Wait...Fuyumi knows?"

"Of course. Both of our families know. I took your parents permission as soon as I decided to propose."

"What did they say?"

"What do you think?" A smirk crept up his lips.

"I wish my father at least said 'No' once as a formality."

"He did."

"He did?"




"Stop acting so smug. My father might not have any objections but your family LOVES me."


"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, it was my Mom's idea that I-"

"Hold on a minute, are you telling that you proposed because your mother said to?"

"What? No. No. What I meant was that she made me realize that this is what I want to do. It was my decision. She just nudged me in the right direction."

"And how do you know this is what you want to do?"

"Well, I always knew I loved you but today I realized how much. That's when I knew what I had to do."

"And how much is that?"

"You know I love spring right? I wish Spring would last the entire year. But I never understood why. It was a question that comes to my mind very often. 'Why do I like Spring?' So I reflected upon it as I walked to my home. It wasn't something I loved from my childhood either. It was something that I came to like within the past few years. Then I realized something. Spring breezes always gave me a sense of comfort I found only around you. That's when I got the answer to that question. I love Spring because it reminds me of you. And just like how I want Spring to last forever, I want you to be with me forever as well. Then my mom suggested I propose if that's how it's like."



"Why do you want me to cry so bad, you idiot?"

"Uh...I don't."

"Then stop saying such sweet things...hick...bakaroki."

"Really? I thought expressing feelings was important, no?"

"I would've kissed you silent if I didn't have more important things to do"

"Oh? What's more important than kissing your fiance?"



"Keep your hands to yourself, mister. The celebrations will have to wait for a while. After that big romantic speech, it's only appropriate we get married in Spring and I won't wait for another whole year for that. Gotta start the wedding planning."

"Don't about that. Fuyumi offered to help."

"Shoto...It's rude to dump all our work on her."

"Let me tell you what she said then. 'I will be planning your whole wedding and I won't take no for an answer.' All we have to do is prepare a guest list and give her that."

"Well, that's easy. Your family, my family, everyone from class 1-A, a few from 1-B and some of the U.A staff."

"Not everyone from 1-A."

"Hmm? Oh...Still mad about Mineta-san?"

"Of course I am. Did you forget what he tried to pull at the hot springs resort?"

"Most certainly not. But I still think it's rude to not invite him."

"Urgh. Fine. We'll invite him if he isn't in jail already. But we have to make sure Midoriya attends. He keeps telling me how he regrets missing all the major events because of his work. And god knows he needs some respite."

"Definitely. Maybe the wedding vibes will finally make Midoriya-san take it forward with Uraraka-san."

"Why don't we settle for one wedding this season?"


"I don't want the #1 hero's wedding to outshine ours."

"Is that so? Huh...guess we do have time for celebrations then". ~wink~

"Yes! I'll go get the items."

"What items?"

"You know...the usual. Handcuffs, candles, blindfold."

"Nuh-uh. The usual won't do. Add a whip and a ball gag too."

'God...I love this woman.'

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