A/N: Hey there good people of MHA fandom. I'm back with a short story as a continuation of this story. I'm so smitten with this pairing. I will be uploading these shorts as a part of the sequel series to my original one-shot. But don't think the events in these shorts are after the one-shot. They follow no particular chronological timeline. With that said, I hope you enjoy some TodoMomo fluff.

Nervous. Excited. Anxious. Eager. Fidgety. Thrilled. The list could go on but as far as Shoto was concerned, there weren't enough words to properly describe his current state. A clusterfuck of all the above could be a starting point. But why, you ask? Well, it might, IT MIGHT, have to do something with him walking side by side with Momo Yayourozu, all dolled up for their 1st official date.

She wore a plain mid sleeves mustard yellow dress that reached her knees paired with a white and navy blue colour block purse. She went with a set of white kitten heels to complete her attire. Her hair was down instead of the classic spiky ponytail. Overall, her look was neat and simple for a beautiful spring day out. Only for Shoto, it was far from it.

He kept stealing glances at her at every possible chance, whenever he thought her focus wasn't on him. Lucky for him, she seemed to enjoy the surroundings as they strolled down the river, which gave him more chances to absorb her beautiful features into his mind and imprint them permanently. He didn't want her to think he was a creep ogling at her like Mineta, but he also couldn't keep his eyes off of her. The right part of her hair was more spread out, half of it in the front. But the left part of her hair was completely on her back, revealing her dainty emerald necklace adorned swan-like neck. Unblemished, slender and inviting. Just looking at her made him feel hot and bothered. He couldn't get enough of the sheer elegance she was able to give off in such a simple attire.

Admitted they weren't going to a fancy restaurant or anything but damn if she couldn't pull it off without a second thought in the most luxurious of places. Standing beside her surely meant zero focus on you. People would start having tunnel visions while looking at her. At least, Shoto is. The glimmering river in the background, the vibrant sakura trees along the path, everything blurred except for her. Her perfume invaded and conquered his olfactory senses, the smell of freshly cut grass all around going unrecognized.

'Momo...she's just...' Thoughts became scarce within his mind as he tried to find words that would justify her charm. After awkwardly stealing glances while raking his mind, he finally gave up on grasping her beauty. He decided to simply surrender to it. That was the best solution to deal with her face for now. Her body though, he shouldn't even try dealing with it. Standing at 5'10", Momo was the Japanese reincarnation of Aphrodite. She looked like someone poured life into an exquisitely sculpted statue and named it Momo Yayourozu.

It was in his best interests that Shoto was so absorbed staring at her face and his tunnel vision extended to nothing but her head. 'Beside her, my presence might as well vanish. Maybe that's a good thing. No one will interrupt us.' Although, on the other side of the spectrum, Momo didn't quite share his feelings. Maybe she did, exactly his feelings. Just with one small difference.

'He's so darn handsome.' She squeaked internally. She was putting inhuman efforts not to show any outward signs of what she was really feeling and didn't know how long she could do it. 'Why does looking at him has to be so hard?' It was. She wasn't sure she could look at his face and not blush. She wasn't sure she could peer into his deep heterochromatic eyes and not get lost in them. She didn't want to embarrass herself in front of him. She needs this date to go perfectly. She couldn't waste this opportunity, especially after building up her courage and confessing to him first while the world watched. Well, the world watched only when he hugged her in response to his confession so that was 1 less thing to worry about. She didn't want to seem like a hopeless lovestruck teenager to the entire population of Japan.

She remembered how he looked, waiting for her outside her home (~a freaking mansion~). He was dressed in a vertical colour block black and white button-down shirt, the white-half tucked in while the black half was hanging free, paired with blue trousers and white sneakers. His hair looked a little different as well. Unlike his usual messy locks falling in front, they were swept to the side a little, like a quiff. He looked like someone who just walked out of the Tokyo fashion week. The usual calm demeanour was the icing on the cake. Unknown to her, Shoto's elder sister Fuyumi was the one who picked out the attire and styled him for the date, but that was irrelevant.

Just thinking about him was enough to twist her stomach in knots. 'Gather your wits Momo,' she mentally slapped herself. 'His looks never bothered you before.' True. His looks never bothered her before. Not that she didn't feel he wasn't attractive at any point from the 1st time she ever saw him. She could clearly disparate how Shoto stood out in terms of physical qualities from the rest in U.A. Standing at a commendable 6'3", Shoto grew up to be one of the finest specimens of the human species. He had a lean yet ripped muscular body, unlike his father who leaned towards the bulkier side.

But today was a different story. His looks were the only thing bothering her, to a point where she couldn't even look at him properly. 'I need to do something about this. As long as we keep silent, I can't stop thinking about him. Yes, I need something to keep my perverted mind off of these impure thoughts.' She steeled herself and turned to face him and throwing a quick close eyed smile.

"Todoroki-san, why don't we go up the TV tower. I'm sure we can enjoy the city's view and fresh air up there."

Todoroki who was completely absorbed in his own world took a little while to come back but agreed to her suggestion. Once they were done with the tower, Momo went on to suggest a visit to the nearby amusement park followed by a boat ride in the river. Shoto was more than happy with her calling the shots, thanking the gods his cluelessness couldn't destroy this date. But he also felt a little guilty about letting Momo do all the thinking while he just kept stealing glances at her the whole day. So he decided to contribute at least a little.

"Yayourozu, I...Uhh, was thinking about having dinner together before I walk you back home. If you're okay with it, that is..." He meekly suggested. He didn't want to assume she enjoyed this date as much as he did, given how he was nothing more than a rock nodding to whatever she spoke and suggested throughout the day. He wouldn't be surprised if she didn't want to. His sister warned him of it.

"Of course Todoroki-san."

"Great. I heard this Kaiseki restaurant just down the street is good." He suggested, thinking someone like Momo Yayourozu, who grew up in riches would prefer something more Haute and refined than his tastes.

"Kaiseki huh? But I was really in the mood for some cold Soba though." She innocently replied, finger tapping her plush rosy lips.

Shoto's breath hitched. His body froze, leaving Momo to walk ahead while his face was fixated on her, watching her walk ahead of him. 'Is this what they call soul-mates?'