A Dreadful Reunion

By: Warrior of Six Blades


Disclaimer: I do NOT own anything from RWBY or Genshin Impact. This is just a fanfic I wrote as a one shot to help another fan who liked my idea of a sequel to a fan comic of RWBY. So back off lawyers! I got no money for you blood suckers to steal!

It was a beautiful day in Patch in Tai's tired mind. Smiling warily as he finished teaching students in Signal Academy. The birds was singing, the skies was fairly clear, and he even got a free lemonade from one of his students when the little boy wanted to show off how his mom taught him to make lemonade. It made him chuckle at the memory as the kid made enough for everyone.

Almost made him consider what it might been like if...

'No, Tai, don't go down that road again. Bad enough Ruby and Yang found little Bennett in Teyvat. But now they want him to meet me and Qrow...oh man I'm going need a cold one to deal with this...' Tai thinks in dread wondering what the hell he was going to say to his son. Who will no doubt be wondering WHY they didn't keep him.

Almost made him feel like Raven thinking that, which made a scowl form on his face as he enters his home. Shutting the door behind him with a little more force than needed thinking of her of all people. He still loved her, though he tried to push her out of his heart at times after she abandoned both him and Yang, but it was hard to honestly say sincerely he hated her.

A part of him still did love her, a bittersweet fact that has stuck with him for years.

Opening the fridge, Tai groans to himself as he facepalms. Someone had taken three bottles of his six beer bottles he kept for those really hard days at school. Some people had no idea how much a nightmare it could be teaching a bunch of kids and having to grade their papers. Especially when the Principle calls for a meeting out of the blue that keeps you there for hours.

Clearly his 'friend' had decided to swipe some when he got here before Tai even made it home.

'Considering I'm not being ambushed by Ruby and Yang right now. Qrow must have come home ahead of them to give me time to prepare.' Tai thinks taking a bottle of beer for himself and closing the fridge. Walking to the living room where he knew no doubt that drunk bird must be waiting for him.

'Awfully considerate for him, but given what's happened, we both do have a lot to answer for.' Tai thinks trying to open his bottle as he walks into the living room.

"Qrow, if you wanted a beer you could've asked me to-?!" Tai begins to say, only to freeze up as he sees a familiar pair of red eyes framing a feminine face with long dark hair that had some spikes to it. She had some dark circles under her eyes now, but he recognized Raven anywhere. Casually sitting on his seat with her dust blade, Omen, resting on her lap as she gives him a smile.

"Tai, dear, it's been too long. Tell me, how is my dear wayward and confused brother doing these days?" Raven asks as Tai gulps silently, seeing an edge in her eyes that separates the mood her smile should bring.

"Qrow? Well...he's off looking after his nieces I think...or he could be running up his tab at bars. You know, Qrow stuff." Tai answers nervously, but forcing a smile he prayed was enough to keep Raven calm. Surely she couldn't be here for what he thought would she? The timing of it all did worry him, but hoping against hope she didn't know what he thinks she does.

"Hmm...interesting." Raven says with an indifferent expression now, making it impossible for Tai to read her current mood. "How have you been lately by the way? Have you and my brother gotten up to anything lately?" Raven asks patting her weapon gently with a small smile that feels almost threatening.

'It's a trap, Tai, if she was really sure. She wouldn't be asking questions, right? Right.' Tai thinks desperately, trying to keep his cool and not sweat in front of her. Sweating from a simple question was a weakness that she would pounce on in a heartbeat!

It made his heart race in nervous anxiety seeing her treat this like a social visit and not an interrogation he was fearing this could be very soon.

"New? Well I did plant some new Mistralian flowers recently, did you see them?" Tai asks playing dumb. 'Yes, that's it, Tai, deflect and admit nothing! She's got nothing!' Tai thinks trying to keep his act strong.

An act that died a horrible death as he heard Raven chuckle. It was low and yet so soft, giving a haunting feel as Tai felt a chill down his spine. The knowing gaze in Raven's eyes made his blood feel frozen in fear, as if being judged by a vengeful goddess.

"Oh Tai, you're so adorable when you're nervous. If only you hadn't tried going behind my back not once, but twice now." Raven says with a soft scolding tone, much like a mother talking down her child for stealing cookies out of the cookie jar. While the look in her eyes was starting to show some fiery rage that told of a much deeper anger being restrained.

"What?! I never went behind your back!..." Tai said only to trail off as her gaze narrowed at this. "Well, okay, there was Summer, but you left me and Yang first!" Tai quickly tries to defend himself, as he saw her hand grasping the hilt of her blade for a second.

"Oh, I know, it's one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make believe it or not." Raven begins with a soft, remorseful look on her face. Showing her regrets and conflicted feelings on the thought of Tai dating Summer after she left. Hugging each other, kissing her, and even making love together in their bed as he screams Summer's name. It made her wonder what if she had stayed, but soon pushed the memories away to focus.

"It's why I never tried to kill you or Summer for it. You two made each other happy and more importantly, you two made Yang happy, always kept her safe, and feel loved. With Qrow as her uncle I felt sure of her safety with you all at the time." Raven says coolly, sincerely showing some sense of loss at the missed opportunity with raising Yang and being at Tai's side.

"Then what is this about? I never went behind-" Tai begins to ask, only to pause as Raven swiftly draws Omen from it's sheath and stops it just short of piercing his neck. Tai freezes seeing a familiar blood lust and rage in her eyes she seen only when she was facing Grimm in the past. Aimed directly at him this time, and did he just see her eyes give off a fiery glow for a second? No, surely that had to be a trick of his terrified mind right now.

"Keep lying to my face, Tai, and I'll be tempted to cut you down where you stand." Raven hisses with finality. "You not only did it with my brother after I left and Summer was gone, but you never told me you tried to make a relationship out of it, or mention the very important fact I have a nephew to me AT ALL!" Raven shouts as she reaches into her cleavage with her free hand and tosses down pictures. Pictures that made his dread spike to new levels, seeing they contained images of Ruby and Yang with their new little brother.

Tai could feel the blood drain from his face as he paled seeing the photos. "Raven, I can explain-"

Tai finds himself landing on the family couch as Raven begins sheathing her blade.

"Oh please do, Tai, we got ALL night to talk and I'm not tolerating any more secrets from YOU of all people." Raven cuts him off with a furious cold glare, her blade now sheathed as she takes her seat in his chair again. Making sure to be careful with her sheath's positioning to allow for a quick draw if she felt like she needed to.

Just in case he happens to offend her any worse than he already did.

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