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The universe answer to how she can look so awesome next to the children who can afford everything was revealed to her on Wednesday.

A cousin.

A cousin who's family owns a new mall that's just about to open up.

She got a brief flash of a tall, dark-skinned guy with a great face and great sense.

On Saturday morning, she got to see this guy in person as he saw them after stepping out of the mall.

David was by far the hottest guy she had ever seen but it would be a huge No for her, to try and flirt with a cousin, so she acted normal.

She was the only one acting normal because the other girls had no problems oggling him, the whole shopping trip.

However, he was quick to friend zone every one of them when the flirting lines came out but then he offered them a drink and it was all good.

When they came out of the mall, it truly felt like they were leaving another world, because everything wasn't so bright and people weren't that good looking.

However, entering her house brought that feeling beautifully back because she did a house tour of what was really the Barbie Dreamhouse but nobody here knew who the girl was, so the jealously was real.

She too has been jealous when she first saw Barbie room from a Vblog.

Her parents were also super nice too and had no problem letting 15-year-olds use their pool and water slide.

The balcony with the pool was amazing, and their pool fun time made it onto social media, pretty quickly.

And you would think with so many kids with big parents, there would be a more interesting weekend going on, but no.

Senior girls in bathing suits, having fun on an awesome balcony was the highlight of the weekend.

Clover in her blue bikini and headband was screenshotted a lot.

The girl had no idea she had become quite the fashion inspiration for a certain blue-haired girl with this outfit.

However, they all stopped posting afterwards because they wanted to groom all Sunday and totally surprise everyone on Monday.

On Monday morning, they made their way to School, after hitting the Mall for a drink.

#Monday Morning#

There were an unusual number of students outside the school, much to the transfer students confusion.

One guy said. "Why is everybody out here?"

And then an SUV pulled up.

"That's why," said another guy.

And then the girls came out and the instant, the students saw them, their minds entered fictional land where music played in the background and all of the popular girls moved in beautiful slow motion.

It sounded ridiculous but even adults would see it too when a group of Girls looked that fine.

Shiny hair, glowing skin, great makeup, shining eyes, great fashion style.

The senior girls of Collège Françoise Dupont appeared before them like they were in a Hollywood movie, all of them seriously styling.

Clover smile was bright as they walked up the steps and into the school.

The moment brains came back to reality, so many single guys grabbed their stuff and went after them, including the Transfers, it was so crazy.

However, the Seniors had an assembly that morning in the hall so they couldn't even hover around the classroom windows and stare in until a teacher threatened them to class.

The staff saw them and you could tell they were clearly stunned to realise these were indeed their students.

Clover was a miracle worker when it came to looks.

Meanwhile, the senior male's celebrated inside their head when they saw the girls sit down next to them in their row.

It was the most enjoyed assembly the seniors had ever gone through, and the girls hadn't changed on the inside at all because when class hit they were still themselves but way prettier.

Yes, they don't turn into horrible people in 2 days.

When that break hit, you would think it was the sign needed for every single guy to try their best moves on one of them.

Lots of girls wanted to talk to them also and those on the sidelines watched with food in the mouths as they saw the war unfold over these girls.

A fight even broke out, which was live-streamed, but the moment the internet saw the girl they were fighting over, it was a rare time were the internet collectively understood.

Seeing this fight, Clover said loudly. "Okay, break it up and have some home-baked Croissants." The two of them blinked. "You know you can just text or find her social media, right? We're not living in the stone age. Now, do you want chocolate or regular? Then I'll give both of you a hug and a compliment" Taking out two boxes.

Are you an angel?

The two were stunned and so was the internet as she de-escalated the situation and both of them soon munched on a croissant, and she indeed gave both of them a hug and a compliment.

She said, with a big smile, turning around. "Now who wants a Croissant, a hug and a compliment?"


Then she really kept her promise and the air magically became much lighter before the internet's very eyes.

The internet was seeing this girl for the very first time and what a debut it was, they could feel her sunshine from beyond their screens and they too wanted a compliment, a hug and a croissant from her.

So this girl was here, no wonder the school was so lively. Thought the internet.

People found her online and saw her bright life and followed.

With a few days, the whole Senior year had completely transformed because they got free Makeovers at the new mall through her.

The reason why the rest didn't was because there was an age limit.

Yes, an age limit because the mall didn't want a 6-year-old screaming through the mall because their parent couldn't say no to drink's clearly not suited for a child.

Anybody below 15, wasn't getting in or above 26.

The mall's existence made being young a little more special, by Thursday, the mall was crawling with high schoolers and college people.

It was a huge hit.

Those who shopped there were showered with compliments and those younger were doing everything they can to get at least one item, even if it was a scarf or they had to do something for their older sibling.

There was also an online store but you truly had to be careful with those sizes.

Those who managed to buy though got popular.

Even Royalty came to shop at this mall.

The clothes looked truly amazing, and unknowingly, when you compare these malls vibrate Clothes to what the top fashion designers are putting out there for their age group, it was a real eye-opening moment.

Unknowingly the idea that these brands were trash began to secretly spread and anybody their age who thought it was a good idea to wear Gabriel or Audrey was looked at like a fricken loser.

Imagine, being on top of the world because you wore the latest fashion from big designers only for the next day, you hear that those brands were so yesterday.

The king brands were slowly losing the youth and none of them knew.


Meanwhile, Clover was hearing about the fundraiser the younger years we're doing next week on Saturday.

The Fundraiser that Jaggered Stone agreed to come along too, which will attract those Jaggered Stone fans and the news.

The seniors on the other hand got squat to do, if they showed up, they knew how their teachers would look at them.

'Aren't you supposed to be studying?'.

Who could have fun with those eyes looking at you especially when you were so eye-catching, now?

The seniors planned to watch it in the background, at best they could do study groups at each other's houses to make it more interesting.

It was a sad realisation.

However, to Clover surprise, David sent her a text that read 'Hey, Clover. I heard a Rave was going on next week on Saturday. I know the DJ. Want to come too? You can bring any friend but nobody under 15. Please tell me how many and I'll send over tickets. There is a dress code'

And then he sent her a flyer, and she read it and discovered it was indeed in Paris.

She sent out a mass text to the Seniors and said. "Anybody up for a Rave on a Saturday evening? Don't tell any of the younger ones, they're not old enough to go"

She got hits immediately and the Seniors, especially the new ones didn't quite keep their mouth shut about how lit next Saturday was going to be for them.

And the high schools got a whiff of this too from their younger siblings who tried to be cool in front of them.

They talked it up.

After all, it wasn't every day that a younger sibling can feel cooler than their older brother or sister.

And those siblings talked it up to their peers.

It even made its way overseas as older teenagers who planned to come to Paris, where aware of this thing going on.

It's scary how much the Rave became the hottest thing since sliced bread just because people wanted to impress other people.

It was scary how much of an uproar the mid-teens to young adults were in but at the same time, they were so secretive.

Even the world-wide internet kind of know something huge was going on in Paris but they didn't know what.

Curiosity was sky-high.

"Dude, this Saturday, is going to be so lit"

"I know. At first, I was bummed because I couldn't get to that Fundraiser but this is WAY better. Saturday is going to be way more awesome than listening to Jaggered Stone"

Two Senior guys were excitedly talking while walking passed Miss Bustier class.

All of them had their mouths open.

Kagami Tsurugi was questioned on what was going on but she kept her lips sealed, she knew this would be rare for her and she didn't want to ruin her mothers rare yes.

Seeing Kagami not talking, everybody thought.

Damn, that girl.

Even Chloe Bourgeois got in on trying to find out what was happening on Saturday.

But Zilch.

Saturday rolled around, the school hosted that Fundraiser, Jaggered Stone graced the world eyes and the obsessed fans, paid and came in, the media came in too as this was for a good cause.

The world was convinced that this was what the hype was all about.

Then 5 hit, teenagers and youth had food, they got changed, wore that Rave necklace and began making their way to a certain part of Paris.

Some picked each other up, like how Clover picking up Kagami.

At the front was a nightclub interior when they arrived, then they showed their passes to the guards and their clothes were checked, then they got in one by one and found out that it was not a nightclub.

It was better.

The instant Clover came in, the Rave came to life and banging Rave music blasted out of the speakers, the spotlights turned on, the very attractive and cool people hit the dance floor, the bartenders came out with a sparkling appearance.

Outside, luxury cars lined the streets making the event even more hype.

Paris noticed and so did the world, as the world slowly become aware of the other event happening in Paris.

Somebody became Livestream inside, teens began calling whoever they knew about this awesome place they were at right now.

When the music reached Peaked, several cool and very attractive guys took off their shirts revealing the glory underneath.

The Rave exploded from there as it climbed the world charts, booting those in the previous seats down a spot.

The whole world was seeing this and then it booted Jaggered Stone off of number one.

The man was wrapping up anyway so he wasn't even mad when people began leaving.

The Rave looked insane and the world narrowed the location down, those who could leave as soon as they could, only to find out they couldn't get in because they did not have a ticket, we're not of age or we're not even dressed for it.

The world found out about these requirements through others who weren't allowed in.

For 4 hours, the Rave rocked the internet like never before, those who couldn't go could only watch those who could have fun, in their homes.

For a certain school, nobody was shocked to see Clover at the Rave, if something awesome was happening, she was there.

However, the Rave impact did not stop even when the Rave was finished.

Those who refused to drive tonight or were clearly sleeping checked into hotels.

Not just any hotel either.

Le Grande Paris Hotel.

The next morning, it was on the news and Clover would have paid good money to see the Manager of the hotel's reaction when those partiers did not even blink at the crazy expensive room prices and suddenly the best hotel in Paris was fully booked for the first time in years.

This was Earth-shattering news and you know when somebody books in, Paris News has to find out who they are.

It was easy to find out who some of them were.

The world found out the Rave didn't just look impressive, it WAS impressive.

The Youth from crazy rich or important families from all over the world mysteriously came together without the world knowing it to party for one single night.

Imagine finding out the number you've received from a random guy was actually a member of Royalty's phone number.

The world had found their top sparkling youth because of the Rave.

All Sunday, it was about the Rave with a hint of Jaggered Stone.

The news began to do segments of young people trying to save up just so that they can one day attend a Rave.

What makes a party legendary wasn't the banging music or venue, it was who was coming.

People all around the world seemed to agree that you should go to a Rave, at least once before hitting boring adulthood.

On Monday morning, Clover came into the school and something happened.

All the Seniors began clapping when they saw her.

"Awesome invite!"

"That was amazing!"

"I'll be at the next Rave!"

"I'm no longer single, thanks to you!"

The Seniors cheered her name.

"Clover! Clover! Clover!"

At the beginning of the year, all of them thought this was going to be the worst year for them but who would have guessed she would make it so awesome for them?

Was she going to do anything for Halloween?

Meanwhile, all the other students who just found out how the Seniors got into the Rave, all thought one thing.

They needed to get an in with this girl.

However, all of them were so distracted by Clover that they had yet to realise Paris hadn't been terrorised by an Akuma in 2 weeks.

Not even a change in an outfit from Paris most Akumatised person, Pigeon guy.

But Gabriel Agreste did and he was furious.