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Clover noticed weird things going on with those younger around her.

Like they would laughter harder with her, they would offer to throw stuff away from her, they would praise her to high heaven for even the simplest action and wanted to be part of a conversation even if it was about a subject they hadn't been taught yet.

She finally snapped half-way through Lunch and said. "Okay, what's going on? Why do you all sound like I'm paying you to love me?"

Everybody was silent.

She said. "You know, you can tell me. I'm not going to judge you unless it's totally gross"


Somebody said. "We kind of want to get in on what your doing"

She blinked and said. "Huh?"

Another person said. "What your doing is usually awesome. You get to go to an exclusive mall every day. You get to pamper yourself and wear cool clothes like we can't AND you went to that Rave when we are doing the fundraiser. Nobody cared about seeing the Rave."

"Nobody cared about Jaggered Stone," said another person.

"Yeah!" Said, three people.


She said. "Okay, one. I am very flattered that you guys view me as the peak of coolness but if you wanted to do something awesome. You just had to ask. How about Go-Kart racing tomorrow at Lunch?"

And all of them said. "Huh?"

She smiled and said. "You'll see what I mean tomorrow, now please stop being so weird. A girl needs to be around normal people"

And then she went to the restroom.

News spread about what she said by the time she went to the last lesson.

The following day, she came to school with a bigger backpack than usual and she asked some seniors to help her out.

She began stapling a Go-Kart racing poster on the walls, stating it was at the school track, the winner for each set gets to pick a prize.

The whole school wondered if she was really Go-Kart racing at lunch?

She was certainly dressed for it.

At lunchtime, the seniors helped her with a table and she began to get things out from the big bag.

She got out a clipboard and roll of tickets, then a smaller backpack and went to the track and got out pocket Go-karts.

When the students saw they were really Go-kart they roared approval, especially from the transfers.

She said. "Anybody who wants to race. Register at the table and take your number. You have 5 minutes to register"

And never before had students run so fast, seriously with that speed, nobody would be failing PE.

While they were signing up, she was setting up the drones with the other students.

Students had their phones were live streaming this, and the internet beyond could not believe it.

Professional Go-Kart racing at a school?

Now the school had gained international attention.

It was the same school that was partying at lunch and fighting over that hot girl, right?

Clover finished her set up with a flying mini traffic light because why the hell not.

And then the table closed registration and said. "Sorry, but we're closed, now. Have a bag of cookies" sliding some cookies, Clover had made this morning.

The cookies were slid to them and everybody left with at least one cookie.

Clover said, with a bright smile. "Okay, 1 and 2, come on down!"

The two students did and she gave them a quick tutorial of how to do this and then she said. "Okay, this is Collège Françoise Dupont Go-Kart racing!"

They cheered.

She then said. "This is the first race of today. The drivers do not need to stay in the line, all you need to do is go around this track first. The winner for each race will get to pick a prize from the backpack on that table!" She pointed at the table. "Those who don't quite make it, get a hug from me and a small badge telling them their awesome. Are you ready to get awesome!"

The students yelled and wooed and then the music began and it was Eye of the Tiger.

When that music truly kicked in, you could feel the racing mode activate in the air.

She then started the traffic light and said. "Count with me. 3"

"2!" The students yelled.

"1," She said before yelling. "Go!"

And then the traffic light turned green and the racers were off, the students cheered for the two who started off wonky of course but then the racers got confident and discovered what the drift does.

The drift shot out awesome coloured beams!

The students went crazy and so did the Internet.

"No, way!" Yelled somebody.

And so was the Internet.

"Woah. Rock and Roll!" Said Jaggered Stone watching this on his tv.

The match finished and number 2 won, Clover said. "Give a round of applause, for the two of them!" Everybody clapped and whistled and then she said." Now, number 1, come over here!"

The guy did so and they hugged while Number 2 went to the backpack and stuck his hand inside.

Everybody turned around to see what he got out, expecting it to be a pencil case or something.


The guy pulled out, a big gold bedazzled tablet.

The whole student body was silent, including the internet and the guy.

Clover said. "Oh, did I forget to mention, my cousin gave me some of the stuff, that was on clearance? Enjoy!"

And then everybody was in an uproar.

The internet was in an uproar.


The prizes were actually lit?

The guy could not believe they were letting him walk away with this, but indeed he got to the other side with the tablet and a story his parents were going to want to hear.

Clover called up the next pair who ran to get a chance at the prize backpack.

Clover had created another incredible atmosphere and the world had never been so attentive.

Awesome Prize after Prize was taken out, you really couldn't believe this event was only 40 minutes because everybody was having so much fun.

Some more advanced, we're just wheeling with the drift on.

But the event was indeed that and the school bell rang and kicked everybody in the guts.

She was quick to put the karts away and then the seniors just helped put the drones and everything away, while everybody burgedly left.

Another reason they were helping her was because they got to take something from the backpack.

She went to the last lesson, knowing the event would look amazing if they ever put it in the school advertisement.

She left the school and there was cheering from all sides as she left, but then she saw her.

A woman with an uptight black suit and glasses, this woman, the moment she saw her, she knew she had to avoid her.

After all, who narrows their eyes at a 15-year-old girl unless they suspect she's stealing?

She went into her SUV and didn't know that innocent Adrien Agreste had foolishly told her first and last name to that woman.

The next day, she posted a single flyer on the board and students crowded around.

'Clover Moon Halloween Party. If you want to do something for Halloween other then Trick or Treating, why don't you come to Clover Moon Halloween Party? All students welcome. The address will be posted on the student online forum soon'

The screams of approval were loud.

The most lit girl in school was having a Halloween Party.

Of course, they would go!

But then students suddenly remembered they had to watch their younger sibling, had a guardian that didn't like fun or go to a family thing, cursed out loud.

With each passing day, the hype was real and then people found out, Clover was given out spooky Halloween cupcakes with 'Your awesome' wrapping around it, around the city.

This was a very welcome surprise to the city of Paris, as nobody could say no to a super pretty blond-haired and blue-eyed girl giving out aspiring cute Halloween Cupcakes.

Well, until allergies came in and she told them, how healthy she made the cupcakes and it still tasted wonderful despite substitutes often tasting like dirt.

The News heard and tracked her down.

Alec Cataldi tracked down this stunning girl.

He said. "Your Clover right? Do you have a minute to talk to the news about what you're doing?"

She turned around and said. "Oh, sure"

She gave a beautiful smile.

Alec said. "The word on the street is, you are given out delicious health cute motivational Halloween Cupcakes for absolutely free. Is this true?"

She smiled and said. "Yes. Do you want one?"

She opened the box and Alec said. "Oh," and he took one.

He then said. "Now, why are you doing this? Is it some stunt? Are you taking a stand against something?"

She laughed and said. "No. I just thought since it's almost Halloween. I wanted to cheer my joy of the spookiest time of the year with the whole city. Even if a person doesn't celebrate Halloween, they can at least appreciate a good healthy free motivational cupcake. So for the next two hours, I'm going to be giving out free inspirational Halloween cupcakes, because we all deserve a bright spot in our day. Go Paris! A city filled with nothing but Awesome people!"

You could tell, Alec was surprised and said. "You have got to be the most bright and peppy person I have ever met"

She said. "Yes, I get that a lot. But why spend your entire life frowing and being sad? The world is way too interesting for you to look at the floor all the time. Like, go online to meet people who share your interests or go to a Fireworks show. There is always something happening and even if you have no special ability, you can at least smile. Every smile is gorgeous even the toothless ones. I love making people smile because that means, I've made somebody day brighter. The easiest way to get a smile is to compliment somebody. It's not hard like I can compliment you right now"

She then said. "I love your outfit, you're completely rocking that bold look. Some people go bold without caring for themselves but you want bold with style. How do you keep the women away with that killed body and those charming good looks?"

And the man laughed and glowed.

She said, also smiling too. "There's that million-dollar smile"

The man laughed harder.

Alec said. "Clover, this has got to be my happiest interview I have ever done. You have certainly made my day. Good luck for the rest of the day"

"Thanks, bye," she said, before leaving.

Alec said, to the camera. "Wow, that girl is a ray of sunshine. Have you ever seen such a more bright person? I've never been so delighted to be around somebody. I wouldn't be surprised if she's the brightest person in all of Paris"

The camera showed her, going up to people with a bright smile.

On the day of Halloween, Clover came to school in angel wings that open, flap and twitch at a press of a button with a gorgeous white angel outfit to match.

This was definitely her best outfit yet, she got compliments all day and gave out Halloween good candy.

After school, she went to the building that her parents were currently trying to get ready for the party and they just barely finished, before the students came in and saw the spooky balloons, food and spooky animatronics.

More students soon flooded in and her cousin David came onto the spooky stage with his band and with word that Highschooler will be here as well.

When David dressed in a devil costume and his band appeared before the crowd, you could see the wide eyes as he smoothened their eyes.

He introduced himself and then he and his band began to play Centuries after 6:30 pm.

When he began to sing, you could see the surprise and the phones going up as the undead ribbon dancers came down.

The band was great, teens roared with approval and more teens began coming.

The world beyond this party wanted to know who this was smoothing their eyes and ears.

His next song 'Immortals' cremated his band as a great choice.

The world found David, they found out he was the son of the owners who opened that exclusive mall in Paris.

He was also Clover Cousin.

He began singing 'Tonight I'm loving you', the heavily edited clean version.

The world swooned seeing his facial expressions.

Several people shouted. "Marry Me!" in the crowd.

It was played as a joke, but some were serious and a lot of those online we're serious too, as a lot of girls we're determined to find out everything about him.

But he was protected by the universe so, it won't go as they thought.

There was a surprise costume competition near the end of the party and the three big costumes were called up and the best costume which was a full-sized robot and they won a robotic cleaning drone, the others won vouchers.

It was a successful Halloween party overall.

Clover watched as David signed stuff but then hid from new fans who were getting too grabby.

Most of the teens left before David re-emerged again, he began to helped clean up.

They finished at 2 in the morning and she and her parents dropped David at his luxurious house and she crashed onto her bed, half an hour later.

Only for her to wake up 4 hours later with open eyes, as something occurred to her.

Wait a minute.

If the Universe was assisting her to make a great year, why on Earth did she not have an equally great boyfriend?