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A rented family


I never wanted a family! For me love isn't real, it's a way to place all your hopes and dreams into someone and use it against them. I prefer to select my companions as needed and leave it at that. Until now... Amar, a very important possible client, is known to only work with corporations that are family oriented. Zeke, my partner told him that not only is he happily engaged (which is true), but that I have a wife and a child at home (not so true). With a family retreat coming up hosted by Amar himself, I will need to find a suitable "wife and child" to come with me. Will Four ever change his ways? Can his "rented wife" show him what the true meaning of love and family is?

Chapter 1 / Meet Four

Four's POV

"Good morning...Umm Four, right?" I hear from behind me.

I instantly feel the irritation growing within me. Fuck, why is she still here? I turn around and indeed discover the same woman from last night standing in my kitchen wearing the same fucking slutty ass dress that she wore last night at the bar. I can see that she tries to smile shyly, but I know better than to fall for that shit. I can tell from last night and even this morning that this wasn't the first time she went home with someone that she didn't know. Although truth be told, it wasn't my first time either. I prefer a one time only deal, no strings attached. I see no point in ever getting attached to one person and one person only, to only get hurt in the end. Who wants and needs that bullshit.

"Like the number? Right?" She asked, tearing me from my inner thoughts. Yup like I haven't heard that stupid question everyday of my life.

I try so hard not to roll my eyes and be rude, I know I should be a gentleman, but truth be told she has already worn out her welcome the minute I was done with her last night. It's not that I have anything against women... I love them. They are the most gorgeous, sexual, satisfying creatures ever created, and with the right woman... Man can things be real nice and so satisfying.

Although this woman that is standing right in front of me here in my kitchen with no shoes on and hair that is not even brushed yet... I have to say she needs to go. I'll admit though she does have a body of a goddess. Her full hips are shaped the best, so I can grab them and ride her from the back, her boobs are heavenly big and her mouth is big enough for my dick to fit in. But that is all that she has going for her. Her voice is whiny, annoying and her attitude is very high maintenance. I know that unless I am getting her to shut up with my dick in her mouth, I wouldn't even last a half an hour talking to her without having the urge to ditch her.

I nod responding to her question. Honestly I just don't trust the words that will come out of my mouth at this point. It's best to just keep quiet. I learned my lesson from the last time, certain glass objects and my fragile things did not survive after that woman was done. Plus I don't even know this woman's name. While I'm being honest, I never even tried to learn it, just like I never bothered to learn all of the other women's names. I just usually call them beautiful or gorgeous, instead of using their real names. Usually they're either too drunk or too horny to even give a shit about what I call them anyway. I don't see the point in getting to know them personally. After all, they're usually gone by the time I wake up. Again, it's definitely preferred.

"So how about you take me out to dinner tonight? Then after we can come back here and have round two, or would it be round five?" Fuck no! Do I look stupid?

I admit yes, it was four times last night. I have a high sex drive. It wouldn't take me long or much to get me going again. So when I have a woman in my bed, I like to take full advantage of it. I'll go as many times as the woman allows me to. My record is having sex six times in one night. Honestly, no one got sleep that night, not that either one of us complained.

"My schedule is... full today and for the rest of the week. I'll call ya," I say. Mind you, I don't even have nor will I ask for her number.

I turn around and place my now empty coffee mug into the sink and reach for my keys. Most of the time the women that I bring home understand this gesture and get the fuck out of here by now. If they are even still here, that is. Again they are usually gone by the time I wake up, but nope not this girl. Fucking hell.

"Can I have a cup of coffee too?" She asks, gesturing towards my coffee maker.

Like always, I am already prepared for this situation. I reach into the cupboard and pull out a disposable coffee cup, fill it, cover it with a lid and then I place it on the counter. I don't even bother to make eye contact of any kind. "Here you go." Get the hint, woman!

"Would you like my number?" Seriously? Do I have to spell it out for this woman? I knew I should have picked the red head last night, nope I had to go with big boobs over here.

"Nope." I make sure to pop the letter P, and once again I don't even bother to look at her while saying it.

It doesn't take long after that, I hear the front door open and close. She has finally gotten the hint and has left. What a relief, knowing that I won't have to deal with her again. I give myself another five minutes and start to head out to the office.

I work in the heart of Chicago. I love this city, there is never a dull moment. I have worked side by side with my best friend since high school, Zeke Pedrad. He is your typical over the top joker, but when the shit hits the fan, he is there for you, no matter what. He is extremely friendly and creative as hell. Together we started Dauntless Advertisement Agency, or like most people call us D.A.A. It wasn't easy, we had a lot of ups and downs at the beginning, and a lot of blood and sweat went into starting this company. Now we are a multi-billion dollar company, we're one of the top advertising agencies in the United States.

Zeke is the complete opposite of me. Unlike me, he has been in a fully committed relationship with his girlfriend since his senior year of high school. That's right, they are your typical high school sweethearts, they are annoying, disgustingly mushy and completely in love. They just recently got engaged, her name is Shauna.

Shauna is really great. She is your typical tom boy, "don't fuck with me," kinda girl. She knows when to joke, when to be serious, and when to instigate. Which I guess is what makes Shauna and Zeke work together so perfectly. On top of her great personality, she is also very attractive. Not that I would ever make a move on her, bro code and all. Plus after all these years, I see Shauna as a sister, so that would be weird.

I pull into the garage, which is located under the building I work at. Of course I have no problems finding parking since I have my own parking spot. "Reserved for Four Eaton." Which is also right next to Zeke's reserved spot. Yup, life is good.

One thing about being successful is if I want something, I get it. Like my car, the new Volvo XC90. I still remember the day I bought it. It was on our second year anniversary of the company's success, I finally got tired of driving around in my little two door 1995 Honda civic. Not that there's anything wrong with that car, I loved it. It was my first car that I got with my own hard working money. But it was well on its way to the junkyard with it's door handles falling off and the transmission choosing when to and when not to turn over, and lets not forget about the non working a.c and heater. Oh and how could I ever forget to mention the bumper that was hanging on its last thread. Needless to say I was more than excited to trade up. I walked right into a Volvo dealership, wearing nothing but old blue jeans, sneakers and a black tee shirt. The dealer looked out as I drove up onto the car lot, he saw that I drove my broken down Honda, the look that man gave me was priceless. He thought I was this good for nothing 25 year old kid with nothing in my pockets. He didn't know what hit him when I paid for the car in full, in cash by the way, instead of picking out a payment plan like he thought I would.

I climb out of my car, not forgetting to grab my work bag and jacket from the back seat. I start to make my way towards the lobby of the building, I avoid all eye contact as much as possible. I'm not really in the mood for the small talk, the flirty girls that want to throw themselves at me today. Thankfully last night's events will last me at least a week until I start to crave someone again. Odds are when that happens I'll head to the bar, or the gym, or hell I can just walk down the street. It really doesn't take much.

I forgo the elevator and take the stairs like I always do. I hate taking the elevator, it's always cramped and takes too damn long to reach the twenty second floor. To make matters worse, I also have issues with confined spaces. It's also the best way to avoid the women in this building. They are very aggressive, upfront women that have no shame whatsoever about throwing themselves at me, wanting to score with the famous Four. I have to admit I have made a few mistakes at the workplace in my first few years at D.A.A. But since then I have matured and come to realize that it's best to keep it in my pants when it comes to the workplace, or should I say in my office, or the stockroom and the break room.

When I reach the twenty second floor, I stop and take a deep breath and straighten out my clothes before opening up the door that leads out to the floor. After so many years of climbing the same flight of stairs every day, I am no longer winded nor do I even break out in a sweat while doing it. I try and pace myself, as I can feel plenty of eyes staring at me as I walk through the halls. I know what I will see if I actually look up, I see all the sexy smirks that will come my way from both the women and the men… yes I said men, they also throw themselves at me as well. It's hard being good looking.

I know as their boss each and every one of them should have my respect. I should hold my head up high and say good morning to them as I pass, just because they work for me. I should appreciate and respect all of my employees, but in all honesty I don't give a damn. There is only one woman on this floor that I show one hundred percent of my respect to, the one woman that has earned it from day one. Tris Prior, my assistant.

From day one, Tris has always demanded respect from me and is not afraid to call me out on my shit. She also isn't afraid to throw it right back at me, when I deserve it. Which is almost always. It was a bold move on her part, but I liked it. No other woman has ever had the guts to push the buttons that she dares to push. She is also very talented at almost everything that she does. She is deadly smart when it comes to new ideas, or when she is on a computer and also solving many of our agencies problems. Not to mention she is honest, selfless, kind, and brave. Even Zeke liked her when we interviewed her together. I still remember that day like it was yesterday, as I was the one to suffer from the humiliation and Zeke loved every minute of it. It was only three years ago...

Zeke and I had finally reached the point in our business where we were both overwhelmed to the max with the amount of new clients that we had, along with all of the workload that comes with it. We also reached the financial position where thankfully we could afford to hire more hands in the office. There was no other way around it, we each needed our own assistants. We needed people to help answer the phones, help with the countless emails that we got everyday, and help keep up with everything that we were falling behind in. Zeke had suggested it first. Call it stubborn on my part, but I wasn't ready to throw in the towel just yet. Not until almost losing one of our largest clients at the time. All because we were drowning in work and couldn't keep up with the demands. I was swamped and stressed out, and unfortunately we were missing out on new clients as well, because we couldn't even keep up with the existing ones. I finally agreed that we needed the help. We needed more hands to run our advertising agency and pronto!

We placed an ad in the newspaper and contacted some temp agencies and within no time at all we had interviews lined up out the door. It was a no brainier to hire Tris. She walked into the office with her head held up high and she was totally confident, and had a resume that was a mile long with the right qualifications and recommendations to go along with it. I remember asking her that day why she wanted and needed this job so badly. Her answer was so honest and selfless, I just had to hire her on the spot.

Tris said, "I'm a single parent, my son is Autistic and has ADHD. He deserves so much more than what I can financially give him right now, just by me being a waitress. All I want is to give him a nice home and a good and happy life. I will stop at nothing to see to it that I do that for him. So you see, I need this job to place a roof over my son's head, food in his mouth, and clean clothes on his back. Not to mention I need the income for his medical care that he needs on a daily basis." She said it so straight forward and was so sincere ,that it took me by complete surprise. "Look, I'm smart and self driven. I can't play games because I can't afford to. What does that mean to you? It means that I will show up to work on time every day and I will work my butt off, making sure I give this job one hundred percent because I do not have a back up plan. And at the end of the day I have a child to care for and look after." She said that with her index finger hitting the edge of the conference table with each word. It was obvious to us that she wasn't playing around. Of course, that didn't stop Zeke from being his normal self.

"One last question, Ms. Prior." Zeke said, looking seriously towards her.

"Yes?" Tris asked Zeke. I can see how prepared she was for anything that he was about to ask her.

"Would you ever consider sleeping with Four?" Zeke asked in all seriousness, the son of a bitch even nodded his head my way. At first I thought he couldn't be serious. What kind of question is that to ask at a fucking interview?

"Does it look like I would? I have a child at home to take care of. I can't risk losing my job at the end of the day over some two minute sweat job." Damn that stung, but it was a good answer. I can tell she was completely serious about her answer. At that moment Zeke and I both shared a glance, we'd been friends for such a long time that we didn't need a minute to discuss what the other one was thinking about her. Tris was hired to be my new assistant from that point on.

That was a little over three years ago now. Since then, I have graciously given her multiple Christmas bonuses and two raises. Which she rightfully deserved from her own merit and without as much as a single flirtation towards me. I think that's what I admire the most about her, she doesn't need to use the womanly side of herself to get what she wants most in this world… she does it just fine on her own.

"Good morning, Tris," I greet her. I give her a quick glance as I walk past her and into my office. I know it won't take long for her to be right behind me, so I leave the door open for her and make my way to my desk.

Although many don't know this, not even Zeke, I know that my feelings for Tris run deeper than they really should. Not that I would ever act on them though. One of the reasons is that I would hate to lose her as my assistant, not to mention that I don't do relationships for a reason. But be as it may, I would hate to lose her all together, really. I love being able to see her everyday, knowing that she is well, safe, and happy. Which is kind of strange, because I have never had these thoughts before about a woman, well other than Shauna that is... but she doesn't count, she's my friend, well actually she's more like my sister. I also have never had to work, impress, or try to get a woman's attention before. But with Tris, she never falters. She is always professional and keeps a pleasant smile on her face at all times. Even when she is giving me shit and letting me have it, she always keeps that smile on her face. Must be the mom in her.

I'll even go as far as admitting that I have fantasized about her... I'm not just talking about sexually either. Although I am guilty of that too, she has been present in more than a few of those helpful episodes when I am in the shower and need a quick release. But I also fantasize about her in general as well. I think about what it would be like to be really in her life, to talk to her, to hear her laughter and to see what she is like out of work. There has always been something about Tris though, she isn't like any other women that I have met before. She's real and that's something I have come to really admire about her.

But I know a woman like her is completely out of my league, even if I was in fact interested. Which I'm not. She is the kind of woman that you would bring flowers to, you take her out on a proper date just to get to know each other, you may get lucky if you get a first goodnight kiss when you drop her off. She is the kind of woman that you spend months dating her and yet you respect her enough to not have sex with her, because she is well worth the blue balls and the waiting. You date her until you can't think about spending any more time apart from her. She is the kind of woman that you brave getting on one knee and pouring your heart out to her, demanding for her to marry you. She is the kind of woman that you wait patiently at the altar and when you see her dressed in white, your heart just stops beating. She is the kind of woman that you make sure you are home for dinner every night, because you rather be home with her than anywhere else. She is the kind of woman that you strive to make yourself better for her and for your kids. Something that I know I can never do and or be for her. I'm far too damaged to repair.

Plus to make matters worse, Tris has a son. Not just any son, but a special needs child. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with being a single mom, nor is there anything wrong with special needs children. Hell, I wish my mom would have left my father and taken me with her. The truth is, they often say history is bound to repeat itself. If that is true, no one, not even Tris Prior would want me around her or her son. I can't and wouldn't blame her for that.

As sad and pathetic as it sounds, I have never been in love, I never want to be either. From what I saw watching my parents' marriage, love is a set up. It's a way to place all your hopes and dreams into someone and then use it against them. In the end, one or both of you will get hurt and who the hell wants or needs that, for that matter.

"Good morning, Four," Tris greets me back with her beautiful smile.

I see she is carrying a cup of coffee that she places on my desk. It's streaming hot and black, just the way I like it. She also has her handy notepad and a pen, ready to take any notes or the agenda for the day that I might throw at her. What can I say, she is always prepared.

"You have an office meeting with Zeke regarding the Amar account at nine. A phone conference call with Mr. Ramos at one. Oh, and some girl named Nita called you, she wants a call back regarding a dinner date," Tris says, placing a piece of paper that I would imagine holds Nita's number on my desk. Nita? Shit, which one was she? Oh please, don't tell me it was that girl from last week… fuck, if I thought that woman from this morning was annoying, last week's woman was even worst.

"Thanks, Tris. Anything else?" I ask. I pick up the piece of paper with… Rita… no Nita's number on it and without as much as a glance I crumble it up and throw it blindly into the garbage can.

"Nope," she says, shaking her head and acting all nonchalant about my behavior, while watching me throw yet another woman's number away. I wish I could just tell her, its just sex, they don't mean anything to me. As if that would make her feel any better. Although after three years of working for me, Tris is well aware of my "lunchtime meetings" that used to take place here.

"Great. Hey, how's your son doing?" I ask, giving her my full attention. Although I may try to keep my feelings in check, when it comes to Tris, I still want to make sure she and her son are okay. I like to know that she doesn't need anything for either her or for her son. This feeling alone always takes me by surprise. This isn't me, I don't care about other people, I don't care what they go through or their struggles, but with Tris I want to help her, protect her from any more pain or stress that life might throw at her. I want to keep her safe. I don't know about her past, nor have I ever asked her about it. But I know it must not have been that great. After all, she is a single mother, as far as I know she has never spoken about the boy's father or a partner for that matter. She doesn't even seem interested in dating anyone.

"He is doing much better now. Thank you for asking. We finally found a behavior therapist willing to squeeze him in during her schedule,"she says with a wide smile. I never understood how many issues there could be to finding the perfect therapist for a child, let alone how hard it is for a child with special needs.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Okay? The door is always open," I tell her. I want to tell her more, let her know how serious my words are, but I can't, anything more would be too inappropriate.

"Thank you, Four. I appreciate that so much," Tris says.

"Well you are so appreciated around here. We want to make sure you are okay in return," I say, with an appreciative smile. She nods, and without saying another word she exits my office. It's then that I allow myself to take in her appearance for the day, damn she looks good. She wears a button down white blouse with the top few buttons left undone, not to mention the blank dress pants that hug her every curve just right. I shake my head from the thoughts that always seem to creep in when it comes to Tris. If I can't get my thoughts straight and off of her gorgeous ass, this will be a very long day indeed.

I make my way towards Zeke's office, dreading the moment that I have to acknowledge his assistant. Zeke's assistant is nothing like Tris. Although don't get me wrong, she is pretty, but Tris has this whole innocent, really genuine beauty about her. It's almost like she doesn't even know how drop dead beautiful she truly is. Verses Molly, she knows what she's got and she is not afraid to use it. She has made many attempts and passes at me, she has even tried to trade her position with Tris once. She had the balls to tell Zeke that it would better suit our needs if they traded. Needless to say how fast that ludicrous request was denied by me.

"Good morning Molly," I say, not bothering to stop for a response. My greeting to her is nothing like the one I share with Tris. I don't even bother to look in her direction. My eyes stay on my goal, which right now is Zeke's office door.

"Well good morning Four," she says in a very seductive tone. But I let it pass, maybe if I ignore it, it will go away.

I enter Zeke's office without knocking, not wanting to take any chance in hell of letting myself get caught up with Molly. I made that mistake once, something I will never do again.

"Four, my partner in crime. How was last night?" Zeke asks.

He has always known about my weekly bar visits. One of the only things that he envies about me. But silently I envied him as well. He often said he missed the hunt... trying to catch the one that wants to get away, but can't. But just like I always told him, he has a woman at home in his bed every night, more than willing to fulfill his needs. That I envy about him.

"It was very... successful," I replied, not wanting to go into details, but I'm sure that won't stop him from asking.

"Was she well gifted?" He says, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Zeke." I warn him. I'm not going there today.

"So what is the update on the situation with Amar?" I probe him, wanting to move the subject off of my very rigorous sex life. The moment I see the grin drop off of his face and his eyebrows crease together, I know it can't be anything good.

"What happened? Did we lose him? Shit. You know that was a high end client. What happened?" Fuck!

"No, we didn't lose him, not exactly," he says, rubbing his neck. I know he did something. Shit, what did he do now?

"What then?" I ask, nearly growling at him with my forceful voice. The thought of needing to make bail comes to my mind.

"Well see Amar only wants to work with those that are more... worthy of his money and time," Zeke says. What the hell does that mean? What the fuck is going on? "You see, Amar prefers to only work with those that are family oriented companies," he quickly explains.

"Umm. What?" I ask. Family oriented, what the hell does that even mean?

"The way he explained it was, that those that have a family will work harder because they can't afford to lose their jobs, versus the ones that are not family oriented," he explains to me. What the hell? That doesn't make any sense. I give my all to each and every client every damn time. I take in Zeke's expression, I know that there is something more to this than what he is telling me.

"Zeke?" I ask, but nearly growl.

"Well I didn't want to lose the deal with him," he says getting up from his chair, he starts to pace around the room. What did he do? "I... I told him that it was no problem. That we were both family men." What? "I explained to him about my recent engagement to Shauna and how we are looking forward to starting a family." Ok, that's ok. That's true. That's fine. "Then I proceeded to tell him that you were already married with a kid."

"WHAT?" I yell out. Married? A kid? Is he stupid? Why the fuck would he say all that shit?

"Well you see, I thought a little white lie wouldn't hurt. He doesn't have to ever know the truth. We just go bye you a wedding band for the meetings with him. Problem solved. Until..." Oh fucking hell… until what?

"Until what?" I ask out loud, losing my patience with him. I quickly begin to think of the millions of places I know that I can hide his body.

"He said he throws a big company retreat every year and he would look forward to both of our families joining him for the week's festivities," he says, looking down and finally he stops pacing like the idiot he is. I tell myself to stay calm. I can't and won't kill my best friend. No, that's wrong. I will end up in prison. No, this can be mended. Oh who the hell am I kidding, I'm going to kill him.

"What the hell were you thinking, Zeke? What the hell am I supposed to do now?" I start raising my voice again. I try to take a deep breath to calm myself, but it's not working. I am going to kill him right this second.

"Well, I thought about that last night. We all know that Tris is single and she has a son," Zeke starts to point out his brilliant solution, according to him.

"Are you fucking serious dude? Don't you think that is crossing the line, the woman is my damn assistant. Zeke you are an idiot. She has an autistic son. We don't even know if the child can handle all that," I say pointing out the obvious to Mr. Einstein here. Fucking dumb ass! I'm starting to really wonder if Shauna is drinking most of the time she is with Zeke. It would explain how the hell she can put up with his stupid ass.

"Well, no life is perfect. It may actually help our chances of landing Amar as a client by having a special needs child in the mix." Alright, grab me a sledge hammer now. He is dead.


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