The next morning, Forks, Washington was rocked by devastating news. Two of their honor students had been killed in two separate early morning car accidents, which had charred the drivers' remains until they were unrecognizable.

Charlie Swan had come home that Saturday and held his daughter tight. He could not imagine losing his daughter and was shaken by the news of two of her classmates' deaths. Father and daughter spent the evening together discussing future renovations to the house. Neither could imagine not having the other in their lives.

Bella Swan, Lauren Mallory, and Leah Clearwater made a good show of mourning appropriately for their friends. Two days later, Bella received a text message from Victoria, who had a new phone, stating that Angela and Mike had awakened from their change and were now becoming accustomed to their new eternities as vampires.

The following day, Victoria sent another, this time stating that Mike had his first meal and that she never realized how big of an eater he was. The next day, Jessica Stanley and Tyler Crowley were found dead in the woods behind Forks Outfitters. They had been drained of all their blood. The citizens of Forks did not mourn their passing as much as they did Angela and Mike.

Victoria and Mike were married in a double ceremony with Angela and Edward. The brides were resplendent in white, and the grooms were elated to be married. As soon as the ceremonies were over, Victoria divested Mike of his virginity, making him one happy groom. Angela and Edward, similarly, were delighted to experience the joys of coitus between man and wife.

The vampire couples lived together in Alaska with the extended Cullen family. Victoria, Mike, and Angela were earning their GED's online. Alice foresaw them moving to Billings, Montana, to attend the University of Montana in two years.

Leah Clearwater continued her nursing studies. Riley attended Peninsula College as a business major, so she could see him in between classes. As soon as she graduated, she was assigned a reservation home, and Riley moved in with her. They were now married and raising their two children on the reservation.

Sam Uley made amends with both Leah and Riley. Through their encouragement, he enrolled at Peninsula College and got his associate's degree in business along with a personal trainer's license. Together with Riley, they opened a business together. They mentored the youth in the area and prepared them for high school sports. They were very successful.

Lauren Mallory moved in with Jared Cameron as soon as she graduated from high school. He, too, had been assigned a reservation home. He attended the police academy and was now a police officer in Forks while Lauren took over her mother's salon after attending beauty school. They were married and had one son.

Bella and Paul were now attending university in Bozeman, Montana. They had earned their associate's degrees at Peninsula College and were currently studying for their bachelor's degrees at Montana State University, where they had taken up skiing. They occasionally saw the Cullens, who were residing three hours away in Billings.

Charlie Swan and Don Lahote were happy for the kids and relieved they were taking their time and enjoying life rather than getting married and having babies right away like the other three wolves. They took frequent trips to Montana to check on the kids because they missed them so much. The fathers always restocked the kids' refrigerator for them before they returned to Washington.

Paul's grandmother was ecstatic for her grandson. When she first met Bella in the Hoh Rainforest, the day she brought two egg-laying hens to her because she didn't want them to be lonely, she knew the girl was special. Once she saw how clear and open her spirit was, she was pretty sure that she was perfect for her grandson. Whenever Bella and Paul were home from college, they would visit her and hang out with the chickens. Kachina took her medicine stick, tapped into the earth three times, and sent some positive energy to Bella and Paul. She had no doubt they would be incandescently happy forever.

Angela, Bella, Lauren, Leah, and Victoria continued to see each other for one weekend every year for the rest of their lives. Their bond of friendship was everlasting, and their hearts were forever entwined in a friendship bound by the magic of heartbreak.