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Chapter 1

A six-year-old Finn went up to her mothers.

"Hey, moms?" She asked

"Yeah?" Asked Catra.

"I don't feel like a girl anymore."

Catra and Adora both smiled. "What do you feel like, then?" Asked Adora.

Finn thought to herself. "You know Auncle Dee?"

"Yeah. They're non-binary."

"I wanna be Non-binny then."

Adora laughed. "Non-binary." she corrected.

Finn squinted. "Non-Bernery?"

Catra ruffled Finn's hair. "Close enough."

The now Non-binary Finn hugged their mother, and ran off.

Adora wiped away a tear. "I'm so proud of them."

Catra draped an arm around her shoulder. "We both are."


Finn ran up to Shimmer and Sword, Glimmer and Bow's Non-identical twin Daughters or around seven years. Shimmer had skin that was pale purple, like her Grandmother, and big hair the same colour and texture as her Mother's. She also had her mother's personality.

Sword had dark skin, like her father, shoulder-length black hair in dreadlocks, and angel wings which she had inherited from her Grandmother.

"HEY! guys! Guys!" Finn yelled, running up to them. "I'm Non-bainey!"

"What does that mean?" Asked Shimmer, curiously.

"You know Auncle Dee? They are Non-binary." Said sword, the more knowledgeable of the twins.

"Cool!" yelled Shimmer, joyfully hugging Finn.

Sword looked very thoughtful. Was she fine as a girl? Did she want to be a boy? She decided to leave these questions for another day, because Aunt Scorpia was calling from the kitchen.

"Who wants ice cream?" She called.

"Ice cream!" Everyone yelled, rushing towards the kitchen.


Scorpia set the table with the bowls of ice-cream and spoons.

The kids rushed in, and sat down.

"Okay, cherubs. Try not to make a mess." Scorpia told them.

Of course, these were Catra, Adora, Glimmer, and Bow's kids, so within seconds they had demolished the ice cream and gotten it everywhere. Ice cream on the walls, ice cream on the floor, ice cream on the ceiling.

Oh, and they had brain freeze.

"Oooooooowwwww!" They all wailed, clutching their heads.

As Scorpia told them what to do, she couldn't help but smile. They reminded her of their parents so much.


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