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Chapter 3

13-year-old Finn sighed as they walked into their room, to be Confronted by Catra and Adora.

"Hey moms! What's up?" They asked, grinning.

Adora took out a knife.

Finn recognised it on sight. "Oh..." They winced.

"What have we TOLD you about hiding knives under your pillow?" Growled Catra.

"Um... do swords instead?" Asked Finn.

"Wait, did we actually say that?" Asked Adora.

"No! We didn't!" Growled Catra "You are grounded, kid!"

The pair walked out, leaving Finn to his own devices.

The Non-binary teen huffed, crossing their arms, and going into a sulk.

Shimmer teleported in. She grinned. "Wanna sneak out?"

Finn had grabbed her arm before she even finished the question.


The pair walked to the whispering woods, going to visit George and Lance.

"Urgh! Why are parents so overprotective!? It's almost like they don't trust us!" Groaned Shimmer.

"Tell me about it." Replied Finn "I mean, Glimmer told me that Mom Adora kept a Knife under HER pillow when she was Eighteen!"

"We're here." Smiled Shimmer, as George and Lance's house came up.

Lance opened the door. "Kids! Come on, we got cookies!"

The pair rushed in, nearly knocking over several artefacts in the process.

"Careful!" Yelled George, checking to see that they were OK. The artefacts, not the teens who were currently stuffing their faces with cookies.

George laughed "You wanna see our new artefact?"

"Sure, whatever." Shrugged Shimmer, who, along with Finn, followed George and Lance to a metal ball the size of a melon.

"What is it?" Asked Finn.

"We're not sure." Admitted George.

Finn went up to it, and wacked it with their palm.

The ball glowed yellow, and out of it came four metal hands, with raised the ball off the floor.

Out of the top came a cube, with a camera lense on the front.

Everyone stared at it.

"Aw, it's kinda cute." Smiled Lance.

At that moment, a thin tube came out of the front, and began to shoot bolts of blue energy.

"Argh! Not cute! So Not cute!" Screamed Lance, as he dived behind the sofa with everyone else.

"We need to call your parents!" Cried George, taking out a communication pad.

"No!" Yelled Finn and Shimmer "They'll kill us!"

"So will that thing!" Cried Lance, as it set the sofa on fire with another energy bolt.


They grabbed the communication pad, and pressed 'Call'.

"This device is not turned on. Please leave a message."

"What are they DOING!?" Wondering Shimmer.


What they were doing was stuffing their faces with cupcakes.

Catra went up to Finn's door, and said; "Mmmmm! It must be so hard, knowing we have cupcakes, and you don't!" She smirked.

"Catra!" Chided Adora.


After another long groaned, Finn left their message; "Moms, Bow, Glimmer! Me and Shimmer are at George and Lance's, and also... HEEEEELLP!"

He closed the message, and sighed.

"We gotta deal with this ourselves!" Growled George "I'll get the Bow." He got up, and began to sprint to the Bow in the glass case on the wall...

And ran back when the robot began firing at him.

"Grrraaahh!" I hate First Ones' Tech!" Groaned Finn.

"How can you? It's-" Began Lance, only to be interrupted by George. "Not the Time!"

"Finn, We need to-" Shimmer turned to him, and he wasn't there "Oh great." He sighed.

Finn smashed a glass case open, and grabbed the mace inside it.

He charged at the robot, blocking each energy bolt with their weapon.

With a mighty yell, he bashed it with the weapon.

"Hah! Not so tough!" They gloated.

"Um, Finn..." George pointed.

Finn turned. The Robot was suddenly the size of a a small chair.

Finn hit it again.

After a few seconds, the robot glowed, and grew to the size of a Quad Bike.

"Ohh, that's not good..." Muttered Finn, as the Robot's weapon began powering up.

They dived behind the Sofa.

"As long as we stay here, we'll be safe." Said Lance.

There was a scuttling sound.

"Okay, I'm going to keep my mouth shut now." Muttered Lance, as the robot appeared at the edge of the sofa, making them flee.


Bow picked up his tracker pad. "Hey, I got a message."

He opened it, and thirty seconds later, they were all furious.

"You have gotta be kidding me." Grumbled Glimmer.


Meanwhile, the four were running through the library, trying to escape the ball, which, after slamming into several objects, was the width and length of a medium-sized rug, and the height of your average door.

"For the record, I blame you for this!" Yelled Finn, as they kicked open a door to the kitchen.

They rushed in, and turned around, waiting for the Monster to enter...

It couldn't. It was so large, it was unable to get through the door.

"Hah! What a stupid robot!" Gloated Shimmer.

At that moment, The Robot began to bash the doorway in an attempt to break it so it could get through.

"Uh-oh." Muttered Finn.

Shimmer shot some energy blasts at it's gun, making it unable to fire at them.

"Well, there goes one problem." Exclaimed Finn.

"It can still kill us!" Snapped George.

As it burst through, everyone braced themselves for a fight.

Suddenly, Glimmer, Adora, Catra and Bow teleported in front of them.

Bow shot an arrow, trapping the Robot's legs in goo.

Adora raised her sword, and turned it into a spear, throwing it at the Robot.

The thing spluttered, and then died.

Adora, Bow, Glimmer and Catra turned, looking furious.

"I'm grounded, aren't I." Muttered Finn.

"No." Said Catra. "You were ALREADY Grounded, so now you're DOUBLE grounded!"



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