Chapter 5

Finn smiled as she pottered about the castle. The one-year-old was being watched by her mothers, who were making cutesy faces.

"Cute, isn't she, Kitten?" came a voice.

Catra froze.

"Double Trouble." She whispered.

Adora took a fighting stance.

The lampshade next to them transformed into our favourite shapeshifter.

"You! I'll-" Growled Catra, who was held back by Adora.

"Relax, Kitten. I'm not here for Trouble. I'm just here to visit."

"You haven't 'visited' me since I was twenty, which was six years ago! And that was to announce you betraying me!" Shouted Catra.

"Hey, I was busy, okay?"

Finn toddled up to Double Trouble, and stared up at the

Double Trouble looked uneasy "Um... what's it doing?"

Finn then wrapped her arms around The Shapeshifter's leg, and wouldn't let go.

"Gah! Get it off! Get it off!" Cried Double Trouble, shaking their leg. Somehow, Finn Fell Asleep, but clutching the leg tighter than ever.

Adora snorted. Catra smirked. "I think our kid likes you." The Magicat remarked.

Double Trouble picked the baby up, and held her in front of them.

Finn smiled.

Double Trouble couldn't help but smile back.

Catra remembered that she was supposed to be angry "Okay, what are you really doing here?"

"Okay! I'm here to ask for a pardon!"

Catra burst out laughing.

"I know a bunch of criminal hideouts which I can exchange the locations for amnesty!"

Catra stopped laughing "That... is actually a good idea."

She looked at Adora "Stay here. I'll get Glimmer."

Adora nodded, and looked at Double Trouble, who had set Finn on the ground, and was making a curious attempt to play with her.

They were waving their tail in front of her, and keeping it just out of reach.

Finn laughed at this game.

"You know, you actually did Catra a favour that day." Said Adora "What you said helped her snap out of it."

"Precisely my intention, darling."

"No it wasn't."

"Agree to disagree."

The two adults laughed.

"You know, I never really thought about children much before, but now I've decided I like them." Smiled Double Trouble, just before Glimmer came in.

She crossed her arms "So." She said "You want a pardon?"


"Don't call me Darling." Snapped Glimmer, her nostrils flaring.

"Sorry. I'm kinda bored of playing the 'Mercenary' thing."

"So you expect a pardon? It's gonna take a whole lot more than that." Snapped Catra.

"Calm down, Kitten. I helped you snap out of the whole 'Evil' thing, didn't I?"

Catra looked away.

Meanwhile, Finn was being Adorable, hugging Double Trouble's tail while sleeping, letting out adorable little snores.

"So, can I get it or not?" Asked Double Trouble.

Glimmer snorted. "IF you give us information about criminal hideouts, we won't send you to prison."


"We'll put you under house arrest instead!"

"I don't have a home!"

Glimmer then eyed Finn, and let out a little smirk "You can live here, then."

"WHAT!?" Yelled Double Trouble and Catra at the same time.

"Consider it an order from your Queen, Double Trouble." Smirked Glimmer.

She teleported out, leaving Adora, Catra, and Double Trouble speechless.

Double Trouble sighed "I guess I'm babysitting?"

Catra growled.

"Assistant Babysitter?"

"Assistant, assistant, babysitter that's a last resort!" Snapped Catra, bounding off.

Adora looked at them apologetically, then ran after Catra.

Double Trouble then picked up Finn, who awoke and smiled up at them.

"Hello kid." They said, awkwardly, as Finn babbled baby sounds.


Catra sat on the edge of a balcony, a scowl on her face.

Adora came up "Look, you have to forgive and forget, Catra."

The magicat sighed "I know. It's just- it's hard."

"But not impossible. Let's start trying, shall we?" Smiled Adora, kissing Catra.

The pair fell into chuckles.

"Okay. I'll start trying." Smiled Catra.

The two walked back to Finn and Double Trouble, where lots of talking would be held, and hugs exchanged, and, of course, teasing.


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