'Valentine's day, huh?' Were the thoughts of one Shintaro Kisaragi, Resident depressed guy, after being scolded by his mom for 'Leaving the TV on, Again.'

'Really, I'd have thought you'd be more responsible for yourself.' Said she. 'But I didn't do it.' He tried to say but was interrupted by her. 'No Buts! Go to your room and get your life straightened out! It's valentine's day.'

As he was pushed into the room, putting him in this situation, All alone, 'well, not really.' he thought, glaring at the computer on his desk.

"Hah! Master got told off by his own mom!" Laughed the bane of his existence, a blue haired cyber girl on his desktop. He knew it was her fault, what with the ability to transfer between electrical gadgets and all.

"Just shut up Ene!" Said he, Dragging her to the recycling bin with his mouse, Completely ignoring her cries of protest, knowing it was futile, But gods be damned if he can't get a moment of peace.

Minutes later, She returned, fuming angrily. "Master! Stop doing that!" She said, Glaring at him. He smiles. "Or what? you'll leave me?" He says, feigning a tone of fear and disbelief.

To that, She grinned. "Even worse, Keh-keh-keh." She laughed, pulling up his sacred folder aptly named "Graveyard of perversion.". He shuddered, Scrambling to bargain with her. "Alright alright, I'll give! Just don't!"

Ene laughed, knowing she has an upper hand on him. "But seriously master, You should really treat people better, what happened that made you become a neet?" He Jolted, feeling a shiver up his spine.

"I..Don't like to talk about it." He said, sadness lacing his voice. She relented, apologizing. "Sorry master. I didn't know." She bowed. "It's alright Ene, You wouldn't understand." He replied, fondness taking over his voice.

"Hey, Shintaro!" A girl wearing a red scarf called. He replied gruffly. "What is it, Ayano? and why did you call me here if you're just going to be late?"

She laughed nervously, one hand scratching her cheek, The other one hiding something. "Sorry, It's just.." She shyly, looked away. "Just what?" He replied, annoyed.

"Well, There's just something I'd like to give to you." She then bowed pulling out something from her other hand, A Neatly wrapped box, Before Exclaiming With a red face. "H-happy Valentine's day Shintaro!"

He was, Frankly, Confused. "Uh-Thanks?" He tried to be grateful but couldn't. "Uh, Shintaro? What's wrong?" She asked gently. "Nothing, It's just, I don't what's supposed to happen. Sorry." He apologized.

She tilted her head, Confused. "You don't know valentine's day?" She asked. "I-uh, know of it, just that I never saw the point." He admitted. "What!? Really?" She said, surprised. "Yeah, so let's just move on." He said.

"NO! I won't let you continue not knowing the greatness of valentine's day!" She exclaimed, dragging him off to who knows where.

The day passed by surprisingly quickly with her leading him to cafes and the like, telling him all about the joys on valentine's day.

They were heading home, when she said Shyly. "Thanks, Shintaro." She looked away, red like a tomato. "For what?" He asked.

"Fortakingmeonadateokaybye-" She said quickly, about to leave, but not before kissing him on the cheek.

He felt his cheek with his hand, remembering the warmth that shortly existed, Face slowly growing red.

When he finally made it to his home, He heard his sister call out to him, "Big bro! You came back!" But she was Ignored.

She Tried to Ask him questions, After a while of futile efforts, She noticed the box that was held by his brother.

"So, who confessed to you?" She asked with a teasing tone. "I don't know what you're talking about." He answered, mildly annoyed.

"You know, The one who gave you that box?" She clarified, annoyed. For a second, He thought about telling her the truth but decided not to. God knows what this girl could do if she knew.

"Nah, I just found this Box on my desk after school." He lied.

If she was A bit more smarter, she'd realize that the only person who could put that there was Ayano, But She didn't flunk a test she studied for weeks for no reason.

Instead, She only accepted it as the truth. God, protect this girl because who knows what'll happen if she isn't supervised.

After finally being alone at his room, He opened the box, surprised to see a Chocolate cake with a message on top. 'Happy Valentine's day!' it said.

He doesn't like sweets that much, but after taking a taste of it, He'd make an exception for this one. Aside from Cola of course.

The weeks that passed after were awkward to say the least.

His Face then changed to one of sadness. looking over to the calendar, '2/14/20XX' it said.

He then heard a knock on his door, making his way to it, he was mildly surprised to see a box of chocolates in front of it, yet he quickly deducted who it was.

Silently murmuring thanks to his sister, He entered his room again, Mildly annoyed by Ene, who was gawking at the box of chocolates he was holding.

"Woah! Sis really helped you out there huh." She said, smug. He only rolled his eyes at that.

As he opened it and ate one, He realized how bitter it is. He can't help but think that this was some sort of prank from her, because to be honest, she'd only think of pranks like these.

He doesn't like bitter things that much, but when he saw the letter on it that said thanks, he feels like he can make an exception for this one.