Hey! Roxy Goth here, hope you guys enjoy this cute little Valentines day fic! [BTW, there's a lot of references to other characters, but I couldn't resist!]

I do not own Scooby Doo or any mentioned characters in any way, shape or form.

Today was Valentines day.

Every year Fred started preparing Valentines day at the beginning of January. Basically, as soon as Christmas was done, Valentines day started. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Most years him and Daphne would go out for lunch [Fred paying, of course] at a upmarket restaurant and have a private table that would be covered with rose petals and have a candle glowing in the middle of it. On one memorable year the candle hadn't been available, so Lumiere had stepped in and spent the entire evening charming his wife.

Since then Fred had brought his own candle complete with lighter, just in case.

This year was going originally meant to be the best yet. It wasn't just Valentines day, it was there 50th Valentines day. [They hadn't been 'officially' together for the first two years, despite being portrayed as love interests from the start.]

So Fred was already panicking at the prospect of making this the best ever, then things got worse when he got a call from the House of Mouse [who did take-outs as well as eat-ins.]

"What!?" Fred said in disbelief. "What do you mean, Gus ATE the food!?"

"Sorry." Goofy said, sounding a bit to happy for Fred's liking. "It's our fault. We left it out. But we'd be happy to replace it for you, free of charge?"

"Great!" Fred said, relieved. "When can you get it here?"

"Er..." There was a silence while Fred heard Goofy flicking through his notebook. Then a cheerful. "How'd tomorrow do you?"

In answer Fred hung up and seethed. "What am I going to DO?" He muttered, looking around the kitchen. "I have three hours!" Then a lightbulb [literally] came on over his head and he snapped his fingers together before hurrying to the living room.

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon..." He muttered, waiting impatiently for his friend to pick up. Three rings later:

"Like, hello? Shaggy Rodgers here, what's up, man?"

"Shaggy!" Fred exclaimed with audible relief. "Oh, thank goodness, I'm having a crisis!" And he explained what had happened.

"That's, like, rough man." Shaggy said sympathetically. "But, like, I did warn you not to order from the House of Mouse."

Fred sighed. "Yeah, I know. Look, I know it's short notice, but can you help?"

Shaggy hummed. "I do, like, have my own meal to prepare." He said, doubtfully.

"What are you having?"

"Oh, just something simple." Shaggy said, before rattling off a meat-based recipe that sounded extremely complicated to Fred's ears. "Can you not, like, get in at a restaurant somewhere tonight?"

Seeing as they weren't actually face to face Fred settled for holding the phone away from him for a moment and giving it A Look. When he put it back to his ear, Shaggy hadn't noticed and was rattling off restaurants that he liked.

"Shaggy." Fred interrupted, with just a touch of exasperation. "It's 3:30 in the afternoon on Valentines day. HOW am I going to get in anywhere!? The prince's will have got all the good spots!"

"Like, Bosko and Honey's restaurant?"

Fred sighed. "The Looney Tunes will all be there. And they're all mental. Last time I was there the Goofy Gophers were arguing about who would pay the bill, Bugs and Elmer nearly split up in public all while Sylvester tried to catch Tweety for his and Sylvia's dinner." He took a breath. "It was crazy."

Now it was Shaggy's turn to sigh. "Well, like, look. I can't invite you over. Velma would, like, kill me. But what I CAN do is, like, give you the code I use for the restaurants and you can order whatever you like. It'll charge it to me, but, like, don't worry. You can pay me back."

Fred looked anxiously at the clock. "But will they be able to get here on time?"

Shaggy laughed. "Fred, these toons could get your food out to Atlantis if they had to. And don't worry about time. With the code it basically means 'I need food and I need it now.' so they get their ASAP."

The blonde sighed again and looked at the clock which had somehow leapt to four o clock while he wasn't looking. Daphne would be back soon, expecting a romantic meal. "Okay, sounds great." He said, trying to sound upbeat, seeing as the hipster was doing him a favour.

Once he'd got the code he wasted no time in phoning and ordering a romantic meal for two from Bosko and Honey's restaurant.

"When do you need it by?" Honey asked, cheerfully.

Fred looked at the clock again. "Now?" He said, weakly.

"Ok. Enjoy." She hung up.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Fred groaned loudly and flung the door open. "What!?" He snapped.

The Road Runner dropped the food on the floor, gave a cheerful 'Beep-beep!' and sped off.

Fred stared at the food for about thirty seconds, before slapping himself to check he wasn't dreaming. No. He wasn't.

Now all he had to do was cook it. The blonde rolled his sleeves up and got to work.


Forty-Five minutes later Fred was stirring the final dish. He was so engrossed that he didn't even realise Daphne was back until she walked into the kitchen.

"Hi, hi, hi!" She said, cheerfully.

Fred smiled at her. "You're just in time." He told her. "I'm about to dish up."

She sniffed the air and - leaning against his shoulder - sighed. "It smells divine."

Fred grinned. "I know, right? It's turning out better than I thought it would. But, seriously, go sit down. This won't be a moment."

"At least let me get the wine!"

"Daphne, this is meant to be -"

"Freddie." Daphne said, firmly. "You've prepared the whole thing. At LEAST let me pour the wine. And anyway, my uncle sent me some Mouton which I've been DYING to try out!" And she skipped off.

Fred smiled as he stirred the food.

"Looks like all my worrying was for nothing." He said, to himself, as he took a sniff of the dish.

Next Valentines day though, he was DEFINETLY booking a restaunt.