A/N: A little story for Valentine's Day. I hope you like it :)

Lucy was sitting at her desk just wanting to relax after a long mission. They came back yesterday and the mission had been nothing but exhausting and chaotic, but that was to be expected. Today however there was no mission and it seemed like the perfect day to continue her writing. Not only was her rent for this month already paid thanks to the mission, but with love in the air, because it was Valentine's Day, she felt especially inspired. Smiling to herself she sat down on her desk to enjoy a quiet day of writing. However, like so often before, her plans of a peaceful day were ruined by a certain dragon slayer and his cat.

"Luce, you have to help Happy." Natsu yelled after he had, also just like always, entered her home through the window.

"I really don't know what to do anymore." The cat agreed after he flew in after Natsu.

As much as Lucy wanted a little peace and quiet the desperate look Happy was giving her stopped her from denying him. Sighing she let go of her pencil and turned around so she could face him.

"What do you need help with?"

"Carla rejected me again. I tried everything, I even gave her all my fish, because today is Valentine's Day." Happy said sadly.

So the hundredth try from Happy to win Carla over hadn't worked, just like every other one so far. Of course Natsu wouldn't be any help with Happy's problem, the dragon slayer was too obvious to even notice if someone like him. Seeing that the blue cat came to her for advice Lucy tried her best to gently push Happy in the right direction.

"Maybe you can try something different."

"So I have a chance?" There was so much hope in his eyes that Lucy smiled a little.

"Of course. You just need to show her that you care." When she saw that Happy was about to speak up she stopped him. "And not by giving her even more fish."

"Then what should I do?"

Lucy took a moment to really think about it. Carla was always a little distant, but Lucy had seen that the flying cat had a soft spot for Happy. His chances would be good if he wasn't just as dense as Natsu. Sighing she let her thoughts wander to what she would hope a certain dragon slayer would do for her and her heart took over her words.

"I think you should give her special attention. Make her feel like she is the only one for you. Gifts are important, but you should ask her what she wants instead of just giving her what you like. Show her that you care deeply for her and not just as your best friend. Maybe she is even already in love with you, but doesn't want to ruin your friendship."

The more she talked the more she began to talk less about Happy and Carla and more about her and Natsu. She wasn't really aware of it until the last sentence. She had definitely said her own hopes, instead of giving advise. Happy was obvious to her inner conflict and smiled brightly at her.

"Thank you Lucy. I'll find the perfect gift for her and try again." With that he flew out of her window with new confidence.

Lucy looked after him with a small smile. At least Happy had a chance of love and it seemed as if he wasn't as dense as Natsu after all. Thinking about the dragon slayer she looked at him, only to find his eyes on her.

"That was really good advice you gave Happy."

"It's just that unrequited love is the worst and I'm sure that with a little bit more thought Happy could find the right way to confess to Carla."

"Unrequited love, huh?" He looked thoughtful.

"It's really awful. The one who is in love can't tell the other person their feelings, because they already know that the other one doesn't feel the same away. When they are friends it can even ruin their friendship forever."

At her words Natsu's thoughtful look turned into one of realization.

"You aren't just talking about Happy. You are in love with someone."

Of all the times Natsu had to be observant why did it have to be the one time she really had hoped that he was obvious? Maybe the sadness in her voice had revealed it or the way she had spoken about unrequited love with so much experience, but whatever it was, she had to stop him from digging deeper into her secret.

"Lets go to the guild and see how Happy will convince Carla. We have to be there to support him, ne?"

"Who were you talking about?"

It seemed that Natsu wouldn't be so easy to distract, but she could be just as stubborn as he was.

"Just let it go Natsu."

"No." He took a hold of her arms to stop her from leaving the room. "Tell me."

"Why do you care?"

"Is it Gray?" Natsu looked annoyed.


"Or even worse. Loke?"

"Would you just stop-"

"Or that guy from Blue Pegasus?"

"That's not-"


"It's you, you idiot." Lucy screamed at him. She had enough of being interrupted, enough of Natsu being so dense and enough of having to hide her feelings for him. However when she saw how shocked the dragon slayer looked she regretted her outburst. Taking his moment of shock to her advantage she pulled her arms free from his hands and hugged herself to feel at least a little bit protected from the rejection that was about to happen. "See, that's why I didn't want to tell you. Now I ruined our friendship. I know that you don't feel the same way about me."

The was a long moment of silence, at least it felt like this to her, before Natsu spoke up.

"How can you know how I feel about you if you never asked me?"

Lucy didn't want to get her hopes up because they would surely be crushed, but despite her mind telling her that Natsu couldn't mean what she hoped he meant she looked into his eyes. What she saw in his eyes was too good to be true and she couldn't believe that the look in his eyes was really what she thought it was. However, as if sensing her doubts, his next words brought her the confirmation her heart so desperately needed.

"I'm in love with you Luce." His voice was soft and she didn't stopped him when he slowly walked closer to her. Gently he uncrossed her arms and took her hands in his.

"Do you really mean it?" Lucy asked hopefully.

"Of course." With that he convinced her in Natsu fashion. He was always the kind of guy who let his heart speak through his actions rather than his words, so she shouldn't have been surprised that a second later she felt his lips on hers. The feeling of being loved back was so wonderful that Lucy wanted to cry in happiness. For so long she had thought that her love for Natsu was unrequited, but here he was kissing her so lovingly. Smiling into the kiss Lucy encircled her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. She had planed to write about love today, but experiencing it was even better and in that moment she couldn't be happier.

A/N: Happy Valentine's Day :)