It's often said that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes just before, or there's a great blinding light, you might have also heard Sirius Black describe it as easier than falling asleep. I found it was a bit of the latter, and weirdly a bit of the second. But I'll get to that, since I literally felt myself die in my sleep. Had a crazy dream where I was seeing myself dying in my bed after apparently had a sudden heart attack just as I was drifting off, I had neither heart problems nor any cholesterol issues. Then I felt some sort of pulling force take me away from the scene of my death, and I fell into an abyss of darkness.


Next thing I knew, I was subjected to an extremely bright, almost blinding light. So bright that I nearly felt like I was going to go blind, but then, it shut off, and I heard a distinct voice speaking in a way that you'd think he was from Russia.
"So cute, so fluffy... WHERE DID I GO WROOOOOONG!?"
I am quite surprised by the large being's shouts, but then it hit me like a freight train full of steel reinforced concrete, I'm currently in a test-tube like apparatus with freakin' Jumba right in front of me! Oh my god, oh my god, this can't be happening, I've gotta be dreaming this as some sort of last-ditch effort by my brain to give me something semi-coherent. I've seen so many characters in movies/comics/shows pinch themselves when they think there's a dream, but given my current very confused and slightly terrified emotions, I end up biting my hand instead of pinching it. Owwww... That definitely hurt like a bitch... and I'm actually bleeding. But now that I'm getting a better look at myself, Jumba wasn't wrong. I'm covered in blue fur, with claws instead of fingernails, looking down at the rest of my body... HOLY SHIT I'M STITCH!

Thankfully Jumba doesn't see myself biting my hand as something odd, and several derogatory comments about how he wasted good resources when I don't even look all that powerful, I press my face to the glass wall I was in, facing towards the large-framed alien, letting loose a snarl while showing off my mouth full of jagged teeth. Now, from what I can tell, there was no description from Stitch from any of the shows or movies in regards to what his extra arms, spines along his back, and antennae feel like when they're coming out. And I'm just 'gonna be blunt, it feels really weird. Like, you know how when you put on a long-sleeved shirt and you can feel the shirt's fabric around the armpit and the shoulder tense up a bit? Yeah, imagine that but with more of your own skin that you didn't know you had. That's what I can come up with to describe the feeling even remotely close to how it actually feels. And whoo boy I had a tough time keeping that pose up against the glass (I'll explain soon), but fortunately Jumba noticed what I was doing and was overjoyed with how I look now, if his shouts of "Whew, what a relief, eheheh... Your name is 626." I keep up the growling and acting like a caged wild animal, and thankfully, Jumba proceeds to go over to a wall and grab what looks like a giant extension cord, and then I remember what happened in the 2nd movie, my body's molecules need to be charged, and I still don't know how that even works. My best guess is that it has to do with polarity and other key atomic properties, since without some organic materials having polarity, cells can't function properly in regards to getting nutrients in, and waste products out. Jumba confirms that the cord is for charging myself as he says "Now I know, I know you want to get out and wreak some havoc, but your molecules need to be charged, that's most important part."

Now, contrary to the movie, it takes a long time for me to charge. So long that I actually see what Jumba does in-between experiments, such as sanitizing and calibrating his equipment, and also making video logs of the successful procedure, with him saying I might just be his most successful work yet if everything he calculated in making me was correct, such as my strength limit being a whopping 3 thousand times greater than my body mass of 250 pounds (or 113 kilograms, but not an ounce/feather more depending on who you ask), and after about an hour, which is when the charge reaches about 50% progress, intergalactic police forces show up and arrest Jumba and myself, thankfully I don't have to deal with the embarrassment of being nude during what is essentially my sentencing, since they put the jumpsuit that Jumba made in the containment device they put me in after taking me out of the charging pod. They then carried me around for about 20 minutes before I felt a lurch as if they were putting the containment capsule down on something. "Sit tight, it's going to be a long ride to where we're going." one of the guards says mockingly as I'm loaded into what I presume to be that weird prison ship that Stitch was shown to come out of during the trial. Well, he said it was gonna be a long trip, so I know I've got plenty of time to figure out exactly what I needed to do in order to not only escape to Earth, but do it in a way that will help me in the long run.

Author's Note: big thanks to Shinobidigidestined and thewriterman91 for giving feedback on this story while I was working on it, they gave me some damn good ideas that'll spin the whole story of the Lilo and Stitch movies on it's head. As I said before in the description, I do not own the Lilo and Stitch series, it is owned by Disney, and no I do not know what specific part of Disney. Also I welcome reviews and criticism, but please keep the flames to yourselves.