Prompt Idea from "Chai"

"STILES!" He screams as Kali swipes her claws against him.

His boyfriend crashes to the floor with a thud. Moaning. Hands flailing. Peter's instant thought is revenge. He growls and jumps up in the air. Kali just laughs. She points. Now on his new shiny laminated floor, is crystal clear blood haven. As much as he wants to claw her eyes out, he's got to take care of his boyfriend. It's terrifying and infuriating at the same time. He's never been good at that stuff. He'd doesn't even have the patience to boil the kettle when he has a flu.

"I'll see you around!" Peter growls.

"Doting boyfriend has never really been your style! Have fun!" Kali teases, as she presses her hand against Ennis's and they walk out side by side.

"Wrap your jacket around my leg" Stiles orders. Peter does so. Getting out his phone, he calls an ambulance, tell's them it's one guy, a huge injury, not much detail.

"They're coming, just stay calm"

"Did you really think you could take on Kali by yourself?" Stiles asks.

"I was! I did! I'm an ALPHA, you don't always have to run in here to rescue me!" Peter huffs.

"Your my partner, of course I do!"

"You don't. That precious metal bat of yours didn't do shit. Kali just smiled. I protect you Stiles. It's not the other way round. It makes me look like an alpha laughing stock. How did you even get in?" Peter asks peering at him while Stiles slides on his lap.

"You gave me a key, remember"

"Well, I'll need you to return it the fuck back!"

"Over my dead body, which may be any minute now! Most guys would be fucking flattered! Having a human hunk at your disposal, ready to kick ass when needed. You still haven't thanked me?" He wheezes.

"I'm saving your life, that should be thanks enough you brat" Peter sighs as he clamps his hand around his jacket. Against his leg it's soaked and clammy with blood. He presses the jacket against him harder. While he digs into his boyfriends pocket and gets out his apartment key.

"Call Scott too" He asks.

"I've texted him, he'll meet you there"

"Just me?" Stiles asks, with a weaker twang to his voice, as Peter brushes away the sweat from his head. "You're just leaving? You can't!" Stiles gasps, sliding off of his lap in horror.

"Sweetheart, don't give me a lecture on what I can and can't do! I never asked you to come. Yet that's the story that Kali will spin. She'll go back to Decaulion. Tell him how weak I am without my pet human to defend me! Do you know how humiliating that is? You're young, you're tenacious. I doubt I'll need to visit you at the hospital, but I'll see you at night. Just to check that you're still breathing" Peter chuckles he absent mindedly ruffles his hair.

He pauses, to only hear a bird squawk outside in return...…..



"Stiles?" Peter asks forcing his boyfriend onto his lap as he realises that Stiles has passed out...