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It was yet again that time of year where Joss is reminded that she was alone. Typically she ended up working most Valentine's Day, this year was no exception. She preferred it, because it kept her mind off the fact that she was alone. At least she was alive unlike Cal. And she had an undefined thing going on with John. They really did need to stop kissing. His words said friends but his kisses said something entirely different. But, he had been angry so she could understand. She did have a tendency to do everything on her own. Joss still remembered the numerous showers it took to get the mud of her hair from rolling around in it with John.

Joss exited the bathroom, hands still drying after she washed them. As she entered the bullpen and approached her desk, she saw a large heart shaped box on her desk. She hesitated as she looked around, seeing no one. Finally, she moved towards her desk like there was a live bomb on top it. Hesitantly, she reached out to touch the gift. There was a small card attached to the crimson red heart box. She flicked it up, read the note, and a tiny smile tilted just the corners of her lips up.

She pulled out her cell phone and called John. He answered on the first ring. "Really, you used a Forest Gump quote." she said in lieu of a greeting.

"Well life is like a box of chocolates," he pointed out, voice light and reasonable. Joss huffed out a laugh. "Besides, I thought it would be a good idea to thank my Detective that bails me out of jams."

"Thank me over dinner," it was out of her mouth before she even could think it through. But really, they were heading this way ever since he kissed her in the morgue, and then proceeded to roll around in mud for the world to see.

John was quiet. You'd think she invited him to his execution. Joss was close to just telling him to forget it when he finally answered. "Alright," Her breath stopped in her throat. "But Carter this is a platonic dinner between friends."

Yea, friends, sure, she'd agree and see where the night took them. "We'll always be friends, John, no matter what." and if they just so happened to transition from friends to more, well, who was she to say no.

"I won't kiss you."

"Okay," she agreed.

"I won't."

Now she smiled fully. "I understand. Your lips will stay off mine."

"I'll see you tonight," with that he hung up.

Joss sat down at her desk. John might keep his lips to himself but that didn't mean she had too. She hummed as she picked up her pencil to do some paperwork. Suddenly, this Valentine's Day wasn't as crummy as she thought it'd be.

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