Nine year old Sonic Hedgehog was in Knothole with his uncle Chuck learning how to be a Freedom Fighter.

It's another test today but a test they don't get done until they all think they're ready to become a Freedom Fighter.

His friends Sally, Rotor, Bunnie and Antoine were watching him getting ready for the test.

None of them know what kind of a test this one will be. Only Freedom Fighters know.

Sonic was at a test today and going on a real mission with some other Freedom Fighters.

"You sure about this Chuck?" Cat asked.

"I'm positive. He's been working hard and has the stuff to be one. Every test we've given him he's passed. Rotor, Antoine, Sally and Bunnie still aren't ready to officially be Freedom Fighters though." Chuck said.

"Personally I don't think Antoine will ever be one." Pig said whispered.

"What kind of test is it gonna be today uncle Chuck?" Sonic asked.

"Today Sonny is the test you take to see if you're ready to be a Freedom Fighter like us." Chuck said.

Sally, Bunnie, Antoine and Rotor gasped.

"Is he really ready Sir Charles?" Sally asked.

"Yes he is Sally. He's been working hard at his training since he was six and passed every test. He's ready." Chuck said smiling.

Sonic smiled big.

"Really?" he said.

"Yup. You worked hard for three years and now it's time to see if you're ready to be a part of us." Chuck said still smiling.

"Good luck Sonic!" Bunnie said smiling.

"Thanks Bunnie!" Sonic said.

"Be careful and good luck!" Sally said smiling to.

"You can do it!" Rotor said smiling like the others.

"Good luck!" Antoine said.

Sonic turned around and looked at Cat and Pig then Chuck.

"Alright Sonic, be careful and make me proud!" Chuck said and gave him a hug.

"I'll make you proud!" Sonic said.

"Alright, ready to go?" Pig asked.

"Uh huh!" Sonic said.

"Then let's go." Cat said.

Then they headed to Robotropolis.

While they watched them leave Chuck's eyes started to water.

"Do you think he'll pass Sir Charles?" Sally asked.

"I'm certain he will Sally." he said.

When Cat, Pig and Sonic got to Robotropolis they hid behind some trash and Cat took out something.

"Alright Sonic, if you help us with this mission and we get home you become a Freedom Fighter like us." Cat said. "Can you find the right door and use some speed to get it unlocked for us to get in?"

"I can try." Sonic said.

"That's all we want, now go and get us in!" Pig said.

Sonic started running causing Cat and Pig to go into the air holding onto something.

"The kid has speed." Pig said.

While they watched Sonic run to the door they saw him looking back and forth every few seconds. When he got to the door he looked close and saw a way to open it.

"Perfect." he said then jumped, turned into a ball and got it with his sharp end.

While Cat and Pig watched they nodded.

"I think the kid's ready." Pig said and Cat nodded.

"Same here, but let's wait until the end." he said.

When the door opened Sonic grabbed onto something to check and saw no one so he took out a flash light and blinked it three times.

Cat and Pig looked at each other in shock.

"He remembers what to do with them?" Pig said.

"I guess so." Cat said and they ran to Sonic. "Nice job kid. Good job remembering the flashlight."

Sonic smiled.

Then they ran inside.

When they got to the other door they saw Swatbots.

"What do we do with them?" Cat asked.

"Try and at least cut off their power." Sonic said and they nodded.

"Find a way to get them." Pig said.

Sonic walked quietly along the side and Cat and Pig did the same thing.

Then Sonic stopped and felt around his backpack to find what he was looking for.

"What is that?" Pig asked quietly.

"Water, if we hit one with enough of it it should be gone." Sonic said shocking them.

No other Freedom Fighter had ever thought of this.

"Cat, I need to stand on your shoulders for a second."

"OK." he said and picked him up then put him on his shoulder.

Then Sonic climbed up the wall with holes, continued to do that until he was right above the two Swatbots and aimed some water at the one of them getting it to out of control. Sonic smirked then looked up.

He saw a light above the other Swatbot and smirked again.

Then he put the water bottle back in his backpack and grabbed something else. A knife.

That shocked both Cat and Pig.

"How did he?" Cat started.

"I have no idea. How did he get James' knife?" Pig wondered remembering that James was Sonic's father.

"Chuck probably gave it to him."

Sonic looked closer and found what her was looking for.

"Let's hope this works." he whispered then threw it at the pipe causing fog to go around and make it hard for things to see.

Then he looked down, saw the knife right in front of the Swatbot.

He looked at the Swatbot thinking.

'Let's hope this works to.' he thought then jumped and get into stance to land on it.

Then he landed on it and it was gone.

He stood there smirking and grabbed the knife.

"Thank you dad!" he said as Cat and Pig ran over to him.

"How did you?" Pig said.

"I don't know to be honest. I just thought it would be a good idea to bring water and stuff because electronics don't go well with liquid except oil."

Then they came back and ran to the next part.

They were half way there when they bumped into three Swatbots.

Cat took care of one, Pig got another and Sonic got the last one.

Cat and Pig were smiling and nodded.

When it was gone they continued.

A few minutes later they saw more Swatbots but twelve.

"Oh boy." Sonic said.

Then they started another fight.

Sonic climbed up, jumped, went into a ball and went through two of them in a row.

While he got Swatbots Cat and Pig had Swatbots behind them and didn't know.

Then they felt their arms getting locked.

"Whoa!" they said together when they fell.

Sonic stopped after getting the last one and went into a darker part of the room and watched.

"You will be taken to Dr. Robotnik." one of them said.

'Cat, Pig! I have to do something!' Sonic thought and watched them be carried away.

A few minutes later Cat and Pig were in the base with Robotnik sitting there.

"Hahaha! Two Freedom Fighters at once? It's my lucky day." Robotnik said.

Cat and Pig glared at him.

"Now tell me, where are the other Freedom Fighters?"

"You don't have to know!" Pig said.

"Oh I assure you I have to."

"Sir, I detected something else with them but he's hiding." Snively said. "We think it's another Freedom Fighter."

Cat and Pig looked at each other worried about the Freedom Fighter in training.

"Another Freedom Fighter with you?" Robotnik said. "I'm guessing it's a new one."

"It would appear so sir."

"Who could it be this time?" he said and looked at Cat and Pig. "So we have a Freedom Fighter in training with you hmm?" he said. "Well let's see how ready they are. Snively."

"Yes sir?"

"Take them to the prison cell and let's see what this newbie can do."

"Yes sir."

Then Snively and two Swatbots took Cat and Pig to the prison cell.

When they got there and the Swatbots left Cat and Pig looked at each other.

"Do you think he can do this by himself?" Pig asked.

"I don't know Pig, but you gotta remember he's Chuck Hedgehog's nephew and really fast." Cat said. "And really the leader of the Freedom Fighters after creating them himself."

"Let's hope he does it and doesn't get hurt."

Meanwhile Sonic was watching Pig and Cat get locked up.

'Looks like I'm flying solo.' he thought.

Then he gasped and went into darkness but somewhere different.

He watched Swatbots go by and then the door shut.

"Let's go make them proud and show them I'm ready to be a Freedom Fighter. And the real leader."

Then he started running, turned into a ball and went through the door.

When it was open he landed on his feet.

Back with Cat and Pig,

They looked up and saw a screen with Sonic.

"Pig, look!" Cat said.

"Is that, Sonic?" Pig said.

"Yeah, let's watch what happens and hope the kid doesn't get hurt."

"Let's prey is more like it."

Then they saw Sonic looking at two Swatbots and heard him say something.

"Hmmm, maybe if I take the rope I brought with me and wrap it around the pipe then climb onto it a little and swing back and forth then jump and turn into a ball then hit them it'll work." he said shocking them both.

"The kid's defiantly ready to be a Freedom Fighter." Pig said and watched him take out the rope then get it around tight and pulled on it.

"OK, tight enough." Sonic said then threw his backpack on and started climbing.

When he got to the top he looked down.

"OK, this is high enough." he said then swung back and forth.

Then he let go, got his and legs ready he aimed at a Swatbot and got it.

"Bingo!" he said then jumped as the other one tried to get him. "OK, let's jump, turn into a ball and bounce off the wall and try and get through it."

Then he ran, jumped, turned into a ball then bounced off the wall and got it then landed on his feet.

"Yes!" he said then grabbed the keys. "Let's go find Cat and Pig then let them out."

Then he started running around trying to find them and bumped into Swatbots but got them all.

While they watched him Cat and Pig were proud of him.

"I'll bet you anything Chuck will start crying when he finds out." Cat said getting Pig to start laughing.


Meanwhile Robotnik and Snively were watching Sonic.

"A hedgehog? Wait, this is Chuck Hedgehog's nephew and the leader of the Freedom Fighters! Oh this is fun." Robotnik said.

"Isn't he only nine sir? A little young for a new Freedom Fighter. Never mind the leader!" Snively said.

"Apparently he has been working hard. You would think it would be princess Sally and not the hedgehog. But like I said he's the leader and creator of the Freedom Fighters."

Then they continued to watch Sonic.

Meanwhile Sonic had just gotten rid of another Swatbot.

He was panting right now.

"Whew! this is hard but fun! Now let's go find Cat and Pig." he said and started to run again.

When he got to the next room he gasped.

"Robotnik!" he said.

"So, this is the new Freedom Fighter in training and the creator and leader." Robotnik said. "Nephew of Chuck Hedgehog right?"

"Yeah and?" Sonic said.

Back with Cat and Pig,

"Oh my god. The kid's acting like he's already met him!" Pig said.

"Well he had been raised by Chuck." Cat said.

"Good point."

"Wow are you bigger than I remember!" Sonic said causing them to laugh.

"WHAT?!" Robotnik said.

"I bet you made all these robots to make it easier for you to sit there and boss around." Sonic said and looked on his right and mentally smirked.

'Perfect.' he thought when he saw a pipe.

"Why you!" Robotnik said and watched Sonic walk backwards.

Back with Cat and Pig,

"What's he doing?" Pig said.

"I don't know." Cat said confused to.

Back with Sonic,

"What are you scared of me hedgehog?" Robotnik asked watching Sonic go backward.

"No, I found what I needed!" Sonic said then jumped, turned into a ball then stretched a hand grabbing the pipe with it.

Then he swung around for a second and stood on the pipe.

"What are you doing?" Robotnik asked confused.

"You'll see." Sonic said then jumped, turned into a sharp ball and aimed at Robotnik's side to grab the other keys.

Then he got him in the shoulder while he grabbed the keys.

"Ah!" Robotnik said with a hand on his shoulder and a smirking Sonic.

Then he ran, jumped and kicked him hard getting him to land on his back and hit his head hard enough to pass out.

"That'll give me enough time to find Cat and Pig. Give uncle Chuck the keys so he can do something with them or something." he said quietly.

Then he started running again and destroy more and more Swatbots.

Finally he was at the last place he found and opened it and saw Cat and Pig.

"Cat! Pig!" he said.

"Sonic!" they said together.

"Kid, that was some mighty fighting you just did." Pig said while Sonic opened the door for them.

"Thanks, now let's get out of here!" Sonic said and they ran and headed back home.

When they got back to Knothole everyone was standing there waiting and saw Cat and Pig smiling.

"How'd it go?" Chuck asked while Sonic stood there smiling.

Cat shook his head smiling.

"This kid's got guts Chuck. He's the one that did it all. He saved us and did everything he could think of. He even came up with tricks of his own."

"Really?" Bunnie said.

"Yup." Pig said smiling to.

"Alright then, let's go to the meeting room and decide." Chuck said smiling. "Why don't you go with your friends and wait outside?"

"OK." Sonic said smiling.

Then they all headed to the meeting room while Sonic told them the mission he was on.

"Cool!" Sally said. "I can't wait until I get to go on one."

"Same here!" Bunnie said smiling.

"I'm a little scared." Antoine said.

"You're always scared Ant." Sonic said.

"I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time." Rotor said.


"Alright Cat, Pig, tell us what happened." Chuck said.

"The kid is good." Cat said and explained what exactly happened.

Everyone sat there in shock.

"So what do you think? Is Sonic ready to become a Freedom Fighter?" Chuck asked. "Because I think he is."

Everyone else nodded.

"Oh yeah, the kid's ready." someone said.

"Alright then. Let me go get him and I'll be back." Chuck said.

Then he headed outside to see the kids.

When he got there he saw Sonic pacing while the others sat there waiting.

"Sonic?" he said and Sonic stopped and the five kids looked at him. "Come with me and you can tell you what we think."

Sonic took a deep breath then nodded and followed him.

"Can we come?" Rotor asked.

"Sorry Rotor but you have to stay outside. When the meeting is done you can talk again."

They sighed but nodded.

"Come on then Sonny."

So Sonic followed him to the meeting room.

When he got there he sat down and waited.

"Alright Sonic, we made our decision." Cat said.

"And?" Sonic said.

"May we present the newest Freedom Fighter, Sonic!" Chuck said fighting tears and Sonic smiled widely while everyone else cheered for him.


"Really." Chuck said smiling.

"Welcome to the Freedom Fighters!" they all said.

When they calmed down they all headed outside to tell Sally, Bunnie, Antoine and Rotor.

When they got there they all stood up and waited.

"Did he make it Sir Charles?" Sally asked.

Chuck smiled.

"I'd like you to meet the newest Freedom Fighter, Sonic!" Chuck said smiling and Sonic came smiling wide.

"Yeah!" Sally, Bunnie, Rotor and Antoine said together.

"I'm so proud of you Sonny." Chuck said smiling still fighting tears.

Sonic smiled back and gave him a hug.

"I'll make you proud uncle Chuck." he said smiling.

"I know you will. And when you get old enough you'll be the real leader from being the creator of the Freedom Fighters." he said whipping tears.