The Mad King


His Magnum Opus

Long ago before Prince Lumiere's time, the Clover Kingdom was ruled by a man who's name had been stricken from the history books. He is simply known as "The Mad King".

But he was not always mad. In his younger years, he had a fixation with magical items and tools. With this obsession, Clover developed a greater understanding of how to use magic in tandem with created items. Batteries to store a reserve of magic, amplifiers, focusing crystals, magic siphons, and many more things. But The Mad King always craved more.

He began to delve into ancient tomes in search of new ideas. And new ideas did he find. Through his research, he found ways to fuse magic items into a person's body. Now his soldiers wouldn't need to wear jewelry or clumsy armor and clothing, he would just modify their very bodies to accommodate the devices.

Many died to perfect this art, but in the end, it allowed Clover to invade and occupy the Diamond Kingdom to the east. These soldiers would blow apart any fortifications that stood against them, turn to ash any solder that would open their grimoire to attack, and serve loyally to The Mad King.

By this time he had truly become mad, and was dissatisfied with these new improvements, despite their clear superiority over Clover's long time enemy. No, he knew this was not the full potential of this new art. There had to be more.

When The Mad King sat upon the Diamond throne, he found something in their vaults. Something terrible. A little sliver, a whisp of something that did not belong. He spent years studying it, exploring every nook and cranny, every legend and myth, bypassing whatever morality was left in his soul.

Finally, when the wrinkles on his head became too many to count, he had unlocked the secrets of the little sliver that had fallen from the night sky. What remains of his notes details it as a void, the space between the stars. Magic disappeared into its depths, as did many other things. And with this strange thing, he created his magnum opus.

The occupying armies of Clover, and the remaining soldiers of Diamond disappeared almost overnight. Gone, vanished, all of their armor and weapons, not even the disintegrated remains of their grimoires were left. And when more soldiers were dispatched to Diamond, they only returned with the masterpiece of The Mad King. The sliver of nothing glowing red and beating like a heart inside its a ornate container.

It is not detailed what happened to The Mad King, but his schematics are filled with an unknown language that is believed to be a form of forbidden magic. This language can be seen in his creation, inscribed on its surface with precision and an artistic flair. According to medical diagrams, it is intended to be implanted between the two pectorals, sitting in the top section of the sternum and resting on the collarbone.

It has since been locked away. We do not know what it does, and we never want to know.