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Extended Summary

It's Cassie Drake's last year in high school and she wants to go out with a bang. It's prom night and Derek is going with her (only as a friend). The night turned into fun in games but they share a moment that neither one will regret.

March 2031

Maui, Hawaii

"I'm so excited for you, Cassie," Elena said with cheer in her voice, "My daughter's first prom."

"I'm gonna guess you never went to prom, right?" Cassie snarked.

Elena pulled her daughter into a tight hug, her face landing in her mother's neck.

"That's why I want you to enjoy the night as much as you can. Have the night I never had."

"I bet Dad didn't have prom night either." She pried herself away from her loving mother's arms and adjusted her glasses.

"That's why we're going to make this night special." She turns to her husband. "Right, Nate?"

Nathan Drake, the legend himself, was sitting on the couch, watching TV, paying no attention.

"Yeah," he said nonchalantly, "I'll do the dishes tonight."

Elena scolded him. "Did you what I said?"

"Of course." He faced the two with an awkward expression on his face. "Could you say it one more time?"

Cassie mentally groaned.

"I'm kidding," he chuckled, "Our daughter's first prom." He got up from the couch and pulled her into a hug.

Once Cassie was free from her hu, she checked the time on her watch. "Prom starts in three hours. I want to get ready now."

"I'll help you," Elena said, "It takes at least two people to put on that dress you picked."

It would be awkward if it took only one person to get it off, Cassie thought.

Cassie and Elena spent the next two hours getting ready. Cassie took a shower, put on makeup, brushed her teeth, put on deodorant, put on perfume, and was assisted by her mother in putting on a red dress.

This red dress was a nice and elegant red dress that covered her entire body, except her shoulders. The dress was off the shoulders anyways. Her high heels, although slightly uncomfortable, were shiny and very red. She wore her glasses and had her hair tied in a ponytail. She actually hates having her hair tied into a ponytail, but was willing to make an exception since it was prom. Her cheeks were pink with blush and lips rosy red like an apple.

Once the dress was applied, all that was left the final touch: Her corsage, which should be here soon.

The doorbell was rung and Nate went to answer it.

"How do you look, dear?" Elena asked.

Cassie looked at herself in the mirror, a gasp escaping from her mouth. She studied herself hard in the mirror looking over every detail of her body, looking for any flaws, if any, looking for an answer.

"Wow," she gasped, "I look so beautiful."

I'm not going to forget prom night, she thought, This is a night for me to remember, a night for me to cherish. The last dance I will be having before I'm off in the world, becoming the next future treasure hunter.

Elena kissed the back of her head, not wanting to ruin the makeup on her cheeks.

Nate answered the door and found a familiar.

"Derek Lowell," he said, "The man of the hour."

Derek Lowell, the seventeen-year-old boy, curly brown hair trimmed with recent five o'clock shadow shaved off, stood there before Nate wearing a tuxedo with a corsage in his hand.

"Hi," Derek said confidant, "Hi, Mr. Drake."

"Please," Nate said, "Mr. Drake is my father. Well, not really. Call me Nate."

"Okay, Nate."

Nate gestured for him to come in. "You're Cassie's date, right?"

"Friends," Derek said, feeling the heat all of a sudden, "We're just going as friends, nothing else."

"That's good; I'm not exactly ready for my daughter to be dating." When Derek was inside the house, Nate closed the door and stood before the boy. He tried to intimidate him but that was a somewhat difficult task considering that Nate was five-eleven while Derek was six-foot-one. "I trust you not to do anything that makes my daughter uncomfortable, right?"

Derek quickly nodded, "Yes, sir, I would never dream of it."

Derek was taller but Nate's intimidation was working.

"And you promise to be a gentleman to my daughter?"

Derek started breaking down in blush. "Mr. Drake," he said nervously, "We've known each other for seven years; Me and Cassie are good with each other."

"But a lot can happen in seven years. I know how teenaged boys are. Especially ones who have been best friends with girls for seven years."

Derek rubbed the back of his neck, not wanting to ruin his neatly combed hair.

"Mr. Drake-" he stuttered.

"I'm kidding," Nate laughed. He pulled Derek into a hug and felt the boy's heartbeat fast against his chest.

Guess I really scared him, he thought.

"Nate," Elena called after coming in the living room, "Leave the poor boy alone."

Derek looked at Elena and felt less comfortable. "Hi, Mrs. Drake."

"Hey, Derek." She looked at the corsage in his hand. "You brought Cassie's corsage." She ran up to it and claimed it from him.

"Yeah," Derek nodded, finding his confidence once more, "Told you I'd bring a corsage."

"I'm going to go put it on Cassie. Wait here."

Elena disappeared from the room, leaving Derek to wait in the living room with Nate.

Deciding to tease the boy again, he went into the kitchen and opened up the fridge. "You want something to drink, Derek? Maybe some beer?"

Derek nervously chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck once again. "I've seen this trick before, Mr. Drake. I just turned seventeen two months ago; I'm not of age to drink."

"Smart man," Nate said as he popped open a can of beer for himself. "Seriously, make sure that you have fun tonight. Make sure that Cassie has fun tonight."

"Yes," Derek said, finding his confidence once more.

"But not too much fun if you know what I mean."

And Derek was back to square one.

"Wow," a voice said, "You look handsome, Derek."

Derek looked down the hall and gasped under his breath.

Oh my god, she is so beautiful.

The corsage that he got her was pinned to her left waist and the white flower contrasted perfectly against her red dress.

I never noticed how handsome Derek is in a tux, she thought, And we're going as friends only.

"Hey, Cassie," he said in a soft voice, his nervousness suddenly leaving him and was replaced with a warm feeling in his chest. "Wow, you look good."

"I look 'good'? Are you saying you're going to eat me?"

Derek shook his head, "No, I'm not a cannibal, I just think that you look very pretty."

"Takes a pretty person to know a pretty person."

Derek smiled softly. "Thanks."

After a few minutes of awkward alk, Cassie and Derek got together in front of a green screen set up in the garage and they snapped a few pictures off. They did this for maybe ten minutes before it was time to leave.

Nate and Elena both drove them to prom; Nate in the driver's seat with Elena riding shotgun.

Cassie sat behind her father while Derek sat behind her friend's mother, each person looking out their respective windows and try and think of ways to prepare themselves for this night.

Prom night, Cassie thought, A night not to forget. She looked down at her corsage. And I can't believe how perfect this corsage is on my dress.

After they made it to the school, Nate found a parking spot in the back of the school where the kids were ordered to go in. they had their school IDs on them as they jumped out of the car. Cassie knocked on her father's window and when he rolled it down, he hugged her.

"Have fun," Nate said, "We'll pick you up at ten."

"Bye," Cassie waved as they drove off.

When Cassie turned around, she saw Derek holding his left elbow out.

"I will walk you in," he said.

Cassie wrapped her arm around his elbow and escorted her into the building, showing the IDs to the guards before heading into the gym.

The gym was as glamorous as described in the flyers. A dashing and dazzling crystal ball spinning like there was no end in sight, a buffet table full of rich and tasty fruits, a bowl of punch, a bowl of freshly-squeezed lemonade, a fountain of chocolate, and last but not least, a D playing live music.

The gym was full of people just like Cassie and Derek: Teenagers who just wanted to spend one last dance together before it was the end of their youth. This was a time to live their teenaged life to the fullest. Kiss, make out, make love, have a good time with their boyfriend, girlfriend, best friends, no limit.

They were going to be graduating in a few months and those who weren't were having friends graduating in a few months and that was the start of their adult life. It goes without saying that prom was the time for everybody to have a good time at their last dance in school. A night to remember. Not a winter dance or charity event, but an event made for love.

The current music that was playing was jazz, not a bad choice considering that prom officially started five minutes ago and it could be considered welcoming music.

The dancefloor wasn't full yet and people were still coming in. since they were the one of the first to arrive, they immediately went to the buffet table to grab themselves something to drink.

Derek, being the gentlemen he was, poured a cup of punch for her.

"You're such a gentleman," Cassie said as she took a sip, leaving a lipstick mark on the cup. "Tastes bad."

The two laughed.

Derek grabbed a strawberry and dipped it in the chocolate fountain.

Minutes passed to an hour passing and more people began flooding the building. More than enough people were in the room for the DJ to change the beat to music that was picked for this prom. He played upbeat romance music, rock music, classical music, and his favorite, clean rap music.

Cassie and Derek weren't joint to the hip all night; They went off and did their own thing but managed to secure their table and put their vote for Prom King and Prom Queen into the box.

Neither teen told the other who they were voting for prom king and queen since it should be a surprise. When Derek was looking away, however, Cassie slipped an additional index card into the ballot.

Cassie was by herself and eating some fruit at her table when her group of gal friends approached her.

"Hey, girlfriend," Trisha exclaimed as she walked over.

Cassie got up and greeted Trisha and her two companions.

"Nice to see you guys," she said, "Where are your prom dates?"

"My boyfriend's spending some time with his bros. You're looking nice today."

Cassie smiled and looked away for a brief second. "Thanks. I could say the same for you guys." She nodded to their blue dresses.

"How's Derek?"

Cassie tried putting her hands in her pocket before realizing she lacked them. "He's doing fine."

"Is he your prom date?"

"We're just going as friends."

"Cassie," Trish exclaimed, "'Friends'? That's all you're going as? You and Derek have been friends since fourth grade and you're going to prom only as friends?"

She narrowed her eyes. "What are you getting at, Trish?"

"I ship you and Derek together. Cassie x Derek."

Cassie blushed but her makeup hid it well. "We don't see each other like that; we're just friends. Nothing more."

"You say that now but how would you feel if he was dancing with another woman?"

"I know that he is in a somewhat relationship with a girl named Angie."

"And you're not moved by it?"

"No, I'm happy for him that he is in a relationship."

"But what about you? Aren't you sad that you're not in a relationship?"

Cassie chuckled. "No need to rush things, Trish."


The young girl turned around to see a tall man standing before her. He was wearing a blue suit and his hair combed to the side. He doesn't waste a second before diving in to kiss her, pulling her waist against his.

Lee broke away from the kiss to put his forehead to hers. "How's my gal been?"

"Dazzling up the room," Trish said with heated cheeks.

"Speaking of which, next song, we're break dancing."

"I can't breakdance," she yelled, "And I'm wearing a dress!"

"I don't mind seeing your dress fly up your leg."

The boy standing behind Lee looked over his friend's shoulder and gazed upon Cassie's beauty. His eyes widened and breath was stolen from him.

Wow, she has pretty blonde hair, he thought, She's a senior and I'm a junior, I have to tell her or I won't get this chance with her next year.

"Hi," the junior called to Cassie, "Your hair tied in a ponytail makes you look different from the other girls." He looked away as he felt his face heat up. "You have pretty blonde hair."

Cassie put a hand on her heart and smiled. "Thank you. And I like that tie of yours."

Cassie decided it was time to leave.

The boy's eyes followed Cassie as she walked away.

"Cameron," Lee called, "That's Cassie Drake."

Cameron gasped. "That's Derek's girlfriend? Wow, lucky guy."

"They're not boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Which sucks because they're so cute together," Trish said. She looked over at the voting ballots for the king and queen of prom and hatched an idea.

Cassie returned to Derek's table, chatting with some of his bros before they went off and did their own thing.

"Hey Cassie," Derek said with a smile, "How are things going for you? Prom good?"

"Everything is going great and I don't want this night to end." She sat down in the chair next to him. "I know this may seem weird and whatnot but do you want to dance with me?"

He hesitated before shrugging.

"Lee wants to breakdance with Trish."

"But she's wearing a dress."

She confirmed his suspicion by nodding. "And he wants to study music and dancing in college." That reminded her of something. "You said you want to study archaeology in college?"

"And art history."

"Is archaeology something you're truly passionate about?"

" Of course it is, Cassie. I love going on digs with you and would be more than happy to."

She chuckled before jokingly punching him in the shoulder. "Don't make me regret telling you my parents are the legendary Nathan and Elena Drake."

"We could be the next generation of Nathan and Elena Drake."

As soon as he said those words, he hid his flustered face behind his forearms.

She laughed and patted the top of his head like a dog. "I didn't realize you saw us as THAT, Derek!"

The music suddenly going quiet set everyone on high alert. They looked up towards the stage to see a teacher standing in front of a mic next to the DJ.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is time to announce the prom king and the prom queen."

Trish, Lee, and Cameron look at Cassie and Derek while blindly clapping their hands together.

The teacher holds up two envelopes, a pink and blue one. Before she proceeds further, she reminds the students, "After the big reveal, the Prom King and Queen are required to do a slow dance."

She opens up the blue letter for prom king.

"And the Prom King is…."

The DJ did a drum roll on his sound machine.

"Derek Lowell!"

Derek's head snapped up with a gasped as the crowd clapped. Trish, Lee, and Cameron, however, cheered.

"And the Prom Queen…"

DJ drum roll.

"Cassie Drake."

Cassie's breathe escaped her mouth like a fish. Instead of hiding, she cried in joy.

Trish, Lee, and Cameron cheered as loud as they could as a spotlight shined on the two.

"What do you know, Derek, we're the rulers of this prom! How does it feel?!"

"Unexpected," he whispers sheepishly.

Cassie looks at Trish, Lee, and Cameron.

Trish said that she ships me and Derek. No doubt she and her friends set this up.

"Dance with me, Derek."

Derek reluctantly grabbed Cassie's hand and was led to the middle of the dance floor.

Even though Derek was the talker one of the two, he was the submissive one in the dance. He was very hesitant as to where he should put his hands. There were eyes on him in all directions and he didn't want to look like a pervert.

"Stop being shy," she said before grabbing his hands and putting them on her hips, "Just do what you think feels good."

Derek hesitantly obeyed and rested his chin against her forehead.

The DJ played a slow song and activated the fog machine he brought with him. He turned down the lights so the crystal ball was having red lights dance slowly off the walls.

It all felt right. After a few minutes of slow dancing, it all felt right.

There were people watching but it didn't matter. There was music playing but it didn't matter. They were not boyfriend and girlfriend but it didn't matter.

All that mattered was this moment.

The moment where Cassie and Derek slow danced for the first time in their lives. Cassie didn't want it to be anybody else. Derek was there since they were ten, been best friends forever, dreamed together, and wanted to go off into the world together. When Cassie told her parents she wanted to be a treasure hunter, they tried to talk get out of it. But Derek was there and he told her to pursue her dream, no matter what her parents said. He wasn't just saying this to be supportive; he was saying this because he knew it would make her happy.

As all these thoughts flooded through Cassie's kind, she knew that she wasn't going to take this moment for granted. She was going to cherish dancing with Derek Lowell for the first and (potentially) only time before she started her career as a treasure hunter.