Pure Chaos

The Beginning of the Disaster

"Wait for me, Froggy!" Big said and stumbled after Froggy and arrived at the spot. "You're trying to tell me something."

"Wow, what's this?" Big said and picked it up. "Sure is pretty. Somebody must have dropped it. Finders keepers, right, pal?"

"Uh... What's the matter, little buddy?" he asked when suddenly Froggy grew a tail. "Hey, am I seeing things? You're growing a tail!" Big said and leapt and ate the Chaos Emerald causing him to fall over.

Meanwhile Air Force One flew through the now-clearing skies. An aide, the GUN Commander, the President's Third Aide, Topaz, Rouge, Christina Cooper, and Mr. Stewart stood before the President.

"It's been six months, and I still don't understand. What happened when the Chaos Emeralds came together?" the president said.

"Shadow and his friends thought that Chaos Control would send them back to their home planet, but a piece of their planet was sent here instead." Aide said.

"Still, our citizens appear to be taking it all in stride, Mr. President. In fact, plans to turn Mystic Ruins into a world-famous tourist attraction is sure to be a great boost to the economy." Christina said.

"Maybe so, but one thing still has me worried: Dr. Eggman." the President said.

"I wouldn't worry about that, Mr. President. We've got intelligence teams all over the globe tracking his whereabouts. Plans are also underway to install a new network of surveillance satellites." P.T.A. said.


"Right. But no matter how you spin it, you still haven't managed to catch him." Rouge said.

"Rouge, please." Topaz said.

"It's true, isn't it? Who cares about agents and satellites? Why don't we all admit that he's just too smart for us?"

"Rouge is right. In all this time since Chaos Control happened, we haven't heard a peep out of him." the President said.

"Isn't it obvious? He's taking a little break to plot his next move."

"That must be it."

"I well understand your frustration, Mr. President. We won't let you down, sir." P.T.A. said.

"See that you don't." the President said. "Oh, and one more thing. How are Shadow and his little friends doing anyway?"

"Here, sir." Mr. Stewart said and stepped forward with photographs of Shadow's friends. "From these pictures, you can see they're all doing fine."

At the mansion's dining room Ella and Tanaka were serving breakfast to Chuck, Chris, Cream, and Cheese.

"Delectable as always. I don't know how you do it, Ella." Chuck said to her.

"And you never will. It's my secret recipe." she said as Tanaka offered toast to Cream and Cheese.

"Would you like some toast with your scrambled eggs, Miss Cream?" he asked.

"Yes, and some for Cheese." Cream said.

Cheese, who has been drinking juice, stopped drinking and accepted the toast. Chris giggled.

"I was wondering if you had to stay after school for anything special today." Chuck said.

"Not today, Grandpa. Why do you ask?" Chris asked.

"How would you like to come to Mystic Ruins with me? I've been meaning to test out a new aircraft model at Tails' workshop there and thought you might like to join me."

"Sorry, Grandpa, but I'm meeting my mom downtown after school. Isn't that right, Cream?"

"Yeah. It's true. She says she wants to show us something." Cream said.

"Aaahhh... It'll be good for you to spend some quality time together." Chuck said and he and Cream laughed.

"Yeah. We've got a lot to catch up on." Chris said and finished drinking his beverage. "I'd better get going." he said and got up and headed for the door.

"So long, Master Chris." Tanaka said.

"You study hard now. We'll see you at dinner time." Ella said.

"Okay!" Chris said and headed outside and looked up at the sky. "I know you're out there, Shadow. I sure hope you're okay..."

Meanwhile Shadow was standing at the top of the canyon. He whistled and listened to the sound travel through the canyon.

At an apartment building Amy was sipping tea by the window and watching Scarlet Garcia.

"Not long ago, this tranquil spot was the center of a raging battle. Today, the sea is calm and peaceful, and there is no sign of the disturbance that took place six months ago." Scarlet said.

"It's no fun being all by myself. Nobody to talk to." Amy said to herself. "It was so great having my friends with me." she said out loud.

Then she saw some of her adventures.

"It was all so exciting. Every day was like a new adventure, and even when Shadow made me mad, which was most of the time, I always felt safe around him. But all that was before Sonic had to go and disappear without a trace!"

"Shadow, WHERE AAARRRREE YOOOOUUU?!" she shouted out the window.

"Hey, keep it down! I need to break out to the authorities!" Neighbor 1 said.

"Sorry!" she said and shut the window. "Why should I worry? Shadow will come back for me one day, I know he will!"

She was then distracted by Scarlet.

"Officials are still unsure as to the whereabouts of Dr. Eggman. His location still remains a mystery." Scarlet said.

Meanwhile four of Dr. Eggman's latest robots were nearly complete. He loaded the last Flicky into a capsule before robotic arms moved the capsules into the new robots.

"Activate the main power surge now!" Eggman said and the robots activated and stepped forward.

A large door in front of them, revealing multiple Sonic targets.

"Let's have a bit of target practice! Haha!" he said and they fired at the Shadow targets, destroying them.

Then he laughed gleefully.

"Not too shabby, I'd say!" he said and he, Bocoe, and Decoe headed down to the robots' level.

"Your new robots are working perfectly, Doctor." Decoe said.

"Who would have thought of robots with animals built inside?" Bocoe asked.

"Ah, he did it! He did it!" they said and shook hands.

"I am a genius! Hahaaa!" Eggman said and walked up to the first robot, numbered E-101. "I've really outdone myself this time. Have you ever seen such exquisitely evil creatures? I feel like a proud papa. You, my pets, are the first of my brilliant new E-Series robots. You are programmed to receive orders only from me."

Decoe was typing on a laptop.

"And now it is time for the roll call. First up: E-101: Beta." he said. "E-102: Gamma." he continued. "E-103 Delta. E-104 Epsilon." he said and Eggman chuckled.

"As far as the names go, it's all Greek to me. Now to create a bit of chaos." he said.

From out of the depths of the ocean, a massive battleship rose.

"Ah, my sleekly-designed brand-spanking-new multi-functional flying fortress handles like a dream!" Eggman said holding the Emerald still in its box. "All right, Egg Carrier. Heheheh... Blast off!"

The Egg Carrier's wings and other components folded and moved into position as the engines activated. Eggman raised the Chaos Emerald.

"I'm back! And this time, nothing will stand in my way!"

Meanwhile Chris, Cream, and Cheese were meeting with Lindsey. On the table between them she had a box containing the yellow Chaos Emerald.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"Sure I like it. It's amazing! Where'd you find it?" Chris said.

"I saw it in a jewelry shop last week, and just had to have it. But it doesn't really match any of my outfits. Here, it's yours." she said and held the Emerald out to Cream.

"That's awfully generous." Cream said.

"It would look perfect with your coloring."

"We could sure use it." Chris said.

"Chao chao!" Cheese said.

"It's settled then." Lindsey said and put the Emerald back. "Now if only we could get you out of that dreadful bunny costume and into a smart suit."

"What?" Cream asked.

"But Mom, that's not a costume. Cream is a-" Chris started but was interrupted when Lindsey's phone rang.

Then she answered it.

"Hi. ... Right now? ... Fine, I'll be there. Wait for me." she said and hung up. "Oh, Mommy hates to rush off like this, but trouble on the set. Apparently they have to recast the dog."

"It's okay. I understand. We'll do it another time."

"Mommy loves you." she said then hugged and kissed him. "Goodbye, sweetheart."

Then she walked away. Cream followed with the Chaos Emerald.

"Thank you very much!"

Soon, Chris and Cream were at Station Square out on the streets.

"Chris, it's so pretty..." Cream said.

"I can't believe it's in a jewelry store. Let's take it home and show Shadow." Chris said.


"Chao chao!" Cheese said.

But as they walked home, Froggy appeared out of nowhere and collided with Cheese, sending them to the ground. Cream rushed over to make sure Cheese was all right.

"Cheese!" she said and Cheese opened his eyes.

"Are you okay? Hey, what's this?" Chris asked and picked up Froggy.

"It looks like a frog, but it's got a tail."

Suddenly they hear heavy footsteps.

"Hey, Froggy!" someone said and Chris and Cream turned to see Big stumble into them, crushing them.

Chris and Cream turned to see Big stumble into them, crushing them.

During the commotion, Froggy took off again.

"Here, Froggy... Please don't go away!" he said. "My buddy!" he said sadly.

"Sorry, mister. Your little frog friend got tangled up with our little Chao friend." Chris said and Big tilted his head.

"You look like you're kind of lost." Cream said.

Again Big tilted his head. Cream sweatdroped and giggled.

Later, it was sunset, and Chris and Cream were exasperated.

"Let's try this again. So your name is Big, and you came here with your friend Froggy. Is that what you're saying?" Chris asked and Big slowly nodded.

Chris and Cream glanced at each other.

"Told you we could get to the bottom of this." he said.

"But there's just one thing." Big said surprising Chris and Cream.

Then he leaned in closer.

"That isn't Froggy."

Chris and Cream became exasperated and started to cry.

"He's gone. Poor Froggy. What if I never find him?" he said and wiped away his tears.

"Don't worry, Big. You'll find Froggy again. We'll help you." Chris said.

"Would you like us to help you find him?" Cream asked.

"That would be nice." Big said.

Soon they were looking for Froggy.

"Froggy!" Chris said.

"Froggy!" Cream said.

"Where are you?"

"Froggy!" Big said.

"Chao chao!" Cheese said.

Then they looked behind a bush.

"Froggy?" Cream said.

Big looked down a manhole.

"Froggy?" he said.

Later it was nighttime.

"We've been out here looking for hours." Chris said.

"Hey, are you out here, little buddy?" Big said and thought heard a noise coming from a bush. "Is that you, Froggy?"

But instead of Froggy, a mysterious liquid came from the bush and moved in front of the group.

"I don't think that's him." Cream said.

"That looks like the same stuff Froggy swallowed." Big said.

"You've seen this before?" Chris said.

"I saw him drink it, and then Froggy grew a tail."

Suddenly the liquid started changing shape.

"Aah!" Chris said.

The liquid changes into a humanoid shape with a visible brain and glowing green eyes.

"Chao! Chao-chao! Chao!" Cheese said excited.

Cream scooped up Cheese. The liquid turned to face Cream who was surprised.

"Don't move. Just keep calm." Chris said.

The liquid didn't answer. Instead, it started snapping light poles and trees in half, causing the civilians to flee.

"We'd better make a run for it while it's not looking! Come on, let's go!" he said.

"Okay. Come on!" Cream said and scooped up Cheese.

"Froggy..." Big said.

As they fled, Shadow leapt onto a skyscraper. He whistled, then gave a thumbs up.

"All right! Thought I was gone for good, didn't ya?" Shadow said and looked down and saw several police cars on the move. "Huh? Uh-oh..." he said and looked up to see a fleet of helicopters also on the move." he said.

Soon the police force kept the civilians back and aim guns at the liquid which was starting to emerge from the sewer.

"Everybody stay back!" officer 1 said.

"Ah! That creature!" Chris said and officer pushed him back.

"Stay back, kid!" he said.

"We're in trouble!" Big asked.

The liquid emerged from the manhole and approached the officers.

"All right, get ready, boys!" he said and they moved back.

The officers move back.

"What is it?" officer 1 asked.

"Run!" officer 2 said.

The liquid strikes the hoods of two police cars, then turns back to the officers.

"Come on! Come on! Come on!" captain said to the crowd.

The onlookers screamed and ran. In a moment Shadow landed in front of the liquid.

"I see you have a brain, pal, so you better use it!" he said and Chris, Cream and Big stopped running.

"Shadow!" Chris said.

"Hey buddy, good to see ya."

"Shadow, behind you!"

Shadow dodged liquid's swipe attack by leaping high into the air, then landed squarely on the liquid's brain, but bounced off and landed in front of the others.

"Careful, Shadow! Whatever it is, it's dangerous!"

Shadow dodged another attack, then ran up a skyscraper. He home attacked the liquid, causing it to collapse back into a puddle. Shadow landed on top of a light pole.

"All right!" Chris and Cream said.

"Chao chao!" Cheese said.

"Oh, look what it's doing!" Cream said.

Everyone headed over to see the liquid retreating back into the sewer.

"It's melting away!" she said.

"Can't take the heat, huh?" Sonic said.

A bright searchlight covers them.

Cream gasped.

"I hope you do forgive me for dropping in unannounced this way, but I simply couldn't miss out on the excitement!" Eggman said.

"Look who's back in town." Shadow said.

"Yes, I took a six-month Chaos Control break, but now I'm rested and ready to rumble!"

"No way, Eggman! Haven't you caused enough trouble?" Cream asked.

"One can never cause enough trouble, my dear, as you will soon see."

Eggman pressed a button, and a hand extends down from the Eggmobile and took the Chaos Emerald from Cream.

"The Emerald!" Chris said.

"Here, Chaos, have a little snack!" Eggman said. "He sure grows on ya, doesn't he?" he asked and laughed. "You see, Shadow, this new shapeshifting form of Chaos gails more and more power with each Chaos Emerald I feed it!"

"Chaos?" Shadow said.

"That's right. This charming creature is made of pure chaos, and he's under my control! Soon the day will come when I have all seven Chaos Emeralds in my possession, and when that happens, we'll be unstoppable!"

Chaos took a step toward Shadow and friends. Sonic stood in front of the others.

"Back off, pal." he said.

"Sorry, Shadow. It only takes orders from me. Now get him!"

Chaos opened and closed its claws, and sent one flying at Shadow.

"Not so fast!" someone said.

Then Knuckles appeared and interrupted the attack.

"Knuckles!" Shadow said.

"All right, Eggman! What did you do with the Master Emerald?!" Knuckles asked.

"Knuckles, did something happen to the Master Emerald?" Eggman asked.

"Yeah, you might say that." he said and finally noticed Sonic's presence. "Sonic. What are you doing here?"

"I might ask you the same thing." Shadow said.

"I'm here to talk to Eggman. See, I've got a couple pressing questions only he can answer."

"I would love to help you, Knuckles, but right now, it's feeding time." Eggman said and held up the Chaos Emerald.

"A Chaos Emerald!" Knuckles said.

"He has such a healthy appetite." Eggman said and tossed the emerald to Chaos, who caught it.

Chaos absorbed the Chaos Emerald, and changed shape slightly, making it even stronger.

"It just keeps getting bigger!" Shadow said.

"Look out!" Chris said.

Then Chaos slammed its fist down at Shadow and Knuckles, but they leapt out of the way. Shadow jumped onto a telephone booth, then attempted to home attack Chaos, but it electrified itself, and Shadow went flying backward. Knuckles attempted to punch Chaos, but was swatted away.

Shadow dodged Chaos as it fired a powerful water jet at him, then he picks up Knuckles and leapt to safety atop a market sign.

"It's some kind of strange new form of pure chaos that gets bigger every time Dr. Eggman gives it a Chaos Emerald." Shadow said.

They were forced to get down when Chaos fired another water jet that sliced through palm trees. Chris narrowly avoided the water jet. Chaos then sprayed the water 360°, destroying a few buildings.

"That's right. Trash everything." Eggman said.

Shadow and Knuckles nodded to each other. Soon Shadow was dodging water blasts.

"Gah!" Eggman said.

"Whoa!" Sonic said.

As Knuckles came up from the other side of Chaos, Shadow ran up a nearby building.

Knuckles attempted to punch Chaos, but the water creature created an electric field around itself once more. No damage was done, and Knuckles was electrocuted and sent flying backward. Shadow attempted to spin into Chaos for a prolonged amount of time, but was blasted away.

"He's shocking, isn't he? And that's what he's like with only two measly Emeralds!" Eggman said.

"He doesn't scare me." Knuckles said.

"Yeah, me neither." Shadow said and they went at Chaos together.

"Look out!" Knuckles said as Chaos once again generated its electric field. "You're finished!" he said and kept going. "Bye-bye!"

Chaos disabled its electric field and used its bulk to block Knuckles. Then it reactivated the field, but showed signs of weakening.

Eggman gasped.


Shadow ran all over the city to disabled the electric field before spinning through Chaos, who fell defeated. Eggman cried out in alarm.

Cheering, Chris, Cream, and Big ran over to Shadow and Knuckles.

"Shadow! Knuckles! You did it!" Chris said.

"Chao chao chao chao!" Cheese said.

"Think you beat me, eh? Don't be so sure! I've got more chaos where that came from!" Eggman said and used a tractor beam to capture Chaos, which has been reverted to its puddle form.

"We'll handle anything you come up with! Just bring it on!" Knuckles said.

Eggman flew away without responding.

"You guys... I've got a bad feeling..." Chris said.

"Me too... What if that Chaos creature gets stronger?" Cream asked.

A depressed Big sighed.

"Chao..." Cheese said.

Sonic looked out to the city as lightning flashed across the sky.

"We'll see." Shadow said.