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It was the cold month of February, the day before Valentine's Day. Fairy Tail's guild hall was decorated with hearts, streamers, balloons and banners in the colors of love to prepare for the holiday.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the guild hall sat a certain blonde face plant on the table, sulking about the upcoming holiday. She overheard something in the guild the other day, and it caused her to scrap all her Valentine's plans. She was left with none and had no clue what to do.

This was her first Valentine's Day with Laxus. They were going to spend most of the day in the guild and then afterwards both would spend some alone time together. Both agreed to take it a bit easy since they weren't fond of lavish gestures of affection. The most important thing was spending time with the people you care about.

There was a tradition in Fiore every year: the girls have to give chocolates to their crush, boyfriend or significant other. There were also friendship chocolates that you would give to your guy friends.

Lucy was very excited about this and brought all the necessary ingredients to make something for the boys of the guilds and something extra special for Laxus. She planned on giving him homemade chocolate to show her sincere feelings for him.

She had the perfect idea. Chocolate chip cookies for all the guys. For Laxus, beer-flavored chocolate. It was perfect. She knew how much Laxus enjoyed his beer and made chocolates filled with different beer flavors. Simple but effective. Lucy managed to rope Cana into her plans and was more than willing to be her guinea pig. After all, she was getting free booze out of this and helping her friend.

When she got Cana's stamp of approval, Lucy thought she was set. All the cookies were baked and placed in red heart-shaped bags tied with a white ribbon. They were all placed in a basket that she will take to the guild and hand it out to everyone. Laxus's was in a black heart-shaped box with a red ribbon in the fridge to prevent the chocolate from melting. For once she could relax and went to the guild to hang out with everyone.

Evergreen waved to her when she entered the guild and motioned to her to join her at the table she was currently sitting out. They started chatting about Valentine's Day plans with their boyfriends. Evergreen was going to make him a chocolate cake and on it said the best man. Lucy found it amusing and adorable at the same time. When Lucy told Evergreen her plans, she looked worried and hesitant to tell her something. Thinking the worst, she forced Ever to say what's on her mind.

Evergreen braced herself by taking a deep breath and told Lucy the truth. She really liked Lucy. She was a good friend, and Laxus looked happier with her. Which was why she was conflicted to say something. However, it was better to hear it from her and not get hurt if Laxus didn't eat her present.

Laxus did not like chocolates. Whenever someone would give chocolates to him on Valentine's Day, he would never eat it, giving it to his grandfather. When asked why he would say it was because he did not like the taste of chocolate so people stopped giving him chocolates.

She felt like a horrible girlfriend. How could she not know her boyfriend didn't like chocolate? Well, in her defense they just started their relationship a few months ago, but he could have mentioned it somewhere down the line. By the way, Lucy, I don't like chocolate.

She was upset but grateful to Evergreen for telling her the truth. It would have been embarrassing for her to see him accept something he didn't like and pretend to like it so her feelings weren't hurt. No worries, there were other things she could give instead of chocolate. Just a temporary dent to her plans. That's what she thought until she ended up in her current predicament. She had nothing.

Cana, noticing the sad state her friend was in, sauntered over, intending to find out what's wrong and to cheer her up. "What's got you all down in the dumps," as she sat down next to Lucy, taking a swig from her beer bottle.

Lucy lifted her head and looked at Cana. She let out a sad sigh. "Project Chocolate Booze is a no go."

Cana looked surprised. She saw how excited Lucy was when she made them. "Why not? I thought it was a great idea. Chocolate and Booze. Two of the best things in the world."

"So did I." Lucy propped her elbows on the table, placing her chin in the palm of her hands. "Till I found out Laxus doesn't like chocolate." She looked at Cana, worry etched on her face. "Now what I am supposed to do. I have to give something and tomorrow is Valentine's Day." She crossed her arms on the table and laid her head there, letting out a frustrated groan.

Cana wracked her brain for ideas. She knew Laxus was a simple man who wanted simple things. Then an idea popped into her head. A rather naughty one.

"Oh Lucy," Cana sang, causing Lucy to get up and look at her again. "I know just the perfect thing," and gave her a saucy grin.

"Really Cana," she grabbed her friend's shoulders in elation. A hopeful look appeared on her face. At this point she was desperate for advice.

Cana's grin got even wider when she saw the hopeful expression on Lucy's face. "Instead of eating chocolate, he can just eat you."

"Cana," Lucy yelled as she let go of Cana's shoulder and smacked it. Lucy's cheeks burned red and Cana laughed at Lucy's reaction. It wasn't that she and Laxus haven't had sex, they've done it a couple of times. She just preferred people not knowing her sex life.

Plus, she wasn't sure about wearing sexy lingerie as a present. Wouldn't it seem like she was too lazy to get him something else?

"Come on," whined Cana. She wrapped an arm around Lucy's shoulder and leaned in her ear as if telling her a secret. "You have to admit it's a good idea. Just buy some sexy lingerie and wear it for him. What's the worst that can happen? You'll both get laid."

Lucy mulled over it and hesitantly nodded. She really didn't have any other options at this point and the 14th was tomorrow, so most stores wouldn't have much left to sell. "Okay," she said.

"Great," clapped Cana as she stood from the table. "I know just the place." Cana's eyes gleamed for a second and grabbed Lucy's wrist in an iron-clad grip.

With strength Lucy didn't know the brunette possessed, she was dragged out of the guild by Cana and taken to a lingerie shop. She was abruptly shoved into a dressing room and handed a pile of outfits to try. She was forced to model outfit after outfit until they found something both could agree on.

Cana whistled as she saw Lucy pose in the mirror wearing the last outfit. It was a red lacy babydoll dress. The best part of the outfit was the ribbon in the center. If you untied it, it would show everything in the front.

"You're lucky I'm with Bacchus. If we were both single, I totally would have banged you in this dressing room." Lucy couldn't help but puff out her chest in pride. She had to agree with Cana, she looked amazing. She turned to Cana and exclaimed, "I'll take it."

The next day: Valentine's Day

Laxus heard it was a tradition for girls to give chocolates to the man they liked, and accepting it meant that you were returning their feelings. Although he didn't show it, he was a little excited to get homemade chocolate from his girl. This was the first time he was getting chocolate from a girl he really cared about and had mutual feelings for him. He rarely ate chocolate but will make an exception for Lucy, aware of the girl's expert culinary skills. So the fact that he was a few minutes early of their meeting time was just a coincidence.

Laxus met up with Lucy at the guild. She came up to him and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek. He noticed the covered basket she was carrying and casually asked her what was in it without raising suspicions about what he truly wanted.

"Oh, this." She raised the basket to give him a better look. "Just a little something for the guild. A token of my appreciation." She also brought the chocolates she made for Laxus. She stuffed in her bag that contained the lingerie. She was planning on giving them to Cana so they wouldn't go to waste.

Laxus nodded at that. "Well, you should go hand those out before things get crazy." The faster she handed those out, the faster he got his.

"Aye, sir." She saluted him, and he couldn't help but chuckle. He went to sit at his usual table and watched her hand out the tiny bags to all the male members. All the guys thanked her for the cookies and praised how delicious they were. He waited for her to come to him with the basket. And so he waited and waited and waited.

Where was his goddamn chocolate! Maybe she was saving mine for last. Yes, that's right, he thought as he nodded to himself.

Once everyone got their treat, she came to his side with a smoothie in her other hand and sat next to him with the basket set under the table. She didn't see Cana at the guild. Mira told her she was spending the day at Quatro Cerberus with Bacchus. Guess I have to hold on to this, she thought, taking a sip of her strawberry shake.

Laxus, on the other hand, was staring at his girlfriend, waiting for her to give him his chocolate. The more she relaxes against him, the more anxious Laxus gets.

Guess I have to coax it out of her, he thought. But I don't want to seem desperate. He thought of a plan. "Ahhhh, I want something sweet," he said while stretching his arm and putting it around her shoulder. Laxus tried to signal her with his eyes.

Lucy completely misunderstanding the whole thing offers him her shake. "Oh. Well, you can have some of my shake." She lifts her shake to his mouth, waiting for him to take a sip.

Damn it, not that, he thought as he begrudgingly took a sip. Although it was nice of her to do that and it tasted good, it was not what he wanted. Maybe she's trying to give it to me when we're alone. Gotta hurry things up here so we can go to my house. She can give it to me there.

After eating dinner, they exchanged goodbyes with everyone. In front of the guild, she held onto him as they lightning teleported to his house.

When they entered his house, he locked the door behind him. Taking off her coat and hanging it, Lucy started to feel nervous. Okay girl, you can do this, she thought as pumped herself up for the upcoming event.

She called out to Laxus, "Hey Laxus, mind taking a seat on the couch. I'll be right back." She put the chocolates on the kitchen table and headed to his bathroom to change.

Laxus sat at the edge of the couch and waited for Lucy to appear. Finally, he thought as he sat patiently. I'm getting chocolate. He composed himself, trying to keep his excitement at bay. He heard her come into the room and felt the wind get knocked out of him when he saw her new attire. He totally forgot the chocolates at that moment.

Lucy appeared into the room wearing a red baby doll. It looked to be made of silk with lace trimmings. At the center of the dress was a white ribbon, holding the fabric together. Her hair was completely down, flowing down her shoulders, a look he always liked on her. The red emphasized her beautiful pale skin, and the shape of it made her ass and boobs more enticing.

Lucy felt her face heat up in embarrassment and walked into the room, avoiding Laxus's gaze. She knew this was a bad idea and shouldn't have listened to Cana.

"Wow," said Laxus, slightly dazed. He certainly wasn't expecting this. He didn't think Lucy was this bold, but he wasn't complaining. She looked amazing and looked forward to what would happen next.

Lucy walked until she stood in front of him. Laxus shifted his legs to make room for her and grabbed her wrist. He pulled her, causing her to straddle herself on his lap and hold on to his broad shoulders. He couldn't help but run hands up and down her arms, feeling the softness of her skin still in awe at her appearance.

He suddenly sported a wolfish grin. "Is this my valentine's day treat?" His gaze turned darker. Lucy shuddered, a soft moan escaped her lips at his intense gaze. He started to lightly finger the ribbon between her breasts. "How nice. It even came gift wrapped." Then he had an idea.

"Untie it," he demanded. He wanted Lucy to take the initiative.

"What," she spluttered, turning even more red.

"You heard me. Untie it." He leaned in toward her and moved his mouth to her ear and whispered in his deep baritone voice. "Unless you want me to rip it off you".

Lucy felt warmth pool into her. She was feeling extremely aroused. Lucy felt torn. Both options sounded good. She looked up at Laxus and slowly tugged at the end of the ribbon. The ribbon released the fabric surrounding her breasts, leaving them bare for him to see. He nodded in appreciation at the amazing view he had.

Laxus leaned forward and captured her lips with his own. He rubbed his hand all over her body and through the lacy fabric. Lucy kissed him back and arched her back in pleasure when he touched her sensitive spots. He broke the kiss and harshly sucked the base of her neck. She whimpered and let out another moan in response. She was about to take off the rest of her top off when his hand stopped her.

"Leave it on," he said trailing kissing down her neck and chest. He let out a huge groan when Lucy sifted her fingers through his hair, pulling it, liking the painful pleasure that followed.

He got up from his spot on the couch, grabbing Lucy's thighs with both hands. She wrapped her legs around his waist in return, her ankles securely hooked. He walked them both up the stairs and to the bedroom where he proceeded to enjoy Lucy to his heart's content.

The next morning, Laxus felt the sunlight shine on his face and opened his eyes. He slightly shifted and noticed something soft against his body. He turned his head and noticed Lucy's sleeping form. As he stared at her naked form, scenarios of last night ran through his mind and couldn't help but grin a little. He might've not gotten chocolate, but he certainly got a sweet treat last night.

He carefully removed himself from Lucy's side and got up from the bed. He went to his drawers to get a fresh pair of boxers and sweatpants and put them on. Leaving Lucy to get more sleep, he headed downstairs to the kitchen. On his way to the fridge, he noticed a heart-shaped box with a red ribbon.

Is that what I think it is, he thought, moving towards the table. As he peered closer, he saw the box had his name on it and excitement built through his chest. It is! I knew she made me chocolate. He looked around to see if anyone was looking and did a fist pump.

He sat on a chair and opened the box. He took a moment to admire the chocolates. He leaned in and smelled them, a soft sweet wafting through the air. He also smelled something familiar and before he could connect the dots, he heard Lucy come into the room.

Lucy was standing at the doorway wearing one of Laxus's dress shirts. Since it was big on her, it came above her knees. Rubbing the sleep away from her eyes, she was just about to greet him when her eyes suddenly shot wide open. She saw the object in Laxus's hands and hurriedly ran to him. "You can't eat that," she screamed, trying to get the chocolates from Laxus. Sensing what Lucy was going to, Laxus quickly closed the box and got up. He raised the box out of Lucy's reach. Lucy tried to jump and get the box, but failed because of the difference in height.

"Yes, I can," said Laxus as he lightly nudged Lucy away whenever she got too close to the box. "Their mine. You have no clue how long I waited and suffered for these."

"But you don't like chocolate," she said as she climbed Laxus when her jumping failed.

Laxus stretched his arm out as far as he could. "Who said I didn't like chocolate?"

"Evergreen did," she exclaimed now on his back, still reaching for the box.

Laxus gave her a look at that said explain. Lucy sighed and climbed off Laxus. She explained how Ever told her how when girls tried to give him chocolate he wouldn't accept them because he hated chocolate

Laxus pinched the bridge of his nose when Lucy finished explaining. He was going to kill Ever. "I think there's been a misunderstanding. I do like chocolate."

"Then why haven't you accepted chocolates when girls would give them to you," she asked. She thought he said that so that her feelings weren't hurt. "Look, you don't have to pretend to like them."

"Because they weren't from someone I love," he blurted out and promptly shut his mouth when he realized what he said. They were only dating for a few months. It was too soon to tell her.

"What?" She felt a wave of warmth spread through her body. She wanted him to repeat what he said. She wanted to be sure if what he said was true.

"Nothing," he blurted, turning around, so she didn't see the blush that formed on his face.

She moved in front of him so that she could see him. She put her hands on his arms. "What did you say," she demanded.

Laxus looked into Lucy's eyes and saw something in them. It gave him the courage to say it. "I said the reason I didn't accept those chocolates is because they weren't from a girl I love," he said softly.

He saw the wave of emotions in her eyes. She shakily said, "I love you too, Laxus." He felt a wave of relief come on. Both wrapped their arms around each other, enjoying the warmth and comfort that came with it.

Laxus placed his head into her hair and breathed in her scent. "Not that I'm not enjoying this, but can I have my chocolates now," he murmured against her hair.

Lucy lightly chuckled. Her dragon was so adorable. "Sure." She broke their hug and grabbed the box from him. She took his arm, heading towards the couch so they could be more comfortable.

Both sat on the couch facing each other. Lucy cleared her throat and held the box out to him. "Please accept my feelings," she said in a serious tone.

Laxus chuckled and took the box from her. He also answered in a serious tone, "I accept your feelings," causing both of them to laugh.

He opened the box and popped one chocolate into his mouth. His eyes opened wider when he recognized the flavour. "Woah. These are good. Did you use beer?" He popped another one in his mouth.

"Yep." Leaning back against the armrest, she smiled as she watched her dragon devour the chocolates. Note to self. Laxus is more dedicated to the holidays than I thought, as she lightly giggled at the thought. "Although there were a lot of trials and errors. You have to be careful which chocolate you pair with which beer. Luckily, an expert was there to help."

"Cana," he asked.

"Cana," she confirmed. She noticed he stopped eating. "What's wrong?"

Laxus gave a cocky smirk. He opened his mouth and pointed to it. "Feed me."

Lucy scoffed and rolled her eyes, but complied with his request. She leaned over to get a chocolate and put it in his mouth, but he stopped her.

"Ah ah ah," he said while shaking his head. He sported a wolfish grin. "With your mouth."

Lucy glared at him and pouted. Laxus chuckled at her puffed cheeks. Lucy stared at him and an idea popped into her head. Lucy gave him a smirk. "Alright". She put half the piece in, the rest of it sticking out. She leaned closer to him. Just before their lips touched, she quickly ate the chocolate.

Laxus gaped at her and protested. "Hey, that's not fair." He took another piece and smeared it on her cheek. Still frozen, he gave her a cheek a long lick.

Oh no he didn't she thought and tackled him. Both of them playfully wrestled on the couch. They took turns feeding each other chocolate the rest of the morning.