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A young woman stands before a large building with the Fairy Tail emblem on it. She looked at the flier in her hand to double check she was in the right place. Seeing that she is, she takes a deep breath to prepare herself for the chaos that will occur, opening the door.

To her surprise, instead of people fighting, she sees men dressed in butler attire and women dress in maid attire, with perfect posture. They all turn their gaze on her, causing her to jump at their intense scrutiny. All bow towards her in perfect unison and say, "Welcome to Fairy Tail cafe, my lady." She couldn't help but admire how handsome and beautiful they all were.

A handsome man with orange hair walked forward and took her hand, kissing the top of it. He gazed intently into her eyes, causing her to blush at the intense stare. "My name is Loke, my lady. We are all at your service. We will indulge your every desire." He turned around and gestured to the other male members of Fairy Tail. "Please choose the butler you'd like to serve you. He will be your personal servant and will attend to your every need. I'm available as well if you want to pick me," he finished with a flirtatious wink. He turned to the ladies. "Unless of course, your preference lies elsewhere."

The woman's eyes swept over every male's form. Her heart started to beat faster and faster. Everyone looks so sophisticated and handsome in their butler attire. It would be difficult to choose. She put her hand on her cheek and said with a blush on her face. "U-um, I would like that green-haired male over there." Out of everyone, he caught her attention the most. He looked so cool and princely, with his long hair tied in a high ponytail and his fringe covering one eye.

"Ah, Freed Justine, excellent choice," nodded Loke. He beckoned Freed to come over and stand in front of the woman. Freed bowed deeply and brought his arm out to escort her. "Please follow me, my lady," says Freed as he guides her to a seat by the window. He hands her a menu. "What would you like to order?"

The woman snaps out of her daze when Freed asks for her order. Flustered, she quickly scanned the dessert page of the menu to choose something, but there were so many options to choose from. After some careful deliberation, she asks Freed for his opinion. "U-um, can you recommend something? Everything looks so good."

"Of course, my lady." Freed peers over her shoulder and points to one of the items on the menu. "I would recommend the strawberry cake. It is one of our most popular desserts. I would suggest pairing it with a white tea. It is quite delicate and won't overwhelm the taste of the strawberry."

"Then I would like that, please," she asked Freed with a smile. Freed bowed once more and told her to wait while he gave the order to the kitchen.

"Until then, please make yourself comfortable, while I bring your order," said Freed, as he headed to the kitchen. In the kitchen were Mirajane, Juvia and Lisanna were making the food and drinks.

"Hey Freed," greeted Mira with a beaming, bright smile. "How are things going?"

"Extremely well. I think this might turn out to be a big success," replied Freed, as he placed the order ticket on the table.

"Let's have a moment of silence for the person who made this event successful without any disasters. Her sacrifice will not be in vain." Lisanna with a dramatic salute and everyone followed afterward.

Lucy, the person they were honoring, took Team Natsu away on a week-long mission so that the rest of Fairy Tail could secretly prepare for the cafe fundraiser. If they participated, there would have been a lot of chaos and no fundraising. Natsu would have eaten all the food and fought with the others. Gray would constantly strip his clothes, causing Juvia to get distracted or angry at the customers. Erza would have eaten all the cakes or she would have intimidated the customers.

"How's Laxus-sama holding up? Former love-rival told us to keep an eye on him since the whole thing might make him uncomfortable." Juvia piped up, giving Freed the tray with the customer's order.

"We decided to put him on bodyguard duty just in case someone tries to harass one of the maids or butlers. He's trying his best, but let's just say customer service isn't his strong suit." He added, "pun not intended."

Laxus tried to serve customers but would either mess up the orders or give a grimace instead of a smile, scaring the customer. Then they tried to put him in the kitchen, but he broke dishes, burned food, and caused more chaos. In the end, they just put him in security detail.

"At least he's trying," reassured Mira. "Come on everyone! Just one more hour and we are done for the day."

Everyone nodded and went back to their respective roles. Mira was right. One more hour and they were done for the day and achieved their fundraiser goal.

Laxus was lounging on the second floor, which was currently empty. The cafe event was happening downstairs. They would call for him if a customer was acting unruly, but so far everyone is behaving. He tried to contribute on Lucy's behalf because she was unable to participate, since she was distracting her team, but all he did was cause some of the problems they were trying to avoid.

I wore this for nothing, thought Laxus as he loosened his bowtie of his butler attire. I wish Lucy was here. At least I could have served her something.

Laxus was brought out of his thoughts when his phone chimed. A text came from Lucy, saying they were finished from the job and were all heading back home. Everyone was too tired to come to the guild, so they had nothing to worry about. He was a little concerned when Lucy said she wasn't feeling well, so she was heading to bed when she got home. He'll do something special for Lucy and take care of her.

Laxus responded that she should get some rest and take some cold medicine. He put his phone away and walked downstairs to the kitchen. He'll see if he can leave early and if Mira would make some soup for him to bring home.

Lucy lets out a big yawn when she enters the home she and Laxus shared. The mission with her team was finally over. It took a lot of sleepless nights, but they finally captured the culprit. Just as she intended, all of her teammates were too tired to head to the guild and ruin the cafe fundraiser. However, in the process, she caught a cold from lack of sleep.

Knowing that Laxus wouldn't be home for hours, she sent him a text saying that she arrived and feeling a little under the weather. He replied back telling her to get some rest and drink some cold medicine while he finished things on his end.

Lucy changed into her pajamas and had some cold medicine. She slipped under the covers and closed her eyes. The effects of the cold medicine were starting to kick and before long, she fell into a deep slumber.

Lucy wakes up when she hears a slight noise from somewhere. After hearing a few more clanks and thumps, she deduced it was coming from the kitchen. Laxus was probably home.

"Ow," yelled Laxus. This caused Lucy to get worried. Laxus plus the kitchen was never a good mix. No matter how hard he tried to help her in the kitchen, it always ended in a disaster.

Lucy scurried downstairs to the kitchen, still half asleep. Lucy was rubbing away the sleep from her eyes. When she was finally able to see clearly, she woke right up when she saw what was going on in the kitchen.

"W-What are you doing?" asked Lucy in a hoarse voice. Lucy saw the knife in Laxus's hand as he tried to peel the skin off of an apple. The blade was way too close to his fingers.

"Ah, sorry, babe. Did I wake you?" Laxus bites his lip with concentration as he tries to peel the apple. He heard apples were good for colds. He wanted Lucy to feel better, and she always took care of him when he wasn't well. He wanted to return the favor. "It's almost evening, and I thought you might be hungry."

Although Lucy was touched by Laxus's kind gesture, the whole thing looked so dangerous, Lucy wanted to stop him. She felt her heart stop when his hand slipped and the blade almost cut his finger off. "Um Laxus… I'll eat it like that." She liked Laxus and his fingers, thank you very much.

Laxus stopped his peeling to look at Lucy. "But I'm not finished peeling yet." Although at the rate Laxus was going, it was going to take a while and a lot of apples were going to get wasted.

"The peel is good for you. It has a lot of nutrients. Just give it to me."

"All right, here." Laxus handed the apple to Lucy. His lips curve into a small smile when Lucy takes a bite out of the apple.

"Thank you, Laxus." Lucy let out a sigh of relief and took a bite of the apple. She was too scared to watch anymore.

"How are you feeling," asked Laxus, reheating the soup Mira made so he could give it to Lucy.

"Still a little groggy, but much better than before," responded Lucy. She noticed the soup on the stove. "Did you make that?" She would feel touched if he did, but would be hesitant to try it.

"Mira did. But I did make you some rice porridge." He wasn't sure if soup would fill her up, so he made some rice porridge as well. It took him a couple of attempts, but he finally managed to make it without burning it. "It should be edible," he added, placing both bowls on the kitchen table for Lucy.

Lucy muttered her thanks when Laxus placed her food in front of her. It was like having her own butler. She really wanted to see him in the butler attire, but at least she got to witness this. She took a bite of the porridge. It actually wasn't bad. "Not bad, Laxus," she praised.

"You flatter me, my lady." Laxus gave Lucy a mock bow. "I am undeserving of such praise." Laxus let out a grin when he saw Lucy try to muffle her laughter. At least she was in a better mood.

"How were things at the guild today? I assume everything went well." The usual instigators of every fight were gone, so Lucy assumed everything went smoothly.

"They put me on security detail in the end. I tried to help and things didn't go well." Laxus rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. He knew he wasn't good at cooking and household chores. Before he got together with Lucy, he mostly relied on takeout and technology. He still relied on technology, but not as often as he used to. He would feel bad, so he tried to help, but realized things were better if he didn't. For some reason, he would make a bigger mess while trying to clean a mess. "But we did meet our goal. I hate to say this, but that pervy lion really knows what he's doing." Loke was the one who managed to bring in the customers and trained all the members in butler and maid etiquette.

"Loke's a spirit. He's lived for over thousands of years. He's bound to have picked up a trick or two. And he was a part of Blue Pegasus," added Lucy. Although she doubted he'd have fond memories of that time.

"I'm glad I didn't have to wear that costume though," admitted Laxus. "It looked silly on me." It was stuffy and uncomfortable as well for him. It suited the other guys, though.

When Lucy finished her dinner, she let out a cute yawn. Laxus placed his hand behind her back when he saw her eyes about to close. "Let's get you back to bed." He guided her upstairs to their bedroom, snuggling next to her.

A few days later

Lucy still wanted to see Laxus in butler attire. She thought it was only fair because he saw her in a maid costume. Multiple times, she might add.

Using Laxus's current clothes as a guide, she asked Virgo to fashion a butler outfit exclusively for Laxus. And she did not disappoint. She made the shirt, vest, blazer, pants and even white gloves, including a black bowtie.

Lucy waited until Laxus took his daily evening shower. She snuck into the bathroom at the sound of the shower and replaced his pajamas with the butler outfit. Laxus would have no choice but to wear it.

After a few minutes, the shower shuts off. "Huh," Lucy heard Laxus yell from the bathroom. "What the hell is this?!" He was pretty sure he brought his pajamas with him, not a butler's uniform.

"I thought you could just try it on. See how it fits," Lucy called out. She was hoping he wouldn't refuse.

"You know I can just leave here naked and get clothes from my closet," responded Laxus, contemplating if he should wear the thing just to get it over with.

Hearing silence, Lucy assumed he wasn't going to do it. A few seconds later, she heard a deep sigh. "Guess I'll put the damn thing on," he grumbled, putting the uniform on.

Lucy felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety as she waited for Laxus to come out. He actually agreed to wear it.

The bathroom door swung open, and Laxus entered the room. "Are you happy?" Laxus raised his arms and did a little turn for Lucy. He wore the full ensemble.

Lucy felt her heart skip a beat when she saw Laxus wear the butler's uniform. He looked really handsome and dignified.

"Any reason you wanted me to wear this?"

"I just wanted to see what you looked like."

Laxus gave her a lecherous grin. "You sure it wasn't because you wanted to order me around?"

Lucy's eyes darted all over the room as she avoided Laxus's predatory gaze. "N-no. Of course not." Maybe a little. But she wouldn't admit that.

Laxus's playful tone suddenly turned serious. "My dear Mistress. You don't have to hide anything from me. I shall do my best to serve you." Laxus bowed deeply.

"Huh?!" Lucy was shocked at the change in behavior. It seems he was taking his role seriously as Laxus's speech turned formal. "Ahaha. Laxus. You don't have to do this honestly." Lucy slowly walked back from Laxus. She had a bad feeling about this. "You can change now. I'm going to take a bath." Lucy tried to escape to the bathroom when Laxus suddenly gathered her in his arms.

"My dear Mistress. Let me assist you. As I said before, I shall do my best to please you." Laxus continued the charade, heading towards the bathroom. Lucy's reaction was so funny and then there was the matter he could smell Lucy's arousal. He was kind of getting off from this as well.

Laxus sets Lucy down on the bathroom counter. "Allow me to undress you Mistress." He started unbuttoning the buttons on her shirt.

"I-I can do it myself." Lucy tries to push Laxus's hand, but he grasps her hands together, bringing it close to his lips for a gentle kiss.

"I cannot not allow you to perform this task by yourself," Laxus whispers into her ear, grinning when she shivered and squirmed. "Please stay still, my lady. If you don't comply, I'll have to punish you." He continued to undress Lucy. "You are so beautiful, Mistress," he whispers, caressing her sensitive areas. "I am honored to serve such beauty."

"Laxus, stop talking like that." She was getting embarrassed since Laxus never spoke to her like that. She was sure how long she could take this. The whole situation was turning her on. She didn't even think she would get off on this.

"No way. Your reactions are too funny." Laxus let out a chuckle at her anger pout. He carried her and sat her in the tub, turning on the showerhead. He started to rub soap all over her body, making sure not to miss an inch. He paid special attention to a specific spot, rubbing it over and over again. He smirked when her breath hitched when he grabbed her breasts. "Does that feel good, Mistress?" Kissing her neck.

"... Ah!" Lucy couldn't suppress her voice when Laxus started to massage her breasts. "Yes," she nodded. "It feels good." Every time Laxus touched her in a sensitive area, her moans echoed in the bathroom. It was embarrassing to hear.

"The night has just begun, Mistress," said Laxus, trailing kisses down her neck. "I shall do my best to please you," says Laxus, giving her an intense look before smashing his lips against hers.

The Next Morning

Lucy opened her eyes to the sight of Laxus smirking down at her. "Good morning Mistress."

She threw a pillow at him in response as he laughed at her flushed appearance. He might keep the costume for a bit longer.