Idea taken from a Neocities prompt and Emily and Aiden from revenge.

He should have gone onto the roof. At the right angle. He could hide behind the air vent block. But he'd decided to do this the human way. He should have asked Liam when Mason was coming back, his back was getting stiff and he was sure he could see a few neighbours' nets twitching. But before he can put his enchanced sight to great use, a car pulls up.

Brett Talbot's sportscar, unfortunately Mason's in it. He needed to relax, as far as he knows, they're just friends...…..

He pauses to hear what they're saying under Brett's obnoxious engine.

"You need help with these bestiaries?"

"I'll survive. I think I may need to start pumping real iron at the school gym" Mason chuckles.

"Why? You look more than fine to me" Brett shrugs.

"Fine isn't the same as strong though. See you tomorrow?"

"Call me later" Brett says with certainty, like it's not even a question.

"I would just bore you to death like I've done today, thanks for all the info!" Mason said, smiling at the were before he gets out of the car. Sure he's never smiled at Scott like that, but Scott's not jealous. Not at all. The alpha gets up and sorts out his shirt. He clutches a small box to his hip.

"Hey Mase!" He grins, giving him a little wave as he attempts to help him with the bestiaries.

"Hi...I've got tons of studying to do..." He clutches the books to his chest and walks past him.

"'I've got...a little something for you" He lifts up the gift wrapped box triumphantly. "Cookies!"

"Thanks, Mom's doing keto right now, but my dad will love them. You can just leave them on the steps" Mason carries on walking.

"They are for you as well...well...all of them are"


"Why?...You're a friend! And after everything you've been through..."

"You mean when I turned into the beast and killed a bunch of innocent people!" Mason blurts out.

"It wasn't you! Your body was just the vessel. Like Jackson's Kanima. I know you've researched him. You know what he went through. You were kidnapped and possessed. You were a victim as well. Please...don't forget that" Scott places the cookies on the doorstep, just like the human asks. "I...if you ever need to talk..I"

"I'm fine. I've got Li, and Brett is a surprisingly great listener"

"I bet..."

"What does that mean?" Mason asks, but in a blink of an eye, the were had disappeared.