A/N: This is from Fujin's POV in case it's not clear. Next chapter may contain Laguna and Squall or Laguna and Ellone. Thanks for reading!

It's hard to admit that you're wrong sometimes.

You have this dream, this desire to be more than you are, and it uplifts and rips into you at the same time, making you wish you just had the opportunity. And then it comes, and you can't say no because you'd hate yourself for the rest of your life if you did.

I get it, Seifer.

You want to make something of yourself. It just wasn't happening at Garden. Your destiny was to pursue your own stance on righteousness. In a way, you always were an oddball, even as part of the disciplinary committee. You'd abuse your power and pick on people who were half your size just because you could. I remember when you used to tease me about my overly concise manner of speech. It was so irritating that I almost erupted into a rant at one point. Almost.

So why do I now care about you as much as if you were my own flesh and blood?

When I first found out what you did to Squall at D-District, my stomach dropped with disdain for the man you were becoming. Someone with a lust for power rather than the romantic at heart I knew you as. It's like you don't realize how unstable you've become...a shadow of your former self. That trademark smirk holds a sinister quality to it now and it's unsettling.

Don't you see that now you're the one who's being manipulated? Like an eager child who's just dying to get his hands on a toy that's always dangling just an inch out of reach? It's almost sad to imagine you bent over, wheezing pathetically as you keep fighting a losing battle. Even as Squall gifts you with yet another scar to add to your collection, you keep staggering back to your feet, unable to let it go. Deliriously chanting to yourself, just one more battle, this time I won't fail, I'll never allow myself to live with the humiliation...

A sad fact of life is that the hardest thing to do is usually also the right thing. I just hope you'll see the light before it's too late and you end up with more than just a gash to mar your face and a gunblade impaling your pride.

Just come back to Garden with us, Seifer, and be what I think your destiny is. To be the embodiment of true bravery.

The humble guy I know you are deep, deep down.