A/N This is just a longer version of "Under Water"

"I'm heavy" He whispers.

Mason knows that he's talking about more than just his body weight. He's got to reassure him. But he wants answers. "What the hell is happening to the supernaturals?"

"I don't know about everything, but wolves...it's a supermoon" He whispers breathlessly.

"What's that?" He pauses as he sees the blood in the centre of his shirt. "Let's get you to the car" The car isn't far. It only a few feet away. But by the time they've reached the door, Scott can barely stand. He leans against the door clutching his waist. Mason opens the car, and the were strains to roll off the door. The human flies the door open and the were crashes onto the back seat. "Sorry...I don't have the energy to get in" Scott croaks through dry lips.

"It's fine!" Mason opens the other side and heaves him up by his shoulders. Scott is muscular, broad and soaked in blood, it takes an embarrasing amount of moaning and straining to get him inside. "You...are you cool?" Mason asks, sounding like he's run the New York marathon.

"Always" Scott nods as the human runs to the front seats and drives him home. When he pulls up, it's great to see that Scott has the energy to lean up and open door himself. He can step out on to the pavement. He walks with a wobble. The younger teen is again, by his side, holding him. They barely set foot in the door, when the were has his first request.

"Mase, can you run me a bath? I'll heal quicker"

"Sure thing!" Mason runs up the stairs and cleans the bath first before running warm water. Moment's later the wolf is slowly taking his clothes off while Liam's friend is rattling off questions. "So I checked my phone...the supermoon, when the moon is pulled closer into the earth's orbit. Gives wolves, heightened strength, senses and overwhelming drive to..."

"To kill?" Scott asks, as he takes off his last T-shirt. Mason turns around as he starts to take his trousers off.

"How often is the supermoon? How long are wolves gonna be like this? Is it every wolf? Or only were's in packs?...Oh I'll leave...let you get settled"

"You can chill out downstairs, mom won't mind" Scott said peeling of his boxer shorts and throwing them out the door. "Sorry...habit" Mason gives him a friendly smile and leaves the bathroom while a very bloody and nude Scott gets into the water. The water instantly turns red. It's a little hotter than he wanted, but he left the taps alone. The heat made him focus, back to tonight, back to the horror of Liam..."

"You don't want to hurt me!"

"I do, you killed Hayden!" He cries.

"I couldn't bite her! I couldn't RUIN her!"

"SHUT UP! For her, now I'm going to ruin you!" Liam charges, kicking him the face and scratching his stomach until he can feel the skin tear off...

"MASON!...MAS!" He's trying to climb out of the bath screaming. He coughs as Mason runs into the bathroom with flannels, soaps and towels.

"You okay? What do you need?"

"You...flashbacks" Scott heaves. "Can you...stay for a while?" Scott asks, too scared to be embarrassed. He was so glad that Derek couldn't hear this chat at the moment.

"Course, sure!" Mason darts out and walks in with a chair.

"Ask me any questions you want" The were says.

"Scott are you angry at me?"

"No, no...why...why would you ask that?" He asks with worry.

"You're still in wolf form. Red eyes and everything" Mason peers at him in wonder.

"Oh?...No I'm not mad..I...my body's just taking a while to get back to normal. The Supermoon is like...once every six months. Me and Derek can control ourselves, so It's...never been a big deal to me"

"Does every supernatural get like this"

"I hope to god they don't" Scott moans.

"Liam didn't mean to do this, he wasn't in his right-"


"I could call him, get him here"

"NO!" Scott roars. "Are you fucking crazy!" He yells.

Mason gets up and put his phone down on the chair. He reaches over to release the bath plug.

"What are you doing now?"

"You need fresh water"

"I'm fine like this"

"Scott, I know things have been intense, but don't be a brat okay? Bathing in a tub of your own blood isn't normal. I know this is your place and your bath, but I'm pulling the plug" He leans forward clutching the metal chain. Before he can work his thumb, the were grabs him by both arms and hoists his body into the air. "SCOTT!"

"I said I LIKE the water" He says calmly. Eyes glowing into withered fire. They reminded Mason of Parrish's eyes.

"Fine! I'll leave it, I promise!" Mason pleads. He is dropped with a thud. As soon as his skinny ass hits the carpet, Scott jumps out of the bath, back to normal. Clearly sorry.

"Fuck! Mase, I'm sorry...I lost it...I'm...going nuts! I'm sorry" He helps him up checking both of his arms.

"It's fine, it's your place"

"It's not fine!..That's no excuse to manhandle you like that. I know you'll think I'm full of shit, but I really care about you" Scott confesses, lightly grabbing his wrist.

"No you don't. I'm just Liam's sidekick to you. You don't have to pretend that you give a shit" Mason attempts to wrestle his way out of the were's grip, but it's impossible. Although it can barely be seen, he blushes as Scott gently grabs his hand and places it on his dick. With timid confusion, the human softly jerks him off avoiding his eyes. Staring at pubic hair and thighs with scratches that are...



"No, I'm mean, you're starting to heal!" Mason tears his hand away as the bruising and cuts begin to visibly fade.

"You know you, don't have to stop"

"You're so wrong...I do" Mason mutters with disappointment as he gets his phone and leaves the bathroom.