Klaus had seen a lot of funky stuff during his lifetime - dead people, a talking monkey, the abilities of his siblings, his fifty-eight year old brother looking like a kid, etc. It was enough to make him a bit non-chalant about the blue light that floated above him now or the chunk of the moon that was hurdling through space at, well, Earth.

He tightened his hands around his siblings' even before Five yelled for them too.

He could feel Ben's hand on his shoulder.

A glance at Ben made him blink. Why did Ben look so young? Ben looked just as confused as Klaus felt, but Klaus didn't get a chance to ask why.

"Hold on!" Five yelled. "It's gonna get messy!" Klaus whipped his head back around to Five.


The ground jerked out from under his feet.

He hadn't been on many amusement rides, but if a rollercoaster was anything like this, then he didn't want to get close to them.

They spun head over feet. He couldn't tell which way was up. Was there even an up in Five's blue void? Maybe he should've asked more questions.

Luther's hand tightened around Klaus's Klaus could feel the bones in his hand grate against each other. He tried to yelp but the sound was swallowed by the blue that surrounded them. How could a color swallow a sound?

Before Klaus could figure that one out, he faceplanted.

The air left his lungs in a sharp whoosh. He gasped in a breath and Luther's hand suddenly let go.

A glance over at Luther almost had him swearing to never even drink again. His mind blanked as he pulled himself up to his knees. The world tilted slightly, and his stomach didn't feel so good.

But Luther…Luther was small. He looked like he had when they were fifteen. So did Vanya. She was still unconscious from the looks of her. Luther stared at his free hand, the other still supporting Vanya.

The gloves were gone and even as a kid, Luther had been bigger than all of them, but now Klaus could only see him as small. He was nothing like the giant that'd stood beside Klaus in the theater seconds before.

And they were both in their Academy uniforms. They all were.

Klaus turned to Allison.

She was staring at him with wide eyes and a hand over her mouth. Wait, no, she was staring past him.

"Ben," she whispered.

Impossibly, her eyes got even bigger. Her hand moved to her neck. She could talk. There wasn't a bandage on her neck or even a scar.

Klaus checked over his shoulder to where she was looking and…oh.

Ben gaped at Allison. She-she could see him.

Klaus reached out, expecting his hand to go through Ben's chest. It didn't.

He could touch him. He could touch Ben!

Ben felt warm. He felt alive.

Holy sh—

Allison pushed past Klaus and tackled Ben with a hug.

Klaus watched, unable to move. His breath shook and he could feel his heart beating too fast in his chest. Ben was back.

A small sound stole Klaus's attention.

He turned to Diego. Diego's eyes were shut, and he looked green.

"Diego? You okay there, bud?" Klaus asked. Diego hissed out a breath and Klaus scooted away. He remembered Diego traveling with Five on spatial jumps when they were younger. Being puked on wasn't on his to-do list.

Klaus's gaze found Five's.


Five's eyes were unfocused, and blood trickled down in face from his nose.

"Nice outfit," he muttered to Klaus. Klaus barely had time to understand what Five had said before he keeled forward and hit the ground with a thud.

"Five?" Klaus muttered, crawling over. He lifted Five's head into his lap, but Five didn't react. "Five? Five, you okay, man?"

Stupid question. He obviously wasn't okay.

"Vanya?" Someone asked. It took Klaus a second to recognize the voice as Diego. Wow, he sounded young.

Klaus tapped Five's face, but he didn't move.

He looked up, searching for Ben, but no. He was still with Allison.

"She's fine," Luther said. "Still out."

"Diego, help me with Five," Klaus said. His voice was clearer than he thought it would be. Diego's gaze flickered over to Klaus then to Five who, yeah. Okay, he was breathing. Diego came closer and put two fingers to Five's neck.

"He's fine. Just passed out."

Klaus relaxed slightly. But Five was still too pale. The blood stood out against his face and it was already staining the collar of his shirt.

Diego cleared his throat, but his voice was still too high when he spoke again.

"Where are we?" Diego asked.

Klaus forced himself to look away from Five and he did a quick survey of their surroundings.

He recognized it but like he recognized an old picture or a memory.

Familiar but old.

Tall buildings and trees surrounded them.

They were in a park. The park that was destroyed years ago to make room for the theater.

A poster that was stapled to a tree caught his attention.

It showed them as kids; masks and uniforms in place.

Klaus shook his head. No way.

Five's plan had worked. They were in 2004.