Diego stopped as they neared the mansion and looked up at it with pursed lips. Had he not been holding Five, Luther was sure he would be fiddling with one of his knives. Diego glanced back at the others.

"We can't go in there carrying these two. Not like this," Diego said.

Luther tried to shift as little as possible as he came to a stop.

He didn't want Vanya to wake up yet. Especially with him carrying her. She, uh, probably wouldn't like him for a while. Scratch that, she definitely wouldn't like him for a while. And she had every right to be mad at him. Hell, he was mad at himself.

He'd been wary about being the one to carry her at all, but she didn't look like she was going to wake anytime soon and the only other sibling who was capable of holding her was carrying Five.

For Diego's sake, Luther hoped Five didn't wake up soon either. He wouldn't appreciate being carried bridal style.

Five would probably stab Diego with one of his own knives.

Diego wasn't as gentle as Luther as he came to a halt. Five's head lolled off Diego's shoulder and hung at an angle that made Luther inwardly grimace. Five's neck would probably be sore and he, of all people, didn't need anything more to complain about.

Judging by the look Klaus shot Luther, he was thinking the same thing.

"Do you have another idea?" Allison asked. "And it better not be sneaking in through a window."

A woman passed them on the sidewalk and gave them a long look before walking faster.

Diego rolled his eyes.

"Yeah." Diego lowered Five's feet to the ground and held him up like Five was only using Diego to lean on. "We go in like this. Dad won't think anything of us leaning against each other, but he will ask questions if we're carrying them."

Luther nodded his head. It did look more natural.

Luther moved Vanya, so he was carrying her the same way Diego had Five.

It was easier with them all being similar heights as fifteen-year-old kids. There was no way any of them could drape an arm across Luther's shoulders when they were in adult bodies. Especially Vanya; even in fifteen-year-old bodies, Luther was much taller than her.

"Their feet will drag," Klaus pointed out. Diego frowned.

"Do you have a better idea?"

"No, I just figured you'd like to know."

Allison rolled her eyes. Sheez, maybe eye-rolling was just a family trait.

"Okay." Luther looked up at the mansion and for the first time in his life, he didn't want to go in. "Ready?"

He looked back at Klaus and Ben.

They shrugged in sync.

Ben had really been spending too much time with their strangest brother.

And that was saying a lot considering the knife-thrower, the fifty-eight-year-old assassin, and the man with monkey DNA were all in the running. But, well, Klaus was weird.

Luther turned back to the mansion and did as any good Number One would do.

He led them inside.

They ran into Reginald as soon as they walked through the door.

He stood at the top of the stairs and looked at them with a frown.

"Number One," he said. Luther stood straighter before he could stop himself. "Why are you all on this side of this house. You are to be training."


Reginald's eyes landed on Vanya his eyebrows furrowed. He walked down the stairs.

"Why is Number Seven with you? What's wrong with her?"

Luther exchanged a look with the others. Their eyes were wide like they'd been caught, and to be fair, they had. Allison even shook her head at Luther.

Thanks for the help.

Luther turned back to Reginald and opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn't come up with anything.

"There was an accident," Luther heard someone say behind him and he looked over his shoulder.

Five was leaning heavily on Diego. He seemed to be standing until Luther noticed Diego's hand around Five's waist, still holding him up. If he was talking, that, at least, was a good sign.

They'd gotten the blood off his face, but it was still on his shirt collar.

Luther hoped Reginald wouldn't see it.

"Vanya came in while Allison was in the middle of a Rumor. She heard the tail end and it…" Five trailed off and Diego stumbled slightly. Ben discreetly reached out and helped Diego hold Five up. Luther did a double take. Five had passed out again mid-sentence.

Luther quickly turned back to Reginald before their father could notice Five's state.

"We don't know what's wrong with her," Luther finished, turning back to Reginald. "Have you seen Mom?"

Reginald continued frowning and Luther absently wondered if the man had any other expression.

"I believe she's in the kitchen."

"Thank you," Ben said. When the other didn't start moving immediately, he started shoving them towards the kitchen. Their father gave them another confused look.

"I expect you back in training after you take care of Seven."

They didn't go back to training.

Luther watched Mom walk around the infirmary humming a chipper tune. It was hard not to stare. He hadn't thought he'd ever see her again. Luther hadn't ever been close to Mom – not like Diego, but it still hurt to know she'd died. She must have noticed him staring, because she shot Luther a smile. He looked away.

One of the tables held Vanya who was still out cold. Their mother didn't seem too worried, but then she never did.

The only chair in the room was occupied by Five who leaned against the wall with his eyes shut. Luther wasn't sure if he was awake or not.

"Your sister is going to be just fine," Mom said, removing a blood pressure cuff from Vanya's arm. She glanced over to Five. "Did he get Rumored too?"

Luther felt his eyes widen. Before they could stop her, Mom was over by Five with a hand to his forehead. Luther tensed waiting for him to bat her away, but the attack never came. Well, it seemed he was out after all.

"He did too many jumps," Ben said, without looking up from Vanya. It was a poor explanation, but it was also Ben. No one would accuse Ben of lying.

A confused look appeared on her face as Mom stepped away from Five. She quickly replaced the look with a smile. She turned to the rest of them.

"Would you like to eat? Dinner shouldn't be much longer. We should leave Vanya and Five to rest." The others answered in small voices while their mother walked out of the infirmary, Diego on her heels. Allison, Luther, Ben and Klaus shared a look before following.

"Meeting in my room," Luther muttered to Klaus who happened to be closest. Klaus relayed the message to Ben and Luther watched as it was whispered to the other two. Allison glanced back at Luther with a small nod. Diego was so focused on Mom that Luther wasn't sure he'd received the message.

Luther sighed.

Allison, Klaus and Ben all managed to sit on Luther's bed and still had extra space. Their eyes were sharp and expecting.

Diego had chosen to stand to the far wall, flipping a knife in hand. It was an annoying habit, but Luther knew if he said anything Diego would only do it more.

He was starting to regret being the leader.

Awkward silence filled the room as Luther tried to figure out what to say.

He felt too much like he had when he explained the apocalypse. But this time Ben was here, so that was nice. He kinda wished Five would fall from the ceiling again. At least it'd distracted the others from asking Luther too many questions Luther couldn't answer.

"Alright, big guy," Diego said, sheathing his knife. "What's the plan?"

"First of all," Luther said, "I think we should wait for Five before we make any major decisions." Diego started to object but Luther continued. "We made too many mistakes last time we left a sibling out of the decisions and the moon ended up killing all life on Earth. I don't think we should make the same mistake again. Secondly—"

"So are we waiting for Vanya too?" Diego interrupted.

Luther shot him a look. Diego wasn't defending Vanya; he was looking for a fight.

"No, Diego, I'm saying we need to wait for Five—"

"No, Luther." Diego pointed a finger at Luther's chest. "You don't have a plan."

Luther gritted his teeth.

"Do you have a better idea?" Luther asked.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ben face-palm.

"Yeah, I do." Diego turned to face the others who still sat on the bed looking exasperated. He took a deep breath and Luther assumed he was giving himself time to come up with something. "I say we wake them up."

There was a moment of silence before Allison, Klaus and Ben all started talking at the same time. It quickly escalated to yelling and Luther suppressed a groan. Just because they looked like kids didn't mean they had to act like it.

"Shut up!" Luther said, louder than all of them. He bit down on his tongue. He didn't mean to be that loud. Oops. But he had their attention for a second. "I may not have a plan, but I know one thing for certain. Dad cannot know that we're thirty-years-old."

Klaus scoffed. "Did you see how distracted the old man was? I think we could flat out tell him we're all thirty – with exception of Five – along with predictions for the next lottery and he wouldn't give a sh—"

"The point is," Allison interrupted leaving Klaus looking offended, "we need to figure out what is going on before we do something irreversible." She gave Klaus an amused look. It was moments like this that Luther was reminded that she was literally a mom. "Telling our father we're from the future would be pretty irreversible. For now, we all need to act like our 15-year-old selves. We can figure the rest out later. Okay?"

They agreed with varying degrees of compliance.

Ben was the first to stand and move for the door.

"Where are you going?" Allison asked. When Ben didn't react, Klaus spoke up.

"Ben, she's talking to you."

Ben stopped and glanced back, looking momentarily shocked before he hid it.

"I'm going to sit with Vanya and Five." He noticed all of them staring at him and reddened. "I don't want them to wake up alone."

Allison nodded, and Ben was gone.

Ben's eyes scanned the words on the page. He hadn't thought he'd ever savor the feeling of turning a page but, here he was smiling every time he got the chance.

He'd been in the infirmary for a few hours. The sun had set before he'd moved on to the current book and he had a tall stack beside him that he planned on reading before the sun came back up. He'd been dead for years – he wasn't planning on getting tired anytime soon.

He was almost nostalgic listening to the clock tick on the wall. Too many nights had been spent with him keeping a silent vigil in the infirmary, waiting for one or more of his siblings to wake up after a bad mission. He never got injured on missions – no one ever got close enough to hurt him – but each of the others did.

Then, after he'd died, it was a never-ending vigil but entirely focused on Klaus.

At some point after dinner, Luther had come down and moved Five from the chair and Vanya from the table to the many empty beds. The others came down soon after Luther, one at a time. Klaus had stayed the longest. They'd talked until Ben had almost convinced himself that it was another normal day in 2019. Just Ben and Klaus against everyone else. But then Klaus's eye lids started to droop and even though he denied it, Ben knew what Klaus looked like when he was tired. Klaus had gone to bed at Ben's insistence. Diego and Allison sat with him for a while. Then the silence became too heavy and they left too.

Each had seemed at loss for words when it came to Ben being alive again, but their confusion wasn't even close to his. He'd spent twelve years dead. He wasn't going to get used to being alive again in only a few hours.

He flipped another page.

Five and Vanya had always been quiet sleepers but tonight, it unnerved him. He'd lived around Klaus for twelve years and now the silence was suffocating.

Even when he slept, Klaus was loud. In all of Ben's days - alive and dead – he'd never met anyone as loud as Klaus. His snores were so obnoxious Ben sometimes woke him up to tell him to shut up. Klaus never remembered it the next day.

He smirked.

Ben glanced up again to make sure his siblings' chest were still moving.

He decided he didn't like sleeping people. They were too still. Too quiet. Too… dead.

As he was starting to return to his book, movement caught his eye.

"Vanya?" He asked. His voice seemed to echo. He was starting to think he'd imagined it when she turned to him. Her eyes widened and Ben put his book down.

"Ben?" She asked. She started to sit up and groaned, reaching for her head. Ben jumped to his feet.

"Easy," he said, walking over. "You passed out a few hours ago. Try not to move much." He helped pull her up. He quickly crossed his arms and tried not to stare at her. It wasn't easy with her flat out staring at him.

After a moment, she stood.

Ben started to stop her. He just told her to take it slow. All of his siblings had always been a bit dense. They ignored his warnings all too often and- Vanya startled him from his thoughts by wrapping him in a hug.

"Oh," Ben muttered.

He hesitantly wrapped his arms around her.

"Am I dead?" She asked.

"No. You're very much alive."

"Am I dreaming?"


"How are you here?"

A dozen different explanations went through his head, each worse than the last. He went with the simplest.

"The combination of Five's powers and Klaus's brought me back."

She pulled back. "Oh?"

"Yeah, we're not sure how that happened... But cool, right?" Ben laughed.

A low sound caught Ben's attention and he glanced over Vanya's shoulder. In the other cot, Five turned and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'shut up.' Vanya covered her mouth to stop from laughing and but Ben didn't bother. Too many nights, Ben had been woken by a blue light followed by Five turning on lights and talking about science. Most of the time it was well after 3am. And so what if that was over fifteen years ago? Ben had a long memory.

Ben looked away from Five and turned his attention back to Vanya.

"Why do you look like a kid?" She asked, lowering her voice slightly. Ben didn't know how to answer that. Like, yeah, the answer was simple - time travel. Okay, maybe not so simple. But she'd blown up the moon just a few hours ago and he didn't want to stress her out. He decided to do what he did with Klaus. Tell the truth then deal with the consequences.

"We...time traveled."

Vanya gave him a look. "What?"

"Five brought us all to 2004. Something about projecting our consciousnesses backwards in time to versions of ourselves that were present in 2004 made us all look like teenagers. I don't know, he'll need to explain it."

Vanya nodded. He didn't know why, but Vanya always seemed to take things a lot calmer than his other siblings. It was nice.

"We'll talk more tomorrow, 'kay?"

Vanya nodded again and Ben wondered if she was taking it as well as he'd thought. She got back in the bed and Ben picked up his book, easily finding his page.

"I missed you," she whispered after a moment. Ben smiled.

"I missed you too."