Summary- Hyacinth (fem!Harry) fled from her so-called family when she was young and ended up being found by an assassin. Who upon seeing the skills she showed on the streets, despite not being there long, and feeling the power of her magic decided to take her as his student. Thus, the Black widow assassin was born, a killer who had a spider like way of killing with wire webs and poison. An assassin who was never caught, never seen and never missing a single target. But what happens after being hired to kill Voldemort and his followers Hyacinth ends up being killed herself? By a spell shot in her back by those that had hired her, and she ends up waking up in hell? How will life turn out for her? Will she find the family she has been secretly been longing for? Or will she continue on with the life she had been living before she ended up in hell in the first place? Why not both? This is a Harry Potter/ Hazbin hotel crossover

A.N- That was inspired by chu1luc and her stories on Wattpad. Both the Hazbin hotel and the twisted wonderland stories.

Chapter one- background and waking up in hell

If Hyacinth was being completely honestly with herself, which was something she constantly tried to be. She'd admit that she really wasn't too surprised she ended up in hell in the first place. Not with the job she had, not with the life she lived and certainly not with how her luck was like.

Yes, she'd also admit it took some time to get more used to it, especially the new body that came with her relocation into hell. Not to mention the fact that this place was really hell in first place; as it truly wasn't what she expected when she pictured hell.

But once she did this, and once she used her wires, that she was quite happy seemed to come with her into hell with her, to tear apart the others who started approaching her when she first landed. With what Hyacinth could clearly tell was ill intentions in their eyes as they did so, so she didn't hesitate in her actions either.

After doing this Hyacinth made her way to an abandoned nearby building. Which after checking to make sure there was no on else in it, or nearby for that matter, she checked herself over. Taking the new form in and the fact that not only had her wires followed her into this new afterlife, she guessed it could be called, but so did everything else she had on her when she died. Something she was immensely grateful for as it did make things just that much simpler.

Though after she did this, Hyacinth then began to think about just how she ended up in the situation she was now in. Starting first with the main reason why Hyacinth felt she was in hell to begin with, or to be more precises, the job she had that led her to both dying and ending up as some sort of spider demon in hell.


A six-year-old Hyacinth was covered in bruises, her eyes were as hard as the stones they resembled, and the remains of what she swore would be the last tears her so-called family would ever get from her drying on her face. As she stealthy began to gather everything she felt she would need before she got the hell out of here.

She had no idea what her uncle had planned for her, as he had told her it would make sure she knew her place once he got up in the morning. But she did know she did not like the gleam in his piggy eyes and there was no way she was going to go along with ever what he had planned.

It was bad enough that both her aunt and her uncle usually went out of their way to punish her for whatever little thing that went wrong, and she usually had multiple bruises because of this. But she wasn't going to lay down and take it anymore, not ever again if she could help it; she was done being anyone punching bag.

Even if that meant having run away from the only home she may have ever known and trying her luck in surviving on the streets. In all honestly, she was fairly sure it couldn't be that much worse than what she was going through now.

In fact, if she was lucky enough it might even be better. Not to mention on the streets she wouldn't have to constantly hold herself back like she did with her schoolwork, and natural intelligence now. Nor would she have to continue to act like the submissive little fool her family demand she behaved as.

So, with that in mind Hyacinth continued to gather everything she could get her hands on that she felt she may need in the future. Place it all onto into the backpack she had stolen from her cousin; as it was much larger and sturdier than the one she owned.

Though she did notice that, oddly enough, even though she had already packed a lot into said bag it didn't seem to be getting that much heavier. Nor did it look to be getting that much fuller either. But then again considering how badly she wanted to fit everything in the bag and not have it weigh down too much at the same time she wasn't going to question what was going on.

So, all she did was shove some more food, some more clothes and all the jewelry and money that was downstairs into her bag before quicky dashing to the door and out of it as fast as her little feet could carry her. Using the cover of the darkness, and the lack of lights on the streets because of the recent outage, to hide her escape; and mad dash to what she hoped was her freedom.

Memory end

Hyacinth was briefly torn from her memory as she heard a nearby scream. Hearing this and getting the feeling that it was a familiar sound in hell only raised a questioning eyebrow. Before after hearing a bit more, debating going out and beating the hell out of the person who interrupted her thoughts. Especially as they were screaming about something as stupid as someone bumping into them before decided it wasn't worth her time and went back to her former memory. After all it wasn't like the person screaming would be screaming for another reason soon or later if the growl she heard from some of the others in the area meant anything.

Memory begins again.

Hyacinth had been on the streets for a couple of weeks now and honestly things hadn't gone as bad as she feared they would have. Sure, they weren't as good as she had hoped and yes, she did have to fight a couple of times.

But so far, she had been able to either out run or outwit any of those that were after her; even if it was only by luck some of the time. Or the fact she had memorized the area around her in such a degree that she knew where to go to best escape from anyone who may be after her.

However right now, Hyacinth got the feeling her luck had run out as she was blocked into what she knew was a dead-end and there was an older group that she knew was part of a gang about to corner her. Apparently, she was in their turf and they wanted her to pay for that. How Hyacinth wasn't sure, and she was positive she wouldn't like it, so she was ready to try and fight he way out of it; if that was possible.

Perhaps even be able to call on the strange energy she had been able to find out about lately. The one that had saved her several times already, and energy Hyacinth was hesitantly calling her wish energy because what in was able to do. Or at least that was what Hyacinth was going to try and do and hope for the best while she did that.

But before she could do this, there was a thump behind the gang of boys, that had been closing in on her. And before she could even blink all six of gang members, that had been threatening her just moments before, fell to the ground unmoving. She wasn't even sure they were breathing for that matter.

Seeing this, Hyacinth turned wide eyes to the man that looked to be the cause of what had just happened and at the same time just so happened to be blocking the only exit; just like the teens before him had been doing.

With the first thought she had of him as she saw him being the fact, he wasn't someone she would notice in a crowd. As he just seemed to blend into the area around him. That and the fact she wished she could do that too, as it would so help with all the pick pocketing, she had to do lately. Some of which had gotten her in the situation she had just been in for that matter. So being so unnoticeable would be great right about now; more so then ever as Hyacinth was sure she didn't want that man in question to notice her. Not at all.

Something about what she was thinking must have shown on her face as the man in question gave a low laugh before he began to speak; moving a bit closer to Hyacinth as he did so. Eyes laser focusing on her as something in his voice compelling Hyacinth to both listen to him and not try to run as he did so.

"I've been watching you and am impressed with everything that you have done so far. You have the skills, the drive and the intelligence I've been looking for in a student of mine. " Hyacinth hearing this instantly became suspicious.

How long had he been watching her? Did that mean he had been following her as well and if so for how long? Not to mention just what did he want Hyacinth to be a student of? This last question was the one Hyacinth decided to voice.

"What would you be teaching me?" This got the young girl in question a very dark smile before she got an answer that left her slightly pale.

"Why to be an assassin of course." Hyacinth hearing this, and strongly getting the feeling she wasn't really being given a choice in the matter as she doubted the man in front of her would accept a negative response. Rather he would simply kill her if she even tried to refuse or attempted to tun for that matter.

Knowing this Hyacinth took this only choice that was available to her, besides a quick death that is. And instead, simply took the man's hand before she let herself be led away by him wondering what the future as an assassin would hold for her. And if it would be as bad as she feared it would. While at the same time wondering why her wishing energy had woken up and helped her like it had so many times before.

End memory

After she had grabbed that man's hand all those years ago, however reluctant it may have been at first, you could say the rest was history. She had become the man's student, and in doing so had become one of the best assassins in the world. Known only as the Black widow, or in some cases the Widow maker, for the sheer amount of people she had managed to kill.

Which was most likely the reason she had ended up in hell in the first place, though not the reason she was now dead at least not completely. No that was a web of a different design, as that had happened shortly after she had turned eighteen.

Twelve years after she had started her pathway in assassination and a good four years after her teacher had released her onto the world and let her make a name for herself. Something he had done after Hyacinth had managed to defeat him in a fight after having to track him down like he had been one of her targets; a final test of sorts.

One where he had pulled all the stops in, and in one Hyacinth managed to prove she had truly learned everything she could from him and not only that but had also surpassed him. It seemed to be a very bittersweet test for the man Hyacinth not only called her teacher but eventually her father as well. Not that that seemed to matter anymore.

No what matter was that her latest, or perhaps her last, mission back on earth had ended up with her death by the time it was all over and done with. Perhaps she shouldn't have let her guard down once the mission had been completed, given what she had known. But in all honestly, she had done the whole mission in the first place because she had been bored and the mission had looked like it would be rather interesting. That it would give her the challenge she had been craving.

She just hadn't expected that the person who had hired her would have been so cowardly or underhanded to all but stab her in the back once she had completed the mission, she they had hired her for. Then again given it had been the Headmaster of Hogwarts, this oh so great Albus Dumbledore; who probably wrote everything off in his past lover's greater good crap.

Who had really only hired her after he had failed, to get her control over her and get her into what she knew as a third-rate magical school; multiple times at that. Something that had rather irritated Hyacinth as she really didn't need to go to any school to learn to control her magic.

As she had long since surpassed all the magical lessons the school in question had offered. Having done so years before the Headmaster had even found her; under the strict rather demanding eyes of her teacher. Who as Hyacinth found out also had magic and had been the main reason why her magic, or as she called it back then her wish energy, had popped up; as he had placed wards against it up before he had even approached her.

Not to mention she had heard about some of the things that happened in Hogwarts, and Hyacinth knew that if she did somehow end up being forced to go there, there would have been a lot of death soon after.

Deaths she wouldn't have gotten paid for, so it would have all been a waste of effort; something that she felt wasn't worth her time. So usually, she tried to avoid the old man in question as he usually left her with a headache she really didn't want to deal with; not to mention the smell of so much lemon usually made her feel rather ill.

Still, in the end, she had taken the job of taking care of Voldemort and his death eaters. Mainly because it was supposed to have been a challenge for her, and at the same time something she felt would have entertained her for a while as well.

Not to mention, she knew that Voldemort was just insane, as well as bad for business in the long run, so it was better for her to deal with him sooner than later. As she got the feeling once the so-called dark lord had gotten word of what she did. And who she truly was for that matter he wouldn't leave her alone.

So yes, she had spent the last several months dealing with both the Death Eaters and Voldemort himself. Which at first had been rather entreating, like she had hoped it would have been, as she had used Voldemort's Taboo against him.

By call his name similar to the Bloody Mary game before using her web of wires to tear apart all the deatheter that had appeared to 'capture' her. It had worked for a while, and Hyacinth was sure she had dealt with a good chunk of his deatheates, but the dark lord had eventual caught on and the trick did work much longer after that; pity.

Not that, that stopped Hyacinth as she just moved on the next part of her plan. Or really just another tactic she regularly used during her jobs. As she used the beauty she had worked hard to gain, what with having the a near perfect hourglass figure, long blood red hair and looks that all but screamed seduction, to gain entrance in to the more influenceable deatheaters house.

Not that she let any of them even touch her, like they had obviously hoped when they granted her entrance. Instead, she had simply released a scentless, but fast acting, sleeping agent into the air; knocking them all out before they realized just what was happening.

Then in the name of hitting more than one deatheater at once, she didn't kill the deatheater she had just tricked. Instead, she slipped her own homemade poison concoction into the food and nearly everything else in the house before slipping out.

All without the deatheaters in question realizing what she had done or for that matter even remembering her or what she looked like. Instead, they were left thinking they had gotten so drunk they hadn't even managed to make it to their own bed before they had passed out.

Something that, like Hyacinth knew they would, they all keep quiet about. Before, in an attempt to safe face, if only to themselves, they then proceeded to invite other deatheaters to their home to further discuss the plans they had. Again, just like Hyacinth had planned for them to do so. Leaving multiple deatheaters all getting poisoned by the concoction she had left behind in those houses.

This dealt another harsh blow to all the forces Voldemort had, and left those the remind extremely wary about even going out of there house. Or even for that matter admitting to themselves that they were deatheates that worked for Voldemort. Even Voldemort's threats didn't seem to work as they all seemed to fear Hyacinth, or as they knew her the black widow, more than they did the Dark Lord himself.

After she had done this, Hyacinth felt that it was time to strike what she knew was her main target. Starting with the soul pieces she had found out he had made. Much to her disgust as those things were an abomination even to assassins.

In fact, it was believing by those that had taught her magic in the first place that made Horcruxes were forever erasing their very souls from existence and dooming themselves for neither heaven nor hell but just nothingness; something that utterly terrified Hyacinth to the very core of her being when she even thought of that.

When it came to the part of actually looking for these soul pieces though, with some help from the Goblins, whom Hyacinth was on good terms with as they liked how ruthless she was, Hyacinth was able to find out just where they were. Only to find herself a bit disappointed with how predictable the dark lord was becoming, and how easy she was able to read him. Not to mention how easy it was to get them all; even if she did have to sneak in Hogwarts to get two of them.

In fact, the man in question was so easy to read that, after she had destroyed the last of his horcruxes, haven already long since gotten the one that had been in her scar removed years ago when she found it blocking off part of her magic. Back when she had been younger and had first started training her magic. Hyacinth knew just where Voldemort was going to attack. And there for knew just where she was going to have his death happen. Hogwarts, something about it just screamed ironic and poetic justice in Hyacinth's mind.

Hyacinth had been able to correctly predict how the dark lord reacted to the destroyed horcruxes she had sent him, all of which had been destroyed, or in his snake's case killed, by the Basilisk venom she kept on her. As in an utter rage Voldemort had decided to attack Hogwarts, falsely believing that was where she was staying.

Knowing this and feeling rather happy about all the pieces fall into place like she had wanted, Hyacinth had meet up with him there. Though unlike him, who seemed to completely depend on his magic to attack her, Hyacinth wasn't so depending on purely magical attacks.

As she all but danced around him, and the curse he was throwing at her. Eyes shining with mirth showing the mad man that she was clearly laughing her head off at him in the inside. Making him all the angrier, and unrational, as he began throwing any spell, he could think of, at her.

Still not managing to even clip her as Hyacinth moved in closer and closer to the insane snake like man. Before she managed to get right in front of him and then before Voldemort could react to what she was doing Hyacinth used one of her more powerful and sure kill attacks on him.

The widow bite, where she literally bit him on the neck, with the hallow fangs she had gotten after mastering her Animagus form and injected him with a deadly poison. One that was made up of every singe poison she had ever ingested or injected inside herself. Which considering the fact that she had undergone a very sever poison training for several years was numerous different types of poisons.

Sure enough, as soon as she did this, Hyacinth was treated to the sight of Voldemort collapsing clutching his neck. Before quite literally dissolving into nothing but a puddle of liquid she really didn't want to think too hard about what was in it.

A puddle that was giving off the feeling that Voldemort was completely and utterly being destroyed that he was gone for good completely; just utterly erased from existence. Hyacinth as she felt this and was trying to get ride of the sheer terror she felt from said feeling didn't react into time avoid the attack from behind her.

An attack she knew was the killing curse as she was covered in familiar very much loathed green glow. A glow that had already stolen so much from her already and now had stolen her life as well.

At the same time Hyacinth felt, now that she thought about it, she should have guessed something similar to that would have happened. Not only the fact that Voldemort was gone for good and the reaction she had to it. As she had already had a good idea that he wouldn't be going to hell his very soul had literally been destroyed. But the fact she had been attacked, and killed, from an attack from behind her when she was unable to defend herself. Something she felt came from a certain headmaster.

After all the power hunger old goat really didn't like things out of his control and he did constantly give her those disappointed looks while speaking out about her being 'dark.' And how she shouldn't kill others and constantly harping on her about how disappointed her parents would be in her for not listening to him; and other such bullshit.

Well, he'd see just how dark she was when her back up insurance plan kicked in. One she had set up for situation just like what happens. Though she had hoped she would have actually lived in said situation, with a barley miss or something like that. Can't have everything you want, then can you?

But still, let's see how quickly he and all his so-called alleys would find out just why you don't double cross the Black widow or any of those that ran in the same circles she did. It would be a long and drawn-out lesson where Hyacinth was sure they would be begging to be die long before it was all over; something she was rather looking forward to as she knew her own allies wouldn't be granting that request.

As none of Assassins she worked with, or really around, liked clients that did things like what the Headmaster did. It was bad for business, and they all tending to make examples of people like that. Examples no one forgets, no matter how much they may want to. Especially as certain potions would be used to make sure the example lived long enough that the message really sunk in; which could sometime take years.

Hell, her teach had told her about a client he had personally dealt with after the man in question tried to kill him to get out of paying him and how he had been named a living nightmare after what he had done to the man in question. Not to mention the fact he had been able to make the punishment last over ten years before the man in question had been able to finally die. Hopeful her teacher would do something similar to the headmaster.

Shaking her head out of these thoughts and sighing silently to herself Hyacinth realized that what she was doing right now really wasn't doing her any good. And it would be better if she spent her time on not only training the new form her body had taken, but also find out more information about Hell as a whole.

As Hyacinth had long since learned just how important information could be. Or how a single mistake, be it with information or with your own body, could very easily lead to your death. If she needed a reminder of that all she had to look at was what had just happened to her.

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