Summary- Hyacinth (fem!Harry) fled from her so-called family when she was young and ended up being found by an assassin. Who upon seeing the skills she showed on the streets, despite not being there long, and feeling the power of her magic decided to take her as his student? Thus, the Black widow assassin was born, a killer who had a spider like way of killing with wire webs and poison. An assassin who was never caught, never seen and never missing a single target. But what happens after being hired to kill Voldemort and his followers Hyacinth ends up being killed herself? By a spell shot in her back by those that had hired her, and she ends up waking up in hell? How will life turn out for her? Will she find the family she has been secretly been longing for? Or will she continue on with the life she had been living before she ended up in hell in the first place? Why not both? This is a Harry Potter/ Hazbin hotel crossover

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or Hazbin hotel, nor do I make any money off of either one of them.

A.N- That was inspired by chu1luc and her stories on Wattpad. Both the Hazbin hotel and the twisted wonderland stories.


Hyacinth had now been in hell for a good couple of years now, and for nearly all of that she had been able to be what the News, as well as several others in the area, had taken to calling the unknown Overlord. An Overlord who managed to stay in power, as well as stay respected or feared by the demons in their territory and all without anyone knowing anything about them; let alone what they actual looked like.

Something that Hyacinth knew was mainly due to her skills and the knowledge she had from her life as the Black Widow assassin. Not to mention the fact because she had only been an overlord for a few years, for a rather small territory at that, she was underestimated. But none the less, she had was rather proud of the name the Unknown Overlord; because of what it stood for. Just as she had been of her old name, back when she had still been alive.

After all the Death or Black Widow was a named to be feared, and she'd make it so the unknown Overlord would be the same. Or as some have called her, a certain news reporter with the very accurate name of Kate Killjoy, and her cohost Tom Trench being the one who started it all, Mr. Mysterious; as everyone seems to think she was a male Overlord for some reason.

Something that didn't both Hyacinth as if they were looking for a male overlord than they certainly wouldn't be looking that closely at her; as she was very obviously female. Which let her go through her plans and keeping what she was doing, not to mention who she was exactly, all the easier to hid. A fact anyone with a working brain would take full advantage of; just as Hyacinth had. After all, she did have to things she wanted to get done while she was in Hell.

Speaking of what she had been doing during the time she had been in Hell, Hyacinth had, in the last two or three years, finally got everything she wanted done set up. Having finally decided just what she was going to do with her share of Land in replacement for the rather poor job the previous, rather pathetic, Overlord had been doing; however little that may have been in the month or so he had actually been in power.

Hyacinth had found that there seemed to be a lot of assassin out there, even some that interestingly enough that could go to earth and kill those they were hired to by those in Hell; usually in revenge killings or something similar to that. Something that Hyacinth at the time had found rather interesting. But, at the same time, hadn't even thought about hiring them to kill those that had stabbed her in the back.

As she already knew that her own guild had their hands on that, had long since take care of it for that matter. Besides, if anything, those fools would be welcoming any type of death at this point; considering how creative Hyacinth knew some of her people could get.

Knowing this, relishing in it in fact, Hyacinth sure as hell wasn't about to pay someone to grant them that wish. No let them suffer even more and really put out the message why you don't mess with her old guild; it's all dealbreakers were good for anyway. Sending a message.

Back to what Hyacinth had decided to do, which was that she too would do an assassin guild. But unlike the ones that were already here, which seemed to be either geared mainly towards earth or more brutal in your face obvious killing; most often with the killing being done in a public visible way. Her's would be more hidden one, as subtle as a spider with its web, and one that would only work in Hell; as she felt that would be more of a Challenge.

Not only that, but Hyacinth had also set it up so her, and the guild she was in charge of, would not only be the silent assassins in the shadows but also the deadliest information gathers you could find. To do this, first Hyacinth had gathered those that would fit into what she had planned.

Making sure it was those that were not only interested in doing what she had set up but would also be both loyal as well as hard working. Not to mention willing to sign a rather binding contract to help ensure there would be no betrayals, similar to how it had been back on earth for her.

Then after gathering some of her fellow demons, which turned out the mainly be other females and more harmless, rather delicate looking male demons Hyacinth set the next part of her plan in to action, or what had been the next part of her plan back then. Which was to set up what looked more or less like a self-defense class of sorts.

It was a part of a cover to give an excuse to train the others like she had been, though on a lower level; as her skills too her many years from she was young to learn. Not that she was done learn as she continued you keep up with her training. But yes, she did put the others through training remarkably similar to what she was doing.

Which, with the help of her magic, Hyacinth had been able to get a building she had chosen to train in, only accessible by those she gave a pass to. A building that she went all out in ensuring it had everything she felt was needed; including what could basically be compared to a gravity room. It was honestly a building where all Hyacinth students learned what Hyacinth considered to be training; to be safe it fit right in there in Hell. As it was pure hellish training.

While she was doing this training, Hyacinth was also working herself to near exhaustion to get everything else she wanted to set up, actually set up in time. So, that by the time she had finished with the training she was giving all the others everything would be ready for what she wanted to get done.

To do this Hyacinth set up several more business fronts, which she purchased with the gold she had with her due to her bags. Then after buy the buildings, at a rather cheap price due to how damaged they had been, reinforced further as well as fully restored using her magic; the wonders of an overpowered repairing charm never made her happier.

Once she had this done, Hyacinth had turned them into businesses such as a restaurant that specialized in food from different places all over the world. Something Hyacinth had fun with considering she had been all over the world with her job as an assassin before she had died. Meaning she knew how to make many different types of foods as well as drinks; a good chunk of the alcoholic to boot.

As well a business for Healthcare, or really healing potions and first aid care; again, because to know how to best break a body you first must know how it works. Then because it was places people where rather loosed lipped in and seriously underestimated those in there. A beauty treatment center that acted both as a sort of spa with entertainment; more often than not either singing or dancers of some sort being the entertainment. Though nothing that would bring too much attention and all rather lighthearted.

After getting these businesses up in running, as well as warded, Hyacinth also made sure to put her own make of an Overlord on the stores in question; a mark that had appeared on her back when she had first turned seventeen back when she had been alive and a mark that apparently linked to her family lines. It was a mark she had placed up to let the all the others in Hell know her buildings were under the unknown Overlord's protection. Even if they didn't know she was the Overlord in question.

Just to ensure that less people where willing to risk attacking it. Though considering just how deadly the wards she had put in place, or as far as everyone else knew the Unknown Overlord had put in place, and the fact a lot of other demons had heard the sheer screams of agony the first Demon who attempted to break into one of the business let loose because of said ward, she wasn't too worried about that happening.

Now after several years it was up and running smoothly. Not only bringing in money from the 'business' she was using as a cover, as well as an information catch all, but from those they had carefully 'taken care' of as well.

All without anyone knowing just what they were doing because of the magical request system Hyacinth had set up once the others training was complete enough for things to really get started. A request system that removed all forms of tracking and sent the letter to Harry to vet over to see if they would do the job, and the cost it would take to cover said job. With the Money being sent the same way the letter was for the job in question; in a half before and half after it's done sort of way. As whom would do a job without ensuring a way to be paid for it first; especially in hell?

Currently Hyacinth found herself rather happy with how things were going, not to mention feeling more challenged then ever. What with keeping up with everything that needed to be done to keep her business running as smoothly as possible and still do the missions she wanted as well. She could safely say that she was no longer really bored anymore; as there was always something that could be done.

At the moment she was doing a bit of relaxation with her Basilisk venom poisoned tea off to the side of her, which happened to be a favorite of hers, and some paperwork that she was working on in front of her. Or to be more truthful another assassin request that had been sent to her on someone called Sir Pentious, who Hyacinth was planning on researching more on before deciding to take the request or not; or to send one of her girls after him instead.

At least that is what Hyacinth was doing when she heard the nearby TV come on with a very familiar show. One that she usually kept an ear out for because of the information it gave out as it was the only news channel in hell; no matter how biased it maybe at times.

Currently it looked as if Katie Killjoy was speaking about the latest mission that Hyacinth had recently taken. Where she had taken out a demon that had been trying to become something similar to an Overlord. If only below that as he didn't have the necessary strength to be an actual Overlord just an overwhelming amount of cruelty.

Where Hyacinth had been hired to kill him, while making it painful and humiliating as possible by one of the victims of the demon in question. And considering the person who had hired her had told Hyacinth just why she had hired Harry in the first place Hyacinth had took quite a bit of joy in kill the other demon.

As she never liked rapes or pedophiles in the least but and loved making an example out of them. Just like she had done with the demon in question, and she must have done a rather good job of it, as Killjoy was singing her praises or rather was singing the Mysteries Overlord praises.

"Such a joyful occasion, I mean look at that blood splatter, the look of agony on the demon's face. The fact the attack wasn't noticed by anyone despite the fact there had to have been some seriously screaming and agony involved. Clearly a wonderful professional job by our dear Mysterious Overlord. "

Here Kate rather joyful face seemed to get a bit more forced and become the normal plastic cheerful tones Hyacinth had gotten used from other reporters as Killjoy continued on with the rest of the news.

Though she did have to admit the television reports in hell were certainly more interesting and a lot less restricted. Hell, she even had to snort a bit when Kate, after Trench hinting at the fact, he'd like to have sex with the one they were reporting on poured her steaming hot coffee right on his crouch calling him no crotch. Before going on to the next item on the schedule ignoring the screams of agony coming from Trench as she did so.

But as it turns out the next bit of information was something that had Hyacinth perking up slightly as she listened to Kate killjoy mention that they had an exclusive interview with the princess of hell. This seem to cause a lot of others to focus on the Television as well if only to see what was going on. Or at least it did until the majority of the demons found out just what the interview in question was about.

As it turns out the Princess of Hell, or as she seemed to want to be called Charlie, had planned out a hotel that she called happy hotel. Where she wanted demons to go and basically have a happy ending in heaven; which apparently delt with redemption in hell. Which she let everyone know in song of all things. Something Hyacinth noticed Killjoy didn't look to happy about, and that a fight had started over it; on live Tv after Charlie had called her a Bitch.

But that isn't what had Hyacinth focus at the moment, as she was having an internal debate with herself over what she had just listened to. She was rather interested in what Charlie had just been speaking about, not because she wanted to get to heaven or anything like that that.

As she honestly was having too much fun down here to ever want to do that. Finding herself being challenged in ways she had never been before, and thoroughly enjoying it. But she was interested because Hyacinth wanted information. As after all, Information had proven to be worth it's weight in gold down here.

Not to mention Hyacinth knew that she had an image to uphold, one that would keep her further form being seen as the Overlord she really was. As far as any of the other demons around her knew Hyacinth was really what they considered a miss placed soul. One who regularly protected and helped those around her. Hell, she was giving homes to those who were lost or abandoned and even teaching them to defend themselves on top of that.

So, going to the hotel in question would really help the good girl image she currently had going on, while let her get the information she wanted to get on top of that. But did she want to go to this happy hotel in the first place? And if so, did she want to do it now or did she wait and see what happened?