Ava Sharpe had just begun her second year of college. She had come from Fresno to star city to study forensic physiology. She was planning on using in some law enforcement but wasn't dead set on it yet. Ava had a good group of friend she had Made, Nora, Gary and Zari. Those three were all she needed. Zari had been her roommate freshman year while Nora was across the hall. Gary had joined their group due to him being in a lot of Ava's classes and her go to study buddy. Zari, Nora and Ava had decided to get an apartment for sophomore year and were all enjoying being roommates. Minus Zari's new boy toys every few days which booted them out of the apartment for hours. Today Nora was off with Gary doing god knows what but Ava had a late class and couldn't join. So Ava went down to the little bar near their apartment to get a burger and a coke.

Ava was enjoying her meal and flirting with Alex, the bartender. While Ava was focused on her studies that didn't stop her from enjoying her self every once in a while, well when it came to freshman year it was a lot a while. Ava was basically closeted most of high school and stayed single and a virgin until arriving at Star City University where she was free to be wild. Sure she had conjured up quite the reputation for girls wanting to experiment or just have fun for a night and she was good with that, she didn't have time for a relationship she just wanted to have fun.

Speaking of having fun a grumpy looking woman arrived at the seat next to her. She asked Alex for a drink and once Ava saw her face she audibly groaned.

"What sharpie not happy to see me?" Quirked the woman

"Well yours wasn't exactly the face I was hoping to see, Lance" quipped back Ava

"You know you really gotta stop pretending to hate me it just makes this long game we've got go on longer" Lance replied

Ava just rolled her eyes and went to playing with the ice in her glass

See the woman who had arrived was Sara Lance the girl who's reputation was more well known then Ava's. The two had a back and forth going ever since a sorority party freshman year. The campus legend is that Sara approached Ava and the two had a thing but hated it so much so they chose to hate each other

This wasn't true but it wasn't false either. The woman had hit it off at the random sorority party and had a great night. Sara gave Ava her phone number but Ava never used it causing Sara to resent her and Ava just ended up finding Sara annoying and the banter and dislike sprung from there.

"Where is your posè tonight?" Ava asked the woman

"I could ask you the same about yours?" Sara responded

Due to the general dislike their friends had started to hate the other person. It had gotten to point where it was a constant battle between the two friend groups. If you were seen talking to anyone from the other side it was like you had been cursed. See Sara's friend group had consisted of Ray Palmer, Nate Heywood, Zari's brother Behrad and Amaya. Behrad was a freshman but was adopted into the group by his fellow history major Nate

" well I asked first" Ava said back, turning her head more towards the smaller woman

"I just didn't really want to join trivia night at the center square, they were going to 'destroy the other teams'" Sara replied, mocking her friends "and you? why are you here alone?" She asked Ava

"Well my apartment is over run by Zari and Nora and Gary are doing something" Ava said honesty she didn't really know why

Sara nodded not sure what else to say to keep the conversation going. A few minutes of silence passed when Sara chimed in

"Why do you hate me so much?" Sara asked voice softened

"Huh?" Ava questioned " I don't hate you that much"

"Yes you do you are basically rude every time you see me and act like I'm a bad person" Sara said

"I don't think you are a bad person, freshman year I just freaked out and didn't want to be a booty call so I realized it was easier to hate you then try and make nice after we had sex" Ava said truthfully to Sara

"Woah, I gave you my number did you really think you were gonna be a booty call, the reason I hate you is because you never used that number" Sara said raising her voice

Ava looked at her a quirked a brow confused had this resentment been for nothing

" I wasn't ready for a relationship still not I just didn't want to use you or waste my time, and then you got rude and annoying" Ava said

"I get that but you could've said so instead of making me wait" Sara said getting frustrated

" well I'm sorry then but it's old news, it wouldn't have worked out anyway we can't stand eachother" Ava stated matching Sara's tone

"Ok maybe it wouldn't have but seeing as we are both hear alone why don't we pretend just for tonight that this past year hasn't happened you like we are strangers" Sara said wanted a little sense of fun tonight

"Ok but I don't know how I..." Ava began until Sara interrupted "just follow my lead" Sara said

"Sara Lance" Sara said extending her hand towards Ava

"Ava sharpe" Ava said returning the hand shake

"What are you drinking?" Sara asked

"Oh just a coke nothing major" Ava said

"Hey Alex can I get two cokes please" Sara said towards the bar tender

"Where are you from" Sara asked Ava as Alex placed the drinks on the table.

Ava answered and they got into a easy flowing conversation they talked about everything from friends, majors, high school, anything. Ava had been laughing at something Sara said when a group of people came loudly through the doors. Sara turned and instantly recognized the group as her idiotic friends coming to post game after stupid trivia.

"Shit!" Sara exclaimed under her breath

"What?" Ava questioned

Sara tilted her head toward the group and Ava glanced quickly realizing who it was

"Oh what's wrong with that" Ava asked

"I don't want them to know I am here cuz that means this has to end and I'm enjoying myself" Sara said shyly she then grabbed Ava's hand and pulled her towards the back of the bar

"What the hell?" Ava asked

"Do you want to continue this somewhere else or just end it here" Sara said hoping to continue it

Ava thought about it until she ultimately agreed to go with Sara she didn't know what came over her but something was telling her she didn't want the night to end

"Let's continue" Ava said following Sara out the back door to her car

Sara took them to the top of her apartment building where she sat

"I come up here all the time" Sara began "it's the best hiding spot"

"Oh yeah then why are you showing me" Ava said sitting down next to Sara

" I honestly don't know, I guess we needed to hide and this is the first place I thought of" she said

Wind blew over the building giving both woman a slight chill

" I hate the cold may be the one down side to this city" Ava said

"Well yeah you are from California where cold isn't a problem also there are definitely many more flaws then just the cold to star city" Sara said laughing a little bit

A silence fell over them, not like before where is was filling with tension it was comfortable almost like no words had to be said

Ava turned toward Sara who looked so beautiful with the lights of the city shining underneath her. Ava would never deny Sara's obvious beauty and sexiness she knew that from the first day she met her

Sara noticed Ava looking at her and faced her with a slight smirk they just stayed there looking at each other. Sara noticed Ava zoning out and leaned in. "Don't hate me" Sara said and before Ava could spit out a "what" Sara's lips were on Ava's

Ava kissed her back slightly harder. She wasn't sure why she is so into it she wants to leave and run away but she keeps kissing Sara. She pulls back slightly

"I don't know why my brain is telling me I should stay. I don't want this to stop" Ava whispers

"Neither do I" Sara says pulling Ava up and leading her downstairs toward her apartment

As they entered the apartment Sara pushed Ava against the door to close it. Kissing her hard again. They separated just enough to pull their shirts off. Continuing the kiss Sara led Ava to the bedroom where the rest of their clothing was peeled off and they both landed on the bed. The kissing continued. Sara began to kiss down Ava's body and they continued all night.